Torrance Unified SD Middle School Summer Reading List

Torrance Unified School District Middle School Summer Reading List

owlWant to keep your lexile reading scores high and still have fun?  Check out these great books this summer at the local Torrance library!  Each library has these lists and has plenty of these titles ready for you to read during the summer.

Incoming 8th Grade Reading List

1.  Steve Jobs: The Man Who Thought Differentby Karen Blumenthal (non-fiction)

2.  A Single Shardby Linda Sue Park (historical fiction)

3. Chains by Laurie Halse Anderson (historical thriller)

4. Forge by Laurie Halse Anderson (historical thriller)

5. Ender’s Game by Orson Scott Card (science fiction)

6.  Breaking Stalin’s Noseby Eugene Yelchin (fiction)

7. The Prophecy Keepers by Melanie Bryant (fantasy)

8. Phantoms In the Snow by Kathleen Duble  (historical fiction)

9.  Cinder: Book One of the Lunar Chronicles by Marissa Meyer

10. Weedflower by Cynthia Kadohata (historical fiction)

11. Lincoln’s Grave Robbers by Steve Sheinkin (historical thriller)

12. The Voice That Challenged a Nation: Marian Anderson and The Struggle for Equal Rights by Russell Freedman(non-fiction)

13. So B. It by Sarah Weeks (realistic fiction)ic

14. The Black Pearl by Scott O’Dell (historical ftion)

15. Son by Lois Lowry (companion to The Giver, Gathering Blue, Messenger)

16. The Great Wide Sea by M. H. Herlong

Torrance Unified School District

Middle School Summer Reading List


Incoming 7th Grade Reading List


Elijah Of Buxtonby Christopher Paul Curtis, 2008 Newbery Honor Book

The Circuit: Stories from the Life of a Migrant Childby Francisco Jimenez (autobiography)

Dogs on Duty: Soldiers Best Friends on the Battlefield and Beyond by Dorothy H. Patent (nonfiction)

 Navigating Early by Clare Vanderpool (realistic fiction)

Brown Girl Dreaming by Jacqueline Woodson

Middle School is Worse Than Meatloaf: A Year Told Through Stuff                  by Jennifer Holm (fiction)

Wonderstruckby Brian Selznick

Chained by Lynne Kelly

My Life in Dog Years by Gary Paulson(autobiographical)

Revolution is Not a Dinner Partyby Ying Chang Compestine (historical fiction)

10 Plants That Shook The World by Gillian Richardson (science)

The Skin I’m Inby Sharon G. Flake (realistic fiction)

Last Shot: Final Four MysterybyJohn Feinstein (realistic fiction)

&   The Cheshire Cheese Cat: A Dickens of a Taleby Carmen Deedy (fantasy)

Dark Emperor & Other Poems of the Night by Joyce Sidman

Torrance Unified School District

Middle School Summer Reading List


Incoming Sixth Grade Reading List


The Invention of Hugo Cabretby Brian Selznick (visual media)

The Young Man and the Sea by Rodman Philbrick (realistic fiction)

&   The Lost Hero by Rick Riordan (mythological fiction series)

Dead End in Norveltby Jack Gantos  (Newbery Medal Winner 2012)

&   The Crossover by Kwame Alexander

Al Capone Does My Shirts by Gennifer Choldenko (realistic fiction)

Harris and Me: A Summer Rememberedby Gary Paulsen (historical fiction)

Wonder by R. J. Palacio (realistic fiction)

The Incredible Journey by Sheila Burnford (classic)

Every Soul a Star by Wendy Mass

&   The Land I Lost: Adventures of a Boy in Vietnam by Quang Huynh (autobiography)

Parrots Over Puerto Rico by Susan L. Roth and Cindy Trumbore

The Longitude Prizeby Joan Dash (non-fiction)

The Pinballs by Betsy Byars (realistic fiction)

Goddess of Yesterdayby Caroline Cooney (fiction)

The Tale of the Mandarin Ducks by Katherine Paterson (folktale)

13 Giftsby Wendy Moss (humorous fiction)


These books have been recommended by the School Library Journal. You can read their reviews and those by the American Library Association on Most books or authors published before 2004 can also be found on the California Department of Education site Recommended Literature for Kindergarten Through Grade 12— For titles of 2014 award winning children’s books, see the American Library Association website- Awards and Grants,





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Magruder Madness 2015

Magruder Madness

By : Joy M. and Jenny C., Staff Writers


lobos food truck

Magruder Madness was one of the best events ever! It was so much fun, from the food trucks to the booths. It was on Monday, June 15, from 4:30-8:00pm.  The music was great and the food was incredibly delicious! Everyone looked excited and came with their families ready for some fun! Speaking of which, Jenny C. a 7th grader said, “ The snow cones were great.” Bryan L. an 8th grader said “ The pizza was expensive, but it was gourmet and really good.” Dustyn C. a 7th grader said “The ice cream , was very good, soft serve, and I got vanilla with rainbow sprinkles.” And, Lyliana  L. added, “ Yeah, it was delicious!”

There were 3 great food trucks that came to our school to help us reach our goal of a great Magruder Madness. There was a hotdog stand, organic too, so you could eat healthy and deliciously! There was also a pizza truck selling their main entree, pizzas that are cone shaped, desserts, sides, and drinks.  The last food truck was a ice cream truck,thank goodness, that cooled everyone down, selling ice cream, shaved ice, and root beer floats! The most popular one however, was not those four, but instead, the free cotton candy stand!

The booths were really fun and had great prizes, from pencils with hockey shaped erasers to the stuffed animals! There were also fun carnival games. There was a rock climbing wall, and inflatable basketball shooting game, a Velcro-wall, and a bungee race. The games were super fun and everyone had a huge kick out of trying them all!

That’s what happened at Magruder Madness. It was an awesome time and if you didn’t go you missed out on a really outstanding event and we hope you can make it to next year’s Magruder Madness and bring your whole family.

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Awards Night

Awards Night

By : Jenny Cao, Staff writer















Did you go to awards night? If you didn’t, boy did you miss out! At Tuesday, June 9th, at 6 pm, students that excelled to great heights were rewarded for their hard work and efforts! Students were given out an assortment of awards, with the all around and the student of the year being the biggest. There was also an assortment of treats for the honored guests per grade level after they got their award, from cookies to punch.

6th Grade : Ty T. – for All Around and Student of the Year

6th Grade : Viviana G. for All Around

6th Grade : Dajah H. for All Around

6th Grade : Jeffrey H. for All Around

6th Grade : Emily H. for All Around

6th Grade : Joelle J. for All Around

6th Grade : Savannah L. for All Around

6th Grade : Jordan N. for All Around

6th Grade : Thisara P. for All Around

6th Grade : Salaidh P. for All Around

6th Grade : Anne P. for All Around

6th Grade : Sophia R. for All Around

6th Grade : Sharallene T. for All Around

6th Grade : Makaela W. for All Around

6th Grade : Anthony L.- for male Citizen of the Year, All Around

6th Grade : Sarah N.- for female Citizen of the Year, All Around

6th Grade : Abdulsamad B. – for Citizenship, All Around

6th Grade : Julio C. – for Citizenship, All Around

6th Grade : Amy G. – for citizenship, All Around

6th Grade : Jacob k. –  for citizenship, All Around

6th Grade : Ashley N. – for citizenship, All Around

6th Grade : Jaelyn S. – for citizenship, All Around

6th Grade : Zachary S. for Citizenship, All around

6th Grade : Giancarlo A. –  for academic achievement in Science

6th Grade : Andriana R. – for academic achievement in Science

6th Grade : Jasmine T – for academic achievement in Science

6th Grade : Alexandria C. – for academic achievement in Social Studies

6th Grade : Serenity G.-  for academic achievement in Social Studies

6th Grade : Jason K. – for academic achievement in Social Studies

6th Grade : Joseph D. – for citizenship in Social Studies

6th Grade : Jessica Lessier  H. – for citizenship in Social Studies

6th Grade : Tam N. – for effort in Social Studies

6th Grade : Kimberly Q. – for effort in Social Studies

6th Grade : Sohaib B. – for Citizen of the Year, All Around

6th Grade : Sundae O. – for citizenship in Warp

6th Grade : Daniell L. – for outstanding effort in Warp

6th Grade : Zuess V. – for outstanding effort in Warp

6th Grade : Alyssa V. – for outstanding effort in Warp

6th Grade : Jaquelin A. – for academic achievement in ELD

6th Grade : Guillermo G. – for academic achievement in ELD

6th Grade : Ignacio H. – for academic achievement in ELD

6th Grade : Jordan B. – for academic achievement in English Language

6th Grade : Caden S. – for academic achievement in English Language Arts

6th Grade : Malik H. – for citizenship in English Language Arts

6th Grade : Arsheya A. – for excellence in English Language Arts

6th Grade : Marissa C. – for excellence in English Language Arts

6th Grade : James E. – for excellence in English Language Arts

6th Grade : Maxim L. – for excellence in English Language Arts

6th Grade : Haskell M. – for excellence in English Language Arts

6th Grade : Mervey Pineda M. – for excellence in English Language Arts

6th Grade : Nicholas R. – for excellence in English Language Arts

6th Grade : Fernando S. – for excellence in English Language Arts

6th Grade : Yui T. – for excellence in English Language Arts

6th Grade : Trevor W. – for excellence in English Language Arts

6th Grade : Dmitrim B. – for outstanding effort in English Language Arts

6th Grade : Deja C. – for  outstanding effort in English Language Arts

6th Grade : Ricky F. – for outstanding effort in English Language Arts

6th Grade : Keegan la B. – outstanding effort in English Language Arts

6th Grade : Jordan N. – for excellence in Journalism

6th Grade : Judel A. – for academic achievement in Math

6th Grade : Jacob C. – for academic achievement in Math

6th Grade : Tarhika G. – for academic achievement in Math

6th Grade : Evan M. – for academic achievement in Math

6th Grade : Joanna M. – for academic achievement in Math

6th Grade : Justin W. – for academic achievement in Math

6th Grade : Andrew Y. – for academic achievement in Math

6th Grade : Dunya S. – for citizenship in Math

6th Grade : Thang T. – for outstanding effort in Math

6th Grade : Mya F. – for being the female Athlete of the Year

6th Grade : Ignacio H. – for being the male Athlete of the Year

6th Grade : Jiro C. – for academic achievement in Science

6th Grade : Daniela G. – for academic achievement in Science

6th Grade : Kacie L. – for academic achievement in Science

6th Grade : Ryan P. – for academic achievement in Science

6th Grade : Orion O. – for citizenship in Science

6th Grade : Isabelle O. – for citizenship in Science

6th Grade : Wyatt H. – for outstanding effort in Science

6th Grade : Reese C. – for academic achievement in Social Studies

6th Grade : Makayla L. – for academic achievement in Social Studies

6th Grade : Riley M. – for academic achievement in Social Studies

6th Grade : Owen N. – for academic achievement in Social Studies

6th Grade : Kiichi O. – for academic achievement in Social Studies

6th Grade : Kaitlyn W. – for academic achievement in Social Studies

6th Grade : Adriana A. – for outstanding effort in Social Studies

6th Grade : Cheyenne B. – for outstanding effort in Social Studies

6th Grade : Tanner M. – for outstanding effort in Social Studies

7th Grade : Richard L. – for outstanding effort in ELD

7th grade : Lylianna L.- for academic achievement in English Language Arts

7th Grade : Lana M. – for academic achievement in English Language Arts

7th Grade : Kirby N. – for academic achievement in English Language Arts

7th Grade : Justine P. – for academic achievement in English Language Arts

7th Grade : Leliani T. – for academic achievement in English Language Arts

7th Grade : Amanda T. – for academic achievement in English Language Arts

7th Grade : Jacob W. – for academic achievement in English Language Arts

7th Grade : Marcus M. – for excellence in English Language Arts

7th Grade : Lisa N. – for outstanding effort in English Language Arts

7th Grade : John V. – for outstanding effort in English Language Arts

7th Grade : Hannah J. – for outstanding effort in Environmental Science

7th Grade : Rebecca M. – for outstanding effort in Environmental Science

7th Grade : Amanda D. – for excellence in Intro to Spanish

7th Grade : Jessica S. – for excellence in Intro to Spanish

7th Grade : Jenny T. – for excellence in Intro to Spanish

7th Grade : Amanda T. – for excellence in Intro to Spanish

7th Grade : Sunbo A. – for excellence in Journalism

7th Grade : Carly P. – for excellence in Journalism

7th Grade : William B. – for academic achievement in Math

7th Grade : Karlee C. – for academic achievement in Math

7th Grade : Ethan G. – for academic achievement in Math

7th Grade : Jolie G. – for academic achievement in Math

7th Grade : Madison G. – for academic achievement in Math

7th Grade : Robert H. – for academic achievement in Math

7th Grade : Miguel L. – for academic achievement in Math

7th Grade : Justin M. – for academic achievement in Math

7th Grade : Kainon M. – for academic achievement in Math

7th Grade : James S. – for academic achievement in Math

7th Grade : Bethany T. – for academic achievement in Math

7th Grade : Steven T. – for academic achievement in Math

7th Grade : Marissa C. – for citizenship in Math

7th Grade : Rameez H. – for citizenship in Math

7th Grade : Samantha L. – for citizenship in Math

7th Grade : Rebecca M. – for citizenship in math

7th Grade : Diana T. – for citizenship in Math

7th Grade : Dainile V. – for citizenship in Math

7th Grade : Anjelize M. – for outstanding effort in Math

7th Grade : Jasmine R. – for outstanding effort in Math

7th Grade : Jose V. – for outstanding effort in Math

7th Grade : Nolan G. – for being the male Athlete of the Year

7th Grade : Anjeliez M. – for being the female Athlete of the Year

7th Grade : Tyler J. – for excellence in PE

7th Grade : Miguel L. – for excellence in PE

7th Grade : Richard L.- for excellence in PE

7th Grade : Sana S. – for excellence in PE

7th Grade : Nyla S. – for excellence in PE

7th Grade : James S. – for excellence in PE

7th Grade : Baez A. – for academic achievement in Science

7th Grade : Sarah B. – for academic achievement in Science

7th Grade : Evan K. – for academic achievement in Science

7th Grade : Damon N. – for academic achievement in Science

7th Grade : Khanh P. – for academic achievement in Science

7th Grade : Zachary S. – for academic achievement in Science

7th Grade : Evan W. – for academic achievement in Science

7th Grade : Amna A. – for academic achievement in Social Studies

7th Grade : Danish A. – for academic achievement in Social Studies

7th Grade : Daelyn A. – for academic achievement in Social Studies

7th Grade : Annie C. – for academic achievement in Social Studies

7th Grade : Brianna C. – for academic achievement in Social Studies

7th Grade : Kinza I. – for academic achievement in Social Studies

7th Grade : David K. – for academic achievement in Social Studies

7th Grade : Riley L. – for academic achievement in Social Studies

7th Grade :  Andy P. –  for academic achievement in Social Studies

7th Grade : Abigail V. – for academic achievement in Social Studies

7th Grade : Amanda A. – for excellence in Social Studies

7th Grade : Sana S. – for outstanding effort in Social Studies

7th Grade : Chase M. – for outstanding effort in Social Studies

7th Grade : Caleb B. – for outstanding effort in Social Studies

7th Grade : Jacob M. – for outstanding effort in Social Studies

7th Grade : Mohammad K. – for outstanding effort in Social Studies

7th Grade : Lizbeth M. – for excellence in Spanish

7th Grade : Grayson A. – for academic achievement in Spanish

7th Grade : Etenesh A. – for All Around

7th Grade : Jenny C. – for All Around

7th Grade : Dustyn C. – for All Around

7th Grade : Dylan C. – for All Around

7th Grade : Nolan G. – for All Around

7th Grade : Jason J. – for All Around

7th Grade : Hannah J. – for All Around

7th Grade : Doyup K. – for All Around

7th Grade : Lizebeth M. – for All Around

7th Grade : Alyssa M. – for All Around

7th Grade : Mia Q. – for All Around

7th Grade : Jessica S. – for All Around

7th Grade : Jenny T. – for All Around

7th Grade : Yasmine M. – for citizenship in Spanish

7th Grade : Nicolas S. – for outstanding effort in Spanish

7th Grade : Adrain V. – for outstanding effort in Spanish

7th Grade : Jenny C. – for being the female Student of the Year

7th Grade : Doyup K. – for being the male Student of the Year

8th Grade : Esther C. – for All Around

8th Grade : Daylon C. – for All Around

8th Grade : Joel D. – for All Around

8th Grade : Marisol H. – for All Around

8th Grade : Maritza H. – for All Around

8th Grade : Claire K. – for All Around

8th Grade : Christian L. – for All Around

8th Grade : Rachel L. – for All Around

8th Grade : Marla M. – for All Around

8th Grade : Rita N. – for All Around

8th Grade : Jessica N. – for All Around

8th Grade : Donnie k. – for excellence in ELD

8th Grade : Paris L. – for excellence in ELD

8th Grade : Anton P. – for excellence in ELD

8th Grade : Jeremy W. – for excellence in ELD

8th Grade : Andrea A. – for academic achievement in English Language Arts

8th Grade : Katherine H. – for academic achievement in English Language Arts

8th Grade : Michi M. – for academic achievement in English Language Arts

8th Grade : Lester M. – for academic achievement in English Language Arts

8th Grade : Brandon P. – for academic achievement in English Language Arts

8th Grade : Vincent P. – for academic achievement in English Language Arts

8th Grade : Kenneth T. – for academic achievement in English Language Arts

8th Grade : Jessica W. – for academic achievement in English Language Arts

8th Grade : Geoffrey L. – for citizenship in English Language Arts

8th Grade : Austin N. – for citizenship in English Language Arts

8th Grade : Melissa D. – for outstanding effort in English Language Arts

8th Grade : Kaitlyn G. – for outstanding effort in English Language Arts

8th Grade : Andrew H. – for outstanding effort in English Language Arts

8th Grade : Bailey R. – for outstanding effort in English Language Arts

8th Grade : Asia A. – for excellence in Journalism

8th Grade : Dinh D. – for academic achievement in Math

8th Grade : Katarina F. – for academic achievement in Math

8th Grade : Regan G. – for academic achievement in Math

8th Grade : Long L. – for academic achievement in Math

8th Grade : David O. – for academic achievement in Math

8th Grade : Madalene T. – for citizenship in Math

8th Grade : Alora A. – for excellence in Math

8th Grade : Shampa D. – for excellence in Math

8th Grade : Jordan J. – for excellence in Math

8th Grade : Lorraine M. – for excellence in Math

8th Grade : Thi N. – for excellence in Math

8th Grade : Island V. – for excellence in Math

8th Grade : Mia C. – for outstanding effort in Math

8th Grade : Thatcher L. – for outstanding effort in Math

8th Grade : Liam A. – for excellence in PE

8th Grade : Zachary A. – for excellence in PE

8th Grade : Dylan F. – for excellence in PE

8th Grade : Zia H. – for excellence in PE

8th Grade : Brian L. – for excellence in PE

8th Grade : Anton P. – for excellence in PE

8th Grade : Orlan S. – for excellence in PE

8th Grade : Adrian A. – for academic achievement in Science

8th Grade : Asia A. – for academic achievement in Science

8th Grade : Zachary A. – for academic achievement in Science

8th Grade : Alex G. – for academic achievement in Science

8th Grade : Gregory G. – for academic achievement in Science

8th Grade : Victor W. – for academic achievement in Science

8th Grade : Amber J. – for citizenship in Science

8th Grade : Carlos Y  C. – for outstanding effort in Science

8th Grade : Rayan B. – for academic achievement in Social Studies

8th Grade : Sara C. – for academic achievement in Social Studies

8th Grade : Joseph H. – for academic achievement in Social Studies

8th Grade : Erika M P. – for academic achievement in Social Studies

8th Grade : Matthew Y. – for academic achievement in Social Studies

8th Grade : Max M. – for excellence in Social Studies

8th Grade : Anthony Z. – for excellence in Social Studies

8th Grade : Jonathan C. – outstanding effort in Social Studies

8th Grade : Sydney S. – for outstanding effort in Social Studies

8th Grade : Eric F D. – for excellence in Spanish

8th Grade : Maritza H. – for excellence in Spanish

8th Grade : Ramzy I. – for excellence in Spanish

8th Grade : Rita N. – for excellence in Spanish

8th Grade : Armando V. – for excellence in Spanish

8th Grade : Yadira L. – for academic achievement in Spanish

8th Grade : Ramzy I. – for All Around

8th Grade : Sarah C. – for citizenship in Spanish


Well, there we go! Congratulations to all the great winners on Awards Night! You earned your award, that’s for sure. Have fun eighth graders, and sixth and seventh graders, you guys still have next year!


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College and Career Club Field Trip

College and Career Club Goes to Biola University

By: Sunbo A. and Alyssa M., Staff Writers


Last week, on Thursday, all College and Career Club students, got to go on a fascinating trip to Biola University. Magruder students took a full tour of the college and learned about the different curriculum they would have to take to fulfill their career goals. This school is Christian based, which means that the school really revolves around Christianity.

The first place they visited was a lecturing room.  The basic size of one of their classes at Biola was about 25 people, which is a great student to teacher ratio. They have lots of great majors and and are number one in a lot of things considering that they are a Christian based school.  Some Undergraduate degrees are Pre-med, Education, Business, Journalism, Music,and Computer Science.  A few of their Graduate degrees include Business, Education and Psychology. At this school a lot of information was given on the new science building that will be constructed very soon.  At the college they also mentioned they go on many school trips and sporting events.DSCN1295

During this tour students also visited many interesting attractions, like the famous fountain and the LA bells that were also there. They visited dorms and were also informed about their features. They learned about the capacity of the dorms and how you would be paired with partners.  Later on, Magruder students all got to visit the extensive library, which included many quiet rooms and many students studying.

At the end of the day everybody was given food to eat at the buffet at Biola. Overall many students admit that they had a very good time touring Biola and learning all about it.  One students said “ It was a great experience and I look forward to coming to this college one day.”

DSCN1288The college field trips the College and Career Club has taken this year have helped students catch a vision of their future and given them direction for their high school experience.  Thanks to Mrs. Barker, the College and Career club is a great club for your total education.

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BMX Bike Show

BMX Bike Show

By Dustyn Casas; staff writer


What do you get when mix big stunts, big bikes, and big ramps? The Magruder BMX Bike Show! On Friday, June 12, two guys took their skills as BMX bikers to the test in front of many Magruder students. Their flips and dips were exhilarating and our heart rates were increasing as the bikers showed off their BMX mastery to Magruder Middle School!

Music played as the bike show began, with the beat of the songs pumping kids up for the event to come. Each one chatted away, anticipating an array of awesome stunts at work. After a few more minutes of waiting, the DSC_0101announcer raised his voice to everyone’s excitement and the show finally started.

Once the kids finally settled down, the bikers were introduced. They rode their way to the top of the largest ramp as the students yelled in excitement. As soon as the announcer got everyone to calm down, the bikers started doing some tricks. Many jumps were pulled off and hands were off the handle, but the audience wanted more. After a hefty display of enthusiasm was shown, they gave the people what they wanted: tricks taken to the extreme!

DSC_0082            In response to the audience’s demands, the announcer asked for a few people to lay down on a blanket. The principal of the school, the manager of the fundraiser that allowed the show to happen, and a few students all got together to be jumped over by one of the bikers! The tension was rising, the students’ jaws were slowly dropping, and the participants were surely frightened, but after much reluctance (and several fake jumps by the biker), the act was done. The biker jumped over the participators without breaking a sweat, with the audience clapping and applauding for the biker.

The contributors to the jump left the stage and went back to the audience once the deed was done, awaiting even more awesome tricks to be pulled off. The two bikers started to jump off the ramps and into the sky as the audience watched in awe. Several flips and backflips were performed, each one receiving a good amount of praise, and an array of twists and turns were done as well. From 360-degree helixes to spins in all directions, the bikers seemed to be showing off the peak of the show’s greatness.DSC_0120

However, after the onslaught of stunts, the bikers asked the announcer stand on a ramp for them for one final trick. They wanted to jump over the announcer while he was standing up on the ramp! The viewers were astonished by what was about to happen. Could the bikers pull the stunt off without harming anyone? A few people doubted that the stunt could be pulled off, but the doubts of others did not stop the act from being done. With enough speed and force, the biker raced to the ramp and was in the air in just a few minutes. The stunt had successfully been performed and everyone went wild over the success of the trick!

DSCN5101Once the cheering was toned down, the bikers passed down poster to the most excited fans. Each person reached and yelled hard enough to be heard from miles away, but only a few people were able to grab one. With the show ending after the poster were given, most of the audience left the stage. Quite a few people stayed to talk to the stuntmen and the announcer themselves when the show ended and for good reason: the show was a crazy time for everyone involved. Plenty of stunts were made and a lot of moments got the audience engaged with the event, ready to see the action happen right in front of their eyes. With the amount of participation from the audience watching it, the BMX bike show was surely a great success!

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Math Olympiad

Math Olympiad

By: Jordan N. and Carly P., staff writers

Math Olympiad Team with Mrs. Johnson

Math Olympiad Team with Mrs. Johnson


Magruder’s Team with Dr. Mannon

After months of preparation, hard work, and dedication, the Magruder Math Counts Team is ready for the Math Olympiad!  Math Counts  goals are “to stimulate enthusiasm and a love for Mathematics, to introduce important Mathematical concepts, to teach major strategies for problem solving, to foster Mathematical creativity and ingenuity, and to provide for the satisfaction, joy, and thrill of meeting challenges.” This year the Math Olympiad, a math competition, was held on Saturday, May 16th, at J. H. Hull Middle School.  Mrs. Johnson runs this club and took ten of our top mathematicians to compete against the best schools in the South Bay.  Our students were Claire, Christian, Carly, Max, Victor, Yadira, Jordan, Virginia, Esther, and Rita. This was made possible because Exxon Mobil sponsored the Competition. This competition is for grades 6-8. It is a competitive and tough competition. IMG_2324There are two rounds, the first one is the individual round and the second is the team round.  The individual round consisted of 10 problems that had to be solved by under 30 minutes. It isn’t just ordinary, average problems. They were a real brain work out where you needed to think a lot in order to solve them. The other round is the team round. Unlike the individual round, in the team round, you get to work as a team to finish 10 problems, but this time the time is IMG_3241down to 20 minutes. Since there are 10 problems and 20 minutes, most teams would prefer to split the problems between the 5 people, so every person would do 2 problems, and then put the answers on the answer sheet. Some of the winners who got perfect on the individual round: Richardson, Oxford, Bert Lynn, Intellectual Virtues Academy, and Dana. It was a very fun competition. It was IMG_4567from 8:45am to 2:00pm, so it was long and we had to stay focused. It was a great experience!  The most valuable thing was to see what we could expect  in the future so we can try again. It also helps to see what we will be doing in math in 8th grade. Our team tried our best and we had great team work. At the beginning of the competition, as the time went by, our nerves were on edge, but once we reached the exam and worked on it more and more, it became relaxing. It doesn’t have to be all about winning or losing, it is about having fun and trying your best. Working together was a fun experience, where we communicated and helped each other. Math Counts didn’t just make us better in Math, it made us better people. We all would like to thank Mrs. Johnson for her dedication and hard work for sponsoring this amazing team and being there every Wednesday at club time and at the competition.

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150th Anniversary of the End of the Civil War

Civil War Reenactments 2015

By James S., Staff writer



Did you know that recently in California there was a reenactment of the Civil War? Apparently, it is the 150th anniversary of the end of the Civil War. So many reenactments of battles have been taking place in California. A recent reenactment took place in April at the Santa Clarita Cowboy Festival at William S. Hart Regional Park, 23151 Newhall Avenue, in Newhall, part of the City of Santa Clarita. Why reenact a war that happened so long ago?  The Civil War decided slavery was not an option and civil rights are expected and demanded for all citizens of the United States, according to our Constitution.  Many lost their lives, but the issue had to be decided for what was right.


What was the civil war?

Before the war, “The South” was a place that relied on slaves to do the hard work, and life was very unfair for these men, women and children. The war was long, but at the end of it, slavery was destroyed, and the Reconstruction Era began. However, racism was still active in The South.

The struggle for ending slavery can be relived.  Over 600,000 American men died during this one war, more than all other wars we have fought over 200 years, combined.  Memorial Day was first established to remember those fallen during the Civil War, so now is the time to remember this war and what it means to us today.



There are still a number of reenactments you can visit this summer and early fall in Southern California. One close by is the Civil War Battles & Encampment Presented by the Huntington Beach Historical Society, A Civil War Alliance event on September 5-6, 2015  at Central Park  17581 Gothard Street Huntington Beach, CA


The largest reenactment in this area held by the Civil War Alliance is on November 7-8, 2015 at Moorpark, CA.  There will be three battles on Saturday (12:00, 3:00, 5:15) and two on Sunday (12:00, 2:30).

Links for more reenactments include:  and


If you want to see reenactments that have been done in the past, there are many great videos on Just type in civil war reenactments in California and you can “be there” and relive the action.

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Memorial Day

Memorial Day

By: Alyssa M., Staff Writer


This year Memorial Day is on May 25th, and is a holiday that celebrates those who have passed away while serving their country. This holiday occurs the last Monday of May.


Memorial Day was originally known as Decoration Day, which honored those soldiers who died during the Civil War. Later on they declared the holiday should honor all who have died while fighting for their country. Some people may assume Veterans Day and Memorial Day are celebrating the same thing, but they are not. Veterans Day celebrates all U.S. military veterans. Memorial Day celebrates all who have died while serving in war. Both holidays should be celebrated equally because they both celebrate those who have made sacrifices to fight for our country.


There are several different ways to celebrate this amazing holiday. You may often see cemeteries who have decorated for Memorial Day by putting American flags around the cemetery. People usually go and place flowers and flags by graves and call relatives they haven’t talked to in a while. People also may have picnics and potlucks with their family members as well.


Memorial Day marks the beginning of summer and Labor Day marks the end of the summer. This is an amazing holiday to celebrate. By just remembering those who have served their country you are participating in this holiday. So on Memorial Day take the time to remember those who have fought and served for this country.

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Model United Nations Conference at LAX Sheraton

Model UN Trip

by: Carly P. and Hong-Tran D., Staff Writers

Carly, Annie, Saffron

Welcome back guys! Did you read about the last Model United Nations field trip? In April, Magruder’s Model UN Club had a four day field trip to the LAX Sheraton Hotel.  Carly P., Annie C., and Saffron M. attended and represented Magruder Middle School.

So what was the purpose of this trip? The purpose of this trip was to have conferences about trying to solve world problems such as water sanitation, humanitarian assistance, world hunger, foreign education, and health. MUN participants, known as delegates have orientation of the overall program, workshops that focus on culture acceptance, public speaking, role training, and leadership skills.

DSCN4709Each problem was assigned to a committee in each organ. For example there was ECOSOC (the economic and social council), GA (general assembly), IPC (international press corps), Security Council, ICJ (international court of justice), and NGO (non-government organizations).

GA is where committees discuss topics related to their committee’s focus. ECOSOC addresses matters of economic, social and humanitarian importance. ICJ settles disputes related to international law. NGO are non-profit organizations that are not affiliated with a national government, and they generally engage in working for the aid. Security council debate matters of international peace and security. ICJ settles disputes related to to international law. This is what the different committee councils were discussing.

So overall this trip was a very interesting experience. Thank you to the YMCA organization for sponsoring and making this trip possible for us. Thank you Honda for sponsoring this MUN trip. Let’s see what the next MUN trip is!

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Petrichor, The Smell of Rain


By Lylianna L.; Staff Writer


It’s been so long since it rained here

So long since the Earth was cleansed and the misery was washed away

So long since the smell of rain was floating through the air

So long since the cool droplets of water fell on your skin and soaked through your clothes

So long since the sun has broken through the dark gloomy skies

So long since water filled leaves and weighted them down with water

So long since something has been calming here

So long since the steady thump of water hitting your roof has filled your ears

So long since you watched the water running down the windows

So long since a rainbow has shown through the sky

So long since you were truly happy

So long since the rain’s sweet sound has lulled you to sleep

So long since the cool mist spread through the town

So long since the soft damp grass has been under your feet quietly squishing with each step

So long since everything has felt completely in place

Oh, how you miss the rain




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Avengers Age of Ultron Review

Avengers Age of Ultron Review

By:Tony Z., and Bryan L., staff writers


Avengers Age of Ultron came out on May 1st. Of course, there is a lot of hype surrounding the movie, so now we will decide whether or not this movie lives up to all the hype. It was also the number 1 rated movie in the world(in terms of how much money it made), so this movie is a “must see”.

This movie starts off with the Avengers trying to get the scepter. Eventually, they get it and Bruce Banner(The Hulk) and Tony Stark(Iron Man) trying to create a dormant peacekeeping program called Ultron. But, of course, things go wrong and Ultron gets a mind of his own which plans to destroy the Avengers and the world and it’s now up to the Avengers to stop him.

This is a big budget movie with a lot of action and special effects. Most of the fights were against Ultron, Scarlet Witch, and Quicksilver. The Avengers showed absolutely no teamwork in their fights until one of them. Each Avenger had to deal with the team falling apart because there was no teamwork.

Tony:”I honestly liked this movie because I liked most of the Avengers.”

Bryan:”I personally liked this movie because I liked the ending the best.”


The flaws of the movie was that why would Thor say that he is running out of lines to say? He also started talking about random stuff. I also feel like Ultron was rushed into the movie. He became a bad guy so early in the movie, it felt rushed to me. I’m not trying to hate on Ultron or Thor, because they was still pretty cool in the movie. They weren’t they only ones with weird dialogue, as sometimes the dialogue in this movie fell kinda flat.

In order to defeat Ultron, they had to work together and they also created a new character. The new character was made by stopping to make an evolution of Ultron(although we won’t spoil who the character is).

We would give it a 9/10 because the dialogue felt flat sometimes, but the action and the fight scenes totally made up for it in the end.

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Students and Government Day

Students and Government Day

By: Alyssa M. & Sunbo A., staff writers


Have you heard about Students and Government Day? “Students and Government Day was created to assist Torrance students in the 8th Grade in developing an effective civics education. Students who recognize and understand how local government works become more informed and involved citizens and voters. By participating in Students and Government Day, students learn the roles of the City Council and city staff by conducting a portion of a City Council meeting, learning the mechanics of self-governance, and participating at the local level.”


Well, in February, students had the option to write an essay based on the question given. The question was:  What can we do now and in the next few years until you are 18 to prepare yourself to be a well-informed voter and how will this preparation help your decision making? This year three students at Magruder were able to participate in Government day with seventeen other eighth graders from other Torrance middle schools. These students were Esther Cash, Ramzy Issa, and Preston Cao.

When our three students got to city hall, there were no special rules. They got an amazing tour of the Forensic Lab and Police Station.  They also got to see the shooting range and communication center.  This was a big opportunity for all them.  Later on they went to the library and got there government spots assigned.

The fascinating thing about them getting there spots was that, they actually got to tour around with the person that played there role in real life.  They got to experience how it was to have a job in the government.  Esther was actually the first female Mayor in students in government, Ramzy was Community Development Director, and Preston was the Public Works Director.  Depending on the job they had, they met certain people who worked in that field and visited different sites depending on their  jobs.  “Everyone had different schedules.” says Esther.

Since Esther was the mayor, she was able to hold many executive meetings.  Ramzy as the Community Development Director got to go to an airport and see the plane used in World War II.  Preston got to go on a tour of all the projects that are happening in the community. They all had different things to attend.

Afterwards they had a dinner buffet, which included pizza and salad.  When the time hit seven, they had a city council meeting. During this meeting they had to read scripts and play their role.  They also discussed city matters through the council.

“The whole environment was fun and upbeat and they were very nice people,” says Esther. “Very mature environment, but they added our generations twist to it.” says Ramzy.   “I would definitely recommend this to other students, and it was really fun.” says Preston. All of our fellow students loved the experience and would love for all of the future 8th graders to  participate in this once in a lifetime opportunity.



















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Teacher Appreciation Week

Teacher Appreciation Week

by: Khanh P. and Hong-Tran D., Staff Writers





It’s the beginning of May! So it’s Teacher Appreciation Week! It’s time to appreciate all the things teachers have been doing. Teachers at Magruder have been doing their best in teaching us throughout the year. The 6th, 7th, and 8th grade teachers work day and night grading papers, essays, and homework. How can we show them our thanks?

DSCN2735           First, we can we appreciate what teachers do by giving them little gifts either during the holidays or at the end of the school year. The little gifts show the teachers how much you appreciate them. Sometimes it’s not just teachers, but all of the office and staff that work at the school. Gifts can be as simple as a thank-you card either handwritten or printed. Any sort of arts and crafts is fine.

The school staff has worked hard for you, helping you, and supporting you everyday here at Magruder Middle School. Show your gratefulness for them! Even writing a homemade card will make our staff feel appreciativeness.

We asked two people from our journalism staff about which teacher or staff should be appreciated the most. Here are the results: “I think Ms. Borowski because she does a lot to help our school.” says Jenny C. “Probably Mr. Sheck since he’s the head of the school.” says Carly P. Who do you think should be appreciated the most in this school?

So thank you to the two people from our journalism staff for taking time to answer this short question. Let’s continue to appreciate our teachers for teaching us and working hard. Teachers continue to work hard and do their best in teaching!

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Blue Ribbon Week Honors Torrance Police

Blue Ribbon Week

By: Sunbo A. and Joy M., Staff Writers




Magruder says thank you to our Torrance Police Officers!  We celebrated Blue Ribbon week , and joined schools across the United States during National Police Week (May 10-16), also known as “Blue Ribbon Week,”  to honor and remember those law enforcement officers who made the ultimate sacrifice.

Wednesday was a real success. On this day the Torrance Police Crew came and informed us about their everyday lives as cops. They also taught us about the different tools and weapons that they use in different situations. The police ended up at the scene through all of their huge armored cars and regular cop cars. Everyone was thrilled to see them arrive and set up all of their different stations. There were four stations that included many different informational topic.

The first station included two police dogs.  These dogs were trained to defend and help with crime scenes. While the dogs were there the police officers told us about tasks they have to do and the high level of training they go through.

DSC_0276The second station had two police officers that were explaining their weapons and tools to get the criminal to come out of the house. They had gas masks and gases that would be unbearable to face, therefore when the officers put some in a room, a person cannot help but changing their location.

DSC_0308The third station had the police cars. Some of them were empty and the students were enjoying going in them and taking pictures. The students really enjoyed talking to the police officers and taking pictures with them. The police told them about the weapons they use and what it is like to respond to a call.

The last station had a few officers and some motorcycles. They were joking around with the students and most of the students seemed to be having a good time.  Students had a load of questions about riding motorcycles. Most questions were answered and the officers were very willing when it came to touching the motorcycle.

Even though we didn’t have activities all week, it was really delightful to see the police officers for one day and ask them questions about their job. Some of us know the police officers by name and can say hi when we see them around Torrance.  We thank our officers in blue for their sacrifice and service.

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SOMA Period 6

Student Of The Month Assembly Period 6

By : Jenny C. and Joy M., Staff Writers


We are finally almost done with the 2015 school year.  The period 6 student of the month assembly was on May 1st. Sadly, this was the last SOMA for the 8th graders, but the 7th and 6th graders still have some more to look forward to.  Here are the lucky students who got the student of the month certificate. The assembly started off with a kick, Mr. Sheck led us in the school spirit cheer!


For the 6th graders :

1 : Mrs. Provine and Mrs. Ramos ~ Jaquelin A. for excellent effort in reading

2 : Mrs. Provine and Mrs. Ramos ~ Ignacio H. for excellent effort in reading

3 : Ms. Borowski ~ Sohaib B. for showing great enthusiasm to study the environment and ready to try anything

4 : Ms. Borowski ~ Alexandria C. for showing great enthusiasm to study the environment and ready to try anything

5 : Mrs. Jaeger ~ Deja C. for excellent effort in English Language Arts

6 : Mrs. Jaeger ~ Yordani J. for excellent citizenship and effort in English Language Arts

7 : Mrs. Jaeger ~ Trentin K. for overall excellence in English Language Arts

8 : Mrs. Smith ~ Jean Claude D. for most improved effort in Social Studies

9 : Mrs. Smith ~ Ashley N. for outstanding effort and participation in Social Studies

10 : Mrs. Smith ~ Jasmine T. for excellence in Social Studies

11 : Mrs. Takano and Yung ~ Joseph D. for positive attitude and inquiring mind in Science

12 : Mrs. Takano and Yung ~ Joslyn H. for amazing focus and great attitude in Science

13 : Ricky F. for excellent participation and citizenship

14 : Mrs. Kim ~ Daniela G. for constant positivity and maturity

15 : Mrs. Kim ~ Kacie L. for impressive effort all year around

16 : Mrs. Hart ~ Viviana G. for academic excellence in mathematics

17 : Ms. Worthge ~ Keegan L. B. for outstanding citizenship

18 : Ms. Worthge ~ Camara S. for excellent citizenship and participation

19 : Ms. Worthge ~ Alexander T. for excellent work habits and citizenship

20 : Ms. Porush ~ Caden S. for being a great music student


For 7th graders :

1 : Mrs. Peterson ~ Amanda A. for excellence in research and writing in Social Studies

2 : Mrs. Peterson ~ Baaz  A. for excellence in academic achievement and citizenship

3 : Mrs. Peterson ~ Annie C. for excellence in critical thinking

4 : Mrs. Peterson ~ Andy P. for excellence in academic achievement and citizenship

5 : Mrs. Peterson ~ Carly P. for excellence in academic achievement and citizenship

6 : Mrs. Le ~ Dustyn C. for outstanding academic achievement in Math

7 : Mrs. Le ~ Dylan C. for outstanding academic achievement in Math

8 : Mrs. Le ~ Lizbeth M. for excellent work ethics and citizenship in Math

9 : Mrs. Le ~ Rebecca M. for excellent work ethics and citizenship in Math

10 : Mr. Vermette ~ Karlee C. for sportsmanship and effort

11 : Mr. Vermette ~ Nolan G. for best mile and overall effort

12 : Mr. Vermette ~ Jason J. for best effort and sportsmanship

13 : Mr. Vermette ~ Mohammad K. for best sportsmanship

14 : Mr. Vermette ~ Riley L. for sportsmanship and effort

15 : Mr. Vermette ~ Francisco M. for best effort and sportsmanship

16 : Mr. Vermette ~ Anjelize M. for best mile and overall effort

17 : Ms. Ingram ~ Vanessa De L. for excellent writing in English Language Arts

18 : Ms. Ingram ~ Amanda D. for all around excellent in English Language Arts

19 : Ms. Ingram ~ Tyler J. for excellent effort and participation in English Language Arts

20 : Ms. Ingram ~ Mia Q. for excellent writing in English Language Arts

21 : Ms. Ingram ~ Zachary S. for excellent writing in English Language Arts

22 : Mrs. Davies ~ Hannah J. for outstanding achievement and citizenship in Science

23 : Mrs. Davies ~ Doyup K. for outstanding achievement and citizenship in Science

24 : Mrs. Davies ~ Alyssa M. for outstanding achievement and citizenship in Science

25 : Mrs. Davies ~ Sana S. for outstanding effort in science

26 : Ms. Worthge ~ Miguel L. for positive attitude and continued effort

27 : Ms. Provine and Mrs. Ramos~ Anthonio R-C for excellent effort in Reading

28 : Mrs.Provine and Mrs. Ramos ~ Christian S. for excellent effort in Reading


Announcements :

We had announcements about plenty of things. We recognized students who had a 0.5 or more GPA improvement, which is deserved since it’s so hard to do!

We also talked about Magruder Madness, which has been rescheduled due to rain. Dania R. from Jr. HRA talked about this month’s character trait, Citizenship. She explained what it was and gave us wonderful examples of how to show citizenship.


Teachers were also recognized; the Staffulty Award was given out to four teachers. Mrs. Takano and Mrs.Yung got one for 7th grade, teaching Science and Social Studies and doing a wonderful job doing it, Ms. Borowski for 7th graders, teaching Social Studies and being generally awesome, and Ms. Loftin for 8th grade, teaching P.E. and making lessons much more easier and more fun. The flowers were given out by Hong Dang T. and Carly P., Annie C., and Christian L. gave out the awards. Thank you teachers for doing what you do! We are very thankful for being taught by you!



Here are the 8th graders :

1 : Ms. Loftin ~ Liam A. for always giving 100%

2 : Ms. Loftin ~ Alexandra C. for being an amazing athlete

3 : Ms. Loftin ~ Eric H. for being an all around athlete and always going above-and-beyond

4 : Ms. Loftin ~ Bryan L. for being an amazing runner and all around athlete

5 : Ms. Loftin ~ Sean M. for being an amazing runner and always giving 100% in P.E.

6 : Ms. Loftin ~ Anton P. for having great sportsmanship in P.E.

7 : Ms. Loftin ~ Megan P. for being an amazing runner and all around athlete

8 : Mr. Burgner ~ Andrea A. for excellence in historical writing

9 : Mr. Burgner ~ Luis R-L. for excellent work on 3rd quarter history essay

10 : Mr. Burgner ~ Armando V. for amazing participation and attitude in Social Studies

11 : Ms. Provine and Mrs. Ramos ~ Savianna G. for excellent effort in Reading

12 : Ms. Provine and Mrs. Ramos ~ Do Jin “Donnie” K. for excellent effort in Reading

13 : Ms. Provine and Mrs. Ramos ~ Long L. for excellent effort in Reading

14 : Ms. Provine and Mrs. Ramos ~ Trong N. for excellent effort in Reading

15 : Ms. Thompson ~ Gregory G. for incredible citizenship and effort in Science

16 : Ms. Thompson ~ Geoffrey L. for excellent attitude and citizenship in Science

17 : Ms. Thompson ~ Devin S. for excellence in Science

18 : Mrs. Schwafaty ~ Marisol H. for excellence in English Language Arts

19 : Mrs. Schwafaty ~ Matthew Sheldon for excellence in English Language Arts

20 : Ms. Kawahara ~ Christian L. for excellence in Algebra

21 : Ms. Kawahara ~ Marla M-C. for excellence in Algebra

22 : Ms. Worthge ~ Austin N. for positive attitude and continued effort



These were all the students who received the student of the month award in period 6 classes. All these students worked so hard this school year and once again this year is almost done. so keep working hard!  Remember, you will always be a Mustang at heart!

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Top Ten Things to get for Mother’s Day

Top Ten Things to get for Mother’s Day

By:  Jordan N. and Haskell M., Staff Writers

images (1)

  1. Flowers, a very nice original gift, that your mom will love. Recommended to have a vase with it.


2.  Candy, maybe a chocolate bar for the sweet tooth, or a Reese’s peanut butter cup. Also chocolate heart boxes filled with delicious chocolates, and would make a great gift.

3. New kitchenware, anything to help improve the kitchen will gladly be accepted by moms.


  1. A nice book, moms also like to read, so go ahead and grab a good book.


5. For a fifth idea, why not make a card. Home made items come straight from the heart.


6. Accessories will be a perfect gift. Shoes, sunglasses, lotion, and jewelry are some recommendations to make sure your mom looks great.


7. A nice messuage will do the trick. Moms need a break once in awhile from all that cleaning, so why not give her a nice messuage. It also reduces stress and pain.


8. Why not take your mom to a nice fancy dinner? Or end the day  with a homemade dinner!

9. Make a coupon book of  chores you promise to do for your mother. You should help out around the house.

10. Lastly, you should just spend time with your mom. She does a lot for you, so you need to remember the times you spend together.

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Happy Mother’s Day For An Unfortunate Jack

A Happy Mother’s Day For An Unfortunate Jack

By : Jenny C. and Joy M., Staff Writers

I love you mom

I wake up, blinded by the sun. What time is it, I ask myself. 5:30. Time to get up Jack. As I hazardly walk around my room, blindly getting to the bathroom and stubbing my toe, I think about what I should give Meryl for her Mother’s Day present. That’s right, I call my mom Meryl since she always insists it’s more home-y sounding.

Meryl always gave me the perfect presents; like on my 10th birthday, she got me the x-box. It’s like she had telekinesis or something, I swear. I throw on a shirt, jeans, and socks as I walk downstairs to start on homework.

Hm… Should I get her a foot massage machine? She always said she wanted one. Nah. Too old for her. Maybe a gift card to some shop. She has plenty of those already though. I quickly finish all the homework, pawning over the idea of even getting her something. She always said the simplicity of getting someone a gift can make the receiver happy. Maybe she meant herself? Oh well.

I make some quick breakfast for myself while I wake up the triplets.

“Jo-Jo! Al! Peter! Wake up before I eat all the bacon in here!” Bacon is like a holy statue for my family. We love bacon. The last time there was only one, we all had to fight for the last piece. I won that piece thankfully.

“We’re coming! Geez, calm down Mr. Perfect!” Jo-Jo and Ella, short for Ellafonda ( I don’t know where that name came from ) yells out. They storm into the bathroom as I start munching on my breakfast. Thank god they don’t go to my high school. They tried to apply to the same school as me, but didn’t make it. You see, we all are 15 year olds, it’s just that my birthday was on January, while theirs was on November. Don’t ask me how my parents still have so much energy.

“I’m gonna go to school now, ok? Take good care of yourselves and make sure you don’t forget the house keys.”

“Mr.Oh-I’m-an-Alpache-High-Student-Whose-The-Best is lecturing me. Peachy.” Peter said grumpily, making a racket in the bathroom. Well, I AM an Alpache High a student; what am I supposed to say, genius, I thought, wishing I could say that.

“Ow! You are gonna pull my hair out if you braid it like that Jo-Jo!”, Ella screams, telling me to run out before anything happens.

“Okay..” How am I related to these outsiders?

I get to school and ask my friends what I should get for her.

“Ooh! I got it! Heels!” Kris exclaims, as I give her a disgusted look.

“Seriously? She already has millions of them. Even that lady from Sex in the City has less amounts of heels than she does.” I roll my eyes as I say that, since Meryl is well-known throughout town as the World’s Biggest Shopaholic.

“Sheesh, just trying to help, Mr. Know-it-all. You can never have too many heels.” Kris is just as crazy for shopping as my mom. She’s known throughout school as the “Fashion Police”, since she always tries to help people, always succeeding somehow.

“Get her a kitchen-aid mixer. I bet she would kill for that,” my friend Jake said, reading a new recipe book. He envies at the fact that my dad is a pro baker, since he wants to be one too. He always brings the best cakes and cookies ever.

“First of all, you would kill for it, not Meryl. Cooking is more of a chore to her; that’s why Alex always does the meals. She burnt sugar trying to make caramel.” Alex is my dad; he thinks that calling him by his first name will make him feel younger, even though he doesn’t need to, since he’s 33 now. He’s a professional pastry chef while Meryl is a 30 year old model who always finds a way to score my siblings and I something cool. “Second of all, we already have one. Meryl practically got her hair stuck in the paddle attachment while making cookies, just like that one girl on YouTube. Plus, I’m on a strict budget of 100 dollars.”

“That’s not a budget. That’s a freaking scholarship.” Jake, Kris, and Marlee always have a habit of making fun at the fact that $10 doesn’t mean that much to me and that I am kinda rich.

“Well, yeah, I guess, but Meryl and Alex makes a lot of money.”

“That’s true. Why don’t you follow Meryl around to see what she’s into. Just don’t look so suspicious. You always tend to stick out like a sore thumb when you try to figure out something secretly,” Marlee said. She is the school president and widely know as the perfectionist-devil, just like me, without the devil part.

“I’ll try it out. What are you guys gonna give your moms?”

“I’m gonna give my mom a huge cake, with all of her favorite flavors,” Jake said.

“My huge stuffed animal I bought at this cute boutique will by my present for her,” Kris said with sparkles in her eyes and moe flowers, those flowers you find in manga where there is too much cuteness going on, surround her.

“I made new arrangements in my garden of my mom’s favorite flowers for her,” Marlee said. Geez, I guess I’m the only one who can’t find a present for their mom.

“Well, good luck!” they exclaimed in unison, making me feel better.

I follow my mom the rest of the day after school, and I am still completely lost at what I should buy her. She was cleaning the house, like anyday.

“Hey, Meryl. Can I ask you something?” I ask, feeling so sad for having to ask this.

“Shoot it, Jack.”

“What do you want for Mother’s Day?”

“You don’t have to give me anything. Like I say, the simplicity of someone even going through the effort of getting the receiver the gift is what makes a person happy; not the gift itself. If you really wanna give me something though, why don’t you paint me something? I’ve always loved your painting.” Meryl faced me and gave me a heart-warming smile.

“Thanks Mom.”

“Hey! Don’t call me-” All of the sudden, my mom faints. Her legs crumble as if they have no bones in them and she falls backwards. A loud thump sound echoes throughout the house. My stomach suddenly fell as I started screaming for Meryl.

MERYL! MERYL, ANSWER ME! THIS CAN’T BE HAPPENING! IT’S JUST A JOKE, RIGHT? Stop pretending Meryl and wake up!” My throat tightened as I stood there, motionless and frozen. “P-p-please… Wake up…” Tears burst out and I crouch next to my mom, holding her hand. This can’t be happening. She never has been sick or been injured before. She’s probably just tired from just coming back from New York. I realize I’m lying to myself, as the tears come out faster.


“What happened? Why are you crying? Did you… MERYL!” Peter screams. “Why… Why is she on the ground?”

“I just don’t know. She fainted all of the sudden.” The tears slow down and I close my eyes.

“I call 9-1-1. Stay with her and call everyone.” Peter ran to the phone and called 9-1-1 as I called the family. They all reached the fastest they could, and we all sat in the infirmary after getting to the hospital.

“How… How can this happen?” Jo-Jo said quietly. I look around and see everyone, including myself, in tears.

“Who knows. That’s what the doctors are for honey. We just have to hope. That’s all we can do. That’s what Meryl always said, right? Hope. Think about all the happy times we had with her.” Alex comforts the triplets, looking at me with tears in his eyes, and I join him for a hug.

Memories of Meryl start flooding in.

“Hope for the best and it will help.”

“Simplicity is one of the best things in life.”

“Being happy is a virtue and we must never take it for granted. That’s why we have to smile everyday.”

Everything Meryl taught us was about happiness. Simplicity. Living your life to the max. I wiped my tears and tried to smile, reminding myself of why she would do.

“Let’s smile guys. Meryl wouldn’t like us to worry about her and frown ‘cuz of her, right?”

“I guess.” they all reply, copying what I did and calming down.

“Come in please. The doctor would like to talk to you.” the nurse calmly said, having a soft smile. It comforted me and I was glad for her. She must have a hard time dealing with people and seeing this everyday.

We walk in, and as we do, we see Meryl and rush towards her.

“Hi. I’m doctor Miyamura, and I have evaluated what you mother has.” Everyone starts talking all at once as my dad calms them down.

“Doctor, what happened to her?”

“I have bad news and good news.”

“She had a stroke; a quite a harsh one in fact. Luckily, you brought her in early. If not treated, she would have died. We’ll be able to treat her. That’s the good news.Sadly though, Meryl has a 20% chance of survival, due to her being so weak. The treatment for her might damage, even destroy her brain.”

We all take this in and a silence fills up the room. The doctor leaves as he assures us that he will try his best to get her to recover. We all talk to her, tearing up a bit, but smiling like she would like us to. We all go home and start working on our presents for her. It calmed us all, making them as our tokens of appreciation to her; a get well present. Everyone poured their hearts and souls into the presents, knowing this might be the last for her.

A week later, I wake up and get ready. Everyone gave their present on Mother’s Day, the day she woke up, everyone hugged her and gave her presents, but she went back to sleep after an hour.

The art piece was one of the best I’ve made so far. I made a painting :

The painting was a green, forest landscape with a blue sea. The sun shined over, giving everything a glimmer of hope. The glimmer of hope for her to live. Birds soared over, and a little girl was running through a field of flowers.

All of the paintings resembled Meryl to me; I wanted to show her how she affected this world.

“Meryl. I hope you live. I truly do.” I see her eyes opening as she looks at my art works.

“Oh Jack, this are beautiful.” Meryl starting crying and I joined her. I was truly happy to be able to just spend time with my mom.

A few weeks later, we brought Meryl back from the hospital! The doctor said he treated her enough that she is fine to go home, just be careful the first few weeks.

Man, I’m so happy that my mom is back!




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Your Mom’s Day Comic

Your Mom’s Day Comic

By: Dustyn Casas


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Teacher Appreciation Week

Teacher Appreciation Week

by: Khanh P. and Hong-Tran D.;

Staff Writers


It’s the beginning of May! So it’s Teacher Appreciation Week! It’s time to appreciate all the things teachers have been doing. Teachers at Magruder have been doing their best in teaching us throughout the year. The 6th, 7th, and 8th grade teachers work day and night grading papers, essays, and homework. How can we show them our thanks?

First, we can we appreciate what teachers do by giving them little gifts either during the holidays or at the end of the school year. The little gifts show the teachers how much you appreciate them. Sometimes it’s not just teachers, but all of the office and staff that work at the school. Gifts can be as simple as a thank-you card either handwritten or printed. Any sort of arts and crafts is fine.

The school staff has worked hard for you, helping you, and supporting you everyday here at Magruder Middle School. Show your gratefulness for them! Even writing a homemade card will make our staff feel appreciated.

We asked two people from our journalism staff about which teacher or staff should be appreciated the most. Here are the results: “I think Ms. Borowski because she does a lot to help our school.” says Jenny C. “Probably Mr. Sheck since he’s the head of the school.” says Carly P. Who do you think should be appreciated the most in this school?

So, let’s continue to appreciate our teachers for teaching us and working hard. Teachers continue to work hard and do their best in teaching!

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Poem Corner

Poem Corner

By: James S. and Haskell M., Staff Writers

Corner_Bakery_Cafe_on_14th,_Washington_DC (1)

Poem Corner

Have you heard? Have you seen?

The way it looks? And how it’s seems?

People have wondered how big, or small?

Is it a shopping center, or is it a mall?

            Poem Corner. So humorous and keen.

            Ready for changes, people so mean.

            Always jeering, just to rhyme.

            They’d stop for a few, for the price of a dime.

          “What is Poem Corner?” You may ask.

            No one knows, I say this the last.

            But sometimes in life, you never know?

            Your next adventure, may be brighter than snow.



            I yell some words at the top of my lungs.

            I hear them again, from the way I just sung.

            How could this be? I say to myself.

            Is there a puppet mocking me from it’s shelf?


            Or was it not real, just an error in my brain?

            Or is it that I am just insane?

            I yell so loud that my ears rip off.

            Do I hear it now? Nope. But my footsteps stop.


               Small Steps in The Puddle of Life

            My father once said, “You must go to bed,

            Or the night won’t go fast,” so I said, “I’ll pass.”

            “But what about tomorrow? Don’t you want to see it fast?”

              So he let me stay up, but only cause I said tonight,

            “Dad, Take small steps in the puddle of life.”



                       Over The Wall

            What is there, up over the wall?

            I cannot tell, I’ll wait till I’m tall.

            But for now, I’ll never know.

            “What’s over the wall?” I wonder it so.

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Games Review: Mr. Jump vs. Geometry Dash

Mr. Jump vs. Geometry Dash

(Two Games Enter, One Game Leaves)

By Eric G. and Tony Z.; staff writers


It is time ladies and gentlemen (who are we kidding, just gentlemen) for the ultimate debate between two of the most popular jumpy games in the App Store: Mr. Jump and Geometry Dash.  Although these two apps do have some differences they are both very similar in gameplay, so it is now our job to see which one is really the best. As they said in ancient Rome (kinda), “Two games enter, one game leaves!”

geometry dash

Geometry Dash

Tony: “Geometry Dash is an addicting and fun game. There are numerous levels and none two levels are the same. If you ask me, Geometry Dash is better than Mr. Jump.”


Eric :   “Mr. Jump is more enraging than flappy bird, as addicting as Candy Crush, and as simple as Pong. Geometry Dash levels take longer than the wait before Christmas for a 6 year old when it’s only 2 am. Mr. Jump levels take less than a minute to complete if you are able to complete it.”


Tony: “However, Geometry Dash is a trial and error game that actually has a practice mode. This allows you to get better with the levels before you play them, although  a mode like this is not needed in a trial and error game, it is really useful, and yes the levels are long, but honestly I think that is what makes it fun. Longer levels mean that you can spend a lot more time beating that level, instead of beating it in less than a minute, like in Mr. Jump.”

Eric: “It takes less than a minute to beat if you do it right. Yesterday, I was in the back of a car for 2 hours and I only beat 1 level. By the way, practice mode is for wimps.”


Tony: “Fine, I guess you’re right about how long the level takes……..EXCEPT Mr. Jump is honestly kinda……… boring.  The first level of the game didn’t intrigue me as much as Geometry Dash.  Also, practice mode isn’t for wimps. You’re a wimp.”


Eric: “News flash: I DON’T CARE!!! Why would you find the exact same gameplay boring? Plus, the patterns can give a kid a seizure. “


Tony: “But I’m not a kid (well, I technically still am, but the point is, it doesn’t give me seizures). Also, speaking of graphics, Geometry Dash’s graphics are a lot better than Mr. Jump’s graphics. The graphics in Mr. Jump are kind of plain with the only cool thing being the 3-D backgrounds, meanwhile the graphics in Geometry Dash are colorful and the backgrounds look really cool.”


Eric:   “If there is such interesting graphics, it usually is a cheap way to distract a kid from the bland gameplay. Mr. Jump is minimalistic on background, which exposes more gameplay, which is good.”


Tony: ”Geometry Dash’s gameplay isn’t bland, each level feels unique and it has good music which gets you immersed in the game itself and the graphics immerse me in the game even more, it doesn’t distract from bland gameplay because the gameplay isn’t bland!”


Eric: “There are also different soundtracks, too.”


Tony:  “What a great argument…..Jk it’s not. Let’s just face it, we aren’t going to agree on anything, so let’s just give the choice to the audience on which game is better: Mr. Jump or Geometry Dash.”

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Earth Week

Earth Week

By: Sunbo A., Staff Writer


This week the whole school participated in a lot of earthly activities. Earth week was a blast, and to think it was all organized by one person.  Ms. Borowski worked very hard to plan this Earth week for all of us. We had many great activities and contests that really put the spirit in Earth Week. These activities helped us learn the importance of being green and keeping our home clean.

We started off with a great kickstart on Monday, there was an repurpose/ reuse art contest. This contest included a lot of reusable trash. Lets just say there were lots DSCN4077of great inventions , that competed in this competition. Some of the winners were Desiree Rodriguez, Desiree Romero, and much more people. These people created lots of fun and cool things with the little pieces of trash they had.Some of the trash used in this contest were our everyday food trays, straws, tape, trash bags, tissue, spare paper, and much more.

On Tuesday there was an exciting trash toss game that occurred.



The way this game worked was really simple. There were three main items. The cartons used to throw, the recycling bins to toss the cartons in, and the rotating red bins to make the game harder. Prizes included stickers, pens, poppy seeds, and more.Lots of people helped out with this activity.  Tuesday was great, but the fun did not stop there.



DSCN4677On Wednesday there was a huge pledge mural, that many people signed. On the mural you would put what change you would make to help the earth and write it down. Once you have sealed this pledge you would receive and earth day bracelet. Many people pledged to different things.

Thursday, was one of the best ideas yet. Everyone got to participate in a fun exercise DSCN4694called Plant the DSCN3502Seedling.The first step you went through was grabbing a bottle. Then you would get some dirt and pick your seed. Once you had all of your supplies you would begin putting the dirt into you cut open water bottle. Then apply the seed of your choice.When everything is done you would add a little water, then cover it up. The fun thing about this was that you got to take your seedling home.As you watched it grow , people would go on there social media and post there seedling with the hashtag watch it grow.


DSCN4687The last day of our earth week was an very efficient idea. It was water bottle bowling. The objective was to hit the sand filled bottles with an volley ball. Lots of people participated, it was a success.

Overall Earth Week was great and really taught us the meaning of taking care our home. All the activities we played were awesome and very rewarding. We owe a big thanks to Mrs. Borowski and all of the helpers that helped with cleaning and setting up the great things we got to do. Our school is really looking forward to doing this again next year.







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6th Grade Field Trip

6th Grade Field Trip

By: Jordan N. & Eric G.; staff writers


After all the months of saving money from selling random food from catalogues for the PTSA fundraisers, selling raffle tickets, and other money selling things, we finally had enough for every grade to have a field trip. It was time for the sixth grade field trip. The sixth graders went to the Dead Sea Scrolls exhibit in the California Science Center. There, kids learned about ancient IMG_7734pieces of text discovered from caves in Israel. The kids had a fun time of learning and looking at ancient discoveries.

When the 8:05 bell rang, all of the 6th graders went to their 2nd period classes. After that, they rushed onto the bus. They were very excited that they get to see ancient artifacts that gave much-needed info for archaeologists who study that area. When we arrived, we had to wait in a line until 10:00. Once 10:00 came, we rushed inside. We split up in our already created groups. All groups had different viewing times, so we explored the museum while we waited.

At the start, there was a small presentation talking about the legends of the pots and how they describe Jerusalem. After that we went to see different artifacts like pots, masks, and texts written on clay tablets. Lastly, we watched a 3D movie that explained how Jerusalem was related to three different cultures.   It made you think about being a treasure hunter or an “Indiana Jones” type, looking for ancient artifacts. We left with a bit of understanding that we are only a small a part of the long story in history.






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The Little Boy Who Accidentally Takes Over The World

The Little Boy Who Accidentally Takes Over The World

By Dustyn Casas; staff writer


There once was a boy

in a very small town

where no one was happy.

Each person would frown.


The town was filled

with many people, indeed.

That didn’t matter, though,

since sadness took the lead.


There was fog everywhere

and black filled the city,

looking like a set

to a movie dark and gritty.


The town was a mess.

There’s no denying that,

which made the little boy

as mad as a wet cat.


He wanted to fix up the town

but didn’t know how to do it.

He had an imagination

but couldn’t make it fit.


The boy made a decision,

after many days

and several bags

of expired Lay’s.

His idea was the best,

unlike ideas in the past.

It was so original that it could

give scientists a cast.


Llamas! Llamas!

Llamas is the way

to stop the town’s depression

and save the day!


The boy loves llamas

and has a llama collection,

so why wouldn’t he

spread the llama sensation?


So the little boy ran

as fast as he can,

to find a llama

and go through with his plan!


He searched all over

with wide eyes,

but he had no luck,

which he despised.



after hours of research,

the boy gave up,

wanting more llama merch.


He simply walked home,

sad and depressed.

Just from his looks,

he was a real mess.


His chances were low

and enthusiasm blank,

the boy did find a llama,

which was when the world sank.


Inside a cave,

a light shined bright.

The boy witnessed it.

To him, it was a fright.


Reluctant and scared,

he slowly walked inside.

When deep inside the cave,

his eyes opened so wide,


Llama! Llama!

A llama has appeared!

The boy cheered loudly

as his depression disappeared.


The llama was the best,

shining, plated in gold.

The llama’s eyes

were red and pretty bold.


The little boy was excited,

determined to save the day.

Now that he had a llama,

sadness could go away.


The next, fateful day,

the little boy, excited,

tested out his llama

to random people whom he sighted.


“Hey, you people!

I have something you should see!”
said the little boy,

smiling in glee.


The people who had heard

the boy’s important call,

turned their heads, curious,

to see something off-the-wall.


The llama, the llama,

as golden as can be

used his unwarranted magic powers

to make people sadness-free.


Coming straight from his eyes,

the llama used his laser vision,

to clean up this sad, sad mess,

using ultimate precision.


“What the what is going on?

Llama? Is this even you?”

the little boy questioned,

not knowing what to do.


As the llama used his powers

in just one perfect session,

he hovered to the boy,

planning a presentation.

“Little boy! Little boy!
Speaking these two words twice,

in order to keep order

these people need to pay the price!”


“Llama, why would you do

such a criminal action!

I didn’t want all this,

just the town’s satisfaction!”


“That’s exactly what I’m doing!
Making people feel so happy

using my awesome powers

and poems not too sappy!


Don’t you see, little boy!

Happiness is soon to run!
Just ride on my back!

The journey has just begun!”


The boy rode on the llama,

ready to fly all over town.

He would spread eternal joy

to people all around.


Each person started grinning

as llama magic started spreading.

The smiles might’ve hurt

but that no longer mattered!


“Well, the town is happy.

Our job is accomplished.”

“Our job isn’t done,

that is what I promised.”


Sprouting wings out

of his back in seconds,

the llama quickly turned

into a llama pegasus!


“What just happened?

I’ll just lay here for a few,”

said the little boy,

who had no clue on what to do.


“Boy! I’m magic!

As magic as magic is!

I’m so magical that

I didn’t know I could do this!”


Due to his revelation

of having pegasus powers,

he went to travel worldwide

and spread happiness showers.


With wings so large,

and optimism high,

the llama pegasus

flew up into the sky.


He had his eyes set

on spreading joy around.

The world is soon to be

a collage of happy towns!


To cause widespread effects

on the Earth so very fast,

the llama pegasus

used his rainbow fire blast!


The explosions were so large,

the boy could see it from so far

as he started sleeping inside

of the back trunk of a car.


“All people will be happy!”

said the llama, so determined.

The army didn’t listen, though,

so they were promptly punished.


From New York to Kentucky,

UK to Peru,

the entire Earth was happy

thanks to you-know-who.


By the time the boy

woke up from his comfy slumber,

he saw a mass of people

whom the boy called a slight cumber.


“Why did you wake me?”

the boy said, irritated,

since being woken up

was something that he hated.


He forgot about in seconds

how he suddenly woke up

when he realized, soon enough,

that everyone was in front of him.

“The world is in front of you!
The entire population

is now under your control

to follow your intentions!”


“What the hey, llama!

I wanted a happy town,

not the entire Earth

turning into a single clown!”


The boy was clearly mad.

His anger could go on for miles

The world was happy, though,

each person wore a healthy smile.


“This is pretty creepy,

but I’ll get used to it.

So, what’s my first order?

Maybe a chair so I can sit.”


The little boy warmed up

to the idea of him as ruler,

which made major problems

turn into a simple blur.


The world was now happy.

Sadness has disappeared

all thanks to a llama

whose impact was so clear.

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The Illuminatus Strikes Back

The Illuminatus Strikes Back

by. James S., and  Haskell M., Staff Writers


It was all dark. I couldn’t see my hand in front of my face, yet I saw some words rapidly flashing in my vision. I must have been hallucinating, although I couldn’t read the words flashing. The next thing I knew, I heard the sounds of dripping liquids. and heard a high pitched moaning sound of a child. I was so scared, that I ran as fast as I could,but I ran into something. Or someone. It let out a child’s scream and said in a faint voice, “Pray for me.”

I: They find us

The next thing I know, I wake up in a bed, very different from the one back at home. No I had to move to the North Pole for protection from the invasion of the Illuminatus. Apparently, I had to have my name changed as well. I am not Stanford anymore, for my name is Paul E. Cypher. Unfortunately, they couldn’t change my last name, but it’s better than nothing.

“Paul, it’s time for dinner.” says Bill.

“Please don’t call me that.” I say. “I like Stanford better. And isn’t it morning?”

“No it’s night. Why would I be serving dinner? You’ve been out for two weeks. We had to use special machines to give you nutrition, vitamins, and other things to keep you alive.”

“But how did you know I was awake?” I asked.

“Oh I have my ways.” He says. He is sounding different. Maybe I should do a few tests on him to see if he wasn’t an imposter.

“Bill? Could I borrow a 13 step ladder?” I asked, because as we all know, Bill is not superstitious.

`           “No son. Those things are dangerous. I’ll give you an 12 or 14 step ladder.” Yep something is definitely up with him.

“Where’s Mom?”

“She…um? Well…she…uh,”

“Use your words.”

“She went to buy a new cell phone.” Aha. This is certainly an imposter. There are no cell phone stores in the north pole.

“Imposter!” I yelled.

“This one is smarter than we thought number 6-18-9-4-1-25 troop 13.”

“Oh darn. I accidentally told him my real name!” I say.

“I’m coming up there.” He yelled. “And don’t think you can hide.” Well it looks like they found us. Wait a minute. I could use the Time Machine as a teleporter. If I could just make myself less transparent when I arrive. Or maybe I could teleport the machine with me in it. Yes. That’s it.

So I type in, year:2015, time:4:39, date:05/06/2015, place:Torrance,California (Town_Square_Center,x+6,Y,Z+6), Settings:machineTransport, true. They will never find me there. So then I get into the machine and press send. Everything goes black.

It was all dark. I couldn’t see my hand in front of my face, yet I saw some words rapidly flashing in my vision. I must have been hallucinating, although I couldn’t read the words flashing. The next thing I knew, I heard the sounds of dripping liquids. and heard a high pitched moaning sound of a child. I was so scared, that I ran as fast as I could,but I ran into something. Or someone. It let out a child’s scream and said in a faint voice, “Pray for me.”

The next thing I know I wake up in some kind of park. I feel like I have had that same dream before, but I am not quite sure. Today is Wednesday right? Well I need food. And What about my family? I just left them there to be killed by these people. What do they want from me? All I did was save my uncle from their attack. And why do they want world domination anyways? It would be easier to rule just one small area. They’re not to bright, but their name means enlightenment. What’s up with that. All these thoughts rushed through my head, and I had no answer for any of them. I got out of the machine, and said, “Wow. The sunrises are beautiful. I just want to sit here and watch it.” But I need to get food. No I only have about 20k in my pocket, on my card, so I’ll have to only spend it on my needs. So I go to Walmart and buy 5 loaves of bread, 1 very new bottle of milk, 10 unripe pears, 10 bags of peanuts, 5 large packs of water, 12 corncobs, 7 cans of peanut butter, 10 stacks of pork ribs, one giant cooler, and a microwave oven. Yeah, I have a lot of bags. I gently place them into the car,(Technically, it’s just the time machine, but shape shifted, and teleport to my next destination.

Somehow I manage to stay awake to see what it looks like on the outside. It looks kind of like I’m riding every single roller coaster at once, yet I am staying still. I appear in a forest that seems to be very peaceful. So I set up camp, and create a fire pit surrounded by stones. “I wish I had someone to talk to,” I say in a soft voice. Then I fall asleep.

II: I am not alone

I wake up and find that it is now noon, but what time is it? I better set up camp now. Dang, I forgot about buying a tent. No. I will use the resources I have with me. Good thing the cooler and the microwave are solar powered, otherwise I would be in trouble. I eat a few peanuts, drink one quarter of a water bottle, and eat a microwaved corncob. And get this. I plant half of it’s seeds, and I make a compost container made from sticks and rope I found in the parking lot of Walmart. I make a fire using  a piece of flint, and a piece of steel. It took many failed attempts, but eventually I got a perfect teepee shaped fire burning. And that reminds me. I need a shelter. I could use the shape shifting teleporter/Time machine, but I am only going to do that for one night. So I make it a truck that could carry my food and everything else, but I leave my cooler on the roof to charge, and leave my milk in there to keep it fresh.

The next morning, I feel so hungry. In fact, I eat 50 peanuts, one of the first ripened pairs, drink 2 whole waters, and drink one glass of milk. Today is going to be different. Today, I am going to make tools out of sticks and stones. I know it sounds crazy, but maybe this doesn’t have to be my temporary home. Maybe I can create a whole village, and defeat the Illuminatus during war. If only there was someone else out there. I created a stone spear, a stone axe, a stone hammer, and I even created a stone sword. It took 4 hours to sharpen, but it was legit at the ending. I could kill a bear if I had to. I collected a whole lot of wooden logs, and used about 1 tenth of my rope. At the ending I created a house. Yeah. A 13 year old actually created a house all by himself. I can’t believe it either, but it had separate rooms. One for my microwave oven and cooler, one for charging electric items(All I did was smash the roof for sunlight), one for creating all my tools, one for my Time machine, and one for sleeping in. It was hard to find materials for the soft part, but I did find sheep. I killed about 5 of them. I feel bad for them though. I was just about to fall asleep, when I hear a knock at the door. My blood ran cold. I say “Who is it?”

“I need a place to stay for tonight.” a girls voice says.

“Come in.” I say.

A girl opens the door, and tells me what happened. She had dark hair, dark eyes, and seemed to be around 13 years old. She tells me that she was separated from her family when a bear attacked. It killed her family.

“Well, I am all alone out here too. I made this here house.” I say. “It was a group of people named the Illuminatus that chased me here.”

“Are you trying to start a civilization here?” she asks.

“Well I am trying to.”

“Well whatever you are doing, it’s working.”

“Do you want to join me?”

“Okay, but what do you call this group?”

“How about, the reliquiae? It means remains.”

“Good name. It sounds like a rebel alliance.”

“ Gratias. Fortuna melioribus velim. Meministi nos in reliquiis.” I say.

“What? Oh that’s Latin.”

“I don’t have a second bed. So where would you like to sleep tonight?”

“Anywhere is fine.”

“So on the bed?”

“No, I don’t want you to freeze to death. I wouldn’t have a leader if you died.”

“It’s okay, really. I would rather go hunting tonight instead. really.”

“Well. okay.” She replies In a worried voice. “But don’t get eaten by wolves.”

“Oh don’t worry. I have a weapon. And tomorrow, I will be equipped with wooden armor.” I say as I walk out the door. Man I am so happy I am not the only one out here. I am not alone.

III: The hunted, the hunter, and the huntest

I have been walking for miles, and I can’t tell if I have been down this path or not. Luckily, I have been dragging my spear in the dirt so I know the way back. It is very dark outside, and I wish I hadn’t gone alone. The next thing I knew, I heard a loud shake in a nearby bush. This startled me so, but not too much,for I have a weapon that really can cut. Well technically two. A stone spear and a stone sword.

“Who’s there? I have a weapon. If you are a wolf, I will not hesitate to cut you in half!” I yell. Suddenly, a giant black bear lets out a loud roar that makes my life flash before my eyes. It only took a few seconds, but I see myself killing a black bear in the vision. Future sight, I hope. The bear walks over to me slowly, and then runs towards me as soon as I look into it’s eyes. Why did I do that? I jump onto the bear’s back before it can strangle me to the ground, and I stab the sword into it’s back, then pull the sword out. Wow, I just killed a bear, without armor even on.

“Now how am I going to transport this piece of meat?” I ask myself out loud. “Oh I know. I could cut the bear into pieces and take multiple trips back to the base.” This takes me about 5 minutes because, as we all know, I lied about the walking for miles part. I only walked 1 mile. When I got the last piece of bear, I noticed that the girl was sound asleep. She needs her sleep anyways. I mean really. I don’t know how long she has been out there. I don’t even know her name. I’ll ask her in the morning. Right now, I need to get to work on that wooden armor.

Meanwhile, back at the North Pole:

“Excellent, 6-18-9-4-1-25 troop 13. Now you have lost the kid, and spilled my hot coffee on my shirt.” says the Illuminatus General.

“I’m sorry General. I don’t even know what went wrong. He simply vanished.”

“If you don’t find the boy before our new world order kicks in, there will be a rebel alliance that he would lead.”

“Well then. What do you want me to do?”

“Check the security tapes of the home. Find out what happened. If you fail me again, it will be your head. Or, your wife’s head. Whichever you choose.” He says.

“Yes master. I will get the security tapes faster than you can say supercalifragilisticexpialidocious.”

IV: Upgrades, New Friends, More Food

“Wake up. Hey wake up.” says a voice.

“Oh. Hey. I fell asleep at work, didn’t I?” I say.

“Yeah. But you did a good job on the armor.” she says.

“I never caught your name.”

“My name?”

“Yeah. You know. I’m Stanford.”

“Well…um. My name is,…” She paused for a second. “I don’t think you would like it.”

“I don’t judge. Really. I don’t judge.”

“My name is Sarah. I know. A terrible name.”
“It’s not terrible. It’s, well.” I say. “It’s makes your personality more distinguished.”


“Yeah. Well I should get back to work. Did you see the bear?”

“Yeah. I did more than see it. I ate it. Cooked it over the fire this morning.”

“Speaking of which, I am starving. literally.” I say.

“We still have plenty of bear meat.” She says. When she said ‘we’, I felt all weird inside.

“Okay. but first, I am going to check on my plants. I planted like 20 corncob seeds.”

“Okay. Don’t check too long. You need food.” And so I do. The seeds are doing well. Half of them have already sprouted. Man surviving this is so easy, yet so hard. I do have a meal. I eat 60 peanuts, one corn cob, bear meat, one glass of milk(in a wooden cup), and some bear meat.

“Thanks for preparing the bear meat for me.” I say to Sarah.

“Anytime. Hey, it’s for my health to you know.” she says.

“Don’t you think we should look for more people to join us.” I ask. She doesn’t respond. “Hello? Sarah, are you okay?”

“Oh yes. I was just…” she says. “I was just thinking about my family. That’s all. Um? Yes, we should go out and find some more people to…” her face was turning red now.

“I know you miss your family. I miss my family too. But we undo the past. I mean, I do have a time machine in the back, but saving someone from dying would damage the space time continuum.” I explain.

“I’m not surprised someone like you would have a time machine Stanford.” she says.

“I know right? but that’s not the point. The point is,..”  I say. “The point is we are family now. Welcome to reliquiae Sarah.” It took a lot of guts to say something quite like that.

“You’re right. We are family Stanly.” She get a little closer to me. I am not quite prepared for what is going to happen next.

“Yeah. Maybe we don’t need new members.” I say. I get a little more closer to her to.

“Oh no. We need members. But not at the moment. No right now, we only need each other.” She get closer to me once again.

“We do only need ourselves? What will the others interfere with?” I ask.

“This.” she says as she grabs the side of my face and kisses me. On the lips. Wow. I didn’t see this coming. A love story in a sci-fi. How strange.

“Why did you do that?” I whisper.

“You seem lonely, and unaware of this.” she says as she hugs me.

“What do you mean?” I ask.

“If we are going to start civilization, we need to have children too. We would all die, and the civilization would end.”

“We are only 13 years old.” I point out.

“No, I mean we need to have children when we grow up. So we are a couple as a young age.” she says as she stops hugging me and she disappears into the kitchen.

“Could you collect sticks? We need eating utensils for the non-finger foods.”

“I’m on it.” I say. “Into the woods. Forward, march!”

As I walk alongside a stream, I realize something. There are footsteps leading to a natural hedge. Why not explore. I mean what could go wrong? I am wearing wooden armor and carrying a stone sword am I not?  The hedge seems to be very hollow the spot where the footsteps lead. I go into the hedge and come out the other side. That’s when I see a man wearing old rags. Well I also am wearing rags.

“Hey you there. Who are you?” I ask.

“ que dites-vous?” The man says.

“Oh you’re speaking French huh?”

“hein?” he says.

“Souhaitez-vous rejoindre mon société secrète? Je pourrais vous donner de la nourriture, de l’eau, et un grand nombre d’outils et d’armes.” I asked. Just incase you don’t speak French, I asked him to join, and said that I have food, water, and tools.

“Mais vous êtes juste un enfant. Comment pouvez-vous éventuellement obtenir ce? Eh bien très bien. Je vais rejoindre” He said. By the way, He said he would join.

“Suivez-moi. Je vais vous montrer le chemin.” I say as I walk away as he follows behind.

V: A Close Call, And Improvement All Around

“Sir, I found more evidence.” says 6-18-9-4-1-25 troop 13. “I seems that the boy has used some kind of time/space travel.”

“Get the coordinates the video displays and put them into the original model of the time/space travel machine.” says the General.

“Already did that Sir.” says 18-5-12-9-7-9-15-14 troop 13.

“That means that 5-25-5 troop 1 will have to go.6-18-9-4-1-25 troop 13, you will go on Friday. Remember. Do not fail me. If you do, you remember what I will do. I wasn’t kidding.”

“Why do I always do everything on Fridays?”

“Dude. It’s in your name.” says 5-25-5 troop 1.

“What David? That’s why I go on Fridays?”

“Never mind.” So then 5-25-5 gets into the machine, sets the coordinates, and he gets sent to the Torrance town square none other than Wilson Park.

“Hey you out there!” he yelled. “You are now under the rule of the Illuminatus. Hail Illuminatus.” Then he shoots a gun up into the air, and who knows where the bullet is going to land. “New world order is what we need people. If you don’t agree, you will not live to reconsider.” he says as everyone puts their hands up and gets into the (Shape shifted into a prison) time machine. “Number 5-25-5 to General, all the birds are in the nest. I repeat, all the birds are in the nest.”


“Yes. That’s what I meant.” says 5-25-5.

“Well find then. Looks like Friday the 13th is coming early this year. I’m sending in 6-18-9-4-1-25 troop 13.”

“What? That kid is bad luck. Don’t send him.”

“He is the only one who knows how to find the kid. His Great Grandfather was his Great Uncle’s brother. He knows how to identify any Cypher.”

“Okay master, but don’t let him get near me. I have a feeling he may not stay on our side the whole time.”

“True. True. He did let the kid get away last time. In fact, we should make sure he has a live camera showing his every move, without him knowing he has one.”

“Brilliant master.”


I wake up, and see yet not 2, but 9 other people in the room.

“Yes. It was terrible. There was a group called the Illuminatus that tried to capture us, but I got away.” says Jack.

“Same here. It’s a good thing we are not alone in this.” says Daniel.

“I don’t know who these people are, but I’m going to show them who’s boss.” says Bryan.

“Patience Bryan. We must train for battle in order to fight in battle.” says Mike.

“But we will not hesitate to battle at an early stage for survival.” says Thomas.

“Yeah. And we will have a revolution afterwards. There’s no ‘i’ in team. says James.

“And exactly once every 31,556,926 seconds we will celebrate our victory.” says Dexter.

“We won’t win guys. The Illuminatus will have control of every single nuclear weapon the world has ever created, but not used.” says William.

“Je vais tout vous trahir. Illuminatus grêle. Hey, je plaisante. Merci pour la nourriture et l’eau.” says the unnamed French speaker.

“Guys, guys, please. Stanford has a plan. Never underestimate him. Been there, done that.” says Sarah.

“Reliquiae. That’s what we are.” I say. “I have a plan, you hear? And thanks for the update on the nuclear weapons, William. Now here is the plan. Using the time machine, we sneak into top secret nuke testing sites and trick the workers into firing them right away to get rid of them. Then, when the Illuminatus do achieve world domination, we destroy the time machine, so if the Illuminatus find video recordings of our build number, they wouldn’t have the ability to travel to us.”

“What if the nuke testers create a nuke right after we destroy them all.” asks Daniel.

“Simple. We create a fake village somewhere far away, and they will waste it.” I say.

“But they will have guns. All we would have would be armor, swords, bows, and crossbows. It’s not likely that we will win at all.” says Dexter.

“Look kid. Do you want to see your family ever again or not?” I ask.

“What he’s trying to say is that we might not have the ability to win, but we can try. No. We will not try. We will do. We can win this together!” says Sarah. When she says this, I realize something. We have came this far, and we are only 9 to 14 years old.

It is dark, and everyone is out hunting. Not just hunting though. Training. I stay behind, because I’m not feeling so good. I mean I am feeling great, but I miss my family.

“Hey.” says Sarah suddenly appearing out of nowhere.

“Hey.” I say looking at the floor.

“I miss my family too you know.” she says.

“How’s hunting going?”

“They didn’t let me come saying I wasn’t a boy, or strong enough.” She said in a soft voice.

“What? Well, did you want to go?” I asked.

“Not really. I mean. You weren’t going, so…”

“And you’re going to let that stop you?” I snap.

“Well. I really would rather hunt with someone who isn’t going to judge me by whether I’m a guy or a girl.”

“Hmm. Alright. I’m going.”

So we went out and had a little fun. We found a few coons, or Racoons for long. We did find a bear though. It was quite fun killing it. That’s when it happened.

“You’re a great guy,”says Sarah.

“What do you mean?” I ask.

“I mean you are the perfect guy.”

“I’m not perfect. No one’s perfect.”

“That’s not what I meant.”

“I know what you mean. And using your logic, you’re the perfect girl.” That’s when a bear shows up. A big one. It comes up to me, and everything goes black.

VI: With you Friends

I wake up in my bed and see Sarah crying.

“What happened to me?” I ask.

“A…a…a…” she says.

“Stop crying, I’m okay. I feel nothing wrong with me.” She sighs and continues.

“A giant bear attacked us, and I killed it before it could even get to you, but you blacked out for some reason.” she explains.

“That’s nothing to cry about.” I say.

“No, but you’ve been out for a week. I fed you some food, somehow you could eat while blacked out.”

“Oh. Well what the status of our Village?” We have built 4 new houses, we have a great supply of crops such as corn, and we have found cows to milk.”

“How many people do we have?” I ask in a sarcastic voice.

“We found 20 new people while you were out. They all told us the same story. Their town captured, and they got away.”

“Why is it that everyone that is between 9 and 14 always come here?” I ask suspiciously.

“I have no idea. Actually, now that I think about it, this is a pretty good place to hide.”

“Okay. I’m getting out of this bed now. I’m going to meet everyone.” And I do. Everyone I meet have one thing in common. They all are good fighters. Looks like Sarah trained them well.

“Hey Robert, give me an update on the house building rate.” I say.

“Well, we will have to make only 1 house per day, since everyone is training so hard. I heard Dexter killed 2 bears in a single swing of a stone sword.” he explains.

“Okay, that is amazing. What about the corn farms?”

“Well, we have about 100 corn cobs planted. We have planted 32 blackberry bushes, 45 raspberry bushes, 130 apple trees, and we have too many animal traps out there, that a bear might fall into one, right after it avoided a different one.” Wow. I hope we aren’t over killing them.

“Tell them to only kill 25% of the animals we capture, and raise 75% of them.” I say.

“Already had that taken care of  King.” When he called me ‘King’, I got  a little bit scared.

“Don’t call me King please. Just call me Stanford. I may be king of this, but not yet. I’m still a prince technically speaking.” I say.

“Okay Stanford.” He says as he runs over to where he heard a bear roar. And he really kills that thing. I’m starting to think maybe we should lay off the bear meat. I mean seriously, we might wipe the bears out. Then again, we would be attacked way too much. In that case, we will build village walls.

“Hey Dexter. Tell them to stop the house building. Tell them to build village walls, and stop killing bears!” I yell.

“You got it boss.” he says cheerfully.

“Hey Jared, where could I get some food?” I ask.

“At the trading center. But for you, everything is free.” He says.

“No I’m good. I rather pay. How much is one meal?”

“One tool per 3 meals.”

“Wow, that’s a great deal.” I say as I walk across the village. And to think I started all this. I went to the trade center, and so many people were there. About 9 people. I went up to the trader, and said, “I would like a day supply of food please.”

“Oh okay. That would be free.” says Mike.

“Oh hey Mike.” I say.

“Hey. So here you are.” He hands me a breakfast of oats, berries, nuts, 3 eggs, and 2 slices of bread with makeshift jam on them.

“Wow. Did you make this? I can’t accept this for free. here is a bow.”

“Wow. You are a generous 13 year old man Stanford.” he says. The meal is really good. In fact, It was so good, I tipped him  with my wooden armor chestplate. He was as happy as an animal that is usually happy all the time.

That’s when I bumped into Sarah. “Hey. How’s a goin.” I say.

“It’s getting harder and harder Stan.”

“What do you mean?”

“Making tools is hard, and I have to make one everyday, or I won’t get a meal.” she says.

“Find chickens, so you can trade their eggs for tools, so you can trade tools for meals.”

“Hmm. Okay. That’s what I am going to do. But could I borrow some of your chickens for the first few days?”

“I have chickens?” I ask in disbelief.
“Yeah. Everyone has to donate one chicken to you once they enter Reliquiae.”

“What? No. Get rid of that rule. How many chickens do I have though?”

“About 20.”

“20? You can have 10 of them to keep.” I say. “I’m going to go publicly announce that the chicken donating rule is now officially discontinued.” I say as I walk over to the spot where most people are. The training fields.

VII: The Rise of Sarah I

“Sir, we haven’t found any traces of the boy at all. He wasn’t even in the 100 mile radius of the place he was sent to.” says 5-25-5.

“Impossible. Well, maybe the boy died.” says the general.

“But, the one we find may betray us has found something.”

“What is it 5-25-5?”

“It seems to be a video of the kid shopping at a Walmart store, buying an extremely large amount of food and water.”

“Hmm. So the boy lives doesn’t he?” says the general. “Bring me the parking lot security tapes.”

“Here sir. It shows the boy hopping into a car, and then suddenly disappearing along with the car.” says 5-25-5.

“Smart boy. The coordinate panels are on the inside of it, so we have no way of knowing where he even went.” says the general. “I don’t know what now, except to take over the world. They couldn’t possibly defeat us anyways.”


I just realized something. There are no laws against young marriage here. In order to save Sarah, I have to make her my wife. She would never go hungry again. So I’m going to ask her tomorrow morning.

I wake up to cold air. It must have rained. Good thing they put stone bricks on all of the roofs. I walk over to the one place I know she would be. The training fields.

“Goodmorning Sarah.” I say cheerfully.

“Goodmorning.” she says.

“Are you hungry?” I ask.

“Yeah. The chickens didn’t lay any eggs today. I have no food.”

“That’s terrible. But I think I know how to solve your problem.”


“Sarah, would you like to be known as Sarah I?” I ask.

“You mean…”

“Yes. If you marry me, you would never go hungry. Not if I can help it.” I say romanticly.

“Yes, I will marry you.”

“Then the wedding will be tomorrow at noon.” I say. This happened so fast. Now that there is an official King and Queen, I am going to do some training myself. But first, I’m gonna buy some food for Sarah. She seems pretty hungry.

I arrive at the shop, and I hear Mike say, “You get half off if you buy for someone else.”

“Hey Mike. Hows the business?”

“Oh, great. I sold 31 day meals. Now to donate the tools to the builders, fighters, and farmers.”

“How are you going to afford any meals for yourself?” I ask.

“Well simple. I eat a meal from my traded goods. For free. It comes with the job.”

“Hmm. Good. By the way, me a Sarah are getting married so…”

“Married?” He interrupted. “Then we will have you as a King. You are a wise man.”

“Well actually, I’m only doing it to save Sarah. She isn’t doing very well here. Her chickens don’t lay any eggs.”

“Hmm. I see. Yet you will still be King. So what could I get ya?”

“2 day meals please.” I say. “One for me, and the other for Sarah.”

“That would be 1 ½  tools. You could get it for free…”

“No thanks. I’ll pay.” I hand him a shovel and a wooden face guard.

“You are such a great man. Where do you get all this?”

“My chickens lay eggs that I sell for tools, that I sell for food.”

“Wow. You never seize to amaze me.” he says proudly.”

“Well the wedding is going to be in my house, yes I know. We need a chapel.” He hands me two meals.

“See ya then.” he says as I walk away.

I head over to Sarah’s place. Why knock. I’m the king right? I walk in and find Sarah sleeping.

“Hey. Sarah. Wake up.”

“Hello Stan.” she says.

“You hungry?” I whisper.

“Ya. Oh thanks for the meal.” She wraps her arm around my neck. “I can’t wait till tomorrow.”

“Me neither.” I say as I look to the ground.

“What’s wrong? You don’t want to be with me?”

“No it’s not that. No no no. I love you, it’s just that. Will this really work out?”

“What do you mean?” she asks.

“I mean. Do you think we really will defeat the Illuminatus?”

“Hey.” she says. “We have come too far, to give up. We have been out here for a long time. maybe about 2 weeks. But we will defeat them.”

“Hey Sarah.”


“Can I tell you something.” I ask.

“You can tell me anything.” she says.

“Well okay. Here it goes. It was my fault the Illuminatus still exists in the first place.”

“What do you mean?” she asks.

“Huh. A few months ago, I found a time machine. I used it to keep my Great uncle untouched by an Illuminatus member. It made my family rich, but it also backfired. Somehow, It caused them to survive up to now.”

“It’s okay. It wasn’t them that killed my family. It was a bear.”

“Yes, but…”

“And if you didn’t get chased by them to here, I would have died out there. But no. You saved me. I’m glad you did that.”

“Well. You do have a good point. Umm. So how is that meal tasting?” I ask.

“It is delicious.” she says.

“Well I’m going to do some training. Umm, see you tonight for the big hunt. This time, we are going to sail to the three lake Islands. I hear t has a lot of different kinds of racoons, and some badgers. They better be careful. Those thing are dangerous. But are you coming?”

“Of course. I need to make sure you don’t black out again.”

“Well, I think it was because I was really hungry, then I got startled to death, then worried about you, and nervous as to what will happen next all at once. I’m not now though.”

“Well okay. Thanks again for the food.”

“Don’t mention it. Or the fact that I kinda…, you know. Caused all this.” I say as I walk over back to the trade center.”

Tis the night of the hunt, and I can’t wait to see what Island I am to go to next. It took people 5 days, but today, I have my stone face guard and stone chestplate. It’s actually pretty light. And let’s not forget about the wooden pants. It’s so amazing how they made it so my legs could bend. “Okay, so everyone. I would like to get this hunt done right. First off, does anyone have a crossbow on them? I traded mine.”

“I do,” says Robert as he hands me it.

“Thanks. For now, you get a bow, and a sword.” I say handing him them. “I would like to make an announcement to you all before we go. If you haven’t already heard about it, I am having a wedding tomorrow with Sarah. I invite all of you.”

“Wow. I knew it would be you two.” says Dexter.

“Okay thanks. Now 5 people per raft. At least 20 people per Island. Do I make myself clear?”

“Crystal sir.” says, like, 63 people. Yes our population is growing rapidly. We find like 5 people per 12 hours.

“Thunder est bonne, le tonnerre est impressionnant; mais il ya des éclairs qui fait le travail.” says the unnamed French speaker.

“Well said. You seem to be quoting Mark Twain.” I say in surprise. The guy really knows what to say at what time. “And the hunt begins now.”

To be continued…

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Home Movie Review

Home Movie Review

By: Amber J., staff writer




“Home” is a Fun movie to watch with anyone. It stars Rihanna (Tip), Jim Parstons (Oh), Jennifer Lopez (Lucy), and Steve Martin (Captain Smek). In this family movie an alien race called the Boov invade planet Earth. However, a teenage girl named Tip manages to avoid being captured and goes on the run to save to planet. When the Boov invaded the planet Tip was separated from her mother and it triggered a fueling hatred for the Boov.  While in the convenience store Oh and Tip come across each other. When Tips car refuses to start Oh helps out and transformed it into a hovering spacecraft, run on SLUSHIES. Finally when Oh decides to help Tip find her mother, they eventually locate her in Australia, where she is also looking for Tip. This movie is a very original, fun, and it’s an adventure movie for everyone.

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Neverending Love

Neverending Love    

By: Asia A., Staff Writer


When I first met you,

All we would do is argue.

I stole your stuff, you stole mine,

But now I’m on cloud nine.


Now I can only think of you,

I know I’ll love you through and through.

You make me want to live in the moment forever and a day,

I know we’ll never stray.


Father doesn’t like the idea,

He says, “Hes not a strong character,

he can be easily influenced for good (being a little snide),

but also for bad.”  (Frank 220)

I know he’s just misunderstood,

But aren’t we all a little broken on the inside?


We walk on paths,

Filled with joy and excitement,

Entwined with abasement.

Brimming with lustrous hues,

Knowing I’ll always be in love with you.


The story of us is like a rollercoaster of emotions,

Resplendent, formidable feelings like the waves of many oceans.

But continues forever on like the universe.



I never wanted to leave you,

for I loved you and you loved me.

But fate has it ways,

and I never ever saw your sweet face.


Separated, forsaken, alone,

when will I be found?

“I am surrounded by too great a void,”

One that I cannot avoid. (Frank 55)


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Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge Phone Review

Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge Review                                                                                            By: Cameron J., staff writer


Welcome everybody with these brand new phone called the Samsung Galaxy S6 and the S6 Edge. The Galaxy S6 edge weighs 132 grams while the S6 weight 138 grams. With the S6 edge you get a 2600 mAh Fast Charging battery and the S6 will give you a 2550 mAh Fast Charging battery, both giving a lot of juice for the money. Plus, both phones have a Ultra power saving mode, which if you have a phone that’s on 10% battery life you can still get calls and texts for up to 24 hours. Also, with both phones you get a 5.1-inch Quad HD Super AMOLED display. Each phone comes with a ultra-responsive 16MP rear-facing camera with built-in Optical Image Stabilization.  You also get a 5MP front-facing camera and a wide-angle lens for those selfies that everybody likes.


But what everyone wants to know is “How much are they going to cost?” Well, the S6 will cost you around $680-$700 it just depends on how many GB you get. You can either get a 32Gb, 64GB, 128GB. For the S6 Edge it will cost you around $760-$820.



Like I said it just depends on how many GB you get, and there is still the same amount of GB you can choose with both phones. Overall, I give the Galaxy S6 a score of 10, a perfect score. For the Galaxy S6 Edge it gets a 9. I gave the S6 Edge a 9 because the price on the phone was too high, pretty much $200 more than the S6. The only real difference is the edges on the side of the phone. Also apps, websites, and video weren’t made properly for the Edge. They do need some updating. So the S6 get a 10 and the S6 Edge gets a 9, but I would recommend you to get either phone.

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Games Review: Brave Frontier vs. Puzzle and Dragons

Brave Frontier vs. Puzzle and Dragons

By: Jordan N. and Bryan L., staff writers
brave frontier

Spark! The game Brave Frontier is a fun RPG game where you fight monsters with the ones that you get from summons against real people in the arena and the computer in quest and vortex. From a rare summon which requires gems can get you a 3 star to a 5 star. 3 star being the highest chance of getting and 4 and 5 star a somewhat lower chance of getting. An honor summon uses honor points which you get as a gift or when you fight with a friend. An honor summon mostly gives status increase for monsters or exp boosts to rise to a higher level .

In the home screen there is a quest, vortex, town,imperial capital, arena, and raid battle. In quest, you do a story and complete missions in different places. In vortex, you get evolution materials, gold, karma, and rare materials for medicine. In imperial capital, you get keys, spheres, medicine, and you get to get rare units. In town, you get medicine, music, spheres, and material. In the arena, you battle other people worldwide and see who is better. Lastly, raid battle is a battle when you reach level 100.

puzzle dragonsPuzzles and Dragons is an RPG game as well with a twist of instead of tapping like Brave Frontier you have to move around orbs for a specific element monster to attack.(You must have at least 3 orbs(up and down or side to side) to have an attack for the specific element. The monsters don’t have health one by one, but it is all combined for your health. The health orbs are are able to be combined so your health increases. They have a special move that is based on the amount of turns for it to be used.

In Puzzles and Dragons you can can only do dungeons and special dungeons. the special dungeons is like the vortex in Brave Frontier. In this game it is very hard to rank up due to the overload of exp you need and you only get little amounts of exp after the one level of the dungeon. That is the only thing you can play in Puzzles and Dragons. The thing that they have in common is that if you clear a dungeon you get a gem, you can multi summon the non rare summons, and when you level up you get an increase of monster capacity.

In my opinion, I think more people play Brave Frontier because of the activities you can play unlike Puzzles and Dragons only having dungeons. Out of my thoughts here, more people play Brave Frontier at this school than Puzzles and Dragons.

An 8th grader said, “Brave Frontier is a fun rpg game.”

This 8th grade gamer also said, “The Japanese version of Puzzles and Dragons is better than the American one and Brave Frontier copied Puzzles and Dragons”

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8th Grade Survival Guide

8th Grade Survival Guide

By: Amber J. and Cameron J., staff writers

Cameron and Jordan

This is a top 5 things that you need to know if  you’re going to a  new grade level.

#1-DO NOT USE YOUR PHONE IN CLASS.Well, people do this anyways.I can tell you that if you do you’re going to get caught at some point.So just dont do it.

#2-PAY ATTENTION IN CLASS.You should be doing that anyways but if you dont you going to miss important stuff in class.Like knowing when your project is due..

#3-TURN YOUR WORK IN ON TIME.Also don’t do it at the last minute.Just do as much as you can when you have the supplies to do it.If you don’t turn in your homework your grade will go down. So when you’re at home on Tumblr or Instagram don’t think, “Oh I can just do it in the morning or before class “, because your not, trust me, been there, done that way too many times.

#4- TRY AND MAKE NEW FRIENDS.Yeah you and your friends have been together for who knows how long but try and be social and befriend some new people. Be nice don’t be mean or rude. Even though some people are incredibly mean or rude just block them out.

#5- TRY AND AVOID DRAMA. Even though this is unavoidable try and avoid it as much as possible. It hurts friendships, and people.  Now lift up your chin and dont be so scared of being in 8th grade, it might be the most fun you have in school.

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Anti-Joke Paradise

Anti-Joke Paradise

By. James S. & Haskell M., staff writers

What is green and has wheels? Grass. I lied about the wheels.

What do you call a dog without legs? You don’t. He won’t come anyways.

Why was 6 afraid of 7? Because 7 said,¨Where do you live?¨

Could a man eat lava? Yes. Once.

What is red and bad for your teeth? A brick.

Why did the little boy drop his ice cream? He saw his house burn down.

What does Martin Garrix always forget on fishing trips? His lines.

What’s black, and white, and red all over? A dead cow.

Do you want to hear a joke? Well too bad. This is an anti-joke article.

A man goes 140 mph in the middle of the night, and says, “What am I doing in this joke?”

What happened to the mirror when an ugly man looked into it? Nothing, because you    would have thought it would have shattered, but mirrors are incapable of shattering because of ugly people.

I wanted to burn some calories today so I lit Mc. Donalds on fire.

What do you call a hundred lawyers at the bottom of an ocean? A horrible boating accident.

I got 99 problems and I’m going to see a therapist about them.

Friends are a lot like snow. When you pee on them they disappear.

What do you call a fish with no eyes? A fsh.

What do you call cheese that isn’t yours? Stolen. You’re under arrest.

An atomic bomb walks into a gasoline station. I think you know what happened next.

A Samurai walks into a bar, and says, “オウ。それを傷つける。” Look it up.

What’s deadly, and can kill everyone if they eat it? Playdough.

What’s big, blue, and eats rocks? Nothing, there is no such thing.

I like to go and throw rocks at birds. The birds always crack up after they leave.

Why did the chicken commit suicide? To get to the other side.

Women are like sharks. They come into your life unexpectedly, and when they leave, they take a piece of you with them.

What happened to the man that got poisoned? He was cured. Not all anti-jokes are dark.

I can remember the last words my Uncle Sam said before he kicked the can. He said, “I  wonder how far I can kick this can.”





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Apple Watch Sport V.S. Samsung Gear 2

Boxing Match of the Decade: Apple Watch Sport  V.S. Samsung Gear 2


By:Cameron J., staff writer

Jones watch

Apple Watch



JonesSamsung Watch

Gear 2 Samsung Watch






Welcome everybody to today’s match. In the right corner we have the Gear 2 Watch by Samsung. In the left corner we have the Apple Watch. Round 1. The Gear 2 has a 1.63-inch Super Amoled display while the Apple watch has a 38mm case or a 48mm case so the Apple watch will win this round. 0-1. The Gear 2 has a 2-3 day life time fully charge. What’s sad is that the Apple watch can only last 18 hours on a single charge. Now the score is 1-1. Network speed is very important to some of us so the Gear 2 has a data speed of 1.0GHz and the Apple Watch has a 2.4GHz data speed. So the Apple Watch wins this time, 1-2.

Both devices are waterproof and have a heart sensor so they will both get 2 points, 3-4. At this point both of the watches have the same feature. But the Gear 2 has two features that the Apple Watch can’t compete with. The Gear 2 has a front camera on it, so you can take all the selfies you need; and it has a feature that works with your T.V. and therefore lets you change the channel, turns the T.V. off, change the volume, and it also has a mute button. So it will get 2 points. Now the final score is 5-4. So the Samsung Galaxy Gear 2 is the winner of this brawl!


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Insurgent Movie Review

Insurgent Review

By Alyssa M., staff writer










The long awaited part two of the thrilling Divergent series has finally arrived! Insurgent just came out a few weeks ago. On the first movie we left off on Tris (played by Shailene Woodley) leaving her abnegation with Four, also known as Tobias (played by Theo James).


Tris and Four are on the run they are being hunted down by Jeanine the power hungry leader of the Erudite. As we found out in the previous movie Tris is divergent, which makes her a target for Jeanine. Tris and four are on the search for allies. They must find out what Tris’ family knows in order to find out why they are such a major target for the Erudite. Tris and Four are on the search for answers. They’re on the hunt for answers about the past. The movie first starts off with tris and her group of friends trying to find a place to hide.


The movie starts off with Tris doing something that shocked most people, which was cutting her hair. The reason why Tris cut her hair was because she wanted to be bold and daring, which may also be considered as Dauntless. As her group of friends hide out they get a few unexpected visits from the Erudites. Through all of these unexpected visits Tris and Four always find a way to escape. They eventually go to factionless-ville. There they meet a few unexpected guest, which will lead to some clues as to how the past was.


This movie was a great action packed thriller. I personally loved this movies I would give it a nine out of ten. Every minute was filled with action and adventure. This was a great second part to the divergent trilogy and I’m definitely looking forward to the third and final part.


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Patriots Day

Patriot’s Day History


By Staff Writers; Haskell M. and Jordan N.


Battle of Lexington and Concord 2nd Photo            Patriots Day takes place on April 19, 1775 this year or is usually celebrated on the Third Monday  in April. What is Patriots Day? On April 19, 1775, the first battles were fought in the city of Lexington, near Boston, Massachusetts. Due to this, Patriots Day is symbolic for the independence of a new country.  Also, Paul Revere is remembered in this holiday for warning the Colonial Militia, that the British were coming. Revere was an American silversmith, engraver, and a patriot in the American Revolution.  To commemorate Patriots Day, the Boston Red Sox are scheduled to play on Patriots Day, every year.  In Massachusetts, Patriots Day is a holiday for lots of schools, business, and churches. Patriots Day is a big holiday for the people that live in Massachusetts, and there are lots of reenactments of the battles, going on today. On April 20, 2015 there was a big reenactment of the Battles of Lexington and Concord. The event took place at the Lexington and Concord at the Minute Man National Historical Park. Thousand of people got together to see this reenactment, and it was a very fascinating moment. We all still honor those men who died in battle today.

Battle of Lexington and ConcordPatriot’s Day will always be remembered.





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First Annual Air Race

First Annual Air Race

By: Dustyn C. and Joy M.; Staff Writers


If weren’t you at the Air Race, you missed out on something great! The Air Race was a competition all about your skills as a paper plane flyer set on Friday, April 17. The Air Race took place in the cafeteria at lunch. Plenty of students entered and participated in the Air Race with their own homemade paper airplanes, enthusiastic for the event.

DSCN1242How the Air Race works is that there are 30 teams striving to be the first, but only one team can make it! Each team has two chances to fly a plane and remain in the game, but the lowest scoring team is disqualified. This process of elimination will continue until there are 10 teams left, in which those teams will fly a plane again. The last team standing out of the rest of the 10 is the winner. The winning team would receive a special lunch in the cafeteria with paper DSCN4427plane video games to play while they eat!

Thriving with pure energy and excitement, each team eagerly prepared their planes to the utmost quality. Folding with precision and beyond adequate detail, each plane was made to perfection, but only some made it to the finals. The teams had to stay behind a line that their arms and feet couldn’t pass and if they passed it they would be disqualified out of the race. Several students watched from a distance, witnessing the paper planes flight take place for the first time. Their eyes wide, their voices loud, and their anticipation high until the final round.

DSCN4487Then ten teams were left, each having only one chance to fly again and reign supreme. Each one of the last teams standing were nervous, but determined nonetheless to come out victorious! Each team also wanted that free lunch, but that isn’t important. As each paper plane flew for the last time, the audience stared in awe. The tension was high and feet were stomped in fury, but the choice was made, and the team, “The Rocket Boosters”, came out as the winners of DSCN1229Magruder’s First Annual Air Race!

Once the Air Race concluded, all of the students left the cafeteria to all have a unique opportunity to win something big! A plentiful amount of students walked to one side of the stage area and Mr. Scheck went to the other. If a student would’ve been able to hit Mr. Scheck with a paper plane, then they would a lunch line pass for the rest of the year! Sadly, no one was able to hit him, DSCN4500but all of the students had loads of fun trying.

As a final point, the Air Race was a total success for the first time ever and will most likely happen next year. It was an outstanding experience and if you weren’t there you missed out on an amazing time!

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Spring Concert at the Armstrong Theater

The 2015 Spring Concert

By : Jenny C. and Sunbo A., Staff Writers


This week our Magruder Band surprised the audience with a beautiful burst of music. They recently performed at the Armstrong Theater on April 21, 2015, from 7:00 to 8:30. From the amazing comeback of the Steel Drum Band to the amazing songs chorus has played, the concert was a great hit! Mr. Porush has done it again, and has done a great job as the Magruder music teacher by teaching students all of the songs played at this performance.

DSC_0144          The concert kicked off with the Steel Band, coming out and performing for the first time in 7 years! Boy, was their comeback great. The Steel Band played Sunset, Suzie, and Musical Grape Juice, originally named Musical Wine, but had the song name changed. Next was the Magruder PTSA scholarships, where the PTSA gave 2 seniors each a $750 scholarship, helping them get to their dream college

Afterward, Chorus came out to sing, and they sounded amazing! They started by warmingDSC_0135 up for a moment, and then sang the Solfege Song, This Land is Your Land, Hitori, Come Follow Me, Breaking Free, Vegetables, and Bridge over Troubled Water.

Mr. Porush dedicated The Vegetable Song to Justin Toyosato, a Mustang who was in chorus for a solid three years, and was planning to go to Julliard Music School in New York City, but had recently passed away.

Intermission kicked in after the Chorus’s stellar performance, selling snacks to the hungry crowd.

The last group performing was the Band, and wow, they sure did end the concert with a splash! Band started DSCN4618playing Montego Bay, Trumpet Voluntary, Ming Court Medley, Partner Songs, Let’s Take a Break, the Funky Turtle, Folk Song and Dance, and Westwind Overture!

Overall, the Spring Concert was an ultimate success. All of the different categories in this concert were great. Many of us enjoyed this concert and had a great time listening to the great instruments that were played and the DSCN4219songs that were presented to us.















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Spring Comic

Spring Things

By: Dustyn C.

spring comic

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Gate Activity: Gyroscope

GATE Activity: Gyroscope

By. James S., Staff Writer



Did you experience the gyroscope at the latest GATE activity? Just in case you forgot about the wonderful experience, here is how it all went down (But it’s levels of fun went up by a mile or so).


Did you ever wonder, “What makes my DSC_0692phone respond to rotation?” Or, “Why does my spinning top always stay balanced when I spin it.”

“Then he puzzled, and puzzled, ‘till his puzzler was sore. Then, he thought of something he hadn’t before.” Maybe these objects, aren’t made by a store. Maybe, perhaps, they are a little bit more. Scientists.

DSC_0703Back in ancient times, man created spinning tops. Okay, maybe these artifacts aren’t so great to us, but at the time, these were pretty advanced devices. People wondered how these tops stayed so balanced as they spun around their old fashioned wooden tables.

In modern times, we use gyroscopes in our daily life,(even if we have never noticed). DSCN4286Gyroscopes are in airplanes, smart phones, most telescopes, and even in some cars. I have never gone a single 23 hours, 57 minutes (a day) without using a gyroscope myself. “They are everywhere. EVERWHERE!”


How it all went down: At exactly 3:00:12:59, the first student entered the DSC_0701cafeteria/auditorium. Mrs. Fisher had prepared a presentation and lesson for us. A few minutes later, we were all ready. Our hands folded in our laps, paying attention to every little detail we were told. At least I hope all of us did. If you are reading this, and you were not, you know who you are.

After the extraordinary video, (And by that I don’t mean extra-ordinary, I mean really cool) we all walked over to the tables where the Gyrobots were calling out, “Build me. I want to be mobile again.” We all felt bad for these poor robots, so we did them a favor, by building them. Poor robots. But these were no ordinary robots. They were Gyrobots. With their built-in gyroscopes, they could stay balanced even on a string. What is this witchcraft and, or wizardry? “Your a wizard Harry.” I knew it. We are all wizards (of science). The robots we made were so lovable, it made our hearts glow about a bright a Frodo’s sword after an ork attack. This is just the beginning of a bright and enlightened future for us young ones. “Knowledge is power.” says Jordan Greene.


In Conclusion: We are so lucky to be taught the knowledge we have gained from this Gate activity. One day, these skills will come in handy. But what will we learn next?

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April First

April First Poem

By Lylianna L. and Asia A.; Staff Writers


The day of tricks is upon us.

The day that friends will play pranks on other friends for small laughs

This is the day of tricksters

They hide behind fake identities so they can join the fun

Dear tricksters, how is it that you have fooled so many?

How is it that you can make us relive the same moment forever?

Why must you torment us so?

This day is for tricks. Not for guilt and regret by plaguing us with what we’ve done.

But who will save us all from our own guilt?

We all must realize that the tricksters

are just a figment of our imagination.

They are inside us, eating away our happiness

and replacing it with sadness

We must realize

We are the tricksters

we are doing this to ourselves.

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College Week

College Week

By: Joy M. and Jenny C., Staff writers


Did you like college week? It was incredible! We had a ton of fun! Mrs. Barker and the college and career students prepared college week. It was delightful to see the College Week athletes from California State University Dominguez Hills and from El Camino College.

Monday :

The morning started with the Wildcats fight song,from the University of Arizona. 4th period’s college trivia was to name 3 community classes, such as Long Beach City College, El Camino, and Coastline Community College, to name the three math classes you must take in order to be in college, which are Algebra I, Geometry, and Algebra II, and what degree from a community college would you get after you complete 2 years, which was an Associates or AA degree.

DSC_0580The lunch activity was the all and mighty “Balloon Stomp”, held at the basketball courts. Students would have a balloon on a string tied to their ankles, and they got a certain color. This year, there was yellow, blue, red, and green balloons, and all of the participants would stomp out their rival school’s balloon color. It was quite a game and the students loved it!

Tuesday :

Did you guess right? The morning fight song was from the Gophers, from the University of Minnesota. 4th period’s college trivia was all about the Ivy League. The first question was to name three Ivy League Schools, such as Princeton, Harvard, and Yale. The next question asked was what does Ivy League stand for, which is an athletic conference in the Northern United States, although the now Ivy League also has another definition as prestigious, highly selective schools. The 3rd question for the day was how many Ivy Leagues were there in total, which was 8.

DSCN4125Tuesday’s lunch activity was the “Race to College Relay”, held at the field. Students were in a relay to pass down skittles to each other the fastest, trying to not drop any of the skittles. Students enjoyed the entire game, especially when they got to eat the skittles! There was also a Parent Night that day to know about college, due to the name, “College Knowledge Night”.

Wednesday :

Wednesday’s morning fight song was from the Blue Devils, from Duke University. The 4th period trivia was starring Cal State schools! Question one asked to named 4 Cal State Schools, such as Dominguez Hills, Long Beach, Los Angeles, and San Diego. The 2nd and last question asked for the amount of Cal State school total, which was 24 schools.

DSCN1124“Bobbing for Donuts” was the star event during lunch that day, which was held at the field. Students got to compete and bob for powdered donuts, enjoying not just the donuts, but also all dunn that they obtained.

Thursday :

Thursday kicked off with the students  listening to the Bruins fight song, from UCLA. The 4th period trivia was all about trade schools. Number 1 asked for 3 different trade schools, such as ITT, FIDM, and Devry. Number 2 asked for the students to say what ITT stands for in ITT tech, which is International telephone and Telegraph, not Institute of Technical Technology. Number 3 asked for the amount of years it generally takes to graduate from trade school, which was 2 years.

DSC_0812The lunch activity starred the College Students that day, held at the field and black top. College students and Magruder Students got a chance to play against each other and the middle schoolers got to understand how it felt like to play against actual college students.

Friday :

Friday’s fight song was from the all mighty Trojans from USC. the 4th period questions ending up being all about financial aid! the first question asked for students to name the form you need to complete to qualify for financial aid, which was called FAFSA. The second question was what was the difference between a scholarship/grant and a loan, and if you guessed right, it was that scholarships and grants you would not have to pay back. The last and final question for the year asked for the students to pick if a public college tuition costed more or if it was more costed for a private college, and the correct answer was private college!

DSC_0977The final activity during lunch was again Magruder students and College students playing against each other. As that happened, students signed their names to the banner, promising to attend college!

On Friday, the raffle winners were announced and so was the door winnners. How would you get raffle tickets you ask? If DSC_0014you did any of these things, you had a chance to get a raffle ticket, such as :

  • wearing college gear (college shirts)
  • attending the lunch activities
  • answering a trivia question right

Congrats to all who won the raffle and the teachers who won the door!

We hope you thought college week was as enjoyable as we thought.We hope it made you think of your future and what college you want to go to after high school. The best thing you should do is thank Mrs.Barker and the College and Career students for what making COLLEGE WEEK.

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S.O.M.A Period 5


S.O.M.A Period 5

By: Khanh P. and Hong- Tran D., Staff Writers




On March 27th 2015, Magruder Middle School had a Student of the Month assembly to recognize students for their hard work. Approximately 8:15am, all students and parents arrived at the stage. The S.O.M.A assembly began.



DSC_0055 Here are the 6th graders:

Cheyenne B. for Mr. Vermette, Physical Education

Dmitri B. for Mr. Vermette, Physical Education

Jiro W. for Mrs. Hart, Math

DSC_0054    Marc F. for Mrs. Davanzo, Math

Guillermo G. for Ms. Thompson, Science

Gabriella G. for Mr. Vermette, Physical Education

Jillyan G. for Mr. Vermette, Physical Education

Viviana G. for Mrs. Smith, Social Studies

Jeffrey H. for Mr. Vermette, Physical Education

Maxim L. for Mrs. Jaeger, English Language

Sarah N. for Ms. Smith, Social Studies

Orion O. for Ms. Thompson, Science

Anthony P. for Mr. Vermette, Physical Education

Salaidh P. for Mrs. Jaeger, English Language

Mervey P. for Mrs. Smith, Social Studies

Nicholas R. for Mrs. Jaeger, English Language

Sophia R. for Mrs. Jaeger, English Language

Dunya S. for Mrs. Davanzo, Math

Vy T. for Mr. Vermette, Physical Education

Trevor W. for Ms. Thompson, Science

Kaitlyn W. for Mr. Vermette, Physical Education


DSC_0063Here are the 7th graders:

Grayson A. for Mrs. Peterson, Social Studies

Olasunbo A. for Mrs. Le, Math

William B. for Mrs. Le, Math

Randy D. for Mrs. Ramos, Study Skills

DSC_0067Amanda D. for Mrs. Fraga, Intro to Spanish

Madison G. for Ms. Kim, English Language

Lylianna L. for Mrs. Le, Math

Justin M. for Ms. Kim English Language

Khanh P. for Mrs. Le, Math

Mia Q. for Mrs. Ramos, Study Skills

Jessica S. for Mrs. Fraga, Intro to Spanish

Sebastian S. for Mrs. Aulenta, English Language Arts

Bethany T. for Mrs. Peterson, Social Studies

Jenny T. for Mrs. Fraga, Intro to Spanish


DSC_0075     After the 7th graders, Ms. Borowski announced her entire 5th period to recognize the environmental science class for their hard work in helping in recycling and sorting the objects.

The following people who received this award was Etenesh A, Amanda A, Daelyn A, Britney A, Cameron C, Veronica G, DSC_0089Andrew G, Robert H, Hannah J, Beau M, Anjelize M, Rebecca M, Erika M, Jedi R, Robert S, Diana T, and Victor W.




Last but not least, the 8th graders:

DSC_0097  Rayan B. for Ms. Loftin, Physical Education

Angel C. for Ms. Ingram, English Language Arts

Esther C. for Ms. Ji, Science

Shampa D. for Mr. Burgner, Social DSC_0093Studies

Joel D. for Ms. Loftin, Physical Education

Regan G. for Ms. Kawahara, Algebra

Marisol H. for Ms. Loftin, Physical Education

Maritza H. for Ms. Ingram, English Language Arts

Christian L. for Ms. Loftin, Physical Education

Geoff L. for Ms. Ingram, English Language Arts

Tori O. for Ms. Loftin, Physical Education

Anton P. for Ms. Ingram, English Language Arts

Natalie R. for Ms. Loftin, Physical Education

Vivana S. for Mr. Burgner, Social Studies

Armando V. for Ms. Kawahara, Algebra

Jeremy W. for Ms. Kawahara, Algebra

Carlos Y. for Ms. Ingram, English Language Arts

DSC_0111Now Magruder proudly recognizes the teachers for their hard work and dedication in teaching.


6th grade teacher: Mr. Vermette for his fun P.E. lessons

7th grade teacher: Ms. Kawahara for her hard work in teaching math.

8th grade teacher: Ms. Ji for her fun ways of teaching science


Ms. Borowski, Daelyn A, and Amber M talked about Earth Hour and how you can save electricity by turning out your lights and any sources of electronics. This proves how much power we use every hour.


Congratulations to all students and teachers. Thank you for all your hard work. Magruder appreciates you all. Teachers and students, keep up the good work!

So if you didn’t earn a S.O.M,A award for this month, don’t worry! Maybe you will get it for 6th period next month!







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Need a Laugh?

Puns, Puns Everywhere

By Eric G. and Lylianna L.; Staff writer




What’s brown and sticky? A stick

If you work security at a Samsung store does that make you a guardian of the galaxy?

My friend’s bakery burned down last night. Now his business is toast.

A man walked into a bar, and then said “OW!”

I figured something out! Noses run and feet smell!

If you’re waiting for the waiter, aren’t you the waiter?

I was going to open a mattress store in Las Vegas,  but it’s the city that never sleeps! I guess it’s time to put that idea to bed.

I’m on a seafood diet. I see food, I eat it.

If you give a man a cow, he will eat for a week. If you teach a man to cow, you probably just started a new dance craze called the cow.

Becoming a vegetarian would be a missed steak

Don’t trust atoms. They make up everything.

I wondered why the baseball was getting bigger. Then it hit me.

I used to be a banker, but lost interest.

I quit my job at the donut shop. I hated the hole business.

Whenever Peter Pan punches, they neverland.

I used to have a fear of hurdles, but I got over it.

I relish the fact that you’ve mustard the strength to ketchup to me.

Broken puppets giveaway! no strings attached!

I broke my finger yesterday. but on the other hand, i’m fine.

I tried wearing skinny jeans, but I could never pull it off.

I want a camouflaged shirt, but I can never find one.

Time flies like an arrow. Fruit flies like a banana.

What do you call a cow with no milk? An udder failure.

I break into song a lot, but that’s only because I always lose the key.

I used to work for H&R Block, but it was just too taxing.

When you’ve seen one shopping center you’ve seen a mall.

Velcro – what a rip off!

My first job was working in an orange juice factory, but I got canned because I couldn’t concentrate.

Do you want to go on a picnic? Alpaca lunch.

What’s the definition of a will? It’s a dead giveaway!

A pessimist’s blood type is always B-negative

Mayan Alpaca Lips

When a clock is hungry, it goes back four seconds.

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Biggest Fool Today

Biggest Fool Today

By: Joy M.; staff writer

Matthias April Fools DayMy name is Juliet and I’m 14, I always hated April Fool’s Day because my big brother Peter is the “master of pranks.” Peter is 16 and no matter how hard I try to resist his knowledge of pranking he always makes a fool of me. Today is March 25th; I only have 4 more days to find a good prank for him. What he did to me was unforgivable! I was talking to my friend, Elizabeth about my crush at our school named Trevor and Peter overheard me! Trevor and I are good friends.  We were walking together to 3rd period while Peter was behind us with his friends Thomas, Jeffrey, and Michael.


Suddenly Peter said, “Oh, Juliet how’s Romero doing? You guys in love yet?”  I was utterly embarrassed and I ran to my next class. I played sick and didn’t come to school for two days because of it. That’s a long time for me because I never missed a day of school in my life!

Eventually it was March 27th and I woke up to “Juliet Get Up!” Mom said. Dad was already at work. I feel bad for him because he always goes to work at 3 and comes home at 5, all week! Later, mom shouted, “GET UP JULIET!  School is starting in 10 minutes, you never were late to school. Don’t start now!”

I didn’t make any contact with Peter for two days and to tell you the truth I WON’T! I threw the sheets off me and said to mom, “OK! I‘M UP!” I made my bed and as always mom has my breakfast for me – pancakes and eggs.

When she found out what Peter did, Mom said, “Go Peter, I’m not giving you breakfast! HURRY UP! You’ll be late.”  He argued, but we all know no one can win an argument with mom because she’s a lawyer. I took a shower, got dressed, brushed my teeth, had breakfast and ran off. I went to school but as I walked I couldn’t see Trevor anywhere!

Elizabeth said, “He’s in detention.” I was relieved. I walked over to him as he got out and as I looked at him my heart started racing.

Trevor said, “Hey can we stay… friends?” I nodded my head and said, “Yeah, sure.” As time passed it was 5th period and I went to Peter and said¨ YOU RUINED MY LIFE!

He said he was sorry but I didn’t believe him. He tricked me many times before, so this wasn’t the first time.  When I got home I went on my computer and looked up pranks for April Fool’s Day. When I saw how to use glue for pranking! I was extremely happy and I put glue on Peter’s shoes.  He only had one decent pair of shoes for school and so he had to go to school in his rabbit slip-ons! Since Peter was the cool kid, it was complete embarrassment for him.


I told my brother Happy April Fool’s Day, and he laughed.  I was a bit surprised with his reaction! Dad just got home and Mom was here waiting. We all went on the couch and started to watch our favorite movie together and had hot cocoa and some popcorn. So, I forgave Peter even though he humiliated me, and we considered things even. Now we get along pretty well. I was a fool to embarrass him and I learned my lesson and we will never prank each other ever again, (until next April Fool’s day).

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Model United Nations Field Trip

Model UN Field Trip

By: Carly P. and Hong-Tran D., Staff Writers


Hallo! Ni hao ma! Holla! Annyeong! If this wasn’t your country’s language then Hello! And welcome to the 14th annual year of MUN. This year was the very first for Magruder Middle School. On March 13th through March 15th. A total of 3 people from Magruder Middle School went on this trip. Carly P., Annie C., and Saffron M. The trip started at 12:30 PM, and we arrived at 6:00 PM and checked in from 5:00- 8:00.

The opening session officially started at 8:30. There, we listened to our host Zeke S. doing a country roll call and MUN pledge. After that we were dismissed. We had a short delegation meeting for students to check in with their advisers while they discuss plans for the next 2 days. At 10:00 PM, we prepared for bed at the barracks. By 10:30 PM, it was lights out for us.

DSCN3945On Saturday, March 14th,we were expected to wake up at 7:00 AM and have breakfast at 7:45. They served us whole grain waffles, strawberries, syrup, butter, yogurt, cereal, and juice. At 8:00 AM, a meeting for the representatives was put up. We had a total of four training sessions on teamwork activity, public speaking, and critical thinking in the gym, rooms upstairs, downstairs, and outside on the field. Each training session lasted about 50 minutes. We stopped at training session three to have lunch, which lasted for about 50 minutes. Our training sessions continued on.

By 3:00, we had a cookie break, or snack if you want to call it. Cookie break was in the gym for 20 minutes. Our activities continued on after the cookie break. At 4:45, we were expected to attend a mandatory MUN Q & A meeting until 5:25 PM. By 5:30, dinner was served. Other activities we did were dances and fun games. We had another short meeting at 9:00 PM and prepared for bed at 10:00 and lights were out at 10:30.

Sunday, March 15th. The last day of the trip. As usual, we woke up at 7:00 AM and participated in a morning activity in the gym. Breakfast was served at 7:45 and at 10:30, we had a closing session for about an hour. At 11:15, we had a camp clean-up and checked out of the place. We went on the bus by 12:30 PM and drove home safely.
Overall this was a really nice experience that Model UN made possible for us. Thank you to the YMCA organization for providing our camp barracks and putting up fun activities during this exciting trip.

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Eighth Graders Needed to Choose Journalism as an Elective

North Side Journalism Takes Off

BY: Sunbo A. and Alyssa M., Staff Writers

north high

This week the Magruder Journalism Class had an incredible opportunity to meet with North High School’s Journalism Staff. Ms. Shankle, the Journalism teacher and her students from North came to our school to speak and to educate us about different things we needed to know and be prepared for concerning journalism.  We learned lots of new things about the techniques we need to know in order for us to be successful writers for the near future.

One thing that Journalism teacher Ms. Shankle really explained to us was how they create their newspaper and how they edit. They publish their stories on paper and online. Basically their newspaper is written and designed by the journalism team, but before their paper even gets sent out it is edited by their teacher and given scoring. The story goes through the editing process at least three to four times.

One really important message they wanted to say was the need of more students in the journalism class. They currently only have five students in their class. These five students are responsible for writing all the stories about all of the events that occur at North High. It’s a big job for a small amount of students. They also share a classroom with the creative writing class. The majority of their staff are seniors. They need freshman to learn the ways of the newspaper, so they are able to train new students who are interested in joining the newspaper.  Eighth grade students should sign up next week and ask for journalism as an elective!

They also informed us about their online stories and the work that they do. They have lots of online networks like; Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Tumblr, and Good Reads. They informed about each of their online accounts and how they worked. They use these accounts to advertise their newspaper and the stories they post online. Check it out online and “like” some stories! This will really help with their exposure.

Students who want a career in the journalism field should get experience in high school in order to gain admission into a journalism program.  Careers include broadcast journalism, photo journalism, advertising, marketing, graphic design, as well as writing.

Overall, it was a great experience to have the North High students come and inform us about what Journalism is like in high school. Being in a Journalism class allows for you to gain skills that you will use in everyday life. Thanks to Ms. Shankle and her team for taking time out to come and educate us on what journalism is like in high school. Hopefully, some of our current staff members will join the North High Journalism class in the future.


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Sunshine the Cat

Sunshine the Cat

By: Asia A., staff writer

catI’ve grown up with cats my whole life and learned a lot about them. Some cats have survived car wrecks, some born without limbs, and some that are just pure lucky. I’ve learned that every cat is different, and they all have their quirks and flaws, but one cat I’ve had has changed my life forever.


My first cat was named Sunshine. She was named Sunshine because she would light up my world no matter what problems I encountered. Sunshines fur was a blanket of warmth when she would sit on my lap. She was a beautiful shade of orange with white patches of fur, paired with a beautiful set of forest green eyes that were full of life. Sunshine was adopted by my mother from the Maui Humane Society when she was a baby kitten. I would always chase Sunshine around the yard until she found a safe spot to hide to avoid my dirt smothered hands. When I would finally give up the chase and go play somewhere else, she would come out of hiding and find a lap to sleep on for the rest of the day.


Our neighbor, James, always disliked cats and would sneer when he saw them, especially when he saw Sunshine. He despised cats so much, he set out a cat trap just for a certain little kitty. I was walking outside calling for Sunshine, but no orange tabby came racing out. Usually when I called her, she would come running as fast as a cheetah, but not today. After a few minutes of frantic searching, I heard Sunshine cry out for help, and it sounded very near. I looked around and finally found her stuck in a cat cage with blood oozing out of her ear. I got her out and gently cleaned her wound. Luckily it was only a slight graze. My mother and I didn’t know for sure if it was James, but we had our suspicions. A few weeks later after the incident, I heard a loud metal crash outside, followed by an even louder yowl. My mother and I ran out quickly to find Sunshine crying in pain and her hind leg twisted in a awkward position. We quickly took her to the vet to find out that her bone was broken, and needed to wear a cast for a few months. Unfortunately that wouldn’t be all the problems Sunshine would encounter in her short lifetime.


Sunshine quickly healed and went on with her life, and we were like two peas in a pod. She would always jump on my lap and insist to be petted, and would annoy me until I did. She was so friendly and didn’t refuse any attention. If you had a bad day, she was there to cheer you up. She was a constant presence, and never tried to hurt you. Sunshine was the most caring cat in the neighborhood, and I for sure knew that she would always be until the day she took her last breath.

The last day for Sunshine came sooner than expected. My mom was having a party with her friends and I was inside watching TV, when I heard everybody scream. I ran outside unsure of what I would find, and I saw a huge pit bull in our front yard carrying Sunshine away by her neck. I didn’t understand what was happening at that time, and I was soon told that the dog had killed Sunshine. I tried not to cry, but soon, there were great drops falling from my eyes; the heavy rainclouds in my mind let loose their turbulent nature. I held the one picture I had of her and cried myself to sleep that night. Later in life, my mother later told me that Sunshine was sitting in the front yard when the dog came out of the dark and bit Sunshine by the neck and instantly killed him, and what I saw was the dog carrying my best friend away. It seems weird to say that my cat was my best friend, but it was true. She was so loyal and kind, she never wanted to hurt a soul, and now she was gone forever.


Two years later after the incident, when I was 7 years old, I adopted another cat. I went to the humane society and pet every cat there. They all formed a line behind me like a mini marching band, and when I turned around, the first cat I saw was a little orange and white tabby with beautiful green eyes that looked just like Sunshine. That little tabby kept following me around, and I decided to adopt him. I named him Sunshine, because he reminded me of the first Sunshine in almost every way. He was as regal as a lion, always pretending he was the king in our house. He was 2 years old, and a cute little thing. I loved him so much, and couldn’t wait to bring him home. I still have him, and now he’s a 16 pound ball of fur, who loves to sleep and eat. I love him so dearly, and he is my best friend, but I will never forget the first Sunshine, whose personality shined all throughout her.


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Spring Fashion 2015

Spring Fashion

By: Alyssa M. & Sunbo A., Staff Writers

Spring is almost upon us! March 20th is when spring officially starts. So to get into the happy cheerful mood were going to show you a few outfit ideas. Most of the fashion trends this year for spring are floral and other great trends. Most of the outfits people are wearing this spring are skirts, dresses,tank tops, overalls, shorts, and much more.


At Aeropostale there is a new Bethany Mota Collection, that is absolutely beautiful for this spring, especially when it is hot. It includes lots of cute outfits and dresses to wear. This collection also incorporates a lot of bohemian print. It  includes tank tops and other shirts that are perfect for spring. For example a nice outfit if you bought it from Bethany Mota’s Collection would be a nice floral skirt, with a sheer be cool tie back crop top.One other outfit would be a nice loose fitted , spaghetti strap dress.These dresses usually consists of different patterns and designs. If you are not really a girly girl tanktops, and overalls might be a great outfit for you. Light-wash overalls with a striped crop top.


These four ideas would be great for this spring and are really easy to find online or at any local Aeropostale store. For shoes you could always got to any local store , just make sure they match with your dress or which ever outfit you choose.There are still tons of great outfits that you can check out on the Aeropostale website. To find these specific outfits you might want to shop online, but they usually have it at the stores as well.


Another store you may want to consider is Hollister. One outfit example is high waisted shorts, off the shoulder tee shirt, and top it off with a floral kimono.

If you’re not that girly there are other options for you. If you like the skater style some stores you may want to shop at are Vans, Zumiez, or Tilly’s. At Vans, one outfit idea is a pair of shorts, but if you wear a crop top you may want to go with high waist-ed shorts. For your top you can wear a simple vans muscle tank that has the Van’s logo. You can top it off with a pair of classic black vans.



Hopefully, these suggestions were helpful to you. A few different stores where you can get a few of these outfit ideas are Urban Outfitters, Abercrombie, Hollister, Aeropostale, and Vans.

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Onizuka Space Science Day 2015

Onizuka Space Science Day 2015

                                    By: Bryan L., staff writer

“Your vision is not limited by what your eye can see, but by what your mind can imagine.” This quote is from Ellison Onizuka, one of seven crew members who died 29 years ago in the Space Shuttle Challenger accident.  Honda sponsored a Space Science Day for kids in his honor.

Did you go to the Space Science Day at El Camino College on March 7, 2015? Well if you didn’t, you missed out a big event for almost every age. It was a “once a year” chance, and it was free!  Only 900 kids were able to attend since it comes with free lunch, activities, and you would need an RSVP from online.  This annual event honored Onizuka’s memory and his dream of inspiring young people to strive to achieve their goals.

The first thing we did was enter the auditorium and meet Koichi Wakata, the guest astronaut from the National Space Center. He described to us what his crew did in space. They were mainly building inside the space center. He talked about this robotic arm they had to catch food and to handle materials for them to survive. The way they slept was pretty cool because each crew member slept in a sleeping bag that was floating. Wakata said, “It was actually very comfortable.”  They had to eat space food, but to make it edible they added water, which was made by their recycled urine. He showed us a video of him inside the spacecraft with other crew members. They demonstrated non-gravity for us by putting zantac in water and it was floating in space.

We then went to our first activity which for me was ROV. This activity was to make a remote controlled vehicle and control it in the El Camino Pool. Our creation was a success. Our team pretty much had the best ROV. Since our activity was a extra long session we got a little bored and went to lunch. The lunch was much better than the S.T.E.M. program because the food was In-N-Out, which is better than a sandwich, and it also came with a drink.

After lunch, they dropped the contestant’s egg-drop projects. Seven of the projects were not broken, but one thing for sure is that three kids from Magruder had theirs dropped, and it didn’t crack.  Those people were Bryan R., Daylon C.,and Bailey R. Daylon C. said,”It was fun.”

This annual event is held for students who love science, and next year is the 30th anniversary of the Challenger accident, so it will be a big event.  If you want to learn more about careers in science and would like to attend, look for the flyers next March.

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Cesar Chavez Day

Cesar Chavez Day

by: Eric Gasparro; staff writer


Cesar Chavez Day, on March 31 is a national holiday, but we presently do not recognize this holiday. There are schools just a mile away celebrating. This man worked for civil rights and labor rights. We are not recognizing this man who is a hero. He did so much for Mexican-Americans and in the end, all farm workers.  We should respect him for one day. People usually celebrate by going to a parade that recognizes his work or by doing some kind of volunteer service for one day.

Cesar Estrada Chavez was a great man.  According to the presidential proclamation, Cesar Chavez was “Raised into the life of a migrant farm worker” and he was “denied the most basic protections, including minimum wages, health care, and access to drinking water. Cesar Chavez devoted his life to correcting these injustices, to reminding us that every job has dignity, every life has value, and everyone — no matter who you are, what you look like, or where you come from — should have the chance to get ahead.”   He got to work and “…a grape boycott eventually drew 17 million supporters nationwide, forcing growers to accept some of the first farm worker contracts in history.“


His work ethic lives on. “As we push to fix a broken immigration system, protect the right to unionize, advance social justice for young men of color, and build ladders of opportunity for every American to climb, we recall his resilience through setbacks, his refusal to scale back his dreams.”  It is a good idea to celebrate this man’s life and accomplishments because the laws he inspired for farm labor unions has helped many Americans, and more work needs to be done to help the people who harvest our food.

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Pokemon Shuffle Review

Pokemon Shuffle Review

by Dustyn Casas; staff writer

Casas Game Review2 (9)

Have you ever wanted a freemium Pokemon game to play on your 3DS? No? Well, you are getting it anyway! Pokemon Shuffle is exactly what you think it is, which is Candy Crush with elements of Pokemon. Plenty of Pokemon fans and Nintendo fans in general were outraged because of the creation of such a game. However, I was not one of those people who complained to others about Pokemon Shuffle. In fact, quite a few people were open to the idea of a Pokemon game with in-game purchases. Now that the game has been out for a few weeks, we have to ask the question: is Pokemon Shuffle the nightmares we had or the dreams that came true?

Casas Game Review  If you have been living under a rock for the past years and never touched an iOS or Android device, the onslaught of freemium puzzle games probably mysteriously passed by you. Basically, you match three icons of something to achieve a certain goal, like getting a certain amount of points, to beat a level. However, you have energy or lives that you lose every time you begin a level, whether you win or not, which is where the ¨mium¨ in freemium comes in. You could buy lives for a dollar or two to continue playing or simply wait, but who can be patient and do something else with their life if you have green to spend?!

Pokemon Shuffle works in a horrifically similar way as any other freemium puzzle game. You match three Pokemon to defeat a Pokemon. Simple. However, you can also capture Pokemon and use them when you start a level. You can even level up Pokemon and Mega Evolve them in battle using stones that you receive from time to time, which allows for more powerful hits and combos. You can even check in later in the game when you can play special, limited-time stages to catch rare Pokemon, like Mew, or check out the expert stages to catch strong Pokemon like Lucario. There’s plenty of aspects of Pokemon Shuffle to distinguish itself from other puzzle apps!

Of course, you have five hearts to start out with that refills every thirty minutes (which technically means that you have five hearts again after two hours and thirty minutes). You can buy hearts and coins using jewels, which you can buy using MONEY, which is probably the game’s biggest drawback. The game is so much fun, especially when you evolve your Pokemon, but I dont want to spend any money. The use of in-game purchases is lazy, ruining the fun you’ve come to have with the past five hearts!

Pokemon Shuffle is truly a trail mix. You have the sweet stuff, like candy and yogurt chips, but as soon as you finish those delights, you’re stuck with raisins and nuts. People have different opinions over raisins and nuts, but I happen to be one who likes the raisins and nuts, and the same goes for this game. Pokemon Shuffle might include the laziest uses of in-game purchases in gaming history, but that doesn’t stop the game from being the perfect match.


Final Score: 7.5/10



Good use to Pokemon mechanics

Expert and special stages

Fun factor up to eleven while it lasts



In-game purchases

Heart meter

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Phones at Recess?

Phones at Recess?

By: Eric G. and Haskell M., Staff Writers

cell phones

Should we have phones at lunchtime? Well, let’s see what the students of Magruder Middle School have to say.




DSCN1021–  “No, because they could possibly be looking up inappropriate things.” – Owen N. 6th Grader





DSCN1023– “No, because they could be cyberbullying.” – Joseph D. 6th Grader






DSCN1024– “No, because it would most likely make it harder to focus in class [after snack or lunch].” – Jordan B. 6th Grader




DSCN1026– “Yes, because it’s better entertainment for everyone.” – Dylan C. 7th Grader





DSCN1028– “Yes, because you can take pictures with your friends, and access to ReplayIt. You can also check your grades.” – Deven S. 6th Grader




DSCN1030– “Yes, because there may be important things we need to do on our phones, like call someone.” – A student who prefers to be quoted as anonymous 6th Grader






– “Yes, because we need to call our parents sometimes.” – Tony Z. 8th Grader







– “No, because people will use it to go on Instagram and Facebook. Only if its used for schoolwork.” – Cameron J. 8th Grader



DSC01465– “Yes, because every lunch recess gets boring. I’d like to listen to music, take photos, and go on Instagram.” – Amber J. 8th Grader




All of these students bring up a valid argument, and we respect each of these students quotes. Some of the students believe that there should be phone at lunch recess, for more entertainment, and so they could have a better time. Others believe there shouldn’t be phones, due to the fact that students could look up inappropriate things, and so on.  At the high schools, students can use their phones at snack and lunch, but it is the opinion of the journalism staff that due to the age group and it being during school time, it is the wisest decision to keep our current policy of no phones at recess.








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The Battle Cats Review

The Battle Cats Review

By:Bryan L., and Tony Z., staff writers

Zepeda cat game

Do you like cats? Then, you should get a game called The Battle Cats for ios, android.  The Battle Cats is a free game made by PONOS. About cats that rampage the world. There are over 30 different cats but you can only hold 10 different cats either being the basic cats, rare cats, super rare cats, uber rare cats, and special cats.

For the gameplay, you tap on a cat to deploy them in battle. The cat then goes on the other side of the map to go attack the other base and destroy it, Once you destroy a base you will get XP. XP is used in this game to upgrade things, like for instance, cats or your base upgrades. In this game, once you upgrade a cat to level 10, it evolves into another cat with a better ability/attack in battle.  Like for example, if you upgrade Bird cat to level 10 then it will turn into U.F.O Cat which shoot lasers at the enemy instead of body slamming it.

In this game, there is a lot of variety in the cats. But, it can get a little weird sometimes. Like for instance Kotatsu cat evolves into T.V. Cat. This game can have some really weird cats.That is why it said,”The more cats you upgrade,the weirder it looks.” As you play the game, you will unlock more and more cats, but you can get all the basic cats which don’t cost cat food to unlock like the special cats.

Cat capsules are an important part of the game because this is how you get rare, super rare, and uber rare cats. You can also get basic cats and base upgrades which upgrade your cats on base upgrades by one for free. It will cost a silver ticket for basic upgrades and gold tickets will give you rare,super rare, and uber rare cats. It will also cost 150 cat food for one and 1500 for 10 of them.

The Battle Cats is a really fun game, although it can sometimes be really weird. I would rate this game a 9.5/10. This game didn’t get a 10 because it doesn’t have any multiplayer, but it still is a really good game and I suggest that you get it on ios and android. By the way, the game is free.

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The Lucky Poptart Catch

The Lucky Poptart Catch

By: Jordan N. & James S., staff writers


One windy day, there was three kids named Paul, Mary, and Randy. They were walking home from school. Paul was wearing green pants, Mary had a green skirt, and Randy had a green hat. As you can imagine, it was Saint Patrick’s Day.

“It says here in this book that there are Lucky Poptarts that gives you any kind of wish,” Mary said, who usually always had a book in her hands.

“Please, it’s just a myth. You don’t actually believe in that, do you?” Paul said.

“I have to agree with Paul, but it would be great. I mean, if I had a wish, I would wish for a pet dog,” Randy said.

“I would want to end world hunger,” said Mary. “Well, whatever you two want, it ain’t happening.” It seemed as if it had been just another ordinary day. All of a sudden the wind pulled rapidly. As if it was sucking all three of them into something. A vortex opened up. The three kids were sucked inside. Everything stopped, and the vortex closed.


I wake up to the color green. I see Mary and Paul still asleep on top of a patch of grass. Everywhere there was green. Cars were driving on the wrong side of the road. “What’s up with this?” I say. It seems as if I am in Ireland. Strange. This is scientifically impossible. I walk up examining everything around me. I look across seeing a green house, of course. It was very old-like. There were cobwebs on every corner of edges. “As I said, impossible. I am dreaming.” I don’t know why but I knock on the door. If I was going to have to be here for a long time, then at least I would get some answers about this place. No one answers, so I decided to walk in. Why not? This is a dream right? At least I hope it is. Anyways, as I walk in I see creepy pictures of a green elf. On a table, I see a nice little plate of salad, freshly made. I hear footsteps, so I hide.

A leprechaun shows up. Not those fake ones that are small and imaginary. A human-sized Irish-man talking to himself about, (What he calls) ‘Me pot-o-gold’. Yep. I’m dreamin’. This isn’t the first time I’ve dreamed about this kind of stuff. When I was about 5, I dreamed I had no smile. It was a long dream, because it started from when I was born, to my death. I lived a terrible life. Luckily most things in that dream didn’t happen. If it did, I wouldn’t be healthy right now.

“I.” says the leprechaun. “I smell,… Boy. Come out, come out, wherever ye is.” I make no noise. Absolutely silent. I reach into my,(what Mary calls) man-purse and bust out the dog whistle. “Ow-er-ah. Whoever is doing this-ah. I tink I goin-ah, er-um-ah lay down fer a bit.” He walks back from where he came from. Whoever does he think he is? A man in a costume, if this is real. Maybe this is real. Technically, this all is possible now that I think of it. Black holes could be created on earth, but then why would it send us to Ireland out of all places. I could have sent us to deep space. What year is it? Black holes can send a person anywhere in the universe, and any time in the universe. How did I not become noodle-ized from the gravitational pull? So many questions I have.


I wake up in patches of green grass. Paul was gone and Randy was asleep. I still had the book in my hands. Where did Paul go? Hopefully not looking for trouble. He always is. This isn’t a very bad place to land. It’s much better than the ocean. “Randy, wake up.” I say.

“Meh…” says Randy.

“Randy.” I say. “Hey, maybe something in this book will tell me where this place is.” I skimmed through the book. Ah Ha! Here we go. Legends say that there is a mythical place called Ireland. Within the greens, there are Lucky Poptarts that grant you any kind of wish you desire. There are three of them, so you must hurry. Long ago a leprechaun had made these incredible wonders. The leprechaun thought that it would be an incredible hunt to find these things. Once you find it, it’s yours. My eyes popped out. So it is true. Randy. Hope you are enjoying your sleep. That’s is about the time I start searching.


 I wake up to see Mary, and Paul are gone. “Where did they go?” I ask myself. What if I am the only one here? So many questions, and I have an answer for nothing. “Guys, are you around here?” I ask. What am I saying? Of course they‘re ‘round here, but where? I decide to look around. “ ‘Ello ‘ello ‘ello. Who’s-er ready for-eh-smack on the face?” says some figment of my imagination. Why does my imagination torture me so? Instead of looking around, I decide to stay where I am so someone will find me. I saw it in a movie once.


As I watch the angry leprechaun walk away, I make a run for it to the door. “What a creepy little house.” I say. Well, at least it isn’t real. This is a dream, is it not? I decide to go back to where I started, because, you know, it is a good idea, but before I leave, I notice that the leprechaun had left that book he was holding. I peaked through and saw it was the same one as Mary had. My eyes notice something very interesting.

It states that,”If you hold the book for 1 minute, you get sent to Ireland, but if you say, “Go Home”, you get sent back to where you came from.

So, this isn’t a dream. I need to get out of here. Oh No! It said I need to hold the book and say, Go Home, but wait, if this all isn’t a dream, then isn’t that thing about those Poptarts real too. This book is the key to it since it has all the information. I hear footsteps.

“He! Get out er here boy! That’s my book!” I ran fast out of the house and went back to the start of this place. I see a kid laying there. It was Randy! I ran up to him.

“Hey Paul!“ Looks like it was a good idea to go back to where I started.”

“Glad to see you.” says Randy. “What is this place?” asks Randy.

“I have no idea.”

“But you’re the smart one.”

“My best guess is Ireland.”

“Wasn’t Mary over here a while ago?” I ask.

“We should go find her.” Randy replies.

“She’s always running off like this.”


As I search on the wet grass, I find little bits of pop tarts spread across the entire open range. “What does this mean?” I ask myself. Could it be that I have to put all the pieces together like a puzzle? Well I might as well just look it up in this book.

For thee, whom I put the pieces together, shall have the knowledge of wishes forever.”

Aha. I knew it. I must put all of these pieces together.

“Hey, Mary don’t touch those. You don’t know where they have been.” says Paul.

“I know what I am doing. Back off man!” I say. “Please let me finish. I’m almost done.”

“Okay. Be careful.” Randy says.

Finished thee puzzled. With thy prize. Give thy wishes to thee children till death.” I say. All of a sudden, the pieces of the poptarts fused together to create some kind of sphere.

“A wishing sphere.” I say. “He who puts his hand on the sphere, shall get one wish and two others near.” I read.

“Does this mean we will all get wishes?” asks Paul.

“I don’t think I have ever heard you ask a question before.” I say.

“Well, maybe in life, I don’t have to grow up at a young age.” Paul says. “Maybe being an adult means being important and respectable, but if it takes the aspect of adventure out of life, I don’t want to grow up yet.”


As one of the three children touches the sphere, each child gets their wish. Randy with the ending of world hunger (totally stole the idea), Mary with the ability to understand any living creature, and Paul with the wish of having the ability to believe, love, and cherish.

As the days end, the curtains fall, the waves crash, the music plays, the birds sing, your ears ring, and returning journey is always made. Or maybe it was only a dream. You choose.”


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The Annoying Leprechaun

The Annoying Leprechaun

By: Sunbo A. and Alyssa M., Staff Writer



Well, as you all know, you might have noticed my insane and horrible appearance last week. This mishap was for a very valid reason. I have been annoyed , creep-ed up on, unlucky, and much more. You might not believe what I’m going to tell you, but all of this was because of an unlucky leprechaun. St.Patrick’s Day is known for being lucky and great, but that was not my experience this holiday.

This horror story started in the morning , when I was just about to finish getting ready. As I bent down to tie my shoes there was this horrible, hideous, and disgusting green creature under my bed. The one thing that amazed me about the mysterious creature was how short and tiny it was. All of a sudden it spoke,” Hello there! Do I look familiar?” I was so shocked and scared and didn’t know what to say. Never in my thirteen years of life have I ever seen something like this. I was just sitting there with my mouth wide open and my eyes filled with curiosity and shock. Then The thing said, “Hello? I asked you a question. You humans are very rude!” After being in shock for ten minutes my mouth was finally able to work. All of the questions flew out all at once.

The thing finally said, “ Hold on there lassy, first of all I’m a leprechaun. Second of all, I’m not a normal leprechaun.”

I responded, “ I thought leprechauns aren’t real.” To my surprise the leprechaun got really angry. You could see his little face turn red. It was actually pretty funny. What he said next caused me to go into another state of shock. “Of course were real, everything is real! Do you think people just make things up! Unicorns, Cupid, Santa Claus. I just had lunch with the Easter bunny last week!”

So once the little guy cooled down I asked him what he meant by he wasn’t a “normal leprechaun”.

He said, “ Well, you know how leprechauns usually love Saint Patrick’s Day, and they’re supposed to be really lucky? Well, I’m kinda the opposite. I hate Saint Patrick’s Day and I’m unlucky.”  He continued, “Since I was a baby, I have been unlucky. I was teased a lot in rainbow school.” He proceeded to tell me that he came here because the only way his bad luck would change is if he would help a human for one week and be successful at it.

As soon as he said that I went ballistic and started screaming, “There is no way, I am letting an unlucky leprechaun control me for a whole week, you have got to be kidding me!!!!!!! And besides, you can’t come to school with me, and my parents can’t see you, no one can.”   He began to portray these big eyes, and managed a little tear.   Then he said in a sniffling voice, “Well, I guess I’ll just be leaving, looks like I’m just too unlucky.” I felt so bad and thought about it one last time, I said to myself, How bad could a leprechaun be for just a week?  But I had no idea what I was getting into.

About two days into our week I was fed up and tired of this annoying leprechaun. He had the worst habits in history. He did things like pick his nose and wipe it on my walls, spit when he talked , didn’t take showers often, and ate all the food in the house. Since he was going to be staying with me I gave him a name, which was Albert. I said “ Albert get down here and clean up this mess now!!”  Of course he didn’t listen and said, “No, clean it yourself.” At this point I was ripping my hair out.  I got blamed by my parents for a lot of things Albert has done. Like, breaking the windows, food on the floor, and breaking my bed.  My parents were starting to suspect something, so I made a decision. I decided that in order for Albert to stay here, I was going to give him a makeover and ground rules in my home.

“ Alberrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrt, get up here.”  He came up with an attitude and said “ What?”

I began to tell him that my parents were suspecting that some stranger was in the house, so I had to teach you him to be more human like and to follow rules.  I told him the basic things about living in my house and its rules. We even made plans so that my parents wouldn’t find him.  I had to admit I had a pretty fun time with Albert that night, until he broke my favorite lava lamp.

On Friday, to my surprise, Albert actually helped me out.  So, for the past few months, there has been this new blonde chick who has made my life a living pain ever since she’s come. “She is the most vermin human being on the planet and I hate her.” I told Albert.

On Friday, she decide to play a prank on me, but Albert heard the whole thing before the prank was going to be done. He managed to sneak into my backpack and come with me. They were going to pour milk on me and then raw eggs in front of the whole school, but I already knew their plan, so I tricked them in their own trap.  This was the best day of my life and it was all because of Albert. Even though he broke my lava lamp and my bed, he really helped me overcome those bullies.  Now I have no problems in school. I owe it all to Albert.

Sunday arrived and Albert was finally going to leave. I was quite happy, but a little sad at the same time.  He gave me a lot of great memories that will be hard to forget, mainly because they were so annoying. But I’ll miss him very  much. That one week felt like eternity.

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The Mysterious Leprechaun

The Mysterious Leprechaun

(even though leprechauns are already mysterious)

By: Tony Z.and Bryan L., staff writers


Listen, up kids and I shall tell you a story. A story about why you never see any leprechauns in person. I shall tell you about the first human to EVER meet a leprechaun. For this is the story of The Mysterious Leprechaun (even though leprechauns are already mysterious.) This story begins at a school on Saint Patrick’s Day where a young boy is reading his project aloud to the class……….

“He was a mysterious little man, one that I would never forget, one with a big hat and a cranky attitude and a bad temper. He had an orange beard and red hair, plus a four leaf clover was sticking out of that big hat of his. Also, not to mention….” the young boy named, named Harry said.

“HARRY, you’re SUPPOSED to do a report on the history of Saint Patrick’s day, not some silly made up story about a tiny midget with a big hat THAT DOES NOT EVEN EXIST!“ Miss Crab yelled furiously.

“HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!” the class erupted with laughter.

“But, but…” Harry stuttered, “Leprechauns are an important part of Saint Patrick’s Day, because they……”

The class erupted with laughter, and this time it seemed that they laughed louder than before.

“Go back to your seat Harry.   Your time to read your project to class is OVER!”  his teacher yelled.

Harry sat back in his seat, knowing he just blew off this assignment with a BANG!

Later, it was time for Harry to go home.  He had stayed at school late, redoing the project that he had blown off earlier at school. It was almost dark. Harry got on his bike ready to ride home. He looked at the time. It was 5:25. His parents always tell him to come home at 5:30. Normally, the bike ride would take 10 minutes to go home, but since he stayed at school late today, he needed to make it home in five minutes. I’m gonna have to take that shortcut, he thought nervously. He approached a forest which was rolled in tape which said CAUTION in capital letters. Also, there was a sign that strictly said the words NO TRESPASSING in big, black letters. “Oh, well,” Harry thought. “I’m going to have to go through this even though it said no trespassing.”

He hurriedly rode his bike into the forest and the first thing that caught his eye was the glint of gold underneath a bush. Harry stopped to explore the gold, when he noticed a little green person hiding behind a tree with a big hat and a four leaf clover sticking out of his hat. Harry ran as fast as he can to catch the leprechaun, but missed by a millimeter. Instead, when he jumped he landed in a tunnel going straight down. At the end of the hole, he landed in a house that was 3 feet high. There were pictures of leprechauns on the wall.

Finally, the leprechaun came out of the bathroom and screamed when he saw the human in his house.

“You stinkin’ HUMAN!” the leprechaun screamed. “YOU tryin’ tah steal me gold coinz?!!”

The leprechaun ran up to Harry and kicked him in the knee. Harry held his knee in pain, hopping on one foot.

“No, I must have accidentally fell down the hole from there.” Harry said as he pointed from where he fell.

Then leprechaun said, “Oh, then you can stay if you don’t touch me gold coinz.”

“Thanks and I promise to not take any of your gold” Harry said, assuring the leprechaun. Little did the leprechaun know, Harry had his fingers crossed behind his back as he spoke.

“Also, don’t tell anyone about me, OR me gold!”  The leprechaun claimed.

“Fine.” Harry said, still with his fingers crossed behind his back.

“Wait a minute,” said the leprechaun.


The leprechaun tries to pinch Harry but luckily Harry knew how fight back, so he kicked the leprechaun so hard that he was knocked out.  Harry then took all his gold and ran out of his house. He ran as fast as he could and got out of the magical forest.  He then ran home and showed his parents all the gold that he got…

“You’re home late Harry!” You’re grounded!”


“Wait, before you ground me, check out this gold I got”


His parents were shocked and asked,         “Where did you get this, Harry?”


Harry replied,” I got it at the park…the forest…where I met a leprechaun.”


“What!? OH MY GOSH! We need to report it to the government! IMMEDIATELY!”

Harry’s parents called the authorities. They told the government officials about the situation and showed them the gold. After a day, they decided to bomb the place and they did get a lot of gold from it. But the leprechaun barely managed to escape with his life when this happened. He never was able to trust humans again. From this point on, leprechauns never showed themselves to humans ever again.

That ends this story. The lesson is, to never tell the government that make believe creatures exist, because bombing would be the ultimate result. You see, this is why humans don’t see leprechauns anymore, just because of this one boy: Harry.

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Saint Patrick Has Weird Ways of Giving Me Fortune

Saint Patrick’s Day Fortune

st pat dayBy: Carly P. and Hong-Tran D., Staff Writers

It was the morning of Tuesday, March 17th. I (Carly) woke up with my hair all messed up. “Great St. Patrick’s Day. I wonder what kind of luck I’ll get,” I said sarcastically. I went to brush my teeth, but the toothpaste was all gone. Ugh!

As I went downstairs I tripped on the stairs. “OOF!” I turned towards my kitchen. What should I make for breakfast? I decided to heat up my dumpling from last night. As the dumpling was heating, I realized that my mom already heated it for me. I rushed over to the microwave, but it was too late. My dumpling was all shriveled up from so much heat. “Oh well, I don’t have time for breakfast.”

I walked to school, and was wondering about my luck today, I stopped and suddenly realized I forgot my homework at home. I remembered that I was working on it last night, but had forgotten to put the homework folder in my backpack. Ahh, I can’t believe how things are turning out already.  Isn’t this suppose to be a good day?

I entered the school building on my way to my locker. On my locker was a taped letter. All of the lockers had one too. I opened the letter, hoping that it wasn’t anything important. It read,

Attention all 12th grade seniors, your end of the year finals will take place today in classroom B5 from 2-3:10 pm. If you pass the required score, we will take your scores and enter it to your university computer system. Make sure you work hard and pass the finals.

I groaned. “Why, of all days, are the finals today???!!! Why couldn’t they make it the last day of school?!  I’m not ready!”

I entered my first class, which was Korean. I realized that I had forgotten my Korean notebook.  Is this the kind of luck I’m going to have today?

“Okay class, please take out your notebooks. I will be showing you a scene from “Heirs” and you have to explain what is happening.”

“Carly, where is your notebook?”

“Um, I forgot it at home.”

“*Sigh*, 3 points. Just make sure you bring it tomorrow.”

So, during the whole entire Korean class, I had to sit there and do nothing. Well, one class down, 5 more to go.

Suddenly, the loudspeaker came on “Reminder, due to final exams, there will be block schedules.” “UGHHHHHHHHHH, two hours in P.E. now?!  Why does today have to be so horrible?”   I headed to my locker to get my P.E shoes. Today is Tuesday, which is mile day. My P.E. shoes were all covered in mud from yesterday. I groaned. Things were hard, but not too bad, until 6th period.

“UGH, exam time. I hate this!!!” I entered the building where the exams were held. There was a person in charge who handed out the exam papers.

“Are you ready?” the teacher asked.

“Um, not really” I responded.

“Well, just do your best if you want to get admitted to a university.”

“Thanks.” I went inside to get started. Why must this be so hard?!!!!!!  I study all the time, but it never seems like it’s enough. When I finished my exam,  it was 4:00 PM. I went home after a tiring day. As I entered the door to my room, my parents suddenly said, “Oh we forgot that you had finals today!! We got an email from your school saying it was today! How was it?!”

“It was super hard, but I think I did OK.  I feel good about the test.”

“It’s okay, as long as you tried and did your best we are going to reward you. What do you want?”

“Um, I want some ramen and watch some movies.”

“Okay, let’s go celebrate your exams!”

So, after we celebrated, it was night time. Finally I can relax, after a long day.                                                                                                                                                                                           Even though my day started horrible, my misfortune turned into my fortune. As we all know, you never know what you’ll get.

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St. Patrick’s Day Comic

A Public Service Announcement About Rainbows

By: Dustyn C., Staff Writer

St. Pats Day Comic 001

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Inside a Video Game

Inside a Video Game

By: Haskell M., staff writer

Cyber City (1)


It was a normal Friday, when I was waiting patiently for my mom, to come and pick  me up from school. I kept on texting her, and kept on waiting. I was watching the cars go by, one by one. Soon my mom arrived, and I ran to the car. “Hello!” I said to her gleefully. “Hi, Jackson you seem to be happier than usual today.” My mom replied. “I sure am! Its a Friday, and that means no school for 2 days!” I said. “Well let me guess… you can’t wait to get home, and play your new game, Destroyers?”. “Yeah totally cant wait, that’s like the best game my friends said.” I said. “Well, we better get home, so you don’t have a heart attack.” My mom said, as we started driving towards the house.



            When my mom pulled up in the driveway, I nearly fainted. I wanted to play Destroyers so bad! I took off my seat belt, grabbed my backpack, opened the car door, and ran to the front door. My mom got out of the car, pulled her keys out, and unlocked the door. I ran inside throwing my backpack on the floor, and running into my room, shutting the door. I sat on the floor, grabbed the controller, and turned it on. Then the console turned on. I grabbed the disc case, and looked at the front. It said Destroyers. I could hardly breathe when I saw the game. I quickly opened up the case, and took a boy playing video gameout the disc. I slid it inside the disc slot in the console, and it started to load. I was so excited, that I could hardly wait any longer. I grabbed the controller, and stared at the screen, with glee. Then a title appeared in the screen saying Destroyers, from the Deep. Then the company names, and logos showed up on the screen. Then finally… the save slots. There were three save slots. I chose the first one, and it asked me to name my character. I named him, Jackson, my name. Then after I inputed the name, and clicked enter, there was darkness, and a loud high pitched noise.



            I awoke, thinking I passed out, from being too excited, but I realized I didn’t. I woke up in a battlefield. There were men carrying these huge guns, that shoot lasers. I couldn’t believe my eyes, I just couldn’t even  move. I just sat there for a minute watching jets, men, tanks, and explosions. It was a dream. I walked around, carefully making sure I don’t get in the way. I saw some men run towards me, and grab me by the shoulders. “Hey let me go!” I yelled as I struggled. “Just keep calm and be quiet kid.” One of the soldiers told me. I looked at him for second, remembering his face on the cover of the game case. I also saw his dog tag, on his character. What was it? Oh yeah! Blake! “Well Blake.” I told the man. “Hey how do you know my name?” said Blake. “Oh I just do.” Then I was thrown into the back of a big black truck. They shut the doors, and the truck drove away. Eventually I fell asleep, I was so tired from being excited.


            I soon awoke to a very bright light, that was blinding me. The men grabbed me and pulled me out of the truck. They took me inside this big building, and plopped me on this red carpet, in front of a throne. Then a deep voice said, “Who are you?”. I replied, “I’m Jackson, and do you know how I got into here?”. “No, sorry.” The deep voice replied. I looked around, and said, “Where am I?”. “You’re in the world of Destroyers.” The deep voice replied. I started to feel scared, and confused. I didn’t know what happened when I was at home, but I must have passed out or something. I stood up, and saw a big man in a metal suit. “You know, I’ve seen aliens, kajas, and men, but never small men like you.” The deep voice said. “So you don’t know what children are?” I said. “Children? Never heard of such a thing.” The deep voice said. Wow I thought am I in my new video game Destroyers? I can’t be, I thought. That’s impossible! “Well I am a child, just to let you know, and I guess I’ll be off.” I said as I walked away. “Well goodbye.” The deep voice said.  I walked out of the big room, and as soon as I did there was a huge explosion, right to the left of me. I looked over seeing a huge hole in the building. “Were under attack.” Yelled the deep voice. Then a bunch of troops with these huge guns came  to the front of the big building, and pulled out these portable riot shields. They held them in front of themselves looking like they were going to raid. Then another huge laser came hurling towards the troop, and then an explosion. I was inside the building the whole time this happened. I looked back seeing the big guy in the metal suit, with a worried look on his face. He told me to get back, and as soon as I did, another huge laser came, and hit him. He was knocked back not very far, but then fell to the floor, moaning, and I think dying. “Come over here child.” The man said. “Take this, and go home.” The man said as he took he took his last breath. Then I saw saw men wearing red suits come inside the building holding even bigger guns. “Search the area, and kill anyone that is in your path.” One of them said. “Move!” The same one said. I then slipped out the door, with nobody noticing me. I looked at the thing he gave me. It was a small little glowing blue orb. I slipped it into my back pocket, and knew that I needed to avenge the man in the metal suit.



            I looked around the big building just seeing small tents, and campfires, but nothing else. I went inside one of the tents quietly, and saw a huge gun, like the ones they had. I grabbed it, and I felt awesome, and strong. I snuck back out of the tent, and aimed the gun at the man standing in the doorway. I then pulled the trigger, and boom, I hit him. He fell to the floor, but when I walked up to him, I didn’t see any bullet holes or anything. I was confused, but didn’t care that much.I stepped over the man’s corpse and when I did he disappeared. Did he respawn? I thought, well whatever, as I ran to go after the other guys, but they heard me running. One of them turned around, and shot at me, and missed. The other pulled out a pistol, and aimed it at my head. He shot, but missed also. It was my turn now I thought, as I quickly shot both of them. They tried to dodge, but it still the laser still hit them. I saw them moan, and fall to the ground, and felt kind of bad, at least I avenged the men who had died. I walked out of the building, and threw the gun down. Know I thought, since that is done, I need to get back home. I first took the orb out of my pocket, and raised t up in the air, but that did nothing. Hmm I thought, maybe i might have to do with his throne? I walked back inside the big building, and walked up to the throne. I saw a little gem slot, slipping it in quickly. Then a huge laser whizzed right above my head, and nearly hit me, but ended up hitting the wall. Then a huge portal opened. It was aqua blue, and big. Then tons and millions of  laser bullets came flying towards me, but I dodged them, by jumping to the side. I then ran and jumped into the portal, as it closed.



            I woke up in my gaming chair, and with the game still in the home screen. I got up and walked around, feeling dizzy, and drowsy. Then my mom came in the room, saying, “Having fun sweetie?”. “Yeah I guess.” I replied. “Ok well I’m going to run to the grocery store ok?” She said. “Yeah ok mom.” I replied. “Be back soon” She said as she shut the door. I looked around just to make sure there weren’t any lasers, or heavy guns laying around. I sat back in my gaming chair, turning off the console with my controller, and set it down. Wow I thought, what a huge ride. I soon closed my eyes thinking of the epic battle, and drifting off to sleep.



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St . Patrick’s Day History

St . Patrick’s Day History

By: Jordan N. & Haskell M., Staff writers

    st pat       

Every year we celebrate Saint Patrick’s Day, on March 17th, which is the death of the patron saint of Ireland. It is an international celebration, to celebrate the Irish culture. There are parades, food, dancing, and lots of green, especially in cities with large groups of Irish-Americans. Feasting on the day features traditional Irish food, including corned beef, corned cabbage, coffee, soda bread, potatoes, and shepherd’s pie.  If you want to find a 4-leaf clover on St. Patrick’s Day go in a clover patch and look for a circle in the middle of the clover, and there you have it, a 4-leaf clover. Some churches may hold religious services and many schools close in Suffolk County, the area containing Boston and its suburbs. Chicago has a parade and turns the Chicago River green for a day.  St. Patrick’s Day to the Irish is celebrated in a big way every year.



St. Patrick was the missionary and bishop of Ireland. Saint Patrick is also known as the apostle of Ireland. Letters have shown that Saint Patrick was captured at Wales Scotland, and taken as a slave to Ireland. After what seemed forever Patrick escaped, going back to his home and family, in Britain. Patrick stayed there for awhile, but then went back to Ireland to do mission work. First he became a cleric, and then a Bishop within the Christian Faith.



St. Patrick’s Day was first celebrated in America in 1737. St. Patrick’s Day parades started in New York in 1762, by a somewhat big group of Irish soldiers. Today we still remember St. Patrick, and honor him with a huge celebration.



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The Lepre-spective

The Lepre-spective

by Lylianna L. & Jenny C.; Staff writers

Cao hetalia___leprechaun_ireland_by_sonixa-d4aso1c (1)


*Yawns* I smile. It’s that time of year again. Where we turn into half leprechaun, half human. It’s hereditary. It’s all because today is St. Patricks Day. I don’t really mind it. it’s that time of year Where I can be totally different from being the laid back type of person. I’m going to be able to prank people. I mean, I have to play pranks since I’m a leprechaun and all. I can’t control it. it’s kinda cool though, since I could just blame my troubles. Mom is gonna give dumb lecter about becoming trickster again like she does every year. ‘Play too many pranks bad things happen… blah blah blah.’

I brush my hair, thinking of all the people I’m pranking. I look at my usually blond hair, to see light rose colored hair. It smells just like freshly picked daisies too. I put my strawberry locks into two mini-braids, tying the two stands to the back of my head. Nice. I ignore my lonely beanie and get a nice hoodie, jeans, a t-shirt with an ironic phrase, and my combat boots.

*Crash* Great. Another failure by THE utter fail himself, Dave. I run down the stairs and see Dad already there at the crime scene to investigate the criminal, which just means he’s going to burst in a fireball and will yell at Dave, become tired, and tell Dave to clean up.

“DAVE! What did you do now!?” Dad yelled.

“Seriously Dave. You tried it again?” I said, mocking him. That clumsy nerd will try anything to make me fall, I swear.

“Um… yeah.” I slightly feel bad for him, as I normally do, but I will never show that. “I was planning to have you slip over the butter and fall… but I fell because Maggie was licking the butter and I didn’t pay attention to where I was walking. So I slipped and fell on my face.” Wow. Good job Maggie.

“Dweeb.” I leap over him I grab a PopTart. My sympathy for him vanished. People have no idea about how much energy it takes just to be in the same room for a day, much less for my entire life.

“Young man. You are grounded for a week for buttering my floor! Not to mention playing pranks on Rose. You know what time of day it is.” A silence fills up in the room, making me feel a weird aura. These are the times that my dad makes me feel guilty about pranking.

“Clean the floor, you’re going to ruin it.” I let Dave clean up by himself and I enjoy my PopTart.

Dave and I walk out to get to the bus stop. I hear snickers behind me.

“Hey tweedle dum. Move over.” Bully One said. This is starting again.

“Hey duckhead, give me your homework.” Bully 2 said. My little brother ignores them and starts planning out his pranks, as I see a tear drop.

“Hey! Don’t you ignore us nerd!” Oh god. I am feeling very sympathetic today.

“Hey dweeb-ettes. Shut up and ignore this one here. It’s annoying me.” I glare at them with my violet eyes, seeing their freaked out looks.

“Y-y-yes boss.” They both run off into the opposite direction, away from us.

“Thanks Rose.”

“Don’t say anything about what just happened, ok dweeb?”

“Ok.” He looks to the sky, his back facing me.

“Hey. If you didn’t move Maggie and fall, I would’ve fallen instead.” I feel slight good saying that. I look at Dave and he is smiling as if he won the lotto. I guess it’s a miracle for him to hear that from me. We step into the bus,  with me sitting in the front with my friends, and Dave, sitting in the front with his nerd friends. 

As I get off the bus, I glance into my backpack. Good. I haven’t forgotten anything for the pranks. I’m gonna start off with some old school pranks as a warm up, and then at the end of the day, the biggest of all.

“Rose, you ready?” I turn around to see my partner-in-crime, Vick.

“Yep. Ready for the warm-ups?”

“Let’s do this!” Vick yelled, pumping his fist in the air. I smile. This is why Vick’s my partner-in-crime. We walk to my locker, waiting for the right moment to begin the prank. I get out the bucket of water balloons, enough to  drench the teacher, and I place it on the door crevice. As I start setting up, the janitor walks passed us and winks. I wave at him, thanking him for helping us. He mouths no problem at us and continues to walk.

“All set.” I said, fist bumping Vick.

“Let’s rock!” Students surround us as the bell rings. No one really cares about the teachers being pranked. We all count down in our minds, waiting for our Geometry teacher, Mr. English. Here he comes!

“Morning class, I’ve-”

*Splash* The students and Vick and I all laughed as Mr. English gets drenched in ice cold water!

It’s so cold! H-h-help!” he yelped, shivering as if he was in a glacier.

“W-w-who d-d-did t-t-this?! Tell me!” Mr. English was starting to turn red with anger and his veins were popping out.

Teachers start emerging out of their cocoons of classes, peaking out to see what the commotion is about. Instead of being shocked and mad with Mr. English, they were laughing with the students! No one said anything about Vick and I creating the prank. At least, I hope they don’t. I walk into the classroom, laughing with everyone. We all take our seats as Mrs. Cassanova looks over our class for awhile until Mr. English “cools down” abit. He totally deserved that one though. He always gave Vick a disgusting look, as if he was a wretched bug that has beady eyes.

I notice something peculiar. The class nerd isn’t here. I have a feeling something is up. I raise my hand and ask Mrs. Cassanova if I could go to the bathroom. I stand up and sneak out of the classroom. I see the class nerd and the enraged Mr. English talking. I crouch down and listen attentively to their conversation.

“So, if I tell you who did the prank, you will give me an A for the rest of the year, even if I don’t do my projects or homework and you will give me $20?” the nerd said, cleaning his glasses. Ugh. I can’t believe Mr. English, no, that rat, would be so desperate to find the out that I pranked him.

“Yes. Now, tell me who did that horrendous prank and the deal will be sealed. Anyone that helped that awful person should be said too.” Oh no, I can’t let Vick get in trouble!

“It was Rose and Vick helped her! Now give me my prize.”

“It was those two rats. I should’ve known better. I’m going to tell the principal what happened afterwards. Here.” He shoved the money to the nerd and added,

“If you tell anyone, your grade plummet down to a D, you understand?”

“Sure.” I sneak away to make sure they didn’t know I overheard their conversation. I slide back into my seat and I sleep for the rest of the class, trying to forget what I heard.

*Ring!* I get all my stuff and walk with Vick to my next class. I told him about all the thing Mr. English did to get us in trouble.

“That skunk. Bribing that kid with money and grades.”

“I know, but we should be worrying more about what we should be saying then how to get back at Mr. English. He’s planning to tell the principal that we did a prank on him.”

“Well, don’t worry Rose. We’ll get out of this somehow.” Vick always finds a way to calm me down. I heard footsteps behind me and turn around to see a smirking Mr. English and the principal, Mr. Sanchez. He has this blank expression on his face, which makes it even harder to read it.

“Vick. Rose. Come to my office right now.” We walk to the office, synchronising our steps.

Wow. That was so surprising. I had no idea Mr. Sanchez was a leprechaun too. it just doesn’t seem like because his hair is always the rose color, saying that it’s different today is absurd! His hair covered his pointy ears and he told everyone that he had natural looking ears. He gave us each a private talk, especially to me, knowing what I am. Will people stop warning me about becoming a trickster!

“I’m guessing that you are a fellow leprechaun, Rose.”

“What are you talking about Mr. Sanchez,” I said, trying to look surprised at what he said.

“Don’t pretend Rose. I can sense people who are leprechauns. Dave is one too, I know that. He isn’t really trying that hard to hide it anyways. He told everyone that he was cosplaying as a leprechaun…” That idiot. Of course he would say that he is cosplaying. He’s such an idiot, that it wouldn’t sound like he’s making it up.

“I never knew you were a leprechaun Mr. Sanchez”

“I’ve always been a leprechaun, I always will be, since we live forever, right?” Mr. Sanchez jokes. He chuckles and gives me this warm smile. I return the smile back at him.

“I know, it’s hard to resist the urge to prank, but doing too many pranks will cause you to become a trickster. It is not fun, I assure you.” My smile falters.

“I will try to keep my pranks at a low amount sir.” I stand up and excuse myself, giving him a quick wave good-bye and walk out.

Over the next few hours, Vick and I create pranks that no one could ever forget. We pranked the cheerleaders with putting paint inside their pom-poms, so when they shake them, paint spews everywhere. That I promise was a pure classic.

Ms. Ortez, the P.E. teacher, gets a bit of, what I call, the “flip”. What Vick did was he placed some olive oil on the ground, polishing it so he wouldn’t notice the oil, and place an invisible string to the wall, so when he slips, he trips. He then would fall over and trip once again on a banana, flipping him into the ground. It surprisingly worked out well, with Ms. Ortez actually giving us a standing ovation for pranking her.

All of the other pranks were miniscule compared to those three, such as taking this fake spider and placing it on this girl’s arm while she was resting. At the end of the day though, we looked at each other and waited for our huge prank yet. This had something to do with yet again, Mr. English. We all know he has a ever-dying crush on Ms. Granser, our resident science teacher. So, we had her help us with this prank. She agreed mainly because she was so freaked at the fact that he would endlessly stare at her and follow her.

Who doesn’t find that creepy?

We got her to write this note to Mr. English saying that she would meet him up at the abandoned gym shed. We told her to write in to wear these onesies that see also sent to him. I set up the cameras everywhere while Vick connected the cameras to the school wide broadcasting T.V.

“Ready to broadcast on 3, 2, 1…” Vick counted.

“We’re on!”

We had Ms. Granser calling him and telling him these weird commands. Little did he know though, that it was all broadcasted live. The students loved it! There was no one that did not see since it was connected to every broadcasting T.V. set around the school.

Oh god. I feel bad right now. It’s as if someone punched me in the stomach. Maybe it was something I ate.

As the bell rings, we all see Mr. English blushing as he passes us. We all laugh as we see him and he looks as us all as if we are some mental group of kids. He doesn’t have a clue, does he?

Ouch! The pain is increasingly more painful than ever. Suddenly, everyone faints around me. There seems to be this death everywhere. My head is feeling as if I’m dying right now! My mind is turning blank…

“SOMEONE! ANYONE! HELP ME!” I scream, tears running everywhere on my face.

“STOP IT! STOP THE PAIN!” My mind is morphing into something else…

“What is happening here?” Mr. Sanchez said.

“Please. Help.” I kneel down and wished that this was over…

Clouds surround me as I change into something I never was. This is what a trickster was.
Screams filled the air around me as I took control of what was always meant to be mine. This is my destiny. This is my fate. My moment has arrived and this will become the rise of the new age of tricksters since they fell from power long before time, before life, during the age of the gods. I shall spread corruption and and pain throughout the land as lead my armies across the world. I am the transcendent one.

“ROSE! THIS ISN’T YOU!” a cry filled the air from that lowly human, Vick. “REMEMBER OUR PROMISE!” a promise he speaks of… what promise? “YOU SAID YOU’D NEVER LEAVE ME ALONE! YOU SAID I’D NEVER HAVE TO BE ALONE AGAIN!” WHO DOES HE THINK HE IS SPEAKING TO ME AS IF I WAS AS LOW AS HIM?!

“I-I remember…” That’s my voice, but-but it’s not my words… I’m not speaking… It’s her… She got free! This is my Earth! My new chance! I failed… I failed my only purpose…

It’s alright Dolus. You don’t have to be alone either. You can stay here, with me. I won’t leave you behind like the others. I’m in it for the long run.

But I hurt you. How could you not hate me?

We all do things we are not proud of.

You are the single greatest being I have ever met and I have met all.

We start to go back to normal. Back to what we used to be.

“Rose I thought I lost you!” Vick said while openly sobbing. “ We both would have ended up alone…” He doesn’t fully understand what just happened and I think it’s better and safer for him like that.

“Vick I’m never alone. Not anymore.”

“Are you saying you’ll always have me?”

“Not exactly.” This is going to be a long year. I agree.

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One Piece Treasure Cruise Review

One Piece Treasure Cruise Review

By: Tony Z., staff writer


If you didn’t know already, One Piece is a classic anime/manga. The manga was released in 1997 and the anime aired in 1999. Both the anime and manga are going on today with the anime having 17 seasons! Of course numerous One Piece games were released, including a recent game for mobile devices(ios, android) called One Piece Treasure Cruise, made by Bandai Namco Games.

onepieceOne Piece Treasure Cruise play like an RPG. For the gameplay, you play as a total of 6 different characters. You tap their icon to attack an enemy and when you attack them, words fly out. When all these words go to the middle, you try to time it perfectly to tap another character, who will then do their attack and you keep on doing this until you use all 6 of your characters.

If you don’t time the attack correctly, you will miss the chance, but you must tap a character instantly after that, or your turn will be over. The attack is judged by 3 ways, good great and perfect or miss. The gameplay is simple and fun to do, because you can pull off some really cool combos. There are many characters in the game and you unlock them by getting a wanted poster while playing the game or you can get them from the tavern. You also have a ship, which you can upgrade. I have to admit, I like the gameplay.

In this game you go through the story of the One Piece series. You face the same villains and you can play as the same characters in the anime/manga. The story of course is, Luffy is a young guy who is determined to become king of the pirates. As a child, he ate the Gum-Gum fruit which gave him the power to stretch his arms and legs just like rubber. He sets off on a awesome adventure to the Grand Line, determined to gather up a crew and find the legendary treasure, called the One Piece. The story is shown through cutscenes in the game.

One Piece Treasure Cruise is an excellent game for fans of the anime or manga. The only real flaws I can find with the game is that the gameplay can sometimes be really easy to play and you you first start playing the game there are long loading screens. Because of these flaws, this game gets a 9/10.





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Five Nights at Freddy’s 3 Review

Five Nights at Freddy’s 3 Review

By: Haskell M. and James S., staff writers


Storyline – Five Nights at Freddy’s is a series of unfortunate events leading to a pizzeria closing down. An undiscovered restaurant left and forgotten, until found 30 years later in the year 2015. After the Freddy Fazbear’s Pizzeria closed its doors, it became nothing more than a memory. After years of neglect, and ruining, this family restaurant is down to no animatronics still ‘online’ and operating. Or so we think, that is. Fazbear Fright is determined to revive Freddy Fazbears Pizzeria into a horror attraction,Springtrap, and all that is remaining.

freddy6Your Job – Welcome to your new job kid. After years of a holes in the hearts of children, our company has decided to buy this here lot, and give this gift to adults who have been here before, and children who have never even seen the place. Why did this place close it’s doors? We honestly don’t know, but whatever the reason, our staff is investigating it all as we speak. Now you have an important job here in Fazbear’s Fright. You are to see if anything is ‘moving’. If so, tell us as soon as your shift is finished. We want to collect anything still remaining and use it in this here horror freddy7attraction. You have a tablet that will see everywhere we have cameras, and get this. With it’s latest technology, it has the ability to give sound to the user, and you can open and close air vents with it as well. If there’s an error while trying to do one of these action, don’t worry, just reboot them. We also found one very old animatronic working, though he is all torn, and basically junk, but he is still operating. Oh and try to keep calm, this place can be really creepy possibly leading to hallucinations, especially at night. Otherwise you should be as good as gold. (Literally). See you tomorrow!


freddy4Release date/Compatible Devices/Producer –  Five Nights at Freddy’s 3 released March 2nd 2015, on Steam, and it released on March 7th 2015 for Android. You can play this game on PC. Download it at Steam, or download it on android. The producer is Scott Cawthon.


Commentary – “They have already made a Fnaf 3?” Says James S.

“Most of us thought the star of the games (Freddy Fazbear) wouldn’t even be in the game. Although no real animatronics are really in the game except Springtrap, hallucinations of past animatronics are given to you.”

“Scott Cawthon is a one of a kind producer. He creates these games like it was a breeze. I love how Scott makes these games so realistic, and incredibly tense. A 5 star game.” Says Haskell M. “Most of us don’t really know the correct story to follow. If you say game two is a prequel,(Which it most definitely is) I may throw off the story. Where are the toy animatronics in game one? This game confuses me, yet I can’t stop playing it.” says J

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SOMA Period 4

Student of the Month Assembly for Period 4

By : Jenny C. and Hong Tran D., Staff Writers



Magruder’s outdoor stage was packed with students, and proud parents, at the Period Four Student of the Month Assembly, on February 27th, 2015. The assembly started with Esther C. leading the Mustang Cheer. It seems like the 8th graders were the best this time at the cheer. Jr HRA leaders started announcing the names of 6th graders and Ms. Nunez handed out certificates.


Starting off with the 6th graders :

DSCN38591 : Mrs. Le ~ Judel A. for outstanding Academic Achievement & citizenship in Math.

2 : Mrs. Le ~ Joseph D. for excellent class participation & work habits.

3 : Mrs. Le ~ Andrew Y. for outstanding academic achievement & citizenship in Math.

DSC_05354 : Mrs. Takano and Yung ~ Sohaib B. for always being enthusiastic and ready to learn

5 : Mrs. Takano and Yung ~ Savannah L. for always being a hard worker and putting forth amazing effort

6 : Mr. Vermette ~ Jiro (Wayne) C. for best sportsmanship in Physical Education

DSC_05447 : Mr. Vermette ~ Ignacio H. for best effort in Physical Education

8 : Mr. Vermette ~ “Haskell” Thomas M. for best sportsmanship in Physical Education

9 : Mr. Vermette ~ Joanna M. for best effort in Physical Education

DSCN385110 : Mr. Vermette ~ Mervy P.-M. for best sportsmanship in Physical Education

11 : Mr. Vermette ~ Makaela W. for best sportsmanship in Physical Education

12 : Mrs. Jaeger ~ Julio C. for excellent participation in Language Arts

13 : Mrs. Jaeger ~ James E. for excellence in writing in Language Arts

14 : Mrs. Jaeger ~ Joslyn H. for excellent achievement in Language Arts

DSCN386815 : Mrs. Jaeger ~ Jaelyn S. for excellence in Language Arts

16 : Ms. Thompson ~ Viviana G. for being a great scientist

17 : Ms. Thompson ~ Dynelli H. for dedication in participation and citizenship in Science

18 : Ms. Thompson ~ Kimberly Q.for dedication to participating in Science

19 : Mrs. Ramos ~ Fernando S. for excellent attitude about school work

20 : Mrs. Ramos ~ Kayla W. for excellent attitude about school work

Afterwards, one of the Jr HRA members, James S., talking about this months character trait.

From you Jr. HRA and Renaissance – with great grades come great possibilities. This month we are focusing on the character trait of Fairness.

Fairness is the state, condition, or quality of being fair, or free from the bias or unjustice; evenhandedness. Play by the rules – Take turns and share – Be open-minded; listen to others – Don’t take advantage of others – Don’t blame others – Treat all people fairly.

DSC_0555After the character trait, Ms. Ramos talked about the ELD program and how one student, Dylan, managed to succeed and tested out of the program. She then talked to the 8th graders about the bilingual certificate at the end of high school. For 8th graders to earn this, they must be able to speak, write, and read a language besides English.


Here are the 7th graders :

1 : Mrs. Peterson ~ William B. for excellence in Social Studies

DSC_05502 : Mrs. Peterson ~ James S. for excellence in Social Studies

3 : Mrs. Peterson ~ Jenny T. for excellence in writing and research in Social Studies

4 : Mrs. Peterson ~ Abigail V. for excellence in Social Studies

5 : Ms. Kawahara ~ David C. for being a hard-working Mathematician

DSCN38776 : Ms. Kawahara ~ Amanda d. for being a hard-working Mathematician

7 : Mrs. Davies ~ Dylan C. for outstanding achievement and participation in Science

8 : Mrs. Davies ~ Carly P. for outstanding achievement and participation in Science

9 : Ms. Loftin ~ Monica K. for always giving 100% in Physical Education

10 : Ms. Loftin ~ Xerxes R. for being a great runner in Physical Education

DSC_054811 : Ms. Loftin ~ Sana S. for always giving 100% in Physical Education

12 : Ms. Loftin ~ Nyla S. for being an amazing runner in Physical Education

13 : Mrs. Aulenta ~ Riley L. for excellent achievement and citizenship in Language Arts
15 : Mrs. Aulenta ~ Miguel L. for excellent effort and citizenship in Language Arts



Finally, the 8th graders :

DSCN39021 : Mrs. Ji ~ Andrea A. for academic excellence in Science

2 : Mrs. Ji ~ Christian L. for academic excellence in Science

3 : Mrs. Ji ~ Rachel L. for academic excellence in Science

4 : Mrs. Johnson ~ Mia C. for incredible growth in commitment and mastery in Math class

5 : Mrs. Johnson ~ Thatcher L. for being the most dedicated and improved Math student

DSC_05626 : Mrs. Johnson ~ Bryan R. for being an extremely focused and high achieving Math student

7 : Mrs. Johnson ~ Michelle V. for being the most outstanding Mathematician.

8 : Mrs. Schwafaty ~ Melissa D. for outstanding effort and participation

9 : Mrs. Schwafaty ~ Jessica N. for academic excellence and outstanding participation

10 : Mrs. Schwafaty ~ Jessica W. for academic excellence and outstanding participation

11 : Ms. Worthge ~ Kobey D. for excellence in effort and achievement

12 : Ms. Loftin ~ Danny E. for always giving 100% in Physical Education

13 : Mrs. Kim ~ Alex G. for excellent perseverance and determination to be a successful leader

14 : Mrs. Kim ~ Justin S. for excellent effort and citizenship

15 : Mrs. Fraga ~ Ramzy I. for excellence in achievement, effort, and participation

16 : Mrs. Fraga ~ Rita “Phuong Uyen” N. for excellence in achievement, effort, and participation

17 : Mrs. Fraga ~ Tuyen T. for excellence in achievement and effort

18 : Mrs. Fraga ~ Armando V. for excellence in achievement and participation

19 : Mr. Burgner ~ Claire K. for excellent historical analysis

20 : Mr. Burgner ~ Marla M.-C. for excellence in Social Studies

21 : Ms. Thompson ~ Marla M.-C. for excellence in Science

22 : Ms. Thompson ~ Anton p. for dedication and worth ethic in Science

23 : Ms. Thompson ~ Virginia “Gina” R. for continued growth and curiosity as a scientist.


After the students, we moved on to the teachers. A teacher is chosen, by students, from each grade level to receive the award which is a bouquet of flowers and a certificate, for making their class especially interesting and enjoyable. It is called the Staffelty of the Month.


First was for 6th graders, Mrs. Smith was chosen for making Social Studies and Science fun and easy. Next, Mrs. Aulenta was chosen for 7th grade for her ability to understand her students and find special ways to teach her students. Finally Mr. Burgner was the 8th grade Staffelty of the Month for his achievement on making the lessons entertaining and interesting for his students. Magruder proudly recognizes our teacher for all of their hard work.

So this was February’s S.O.M.A. Magruder will continue to recognize students for their hard work.



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California Junior Scholarship Federation

College Bound? Join CJSF California Junior Scholarship Federation

by:Carly P. and Khanh P., staff writers

sealEver wanted to get a headstart in college? Well, now’s your chance, because at CJSF we volunteer, tutor, and offer service to the school and community.  The benefits include getting scholarships, and of course make new friends that enjoy school as much as you do.

First of all, The California Scholarship Federation (CSF) was started in 1921 by Charles F. Seymour, who recognizes students living in the state of California who have high standards in academics.

Members of the CSF are able to get a tuition scholarship available at universities and colleges nationwide. Regional sub-committees nominate several members as Life Members based upon character, leadership abilities and volunteer service.  Fifty students will receive $1,500 each, and five of these (one from each region of California) is awarded an additional $1000 toward their college fund.tassles

There are at least one thousand chapters located in different schools across the state. The organization continues to promote education-motivated students, encouraging them to get involved in their communities through volunteer service.

sashCSF also has a subdivision called the California Junior Scholarship Federation which awards scholarships to middle school students who also possess high standards.

Starting this program in middle school gives a person an advantage because you have the ability to start in the high school CSF your first semester, enabling you to have four full years. If you complete four years of the California Scholarship Federation then you can possibly get the scholarship, and in graduation earn the “Senior Swag.” The Senior Swag consists of tassels, graduation cap, and a medal showing that you completed the high school with all A’s and B’s.

In order to get into this program in middle school you have to get no C’s, 2 B’s at the maximum, and the rest A’s. Up for the challenge? If so, come and join. Get an application in Ms. Kim’s class, room 19, right away.

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Math Counts Competition 2015

Math Counts Competition

by: Carly P. and Khanh P., Staff Writers

mathcounts competition1

The exciting and inspiring Math Counts Competition, sponsored by Northrup  Grumman, was held on Saturday, February 28, 2015. The Magruder Mustangs, went to Northrop Grumman Building S to compete with 19 other schools like Manhattan Beach, Richardson MS, Casimir MS, Wolverine Cross County, and Whitney High School.  This competition lasted until 8-2:20 and, even though we didn’t do math for this whole entire time we still had a blast.
math counts partyFirst of all, during 8-8:55 we had a team check in which Mrs. Johnson signed us in and then we put on our name tags hung out with the other teams. And then at 9:00 everyone received instructions in how the math competition and then at 9:20 we reviewed the instructions. Now it was showtime, at 9:35 the sprint round begin which you had to solve 30 problems in under 45 minutes which everyone took that, counted for the individuals score. Afterwards at 10:15, we had our morning snacks which consisted of muffins. That rejuvenated our brains; then at 10:50, the Target Rounds began. The Target Rounds were a (8) questions that you had to solve under an 8 minute time constraint.

mathcounts team3

Secondly at 11:35, the Team Rounds began. The Team Rounds were a set of 10 questions that a group of individuals, (Christian L., Max M., Victor W., Carly P., Jordan N.,Virginia G.) and the team (Ramzy I.,Yadira L., Esther C., and Rita N) had to solve under 30 minutes. Afterwards, at 12:05, lunch started and it consisted of 4 boxes of pizza, a bottle of Coke and Sprite, chips, and cookies. Next, at 12:30, we didn’t get to do the Fun Round, unlike the other groups did on Friday due to the noise levels that they created last time. At 1:15, the Countdown Round began, where two people each from the top ten contestant from their individual scores from the Sprint Round went against each other, trying to solve problems the fastest than each other in a 45 second time lapse. The faster person went on to go to the Upper Round until there was 1 person standing, who then moved on to the State Regionals. The awards and trophies were then handed out to the top 5 contestants (Oxford, Whitney, Harvard, Manhattan Beach, and Casimir) at 2:30.

Overall this math competition was a very interesting experience even though we didn’t win. Magruder can take this experience to heart and know that even though we didn’t win, our accomplishment was having fun and making new friends who enjoy math as much as we do. The most important thing was that we had fun throughout this math competition. We, as math competitors, look forward to the next competition and will continue to work hard and enjoy math and use this experience for future references.


Once again thank you to Northrop Grumman for allowing this to all happen, to Mrs. Johnson our wonderful mentor who strives to lead our math army, and to Christian L., Max M., Victor W., Carly P., Jordan N., Virginia R., Ramzy I., Yadira L, Esther C., and Rita N. who are our brave mathletes leading and represented Magruder in this competition.

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Lucky or Not?

Lucky or Not?

By: Khanh P., staff writer


PAT3-1920x1200I wake up to a beautiful St. Patrick’s Day morning, the sun is shining on me, blanketing me in warmth as I arise. “Stephanie! Come down for breakfast!”

I hurry down the stairs, but unfortunately, I slip down the last few stair steps. Luckily, I didn’t get majorly hurt. My older brother came up and asked me, “Did that hurt? Did you slip on something that was ‘accidentally’ left there?”

“Luke, I can’t believe it, I could’ve been seriously hurt!” I retorted.


I sit down for breakfast, as Luke, the one who helped me slip down the stairs, joins me for breakfast. My mom made me waffles, eggs, bacon, with a bit of syrup on the side to eat. Mom then asked me, “What are you going to do today Stephanie?” I thought for a quick second, then replied “ I’m gonna stay home with you today.”

I lost my dad since I since I was two, it has been 12 years since, now, so I promised myself to spend as much time as possible with my mom. My brother added, “ I guess I will stay home at home too.” Wait, what? Why is he staying home too?


I finish my breakfast and hurry up to my room. Why does Luke want to stay home? He usually goes out with his friends on holidays. Does he want to make this an unlucky day for me? One day like this can quite possibly ruin the rest of the month for me. Gosh, this thinking is killing my head right now. I need to think of something else and relax. Right at that second, my door burst open!


“Hey! Don’t you knock!?” I screamed really loud as Luke barges in to my room. Luke replies to me, “Sorry, I just want to reassure you, I’m not going to ruin this day.” What did he just say? Did I imagine this? Luke quickly adds, “I want to spend a good day with this family today, this day has to be lucky, at least for me. I’m going to buy some ice cream, want to tag along?” Wow, this was surely unexpected, I guess he really means it. For the rest of the day, Luke buys ice cream, popcorn, and rents a good movie to enjoy with mom and I. Today was full of unexpected things. In the end, everything turned out great!

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Robotics and Tech Club Goes to Northrop Grumman

Northrop Grumman Field Trip

By: Sunbo A., staff writer


The last week in February is National Engineer’s Week.  The Magruder’s tech and robotics teams had an incredible opportunity and went to one of the greatest aerospace companies in the world called Northrop Grumman. This was a great experience for both clubs and taught us many valuable things.  Our amazing journey began as soon as we stepped off the buses and straight into Northrop Grumman.

As soon as our journey of exploring began, we split into two groups and met our amazing tour guides, who led us through everything.  Their names were Keith Burton and Eliza Velardez. These two guided us on the tour with information and much more. One surprising detail is that Eliza actually went to our home school Magruder, and so did her two sons. It was nice to have someone there from our home school.

After we were introduced to all of the tour guides, we immediately proceeded to a short video about Northrup Grumman. We were all seated in a very nice mini movie theater, with very comfortable chairs. DSCN3746During the video we saw commercials about Northrup Grumman’s evolution from the B2 bomber, to a new wing-shaped drone, to the new Long Range Strike Bomber (the bomber of the near future).

After we saw the movie, we moved to the next stop.  Our next stop was the Ingenuity in Motion and the hands-on Game Room. The Ingenuity in Motion also included a very educational hall that provided information on all the aircraft made at Northrop Grumman over the past decades. In this hall there were lots of displays of model airplanes and things to read and watch.  It was very interesting, and incredibly realistic.

We also went to the hands on game room. This game room consisted of many mind blowing technology. There were lots of games and activities to do. They all had to do with aerospace technology.  Both of  these places were brand new, they haven’t even been open to the public yet, but we were the first to actually get to experience what it was like to be in such a historical but modern place.

DSCN3764The next thing on our list was the James Webb Telescope. This telescope is not yet launched project.We actually got to see inside of the clean room where they were making the telescope.  It will take about 5 years for it to be complete. A clean room is a room where everything is clean and sanitized, even the people were wearing full body suits.They wore these so that there human bacteria will not affect anything. The reason they need to keep everything clean, is to protect the project. Any bacteria or dust can harm the object and cause major problems. Everything has to be perfect before the telescope goes to space. There is no turning back after it is launched.

After we saw the telescope we went directly to the “fab lab”. The fab lab is basically a place for fun experiments for the people working at their company. They try new things and test out different ideas. It’s really just a fun place for the engineers. The fab lab had lots of great ideas and inventions in there, but they were not yet finished.


DSCN3794Soon it was time for lunch, and everyone was anxious to see what we were doing next. When we arrived at the lunch area, there was a burger section, drink section, condiment section, and chips section. We had a great lunch and also a little surprise while we were eating. The company was having an egg drop competition. There were lots of teams and very brilliant ideas. They even had cool names like, The Breakfast Club, Eggtastics, Eggsterminator, named for the container the engineers designed so they could drop an egg without it breaking. The egg drop competition was very interesting. Employees received prizes for the best design and dropping it closest to target.

After the egg drop we toured the composite manufacturing building. This building was huge and consists of very creative things that we have never heard about. We saw how they cut material for planes, where they store these chemicals, and so much more. One surprising thing that we saw was the cutting of material. Did you know that you could cut material with water or with lasers? The reason why it is possible with water is because the air pressure in the water is so high, that it is able to cut through things. The lasers are high tech and are able to get very hot and cut through anything.

DSCN3798At the very end of the tour we took a final stop to see the manufacturing of the F/A -18 E Super Hornet Fighter.  We saw many people there putting together the pieces to make such an extraordinary object. There were many different techniques that people used at different stations, but it is amazing how everything soon comes together.They all worked as a team.

Over all this was one of the greatest field trips we have all been on. It showed us many things. They showed teamwork, great history, safety, and much more indescribably things. We would like to thank Northrop Grumman for providing their funds and their time so we could have this great opportunity during Engineers Week. A big thank you to Mr. Keith Burton and Ms. Eliza Velardez for their time and efforts in making this happen. They are also the individuals who had Northrup Grumman give the robotics club $2550.00 to improve our robotics program. We greatly appreciate this grant and the field trip.  This tour of Northrup Grumman motivated a lot of us to become a part of serving our country through engineering.

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Tech and Robotics Club Field Trip

Tech and Robotics Club Field Trip

By Dustyn C. and Eric G., staff writers


On Tuesday, February 24, both the Tech Club and Robotics Club took the unique opportunity to visit the Northrop Grumman Aerospace System to celebrate Engineering Week. There were a lot of things to interact with and many places to visit. From the museum of history of Northrop Grumman to the FA18 assembly line, there were a lot of sights to see.



Once we arrived at Northrop Grumman, our first destination was at a theater. In the theater, we watched commercials that were shown during the Super Bow. These high quality commercials showed off the original B2 Bomber and the Long-Range Strike-Bomber, which is the next-generation bomber.




After watching the commercials, we entered the “NGenuity in Motion” museum where there are a lot of things to interact with and watch. Model planes were installed at the sides for others to observe in its quality glory. Visitors were given the option to watch different videos about the history of Northrop Grumman. Games were available to play that centered around fighter jets or planning airstrikes. There were plenty of things to do for everyone to enjoy.


Once the fun of “NGenuity in Motion” was done, all the lucky students traveled to the clean room, where the James Webb Telescope was being assembled. The James Webb Telescope is the newer model of the Hubble Space Telescope and planned to be launched on October 2018. This telescope is supposed to see back in time! (How can that be? Thinking about it, if you are staring at the sun, you are staring at what it looked like 8 minutes ago.) DSCN3770They say if the telescope goes far enough, they could see the big bang!

After our experience in the clean room, we went back to the school bus on our way to the Fab Lab. That is where they come up with and follow through with ideas. They are currently working on a 20 feet tall Tetris game using robots! The Fab Lab also had 3-D printers that are used for different projects creating 3-D models of objects.


Lunchtime began once our session with the Fab Lab concluded. While students talked and ate, an egg drop competition was happening. Several teams would use different materials to drop eggs onto a target without cracking the egg. Just like a game of darts, where the dart lands is a key point to winning alongside keeping the egg safe. Teams would be rated based on maintenance of the egg, the points a team received, the materials used to keep the egg safe, and the team name.

Once the competition has begun, the audience was up on their toes! Everyone would cheer, sigh, and chant in response to the egg drop. The people were truly a part of the game. In fact, the team names were rated based on how loud the audience cheered. Everyone was clearly having a blast during the competition!

The conclusion of the egg drop competition was only another transition to another epic part of the field trip. Once the eggs have been dropped, the lucky students went to visit the Composite Lab. In the Composite Lab, the materials for the different parts for the fighter planes are made. Each part is made with the utmost quality and care, which is why the products Northrop Grumman makes are top of the line!


After our visit in the Composite Lab, we arrived in our last destination in the FA-18 assembly line. In the assembly line, the parts that were made in the Composite Lab are built into the Super Hornet and Growler fighter planes. The attendees of the field trip got to see all the hard working men and women building quality planes for the future of technology! Several plane parts and stages of construction were also explained in detail by the DSCN3797helpful tour guide. We never looked at planes the same after our trip to the assembly line.


On our way back to Magruder, everyone chatted away about the destinations we visited. From NGenuity in Motion and the telescope in the clean room to the Egg Drop Competition and the assembly line, the field trip was still as awesome in the end as in the beginning!

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Honorary Service Awards

Honorary Service Awards

By : Jenny C. and Joy M., Staff Writers


Did you go to Honorary Service Awards? If you did, well, great!  But if you didn’t, you missed out on this delightful night. Honorary Service Awards was held at North High, Saxon Hall at 6:30 pm. Teachers, students, and parents surrounded the entire gym and waiting to see the students and teachers up in the front. The place was so crowded that some people had to stand the entire time!

DSCN3839          The Honorary Service Awards kicked off with a small PTSA meeting. Afterwards, we gave roses and honored 2015 PTSA Honorary Service Award Recipients. They were Mr. “Ziggy”, who had graciously volunteered for us; Mrs. Peterson, the force behind the yearbook, the Mustang Message, and the founder of Robotics Club; Ms. Nunes, our amazing Assistant Principal; Mrs. Barker, our loving counselor, Mrs. Spellman, and Mrs. Banda, who has helped us out so much with our school.  Magruder students are very thankful to have them.

DSC_0440  There was a small PTSA meeting after the H.S.A. recipients. Afterwards, we announced and congratulated the students who have gotten honor roll 1st quarter, 2nd quarter, or both. They announced the 6th graders first, then the 7th graders, and finally 8th graders were announced. They each got a high five from Mr. Sheck personally.

There was a small break for all of the attendees and parents to get cupcakes, fondue, ( it was clumpy, but surprisingly delicious ), pretzels, marshmallows, strawberries, and pink and yellow punch. While that happened, they announced and gave awards to the Robotics Team, Olasunbo A., Carly P., Kennedy G., Eric G., Owen N., Orion O., Dylan F., and Jordan B.; the History Bee winners, Joel D. as the champion, Eric F. in 2nd place, Htet T. and Nicholas K. tied for 3rd place, and Annie C. in 5th place; The Spelling DSC_0494Bee winners, Eric G. as the emperor of this competition, AJ H. in 2nd place, and Vincent M. and Salaidh P. tied for 3rd place. And finishing it off, the Reflection Awards winner, the mighty Hannah J. whose entry went on to compete in the district and county levels. At the end, everyone exited the hall with smiles on their faces and a night to remember.

DSCN3893DSC_0486DSC_0424 DSC_0460DSCN3783 DSCN3845



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College Fair at West High

College Fair at West High

By: Alyssa M. & Sunbo A., Staff Writers


College may always seem so far away, but in reality you should always start to plan for the future. That is why people save money, look into lots of great colleges, and scholarships for their children. Last Saturday at West High School, there was an incredible college fair. This was a great opportunity for middle school and high school students, to check out and gather information on colleges they wish to go to. It doesn’t hurt to start a little early.


Different students from Magruder attended the college fair at West High. There were several different colleges such as, UCLA, USC, Stanford, and Arizona State. These colleges provided multiple sources of information for each college. They showed you many majors, their athletic department, sororities, and certain things you need to do to get in. They also handed out many useful brochures about their college and pamphlets.


Some of the kids that went from Magruder had a few things to say about their experience and so did the school counselor, who also attended the college fair. Mrs. Barker says, “The annual college fair at West High was a huge success. There were over 80 colleges and universities that held workshops and many important topics”.one student that also went, also had something to say. Sunbo said, “This fair was a great opportunity for all ages to get started on learning about colleges.  It was a lot of fun”.


You might be thinking well why should I attend the college fair if college is so far away? The answer to this question is, you absolutely, positively should. Just because college is far away does not mean that you shouldn’t think about it. Time flies by very fast, and soon before you know it your child or children will be taking off to college. It is always a great idea to plan ahead. It is better to be early rather than to be late. So definitely plan ahead. There are also lots of websites to check out so you can start learning about collages.

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The Misadventures of Sir Bike and Mr. Sweden

The Misadventures of Sir Bike and Mr. Sweden

Lylianna L.; Staff Writer


The year was 1836, Sir Bike and Mr. Sweden were arguing, as usual, during this activity. Mr. Sweden hated the walk to the bakery and Sir Bike never quite understood why. Mr. Sweden refused to talk about his loathing for the thing, but Sir Bike just wouldn’t let it go.

“I demand to know why you hate the walk!” Sir Bike yelled.

“It is none of your business Sir Bike,” Mr. Sweden quickly responded.

Sir Bike wanted to know what happened that made Mr. Sweden hate it so, but they had arrived, so he saved his questions behind clenched teeth. The door creaked open.

“Ms. Owl are you here?” They called out in unison.

“It was my turn to ask!” whined Mr. Sweden.

“You said that last week!” Sir Bike retorted.

“Here so soon? I only just started preparing your pie orders,” Ms. Owl asked as she stepped out of the kitchen in her small bakery.

Sir Bike almost instantly let his anger drift at the thought of Ms. Owl’s baking. She always had something a little extra in her cooking that made it worth the long walk here with Mr. Sweden. No other bakery could even capture the essence of what Ms. Owl did.

“Ms. Owl, didn’t you get our orders from us last week?” Mr. Sweden questioned.

“Of course I did, but you’re a day early. They will be done tomorrow,” Ms. Owl said kindly.

Sir Bike and Mr. Sweden headed for the door. “You can’t leave at this hour you’ll never make it home before dark. You’ll have to stay here, with me,” Ms. Owl reminded.

“I do apologize for any inconvenience we have caused you Ms. Owl, but I simply cannot accept,” Mr. Sweden pleaded. Ms. Owl walked over to Mr. Sweden and flicked his forehead.

“I said stay,” Ms.Owl said soundly. She just wouldn’t let the duo leave. “I can’t let you leave because you could be taken by the cold or by criminals. We wouldn’t want that now would we?”  They agreed, and so the two, Sir Bike and Mr. Sweden sat down in her small apartment above her bakery. She gave them tea and fresh bread for their troubles.

“Ms. Owl why are you being so kind to us?” Sir Bike questioned.

“I was always taught to be kind. It’s the one of the only thing my parents left me when they disappeared. I can’t stop being kind or sell this bakery because running the bakery and acting this way is now my only connection to them. I don’t want to lose that,” she quietly replied staring into her cup of tea.

“I’m sorry I asked,” Sir Bike said apologetically.

Ms. Owl was actually happy he asked, she didn’t have to carry as much of a burden being the only one that knew her parents were gone. No one noticed because the bakery was still open and Ms. Owl was still her cheery self. Nothing changed, so why would they care? It was only a baker and his wife, not someone important like the butcher or the blacksmith. Ms. Owl had been alone for a very long time. She was very young when they disappeared. She woke up one day and they were just gone. No way to know where they went, just gone and they never returned. Here she is six years later and Magnolia Owl is still here, waiting.

Sir Bike stood, setting down his tea, “How can you live like that? Not knowing what happened to them. You’re alone! No one should be alone in the world! Ever!” he almost shrieked at the end.

“Sir Bike, I’m not alone. I know that they’re out there somewhere. As long as I have hope and believe that I’m not alone, I’m not really alone,” she calmly protested.

Sir Bike understood where she was coming from, but he couldn’t let her be alone in this world. He would do everything in his power to make her experience happiness again… true euphoria. Her eyes were slowly becoming dull and he never wanted to see her with all her hope gone. Sir Bike vowed to himself he would never see that sadness in her eyes, if he could help it.

Mr. Sweden started apologizing for Sir Bike like he always has to, but Ms. Owl hardly paid any attention to him.  She was still looking at Sir Bike, waiting for what he would say. Sir Bike then broke the silence between the three, “We have to go on an adventure!”

“Now?” Mr. Sweden asked questioningly.

“Of course! We must find happiness!” Sir Bike yelled.

“Happiness is not something you find Sir Bike, it is felt,” Ms. Owl reminded.

“Fine. We’ll find something that makes us happy! We must start right away. Get ready for the time of your lives!” Sir Bike said before stepping out into the dimming sun.

“He’s as mad as a hatter,” Ms. Owl whispered to herself.

“All the best people are,” Mr. Sweden said before following his obnoxious cohort.

Ms. Owl sat for a while thinking about what Mr. Sweden said before he disappeared into the night. She had never met anyone so interesting, so amazing, so free.

She decided she would become like Sir Bike. She will stop waiting for her parents and go out into the world and find them. No more meaningless waiting. She will be somebody. The bakery was easily forgotten. She had a true purpose now and she would take it. She ran into the rising sun to find her friends.

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STEM Conference for Middle Schoolers at El Camino

S.T.E.M. at El Camino

By: Bryan L., staff writer

stemstuconf_tn_200Did you go to the STEM Conference at El Camino in January? The STEM Conference was for middle school students and was a one day event to inspire students to see how interesting and fun math and science can be.

El Camino Community College actually has a lot of STEM programs for young students.  One is the STEM Young Scholars Summer Program for high schoolers, which is a free four week program offering presentations, field trips, activities, workshops, and guest speakers from related science, technology, engineering, and math fields.


The one day annual January conference for middle schoolers is  part of “The El Camino College STEM Project” and“Upper Hand to College”, and both aim to increase the participation, retention, and advancement of students in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM)”.

On Saturday, January 31st,  I attended the STEM conference at the El Camino bookstore building.   Students, grades 5-9, experienced a fun, inspiring, and motivational day of “empowerment”.  We engaged in hands-on STEM related activities and seminars, met and connected with STEM role models (people working stem4in STEM careers), and we became aware of the wide variety of career opportunities in STEM.

The student workshops we attended included:

Hot Air Balloon Design

Fun, Science & Root Beer

Engineering Design Challenge

stem2Crime Scene Investigation

Parents were invited to join our parent workshop “From Student to Scientist: Paving the Way.” This workshop provided best practices for helping students transition from middle school to high school and prepare for a career in STEM.

We listened to a scientist who examined evidence to find out who did what crime, such as murder and stealing. She told us about the ways they solve the crime cases. We then had a raffle of two prizes like gift cards and college clothes.

We then went to our first activities, mine being the cool idea of making a ball made of borax and glue. There was one activity that I wished I could do: they show how to make our own root beer.

After our first activity, we had another raffle and then had lunch.  We then went to our second activity, which was our choice. I participated in a competition of engineering: protecting as much water in the cup as possible. We then got prize of our choice. After that activity, we did a survey to see what we enjoyed and what they should improve on.

I would say that this was a great experience, since we learned new things while having fun. This is a great event to come back to if you are in the 5th through 9th grade. Come next year to the second floor of the bookstore, but you’ll need to sign up first on El Camino’s website. There is an admission of $10.00, but it’s worth it.

Come next year to see what they have to offer!

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Spongebob Sponge Out of Water Review

Spongebob Sponge Out of Water Review

By Eric G.; staff writer



As you all know, the new Spongebob movie is out.  People are anticipating finally seeing the group out of water, but don’t expect it to be as it was advertised.  The movie was around one hour and thirty minutes.  So, in the movie, this pirate gets a book that whatever he writes in it comes true.  Underwater, plankton tries to steal the formula using a tank/plane/giant robot and fails.  He tries to bribe him, but realizes he only has one penny left. Plankton uses a decoy and hides in the penny to get into the safe, gets out, but Spongebob catches him touch footand while he is taking it away, it disappeared.  The city thinks Spongebob teamed up with plankton, and Spongebob blows a big bubble and they float off. Because there are no Krabby patties, Bikini Bottom goes apocalyptic.


tajThey travel back in time, trying to take the formula back, but they fail. They try to go further back in time, and meet a dolphin that watches the universe.  The dolphin named Bubbles trusts Spongebob and Plankton to watch the universe while he went to the bathroom. While he is in the bathroom, Jupiter and Saturn crash into each other and explode. Bubbles realizes, and almost get killed. They go back to the apocalypse, and they try to ‘please the sandwich gods’ by sacrificing Spongebob. Mr. Krabs stops the sacrifice because he smells a Krabby patty.


They go an adventure and see that it was coming from the surface. They start walking up, but they remember… THEY CAN’T BREATHE AIR!! They turn around, but Bubbles goes to them, thanks them, and gives them the power to breathe air. They get banished to Pelican Island with a page of the magic book. They write on the page, get superpowers, and went back to get the formula. They went back with the formula, lost their powers, and everyone was happy.


Sorry to burst your bubble Spongebob, but your movie was not that good! The plot was decent, but there was so much false advertising that it was so hard to tell! The movie was too complex for kids 6 and under. I give it 6.5 out of 10.  My final suggestion- a lot of people hated this movie for good reasons. It wasn’t the worst, and I’m not stopping you from seeing it, but there are many reasons you shouldn’t.

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The 6th Grade Spelling Bee

The Spelling Bee

By: Jordan N. and Tony Z., staff writers


S-p-e-l-l-i-n-g B-e-e. For all those who seem to have a knack for spelling correctly, it’s that nerve-racking time for the sixth grade kids to spell some words. The moment you have been waiting for, it is time for THE 2015 MAGRUDER MIDDLE SCHOOL SPELLING BEE!

This Spelling Bee is a competitive and an intense competition where kids spell the letters of words. Ms. Jaeger, Mr.Ross and DSC_0074Ms.Yung were the ones who were doing the competition. Ms. Jaeger and Mr. Ross were the ones who were saying the words. Ms. Yung was the one who was seeing if the words were correct. There were some hard words, but these people were able to get through it. This year the competition was very intense, but now I present to you the winners:



1st place

Eric G.


2nd place

DSC_0088A J H.


3rd place

Vincent M.


DSCN0953Salaidh P.


4th place

James E.


Joelle J.


Haskell M.


Sharallene T.


Justin W.


Eric’s winning word was “hospitable.” A J missed the word “vivacious.” This was in round 7. The 2nd place winners got out in round 5. The third place winners got out in round 4. The total number of contestants was 48. “It was intense and I didn’t die,” Eric said. “Everyone in the Spelling Bee did a good job, but some words were just too much to handle,” Haskell said. No matter who won or lost, everyone tried their best to spell out words and it’s not easy spelling words in front of everyone. Sometimes you just have to spell the word how it sounds. The point is, we should congratulate everyone who at least made it to the cafeteria competition.

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Henninger Flats Comic Strip Story

Henninger Flats Comic Strip Story

By: James S., staff writer


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Valentine’s Day Confessions

Valentine’s Day Confessions

By: Jenny C. and Lylianna L., Staff Writers


          *beep* *beep* *beep* *slam* Oh, pumpernickel. It’s today. The day, where I, Mia Stephans, will pronounce my love to him. Yep, Danny.


I get out of bed, gulping down some water. I think about how I’m going to do this crazy thing. It’s so scary, thinking about all the ways I can be rejected. Mia! You have been planning this for a month now! It’s been four years since you’ve had a crush on him! You can do this, I thought to myself.

I spent a solid 20 minutes getting my hair tamed and curled, and then another 10 minutes trying to make my teeth as white as those Colgate commercials. Ugh, the effort to making yourself pretty….I now understand the pain of beauty. Gosh, how long is it going to take me to do my make-up, hair, and figure out a decent outfit?!

I wobble into the kitchen, trying to break in the heels without killing myself. Gives me some height though, turning me from 5’2 to 5’6.

“Mmm… Do I smell some chocolate pancakes with bacon on the side right now?” I say, almost hovering to the stovetop.

“Yep, you sure are.” my mom says, eyeing my outfit. “Why are you dressed as if you are going to a party?”

“Um… I can be pretty when I want to be! Is it illegal or something?”

My mom gives me a skeptical look, questioning me. “Anyways, what are you going to do for Valentine’s Day?”

“Just go out with Dylan, shopping. That’s all.” I say, making sure I didn’t say too much. “Thanks for the pancakes and bacon though.” I savor each bite, thinking about how the day can end.

Ah, here I am, at Carmelo High, standing in front of the steps. As I walk up, my palms start sweating. Oh pumpernickel. Did I go over-the-top? What should I say? What happens if I say something so dumb that he just stares at me? What happens if I trip while walking up to him?! I should’ve picked flats.  My best friend, Dylan, ran up to me and hugged me.

“Holy jujubes! You look so pretty! I have to take a picture of you to commemorate this day!” my friend screams, looking frantically in her forever big purse to get her mint Polaroid camera. “Pose!”

“Is this really necessary? It’s embarrassing…” I say, posing.

We walk to our first period, Chorus, talking about how I’m going to confess to Danny. We have 5 more periods until we have one with him. Good thing we have the same classes together. I wouldn’t be able to wait without her!

Snack starts, and Dylan ushers me to my locker, which is conveniently next to his! Oh pumpernickel, he’s coming.

“H-h-h-hi Danny!” I say nervously.

“Hey Mia! You look, nice today.” he says. Nice? Is that good? Bad? Oh pumpernickel, I’m way too confused.

“Thanks. Um… can I ask you something?”

“Yeah, what do you need?”

“Um… I-I-I-I’ve… l-l-l-liked…” I stammer, when all of the sudden, Lyli pops out of nowhere.

“Hey Danny! I need to show you something from my locker, now!” she says to him, giving me a look over. “Go before me though, I want to talk to Mia for a sec, OK?”

“Yeah, sure. See ya Mia.” Danny says. He walks away, looking a bit confused at what just happened. Lyli turns to me, giving me this nasty smirk.

“What were you planning to do with Danny, huh?” she says to me. “Look at you, you look barely different from usual. Were you planning to ask him out or something?  Because if you did, he’d say no right off the bat.  Listen, he’s mine, and mine only, you understand- loser?”

“I’ll never know unless I try, Lyli. I’ll bet he’s gonna say yes,” I say, standing up a bit straighter.

“Well, I’ll bet he’s going to laugh in your face and walk away!” Lyli says, laughing at me.

“Let’s set a deal then, if you’re so sure. If he says yes to me, then you have to go and ask out Stewie, the hairy freshmen, on the school speaker.  On the other hand, if I don’t get accepted by Danny, I’ll be the one who has to do the punishment. Deal?”

“Deal. I’m so going to win this. Get ready to ask out Hairy Stewie, loser.” Lyli says, flicking her bright red hair and strutting to her locker. Oh god. What did I get myself into?! As I stare into my locker, I see someone running to the other hallway. Great, soon everyone will know that I stupidly challenged the Lyli Evans, queen bee of the school. Pumpernickel, I’m such an idiot.

I’m walking to 6th period in my gym clothes, getting really nervous. Should I have brought him something to get him to say yes? A thought pops up in my head about Lyli. Ugh, I absolutely hate her. She stopped me every time I tried to sit next to Danny or ask him something. At the library, she’s there; at the lunch benches, she’s there; at his locker, she’s there! I’m grateful she’s not in this class; it’s my only chance to ask him.

Dylan and I run around the field, gasping for breath, yet talking about how annoying Lyli can be, when we see Danny.

“Go! It’s your chance! Shoo!” Dylan says.

“Wait, do I look like a mess, or good?” I say, worried about my hair.

“Nope, you look amazing. Now get over there girl!” Dylan says, pushing me and slowing down. I start increasing my speed, finally catching up to him.

“Hey Danny!” I say, waving to him. He slows down just enough to catch up to me and my pace.

“Hey Mia!”

“Can I ask you something? I haven’t gotten a chance to.”

“Yeah sure, what is it?’

“Well, um…will you meet me up at our lockers at the end of the period?”

“Sure! I’ll be waiting for you. Anyways, how hard was the test for you? It was so hard.” We keep talking until it’s the end of the period. I quickly get my stuff and run to my locker. I get there earlier than I expected, so I open my locker to put some extra perfume to make me a bit less ‘after PE’. It’s been about 5 minutes, so I feel a bit anxious. Wasn’t Dylan distracting Lyli?

I turn to the corner when I see Lyli and Danny talking to each other. My heart instantly sank. My mind goes through so many insecure thoughts. I feel tears forming on my eyes, and I don’t care anymore about my make-up.

Danny turns around to see me crying, running towards me.

“Mia, you don’t understand I-”

“I get it, you like Lyli, I get it. She’s amazing and pretty, so she is your choice.” I just want this day to stop; this is too much for me.

“Mia, I like you. I’ve always liked you, ever since the first day we met. I want to go out with you.”

“R-r-really?” I sniff.

“Yep. Let’s wipe your tears.”

“OK.” I say, instantly smiling.

“OMG! I am not going to ask out Hairy Stevie!” Lyli says, stomping away.


So, I guess I’ve learned my lesson. Straight up ask your guy… and he might just say yes!

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All Is Fair In Love, War, And More War

All Is Fair In Love, War, And More War

By Dustyn C.; Staff Writer

kiss a geek

Chapter 1: The Beginning Of An End


Valentine’s Day. Otherwise known as “Keep Calm Because Love Is In The Air” day. Today’s the day when missiles, in the forms of flowers and cards, become ninja stars. Pink, instead of red, sheds from the losers who remain single. And I’m bound to be a victim.

“Hey, mom! Where’s the pocket knife!” I yell as I get ready for the apocalypse to come.

“Oh no! You ain’t goin’ to school bringing any weapons!” She yaps back at me.

“Can I at least bring my shield?” I ask, confident.

“Oh no! You ain’t goin’ to school cosplaying!” She yaps at me.

I leave the house a few minutes later, vulnerable. I look around the neighborhood to see if any people are readying themselves for war. One person from sixth period brought a rose and cheap cologne. I could tell it was cheap by its misspelled label: “Good Clogne 4 Hoot Men.” Maybe he bought it in an alleyway.

Another person from my fourth period brought a box of chocolates. It was gold and heart-shaped. I could tell that the box was expensive. The person even brought a letter with him. I couldn’t make out what the words were, but I was eventually able to read a few words: Or Else. I could tell that he was desperate.

I finally arrived at my school. Winteress High School. The time it took to get there was quicker than I imagined, but that’s probably time itself telling me to walk back home. I sighed as I walked into the entrance, with only the sight of hearts to see.

“Hi, guys! Principal Tinder here with your morning announcements! As you can see, today’s Valentine’s Day! The day when being stereotypical is actually a good thing and sappy poetry becomes relevant again! School will resume as usual, but remember, Valentine’s Day is how you want to celebrate it!” the speaker said, as I sat down in my assigned seat, moaning and thinking of the events to come.

Weirdly enough, school did resume as usual. There were no spin-the-bottles in odd corners of the school or PDA for teachers to eradicate. No student passed a card to anyone in class nor was chocolate eaten in secret. Everything was sane, which made me feel insane. The school couldn’t be this quiet, especially on Valentine’s Day. Until lunch, that is.


Chapter 2: Jason & My Love Life


Silence. Pure silence. Love might be in the air, but the cries of single men is bound to be much louder.

The bell rings for lunchtime. All the kids run out the doors of their fourth period, leaving behind the scent of perfume and cologne that smelled like something from the Dollar store. Chaos is going to happen.

As I walk to the cafeteria, guys and gals are seen flirting and confessing one’s affections. What kind of an idiot says that they love someone beside the principal’s office? Once I walk in the cafeteria, I realize that I’ve spoken too soon.

“Um. Uh. Hm. Let me think for a very long, non-suspicious, time,” my friend, Jason, responds to a girl who confessed her love for him. Jason’s cool. He’s fit, and kind, and outgoing, though his grades are as bad as a baby’s impersonation of dubstep.

“Hey, friend. Brother. Companion. Can you give me hand with the situation?” Jason asks me, pointing at the girl who wants his affections.

“Um, Monica. There’s a man selling illegal candy by the hallway.” I say to her. In response to the mention of the fake event, she restlessly races out of the scene and into the hallway.

“Thanks for that. I’m not good at rejecting others softly without going to the hospital and explaining my love life to a doctor who doesn’t know what an iOS is,” Jason praises, ”Hopefully I don’t have to suffer through that scenario again.”

“You just jinxed it,” I say with a sigh, “Don’t worry about it, though. Just say that there’s some random older teen celebrity in need of CPR or something. They’ll run out of your vision in the blink of an eye.”

“Thank you so much for that advice,” Jason expresses, ”Now, do you need help with your love life?”

“Nope! Leave me out of this psychopathic warfare!”

“Aw, c’mon! As cliché as it sounds, there are tons of fish in that vast ocean we call life!”

“What makes you think that I’d be fit to date one of the many stereotypes in this school!?”

“You know, you’re a stereotype yourself! You have a sweet core behind all that coating of sardonic attitude. I bet I could find you a gal to run to the sunset with by the end of the day!”

“Yeah, right. Welp, I’ll see ya later. Good luck with finding a girl to fall in love with my critical viewpoint of society!” I leave the cafeteria, walking backwards without a single weird look from anyone because they’re too deaf with rejection.

For the rest of lunch, I simply walked around the hallways, looking at all the dumb attempts boys make to woo girls into their arms. Some won, but most of them lost. I’m not surprised that almost all the boys would attempt to pursue the plastic blondies of Winteress High School. No wonder we have a bad reputation.

I was simply minding my own business watching valentine fails consecutively, and for the most part I was amused. I liked being alone, watching rejection happen before me. Nothing could stop me!

“Stop right there!” Jason exclaimed from a distance behind me, “You aren’t going anywhere!”

“What do you want?! I’m trying to entertain myself with the sorrows of others!” I ask angrily.

Jason grabbed a wrinkled paper from his pocket and replied, “I found your dream gal!


Chapter 3: Dream Girl?


“Wait? What?” I ask, confused, “How could find a girl so quickly?!”

“Well, she came up to me! She was all like, ‘Where is he?!’ and it was so cute in every way!” Jason explained. I was skeptical, but intrigued nonetheless.

“Who are you talking about?” I slowly asked, raising an eyebrow.

“Monica!” Jason said with bright enthusiasm, “She clearly want you!”

“Yeah! She wants me dead! You know she hates liars!”

“C’mon! She’s cute and smart! I bet your relationship could last at least a month!”

“You are decreasing chances of me dating someone just by saying that a relationship can’t last a lifetime. If a couple is destined to fade faster than the relevance of the Backstreet Boys once the early 2000s started, why should a couple be made in the first place?” I explain in severe detail.

“Fine, whatever. Live a life without love!” Jason says in frustration, “I don’t care! I give up! Raise all the white flags!” He walks back to the cafeteria, grunting softly. I don’t know what his problem is. I think it’s completely fine to live a single life. No obligations with a wife and children. No extra taxes to pay for a child’s future. Just me, myself, and I for eternity!

“There you are!” I hear from a distance. The angry, feminine voice sounded all the more familiar. It was definitely Monica.

Monica dashes up to me with an angry smirk on her face. She was apparently carrying a soup spoon that was obviously from the cafeteria kitchen. I attempted to run away, but there were dead ends all around me. I’m done for.

“This is what I do to liars like you!” Monica yells as if it were some kind of battle cry, which it was, in a sense. She holds the spoon in the air, ready to strike. All I do is crouch down in fear. What a coward I am. When she just inches away from me, still yelling in anger, she does the unthinkable.


Monica, reluctantly, gave me a soft kiss on the cheek.


That. Was amazing. It felt weird. Insane. Like a TV show that’s cancelled right after its last season ended on a cliffhanger, except this was different. The feeling of her soft lips on my cheek wasn’t what weirded me out. Her cute but still furious smile that she pulled off for about half a second after kissing me wasn’t what weirded me out. The fact that she kissed me in the first place was the shocker.

“Liar!” Monica yapped at me, walking away to her fifth period classroom. The bell rang soon after that. I was going to be late.


Chapter 4: The Aftermath


After what happened at lunch, we couldn’t talk. Normally, she would come to me to be her anger management consultant or therapist, because of her obvious anger issues. Sometimes I might come to her for advice on how to stand up for myself, or for self-defense actions. Now, I can’t talk to her without a heavy amount of blush sprouting across my face and neck. It drove me insane!

In the end of the day, I had to talk over what happened between us. After school, she had detention for punching the janitor for judging her mismatched sock.  So when she’d go out the entrance, that’s when I’d talk to her. Luckily, that’s exactly what happened.

“What do you want?” Monica asked, looking away.

“Why did you do it?” I asked her, “Why did you do… the thing?”

“What ‘thing’?”

“The thing that happened at lunch!” Mentioning ‘lunch’ caused her to blush hard.

“I…I don’t want to talk about it!”

“C’mon! I’m like your anger management guru! Your teacher in sanity! You can tell me nearly everything!”

“Nope! Not budging.”

“Ai! Okay, can you at least list any influences for you to do the ‘thing’?”

“Um. Uh. Hm. Well, your friend was one of them.”



          “Thanks for the info! Now, what was the deal with the spoon?”

“Oh, that! Well, I was going to use that to hit that friend of yours after he told me to do it!”

“Do you still have that spoon with you?”


The End!

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I Want Candy on Valentines Day!

Valentine’s Day Candy         

By: Khanh P. and Hong-Tran D., Staff Writers


valentine lolli

valentinesd day choc







Valentine’s Day is coming up! That means candies and roses! The most important thing for most of us is candy during Valentine’s Day. There are many types of candies to eat during Valentine’s Day and many ways to present your candy. There are lots of candies out there, that is why you should always choose wisely.We asked a couple of people what their favorite candies are they said.“I like the heart shaped candies because the messages make me feel happy” says Carly P. “I like the chocolates because there so many types to eat” Jenny C.


valentine decorated            The most common type of candy during Valentine’s Day is the candy hearts. You might see many people eating them. Some people give out heart shape boxes of chocolates. Hershey’s sometimes make a Valentine flavor version chocolate. There are other types of candies that can be good for Valentine’s Day. Candies like fun dip, pixy sticks, heart shaped lollipops, valentine’s day rice krispies treat! You can enjoy all these treats during valentine’s day. “I like fun dip because they’re fun!” Khanh. We conducted a survey with chocolate, candy hearts, and lollipops. Chocolate valentine heartswon by 8 votes, followed by candy hearts with 3 votes, and lollipops with 2 votes. Chocolate is indeed the most common type of candy

So there are many types of candies to pass out for your family, friends, and loved ones. Enjoy your valentine’s day with chocolate, candy, strawberries with chocolate, lollipops, the possibilities are endless. Spend time eating all these delicious sweet valentine chocvalentine rice krispytemptations on valentine stawberriesValentine’s day. Most importantly, spend time with your loved ones eating chocolate and candy together. Give out gifts like roses and hand made items. Your family will enjoy the handmade gifts. You can give out candy with a handwritten card. You can insert a heart shaped lollipop inside the card.

Happy Valentine’s Day! Enjoy those sweet treats! Enjoy your gifts from your loved ones!



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History of Valentine’s Day

History of Valentine’s Day

By: Joy M. and Lylianna L., Staff writers


Did you know that nearly 150 million cards are exchanged each Valentine’s Day? That makes Valentine’s Day the second most popular card-sending holiday, after Christmas!

“Each year on February 14th, many people exchange cards, candy, gifts or flowers with their special valentine. The day of romance we call Valentine’s Day is named for a Christian martyr and dates back to the 5th century, but has origins in the Roman holiday Lupercalia,” according to writers.

Is this a holiday that usually reminds you of love when you hear it? Well, the origin of it was more about a man wanting to keep the sanctity of marriage! Father Frank O’Gara of Whitefriar Street Church in Dublin, Ireland, tells the real story of the man behind the history of Valentine’s Day, Saint Valentine.

Most people believe that Saint Valentine was a priest who lived around 270 AD and he found disfavor with the Roman emperor, Claudius II who lived around this time. Romans were shocked when they found out a new law where Claudius banned marriage from Rome. The emperor had trouble recruiting enough soldiers into his army because soldiers couldn’t marry. Claudius banned marriage in hopes of encouraging soldiers to take on numerous loves without commitment, so potential soldiers wouldn’t worry about wives and children when off in battle. When Saint Valentine saw the overwhelming sadness that young lovers were facing and that they lost all hope on getting married he was greatly disturbed. Therefore, he planned to help them. Though the law said that marriage was prohibited, Saint Valentine could not bear to see others in such misery. So Saint Valentine chose to help young lovers marry secretly and he performed ceremonies for them at a Christian church in hope that Claudius wouldn’t find out.

Saint Valentine eventually was caught and was imprisoned and tortured for performing marriage ceremonies against the command of Emperor Claudius II.  “In the year 269 AD, Saint Valentine was sentenced to a three part execution of a beating, stoning, and finally decapitation all because of his stand for young lovers to be joined together in marriage.”
As Saint Valentine was in prison, he was approached by Asterius, his jailor. Saint Valentine wrote his last words to Asturias’s daughter because he was aware that she was blind. It appears that Saint Valentine actually helped in some way, healing the blind daughter. The Catholic legend indicates that he did this through his strong faith. He inspired today’s admirers by signing a letter to her saying, “from your Valentine.”

According to, “The idea of encouraging them to carry on their vows within the Christian church was what Saint Valentine was all about. Saint Valentine has come to be known as the patron saint of lovers because he wanted to help people marry in Christian churches.”

All Saint Valentine’s intention was to get couples to have a Christian marriage and have a relationship with God. Over the years it changed and it became to be known as a love holiday because Saint Valentine was encouraging young lovers to be joined marriage.




History of Valentine’s Day. (2009, January 1). Retrieved February 13, 2015.

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A Mysterious Valentine’s Day

A Mysterious Valentine’s Day

By: Alyssa M. and Hong-Tran D., Staff Writers


It was the week of Valentines Day, and I was at my locker.  I opened my locker and something strange fell to my feet. It was red and had pink hearts on it. There was also a rose attached. At that moment I froze and became terrified.  So many questions popped in my head. Who was this from? Were they watching me? How did they know this was my locker? My mind was filled with unanswered questions. What am I going to do?

After the whole incident happened I was in a state of confusion all day. I wasn’t really worried, but I was curious. Who could have sent it? I wonder if my friends just sent it as joke. I wouldn’t be surprised if they did pull this prank. They’re always playing jokes on me. I think they’re trying to get back at me because I also put a fake valentine in their lockers. It was the end of fourth period and I was on my way to the lunch area. I see my friends and asked them if they were the ones who put the valentine in my locker, but they just said no and started laughing. Even though they said no, I still had a suspicious feeling.

The next day I got to my locker as usual and once again a valentine fell to my feet.  To my surprise it was anonymous again. I shoved the valentine in the back of my locker and walked away angrily towards the girl’s bathroom. To my surprise my friends were there. As soon as I walked in they all questioned me, rapidly.  They asked why I was so mad, but I just began to walk away. The whole day went downhill from there. I failed my science test, forgot my math homework, and stepped in mud during PE.

I went home and made a list of possible suspects. At the top of my list was my group of friends. They were always doing stupid stuff like that. Next was my older brother. He’s an eighth grader and he’s probably trying to embarrass me, as usual. The last person could be someone who actually likes me. So I’m not sure yet.

The next day I went to my locker again. A paper heart falls out. Who could have sent this? People started staring. “What are you staring at?! I exclaimed.  Mind your own business! PLEASE!” I slammed my locker.

A girl suddenly came up to me and asked “Who’s that from?” I was so mad I tore it up.  Then suddenly, my brother comes out. He says,” What’s going on?” He gives me a funny look. He notices there’s a crowd and sees the torn up valentine. He then says, “ Um, I might have put that in your locker.” I am filled with anger and I feel like screaming. Then I can see he knows I’m not playing around. He says, ‘ It was only supposed to be joke. I didn’t think it would go this far.” He apologized to me and said he make it up to me by buying me a chocolate bar. I was still mad, but I was relieved that I finally found out who was sending the mystery valentine.

This is one Valentine’s Day I will never forget. All of the confusion was exhausting. Don’t worry, I’m definitely going to get him back. It’s going to be something way worse. I always had a feeling it was him.

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Love is in the Air

Love is in the Air

Staff writers; Jordan N. and James S.

holding hands

It was a chilly and cold February. I looked at the calender, and I nearly fainted. The day marked the 14th of February. I just couldn’t get her out of my mind. Every time she walks by, I start day dreaming.

My name is Jonathan. It was Valentine’s Day and I am worried that I will stay friends with the girl I like. The friend-zone is a terrible place. Especially with Gracie.

At home I was making Valentine cards for everyone. When I made Gracie’s card, I put on hearts and stickers. Ironically, I forgot to put my name on her card. It’s dumb luck that Gracie likes to find out who her ‘secret admirer’ is. Point being, I often accidentally do something right, and mess something up when I try to do something good. When I walk into the kitchen to eat my breakfast, I notice that my cellphone was on the counter. It was on.“Someone called you this morning.” says Mom. I wondered who called me. I was getting curious. Wait! What if it was her?

Well, I wasn’t about to stick around to find out. I grabbed my stuff and quickly left.  The bus arrived and I walked on the bus. I found a empty seat. I glanced up a bit and saw Gracie. She was on her phone, as usual. I wonder if she will ever find something better to do. Texting is very addicting in my grade. It is like you are in a different world once you press that first button. The bus arrived at school. People were still on their phones while walking. Dangerous, huh? I remember when a car almost hit a crowd of kids when they were on their phones doing nothing but texting. At least I don’t get a phone till I turn 13.

As I enter the building I see someone getting stuffed into a locker. Nothing unusual here. Suddenly, I feel the need to stop the bully from this inhuman act. I walk up to him and say,“Hey kid, knock that off. It’s the 14th, so show some love, will ya?” Gracie sees me do this, which is very ironic, since I always mess things up when she’s around. The bully just grins and walks backwards into a mop water container. Gracie starts laughing, and so do I. Man that moment was so awkward. I almost died of embarrassment because of it. The bell rang, and we ran to our first period.

“Okay class.” says Mrs. Redwood. “Time to pass out valentine cards to your fellow students.” I nearly explode. I forgot my cards in my locker! I raised my hand. “Um, excuse me, can I get my Valentine cards?” I said nervously. “I’m sorry, but you need to be more responsible,” Mrs. Redwood said. Well, at least the world isn’t ending. I still have 5th period to give it to her. What a relief.

Finally it was lunch, and the first thing I did was get my Valentine card for Gracie. I ate my lunch, waited till the bell rang, and went to class. There she was. I walked up to her. I didn’t know what to do. If I give it to her, then she will know I like her. I panicked a little. I was just standing there, looking like a fool. I handed it to her quickly and walked away going inside the class. Many thoughts filled my head. I couldn’t concentrate on Social Studies, not that I cared, but it was better than what I’m experiencing now.

What will happen when she finds out I have feelings for her?  I looked at her, and she glanced at me. It was a long period. I didn’t really get what the Egyptians even did in their life. I walked out of class and saw that Gracie was talking to her friends. I froze when she looked at me. She started walking towards me, and I started choking. I didn’t know what I was going to do, so I just quickly walked over to my next class.

I was exhausted after the emotions I have gone through, but then I realized that my last period is P.E.  When will this pain ever end? Running and more running. It seemed as if I was going to faint. I was finally finished my mile. I was catching my breath as soon as everything was dark. Everything was very faint, like if I was going to sleep.

I opened my eyes and find myself in my bed. I hear scared voices outside of my room. My parents must be worried. I walked out of my room. Next thing you know it, my parents start running at me giving me the tightest hug. “We were so worried,” said mom in relief. Well, I’m fine now, but what happened?

“You see, you fainted during P.E.,” my dad said. I couldn’t believe it. I never faint from exhaustion before. I guess today was very stressful with all the valentine cards, but not only that, I still don’t know what Gracie was trying to say about my card. I just wish I could read people’s minds. But that’s not how we were made, but I still remember as a young kid how I’d wish I could just somehow know what my mom and dad is thinking. It started when I was five. All these thoughts would fill my head. Not my thoughts, but other people’s thoughts. I wondered if I still could do that now, with Gracie. Anyway, I needed to rest. If only I knew…knew how she felt about me.

The next day is Saturday. Ahh. Finally, it’s the weekend. I can take a break from everything that has happened to me in the past days. I am also going to the movies, to watch a movie titled, Alone. The creator of this movie is Jason Stewart, who seems to be making a movie about kids my age.  I wonder if this movie might just help me with my social problems. As I pull up at the movie theaters I think about all the snacks in the food court. I can pig out all I want just as long as no one I know is around. I walk into the doors I see Gracie standing right in front of the ticket line to the movie I am watching. How anti-climactic. Usually my life stories aren’t this great. The only con of this is now I can’t pig out. Oh well. When I sit down, I unexpectedly sit down right next to Gracie. “Hey, aren’t you the one who gave me the valentines card with all the stickers?” I freeze. I can’t say another word, or I will ruin my chances (Like I have any). “Well, are you?” she asks.

“M-may-ay-be.” I manage to say. “Don’t we all get them on Valentine’s day?” I ask.

“Yeah, but the special one that had the fancy fonts and hearts and stuff.”

“What if I said yes?” I say.

“I don’t know.” she says.

“Then why bother ask if you don’t know what you’ll say next?” I ask.

“But are you?” she asks.

“Yes, I, I, uh, I did.” I say.

“Well, I liked the card.” she says with a smile. I’m thinking, “Man, just imagine how nice it would be to call her my girlfriend. She’s nice, smart, and honest.”

“Well, what kind of people do you like?” I ask.

“I like people that are nice, smart, and honest.” she says.

“Hey, I do too!” I say. (No, I didn’t really say this, but I wish I did.)

“I don’t like those people that play games on the courts and out on the grass. They are mean, ignorant, and liars. They curse, cheat, lie, and steal. Are you like that?” she says.

“No. I-I would never do that stuff.”

“Good, because you seem like a pretty nice guy. We should hangout more often.”

I’m thinking, “Man, I just can’t believe the words I am hearing from this woman. She thinks I am nice, smart, and honest!”

“Okay.” I say.

“Oh, and I don’t have any snacks for this movie. I knew I shouldn’t have trusted my sister to get them.”

“Hey, I can share these snacks with you.” I say.

“That would be nice.” she says.  I’m thinking,”Yes! I fulfilled her first quality: being nice.”

“Well, do you like popcorn?” I ask.

“Yes.” she says.

“Well, here. We can share this.” I get out a bag of popcorn and put it on the armrests next to us. The movie goes on. I like the movie too. It’s kind of sad. Our hands make contact when we put our hands in the bag of popcorn. I start crying in the middle of the movie.

“Don’t cry.” she says. “It’s just a movie.”

“I know. I’m just sensitive to these kinds of things.” I say.  I’m thinking, “Thank goodness Mom is waiting outside of the theaters and going to pick me up at the end of the movie. She would’ve embarrassed me.”

“Well, I think you are a really good person.” she says.

“Well-uh-um-uh thanks.” I say.

“Well, we could do this again, maybe?” she said.

“Well, we had a good time, so…” I say. “So, possibly.”

“Well, maybe we should stop starting our sentences with W words.” she said.

“Right.” I said with a smile.

The movie was over, but I wish I had more time to spend with Gracie. Suddenly, Gracie comes up to me and kisses me on the cheek and says,“See you on Monday.” I didn’t see that coming! Wow!

I feel like I’m floating on air. I can’t get over the fact that this “unexpected date” went so well. Maybe this love business is a good idea.

To be continued…


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Celebrating Valentines Day

How to Celebrate Valentines Day

By: Alyssa M. & Sunbo A., Staff Writers


This February it is all about Valentines Day, the most loved time of the year. During this time of the year everybody is decorating their homes and getting gifts for the people they care about. Getting Valentines Day cards from your friends and the people you care about is always fun. When you think of Valentines Day you always think about the four basic things; party do-it-yourself, gifts filled with love, places to go, and activities to do.

You can always throw a little Valentines Day get together with your friends. To decorate you can do some cute and easy d0-it-yourself decorations, that will make your party pop. One decoration that you can make at home that will not cost to much is heart banners to hang up. You will need paper and scissors to cut out the heart shape. Another great and easy d0-it-yourself is a mason jar with a flower bouquet inside. All you need is a mason jar, a few flowers, and paint. You could also add your own touch of a red ribbon tied around the top.  Another thing that you always need in a party are party treats.  There are many treats that you can choose from and make yourself.  For example; chocolate covered strawberries, red velvet cookies, heart shaped cinnamon rolls, and much more. All of these ideas for party treats and how to make them can be found at You could make these treats at home with your friends.



One place you can go and visit during Valentines day is the Banning Museum. The Banning Museum holds its annual Valentines Day Tea and Tunes. It will take place in the historic stagecoach barn from one to three. They will serve tea and sandwiches on antique tea sets. There will be live music and special tours of the museum.

Another thing that is also available on Valentines Day is the El Capitan Theater. They will be screening Lady and the Tramp. They will also be serving a candlelight dinner before the movie. It will be catered by Micelli’s. You can choose between spaghetti with marinara sauce or spaghetti with meatballs.  To accompany that, you will also be given garden salad, mini rolls, and canoli. The cost will be between 9-13 dollars. This lasts from February 13-19. For more information you can go to this website,

It doesn’t matter how you spend your Valentines Day, as long as you spend it with the people you care most about.  Hopefully you can use a few of these ideas, that will definitely make your valentine happy.

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Valentine Comic

Valentine Comic

By: Dustyn C.


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Before Spring…

Before Spring

Lylianna L.; Staff writer

amazing-photography-winter-1Before spring there is winter. People take winter for granted because it’s frigid temperatures and dark skies, but it can be beautiful.

Winter isn’t bad,  it’s transition. Winter is between the times of autumn, the harvest, and spring, the time of new life. Winter is the time of rejuvenation, when the animals rest and the flowers wither and fade only to sprout again months later more vibrant and with a stronger fragrance.

Winter is that refreshing breath of cold air that chills all the way down to your lungs.

Winter is snow and wishes. Winter is the end of a long year of goals that need to be reached dreams that need to be fulfilled.

Winter is original. Winter is unlike any other thing I have ever known. It creates beautiful works of art in nature.

Winter is for those who like the cold and the feeling of having a hot cup of tea in their hands while watching the sun rise. Winter is what you make of it and it is the most important season there is. Winter is not for the faint of heart. It is the time of year for the dreamers, the ones that know that there is something more, just out of their reach.

Winter is for those who haven’t given up that dream of something more, something better. They are optimistic. They are so energetic and very inspiring. They know what they want to be. They know who they are. They are the best version of themselves.

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Crossy Road Review

First Crossy Road Review

By: Bryan L., staff writer



“Want to play an interested game called Crossy Road?” Be careful, just warning you -it’s super addictive!

This extraordinary game, made by Hipster Whale, is like Frogger, with a twist of its own. The new twist is that you can get characters through a prize machine that gives you characters, but you must get 100 coins. The difference between Frogger is that it doesn’t have individual levels, but it does have different environments like: day, night, desert, snow, etc., depending on what character you use. For example, the Disco Zoo brings a bunch of animals that do block you on the way, but once in a while you will get a disco ball to come out and every animal starts dancing.

What is your objective? Your objective in this game is to get a high score of any number avoiding cars, trucks, the eagle, and the water. You try to collect coins on the way while you dodge every obstacle. Need to know how to earn coins?  Well, here is the first and simple step is to collect your prize after you die once. You will get a random amount of coins.  The other way is by going in the game and looking for coins on the map and land on it to obtain it.

How do you collect characters? You can obviously collect characters from the prize machine, but the other way is when you play there may be characters on the map which you can collect if you land on it like the hipster whale, gifty, and more. Sometimes you may find them but not all the time.  And you can get the same characters over and over again,but it will say Try Again !

The graphics are pretty good because it is in HD.  I am sure that you will enjoy the graphics and be pleased with no bad lag.

There was a new update that added three new characters called the fortune chicken, xi, and Cai Shen.When you use these characters it brings you to a new biome that brings you to China.

Here is a few tips about the game because I know you want to hear about the flea. In my opinion, the flea is not the best because- first, it cannot go under the cars and second, it has a higher chance of getting hit.  My favorite character is the xi because you can see fireworks blow up and collect these New Year’s money packages are on the ground. A final tip is that you should wait until the cars are gone and calculate the amount of times you tap the screen to get across the street.

I would rate this game a 9 because you don’t get a new character every time, but it makes it more challenging, so it doesn’t get too boring unless you have all the characters.

Second CROSSY ROAD Review

                        By:Tony Z., staff writer

 Zepedacrossy road 2.0

Why did the chicken cross the road? About everyone in the world knows the answer to this cheap joke, but a game recently came out called Crossy Road made by Hipster Whale, where you play as a chicken who…um…well… crosses the road.  This game has a lot of similarities with a game called Frogger which is an arcade game released in 1981.

You play as a chicken in this game who for some reason wants to cross the road. Maybe it’s to get to the other side? Ha, ha, ha! Jokes aside, this game is fun to play. Although I did mention that this game  is a lot like the game Frogger, it also has a lot of its own unique gameplay mechanics, like for instance you get coins from playing the game and you can put these coins toward buying new characters from a winding machine, these characters are selected randomly and it cost 100 coins to get a character. You get coins by playing through the game because you can collect them when you see the coins. Also you can collect them after you die, because a free present is available which allows you to get a random number of coins and you can also watch a video to get coins too, but you usually don’t get that many coins from the video.

crossy road (1)

Another unique feature with this game is the characters. Now, with a game like this, you would expect only one playable character, but NO, there are sooo many characters to play as, I can’t even name them all(there are over 70 characters). There are animals, people, and monsters, also not to mention a new update recently came out which lets you play as Chinese New Year characters. But the cool thing is that some of these new characters can have a unique ability, like for instance the dragon can sometimes breath fire on cars. Or the celebrity makes people with cameras appear taking pictures of her. Or the Fortune chicken can set firecrackers off. Also the environments. Depending on the character, you can get different environments, like the zombie which makes the environment dark or the ghost who makes the background dark, except for him because he’s glowing. Or Frankenstein makes everything black and white. Or the koala, which make the whole place a dessert.

The graphics have sort of a Minecraft style but it looks more 3-dimensional than Minecraft. I think that the graphics fit this game perfectly. Now, the gameplay. You are supposed to cross the street without getting hit with a car. Also you have to cross lakes on logs and lily pads and sometimes, even train tracks. Your goal is to get the highest score by how much you move. The gameplay is very simple but is really fun to play and has a lot of replayability. I also can’t find many flaws with this game.

Now, lets get on with the flaws in this game. One flaw is the fact that you can sometimes get a character that you already have from the winding machine. This happened to me before. Also, not to mention the game could get repetitive if you play it for too long. This is a game that you might not play for 3 hours straight, but you play for maybe 30 minutes to have fun.

So, now the question everyone is asking, should I get this game on my mobile device? My answer is, YES. If you have a apple or android device, what are you doing right now reading this, GET IT RIGHT NOW! C’mon it’s a free game to get and it is definitely worth it because its very addicting. It also teaches us one thing. Don’t walk in the middle of the street while cars are going by without a crosswalk.


Don’t Be a “Chicken”-Get This Game!








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Ultimate NES Remix Review

Ultimate NES Remix Review

By Dustyn C., staff writer



Are old games old? Of course they are! Why not make them new again? That’s what Ultimate NES Remix does with numerous first-party games from the 80s and 90s for the famous Nintendo Entertainment System! With tons of games and challenges galore, today’s the perfect time to get this game for your 3DS (if you have one)!

The core gameplay of Ultimate NES Remix is doing small tasks from classic games from Super Mario Bros. to Excitebike. Sounds simple, right? However, the game does plenty of things to mix up how you do the tasks. You might need to play a level of Donkey Kong in the dark or play Super Mario Bros. 3 with clones around you. Whatever the game does, you need to be up for anything!

Ultimate NES Remix is fun. Simple as that. The challenges the game throws at you are always fresh and exciting. The classics the game “remixes” are all well-known, so if you’ve played some NES games or at least seen them, you’ll be right on track! Newcomers to the NES would feel right at home with the game, since Ultimate NES Remix is easy to control. The tasks you complete are short and simple in many instances, so people shouldn’t feel pressured.

However, Ultimate NES Remix is not without its flaws. The game lacks content in some areas, since some of the “remixed” games have as little as 10-13 stages! Because the short length of some games, the game could be finished in a few hours. Luckily, the game has some really good replay value.

The extra modes of the game aren’t that special, either. One mode, Speed Mario Bros., is basically Super Mario Bros. on fast forward, and another mode, Championship Mode, is just “how many challenges can you complete in a few minutes” with all the games.

Even with the lack of effort on extra modes and small amount of stages for some games, Ultimate NES Remix has enough fun to justify a $29.99 price. The game has tons of tasks to complete in its main mode, and will keep you glued to your 3DS for plenty of sessions. Because of the fun factor and challenges throughout the entire duration of the game, Ultimate NES Remix deserves an 8/10!

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PTSA Cookie Dough February Fundraiser

PTSA Fundraiser

Staff writer: Jordan N. and Sunbo A.


       You might wonder why hasn’t Magruder had any field trips lately? Well, the reason is because we did not meet the goals of our Fall Fundraiser. The first major fundraiser, which PTSA counts on for the majority of money for the student body, did not make the goal of $25,000. We, as a school, need to participate in our fundraisers and try our best to sell so that we can have great programs. Think of it, as kids we want field trips and fun activities. Hard work always pays off. Our next fundraiser will be next Thursday. We will have cookie dough as sales items, and much more. The PTSA Committee has put cookieDSCN2850 dough back in the market because it makes great sales. In our Fall fundraiser, we replaced cookie dough with gift items, but it turns out that we didn’t have a big success. We need to make $8,000 to pay for field trips, plus $2,500 for the 8th grade gowns.


During our Fall fundraiser we made $15,000., but our goal was $25,000. total. During this February fundraiser we need to sell, sell, sell. Everyone has approximately 2 weeks sell as much as they can. With the cookie dough there are a few pick up times and locations. The cookie dough will be delivered March 19th, and should be picked up by parents or kids after school. If you don’t pick it up within three hours, it will thaw out and it won’t be good anymore. Other gifts will also be available at the pick up sites.


Our fundraisers will help out with some upcoming events like field trips, dances, the move-a-thon , Magruder Madness Day, 8th grade events, and much more. This fundraiser will help us get all of these things and even more, so I advise all of us as one big team to come up with the money to improve our school. All you have to do if you don’t want to go all out is sell 8 items just to improve your school. Lastly, if we don’t get at least $8,000, all three grades won’t go to the LACMA field trips.

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Blood of Olympus Book Review

Blood of Olympus Book Review

By: Khanh P. & Carly P.;staff writers


download    An adventure book just released in Fall of 2014, written by the one and only Rick Riordan! This is one of the books that many people have been waiting for. To avoid spoiling this book, I won’t include major details of the book. The Percy Jackson Series is one of the best series in the 21st century. Many people still debate today on which series books is better, Percy Jackson, or Harry Potter. And this is not the last book Rick Riordan will write, don’t worry. Rick Riordan will be writing a new book series, which is notified in the last few pages of the Blood of Olympus. It is still unknown if Rick will continue the Percy Jackson series, but his career of writing great adventure stories won’t end, at least not just yet.


the-blood-of-olympus-cover            Many people probably expect that this book is like the Divergent series, but it’s not; this is an adventure fantasy book. Unlike the Divergent and Harry Potter series, Blood of Olympus takes you through many unexpected things, where your breath can be taken away as you read. For those who never read the Percy Jackson Series, it is highly recommended for you to read this book. At the end of every single book, it’s a cliff hanger, luring you to read the next book. Many people on campus enjoy the series and are looking forward to reading the Blood of Olympus.


The Blood of Olympus will take you through one of the best adventures that Percy Jackson experiences along with his friends, Annabeth, Jason, Frank, Hazel, and Nico. This book will conclude the blanks that everyone is dying to know. Along with that, new unraveled mysteries will appear, causing you to be on the edge of your chair the whole time you read.


The Blood of Olympus is quite possibly the last book in the Percy Jackson series. Join Percy on his last prophecy adventure. You won’t be disappointed when you read this book, with it’s many endless surprises and expected factors.

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Maze Runner Movie and Book Comparison

Maze Runner Movie and Book Comparison

BY Ayssa M. & Carly P.; staff writers

Have you ever wondered if books and movies are similar? Well, movies and books do have similarities and differences. The Maze Runner is a series. There is a total of three books and a prequel. This is the order of the series The Maze Runner, The Scorch Trials, The Death Cure, and The Kill Order. These books are basically about a group of teenagers who are trying to find their way out of a huge maze. All of these teenagers lost their memory and all they can remember are their names.

One of the major differences between the book and the movie was that Thomas and Theresa are not able to communicate telepathically.For example, in the book while Theresa is in a coma she’s able to communicate with Thomas where as in the movie the first they talk to each other is when she’s out of the coma. Talking about Theresa she didn’t stay in the coma as long as the book because stays unconscious throughout a third of the book. In addition, the last major difference is that when the Grievers attack they kill about half of the Gladers because in the book the Grievers take out one Glader a night.In the movie the night when the grievers attck they kill Alby, but in the book Alby dies when they are fighting off the Grievers trying to make it to the Griever Hole.

Secondly, novices of movies should get your pants on because were naming the minor differences to impress your friends. In the movie Alby and Thomas get along pretty well compared to how Alby treats Thomas in the book. In the book Alby treats Thomas pretty harsh evry since he arrived to the Glade.In additon, when Alby,Thomas, and Minho are in the maze during the night Minho is braver in the movie than the Book. Because in the book Minho automatically leaves Thomas to fend for himself even though Minho knows the Maze by the back of his hand. However, in the movie Minho stays to help Thomas secure Alby before fending for themselves.

In conclusion, the book and movie of The Maze Runner is a great way to relieve stress because it’s action packed along with a fun spot the difference game between the movie and book. Enjoy watching and reading the series.

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Dumb Ways to Die 2 Review

Dumb Ways to Die 2 Review

By: Bryan L.; staff writer



What is Dumb ways to Die 2? It is the second game by Metro and is based off olympic and regular sports. There are 5 places you can go to, but Adrenaland is construction based on extreme sports. The other areas are called Freezerville, The Dumbest of the Dumb, Dumb Dome,and Drown Town.This game is for people 10 and up. Warning! This game does have blood if you lose a life that is why you must be 10 and up!!!

In this game, you always start with 3 lives and you want to try your best to get the most points and see how well you did in the world.

In Freezerville, all the challenges are related to a winter olympic sport except for don’t lick the pole, yeti grooming, and swipe/tap to close all the doors and windows. Every game you do it will tell you what you are supposed to do.Every time you complete a certain amount of games, the time and speed will go faster. It is the higher the points, the higher the speed. My favorite game in Freezerville is Don’t Lick the Pole because you just have to leave your screen alone and it is the most simplest game there.

In Dumb Dome, it is based on olympic sports based on athleticism. The funniest game is the baton relay because you give T.N.T and you just watch him blow up. One game that isn’t based on athleticism is where you try to tie someone’s shoe. My favorite game in Dumb Dome is the lightning pole vault because you have to swipe up on the yellow area unless you want to get struck by lightning.

In Drown Town, the sports are based on swimming and what you should do to follow pool and ocean policies. The games there are strange, but very fun. The games that are the best are the 100m piranha freestyle and shark jumping because they have a funny ending when you lose. The hardest game there is Dolphin Rodeo because you have to balance by tilting to stay on the dolphin.

In Dumbest of the Dumb, you are tested to see how many points you can score get a character with the use of tickets. You must score the amount it says to spin the wheel of misfortune to get your character to go on your map.All games in here are all the games in the whole map.

I would rate this game a 9.5/10 because this game would receive a 10 if adrenaland came out, but overall the graphics and gameplay are good. Last but not least, you can get this game for free on  ios and android.

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The Hobbit The Battle of the Five Armies Review

The Hobbit The Battle of the Five Armies Review

by:Tony Z; staff writer

The Hobbit The Battle of the Five Armies

Warning! This Review spoils the first 10 minutes of this movie!


After seeing the second Hobbit movie in the Hobbit movie trilogy, I was excited to see the next movie, which would be the final movie in the trilogy. This mostly was why I was excited to see it because of the fact the movie was left off at a cliffhanger with the dragon, Smaug. But in the new movie he is only in for 10 MINUTES in the beginning of the movie. This sucks because the dragon Smaug was one of the main reasons why I wanted to see this movie, but now that you’ve heard this incredibly long backstory, let’s get on with the actual movie review.

This movie starts right where the other movie left off, which was The Desolation of Smaug. As you recall in the last movie, Smaug was going to the village Laketown to attack it, so that’s where this movie starts. He burns down some buildings, people run away, but he is eventually killed by Bard with an arrow that goes through the one part in Smaug’s chest that isn’t covered with a scale. This is only 10 MINUTES into the movie and Smaug is already dead, that’s a bit of a disappointment for me. In the meantime, Bilbo and the elves have all the treasure in the Lonely Mountain, but then Bard who is now assumed as the leader of Laketown comes with the Elf king to ask for treasure that rightfully belongs to them.

Things escalate as Thorin tells them both no, because in this movie it shows how Thorin changed.  He assumed himself now as the king of the dwarfs and has grown very selfish, which is why he doesn’t want to give any treasure to the Elves or the Laketown people. Eventually a great war commences of five armies, made of up of Bilbo and the Dwarfs, the Elves, the Laketown people, the Orcs, and the Durin people because Thorin wants to stop the Elves and the Laketown people from taking the Lonely Mountain treasure from him AND the Orc king wants to kill Thorin so he joins the battle AND Thorin’s cousin Dain joins the battle for a reason that I’m not even sure of(I think it had something to do with him not liking orcs). I feel like this character was also crammed into the movie at the last second. So, basically the story of this movie is that Bilbo and all the other dwarfs must fight a huge battle against four armies to stop The Lonely Mountain from falling into darkness. Hence the name “The Battle of the Five Armies.”

The story is okay for me, but doesn’t follow the book very much, but you should be okay of that by now because the trilogy doesn’t follow the book very well. Honestly,I feel that they crammed this story in to make this movie as long as the other movies.

The action in this movie pretty good and the CGI is good too. This is a big budget movie and although some big budget movies have bad CGI, I can assure you, the CGI is good for this movie. I can also say the acting is good too. Martin Freeman seems just how I would imagine Blibo to be. Someone who started as a coward(which is how he was in the first movie), but became very courageous(which is how he is in this movie). Also, Ian Mckellen does a great job as Gandalf.

So, is The Hobbit The Battle of the Five Armies a good movie? Well, it is. It has good acting, good action, and good CGI. The only thing that I think holds this movie back is the story. I feel like they kind of crammed it in for the last movie to make it as long as the other movies, some characters also seemed crammed into the movie too(cough, cough Dain). Not to mention, the story isn’t as good as the other movies which is why this movie is an 8.5/10. Honestly, out of all three movies in the trilogy, the second one is my favorite, which is The Desolation of Smaug, but I do recommend this movie to anyone who saw the last three movies, because trust me, this movie is worth your time. The release date for the DVD is March 2015.


One REVIEW to Rule Them All!


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Big Hero 6 Movie Review

Big Hero 6 Movie Review

By: Jordan Nguyen; staff writer



Do you want to see what a genius can do? Do you want to see the impossible? Then you should see Big Hero 6. Big Hero 6 is a computer-animated comedy that gets you full of excitement. There is just one thing to say about this, can you make a robot suit?

Hiro, the main character, is a 13 year old boy and a child prodigy. He is very smart in robotics, physics, and biology. When he goes to his brother, Tadashi’s, museum, a fire happens and Tadashi tries to rescue his professor, but doesn’t make it out alive. Hiro has to find out who caused the fire and put a stop to the person who stole his invention, microbots. Microbots are little chips that can do anything you could think of. Hiro must get them back before things get out of hand.

bighero6.2       What Hiro does is recruit four other heroes from the lab to help him find the criminal. You might be wondering, what can a bunch of nerds can do? Well, they create super suits with super powers that go with everyone’s personality. For example, a guy named Fred likes monsters and destruction, so his suit is a monster that breathes fire. Baymax also gets a suit. The only thing is what does the criminal want? You must watch the movie to find out.

Big Hero 6 is an excellent movie. It had so much action that I never noticed myself standing up at the movie theater. There were some funny moments to entertain you a little bit. There is also mystery that is behind this movie. The setting goes with what is happening, like when the heroes are in a car chase, the setting is very dark and the music is very fast. I recommend Big Hero 6 as a movie that is full of action, comedy, and a sad movie in some of the scenes. You must watch the movie to experience what it is like to be Hiro.


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Five Nights at Freddy’s 2 Review

Five Nights at Freddy’s 2 Review

By Staff Writers; James S. and Haskell M.

five nights2

Release: On September 12th, Scott Cawthon (the creator of Five Nights at Freddys) released a teaser for the Five Nights at Freddys 2 game that was going to come out soon. When November 10, 2014 came around Scott Cawthon said that the demo of Five Nights at Freddys 2 will be coming out the next day. On November 15 the game was released for Android, then on November 20 it was released on iOS. On December 2, 2014 the game was released on Windows Phone.


five nights1          Storyline: Welcome to your new job, as a night guard, at the new, and improved Freddy Fazbears Pizzeria. Where not four animatronics roam, but six! These kid-friendly animatronics are very happy in the daytime, but when nightfall comes and everybody leaves, its your job to watch the cameras as the nightguard. As you can see, there are old animatronic remains in the parts and service room. We use them for spare parts. They shouldn’t have the ability to move, but anything can happen. You aren’t the first one to be the night guard here. The other night guard finished his shift early, because he was complaining, about animatronics trying to get into his office. I know, that is probably impossible, but just incase, you get a empty freddy head, a flashlight, and a music box. Wind the music box up, because it affects an animatronic. The building will not run out of power, but your flashlight will. The animatronics names are Old Freddy Fazbear, Old Bonnie, Old Chica, Old Foxy the pirate, five nights 3Toy Freddy Fazbear, Toy Chica, Toy Bonnie, Toy Foxy, and Marionette (The Puppet). We also discovered the animatronics were never given a proper night mode, so when they see nothing but darkness, they go where the people are. That is your office. You can also use the flashlight to stop a few animatronics from coming in as well. Well I wish you good luck, and remember Freddy Fazbear’s Pizzeria is not responsible for death, or dismemberment.You should be golden. Well good luck.


I rate this game 4.8 stars, because it gives you a laughing sensation after a jump scare. I took out 0.2 of the rating, because your office isn’t very vast, although it gives you a chance to make a creative strategy. The price is $2.99 to $3.99. It makes you think of saving power and using it wisely. Five Nights at Freddy’s 2 gives you a survival sense as well. Play this game, and believe me, you should be golden.

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The History Bee

The History Bee

By : Jenny C. and Lylianna L., Staff writers


It was a very nerveracking time, but it was also very exciting and fun.” ~ Alyssa M. The buzz in the air, markers writing the important answer that could let them win, the cheering in the crowd. The History Bee was something that no one can forget,not the participants, not even the crowd. There were 30 competitors, 10 from each grade. The Best of the Best was there, but there could only be one winner.


The Participants

6th Grade :           DSC_0850

Caden S.

Judel An.

Zach S.

Timothy B.

Kyle C.

Salaidh P.

Joelle J.       DSC_0842

Jiro C.

Vincent M.

Eric G.


7th Grade :     DSC_0862

Jason J.

Annie C.

Htet T.

Alyssa M.

Carly P.

Etenesh A.    DSC_0838

Benjamin I.

Veronica G.

Daelyn A.

Kirby N.


8th Grade :    DSC_0837

Nick K.

Kevin O.

Sean M.

Joel D.

Jake H.DSC_0871

Eric F.

Dinh D.

Eric H.

Jenna F.

Max M.


Round 1 : the Whiteboard Round

“ The History Bee was a fun experience in which I will never experience ever again.” ~ Carly Phu. Round One, aka, the Whiteboard Round, was a killer. Many of the participants were knocked out of the History Bee because of it. Questions like “ Who’s face is on the ten dollar bill?” was asked in the Whiteboard Round. The top 10 participants that made it to the semi-finales were Daelyn A., Carly P., Annie C., Jason J., Etenesh A., Eric F., Kevin O., Joel D., Nick K., and Htet T.


Round 2 : Semi-Finales, Spelling Bee Style

It was a very intense battle, but also very fun and I enjoyed it.” ~ Eric G. Round Two, or the Semi-Finales, was different from the Whiteboard Round. It was Spelling-Bee style, or when each contestant was called up and had to answer a question orally. Questions like “ What music was played in the 1920’s by Louis Armstrong?” were asked.  Many people lost to the wrath of the questions, but 4 of them made it. They were Joel D., Nick K., Eric F., and Htet T.


Round 3 : Final Round, Spelling Bee Style

“ There was a time where I was disappointed, but besides that, it was very fun and a great challenge.” ~ Annie C. The final round, the round where the 4 finalists will hope to win this year’s History Bee, a very important time for them. At the end, Joel D. won the History Bee, and the overall name of “ the History Bee Champion.” Eric F. was the smart and lucky student who placed himself as the 2nd place winner.


The History Bee was a competition fit for the best history geniuses out there. Of course, only one person could be the champion, and that person was Joel D., eighth grader, with Eric F., eighth grader, as the runner up.  Congratulations to not just them, but to all the participants of the History Bee. Do you have what it takes to win the History Bee?


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A Night in Walmart

A Night in Walmart

By Eric G. and Haskell M.


It was a Saturday, I was at home laying on the couch, and watching TV. My mom came in the room and said, “Want to go to Walmart with me, instead of sitting on the couch all day and watching this TV?” I replied, “I’m fine, plus Walmart has nothing fun.”. “Come on Jacob, it’s only for like 30 minutes.” my mom said. I sat there for a second thinking, if I should say yes or no. “Fine.” I said. I got up and stretched my legs and arms. Then I walked to my shoes, and slid them on, then I grabbed my jacket, and said, “Lets go.”. My mom replied, “Ok”, as she opened the front door.     We got in the car, and my mom put the key in the ignition. We then put our seatbelts o and the car started moving slowly. I looked out the window in sign of boredom. My mom said, “You’ve been really tired lately is there something wrong?.”  “Just a lot of projects due this week.”. 5 minutes passed, and we arrived at Walmart. It started to rain when we entered the store. My mom said, “ I will be in the food section, you can go to the toy section.”. “Ok”, I replied. “Oh meet back here in 1 hour ok?”. “Ok mom”, I replied, as I checked the time, and set the alarm on my watch. I walked away, and looked at the signs above the aisle. I saw the word Toys on one sign and headed towards that aisle. I was at the aisle when I saw a couple other kids looking at the toys. I saw Nerf Guns, dolls, footballs, board games, and much more. I was interested in the Nerf Guns, so I looked at them. I saw all sorts of Nerf Guns. Short ones long ones, ones with attachments, and even a turret! Time went by really fast, and as I know it, it was already 6:00. Oh snap I thought in my mind, it had already been 2 hours! I looked at my alarm, and it was set for 5:00 A.M.. I ignored that, and ran to the front of the store, and my mom was not there.. I looked around, and I remembered what she said, “I will be in the Food Section.”. I ran back inside the store, and looked at the signs briefly. I finally found the words Food Section imprinted on the sign in white.     I ran down the aisle as fast as I could, and checked the time. It was 6:10 P.M., and then I tripped. “Ahh!”, I yelled as I tripped. I got up and I felt a burning sensation on my knee. I looked at it, and I realized I slid on the ground, and torn some of the skin off my leg. It was only a little bit though, but it still stung. I got back up and saw a couple grownups staring at me. One lady said, “Are you ok?”. “Yes.” I replied. Then I started running again, still with some grownups staring at me, and looked at the faces briefly. I didn’t see my mom, and didn’t know what to do. I  then walked through all the aisles, and still didn’t see my mom. Man I thought, did she forget I was here? Or did she have to run back home due to an emergency? I should ask one of the managers. I walked up to one of the checkout people and said, “Can I use your phone to call my mom?”. The guy replied, “Sorry kid, but I don’t let random kids use my cellphone.” I just turned and walked away frustrated at him.   I wondered if my mom would, be looking for me in the Toy Section again, so I made my way towards it for the 3rd time today. I was just sitting next to the toys in the aisle waiting for my mom to come eventually, so I can get out of here. I was tired, and I checked the time, and I was sitting here for about an hour. I was very hungry, and thirsty, but still very tired. I pulled my jacket over myself as a blanket, and closed my eyes. I woke up to a noise, that sounded like a loudspeaker, and I heard faint words saying, “Walmart is closing in 5 minutes.”. I tried to pull myself up, but I was still tired, so I just fell back to sleep.     I woke to darkness at first, then my eyes fully adjusted to the darkness of the store. I thought I was dreaming when I realized I was actually stuck inside Walmart, alone. I stood up slowly, and first was kind of dizzy, but hungry, very very hungry. I walked slowly to the Food Section, and saw all sorts of food. I grabbed a bag of Doritos, and didn’t care if I got in trouble. I opened the bag, and a fresh scent of Doritos made me so hungry that I dug my hand in the bag, and pulled out a lot of chips. I narfed the chips down, 3 at a time. I felt better after finishing the bag. I then walked away from the Food Aisle heading towards the Drink Aisle. I was at the Drink Aisle, thinking of what to drink. I looked around, and saw the big gatorades. I grabbed the Glacier Freeze flavored Gatorade, and chugged the whole bottle. I then sat down, and realized that I was in a Walmart at night, basically stealing food, and drinks from the store, but I  still didn’t care. All I cared about is trying to survive in this store, and or get out. That was weird I thought, wouldn’t someone have came and woke me up telling me to leave the store? No I thought, the employees here were probably not very responsible, and probably neglected this place, but whatever. I got up took off my jacket, and put it down on the floor. I looked hard for a way out of this store, but still couldn’t find an exit. I tried the vent I was too small, I tried the sliding glass doors, but they were off. If I really wanted to get out I would break out through the glass. Well I thought theres no exit, and I guess I will be in here for a… night.     I was walking back to the Food Aisle when I saw a Sleeping Aisle. I ran there, and when I looked down the aisle I saw pillows, comforters, couches, blankets, and all sorts of sleeping goods. I realized a night in Walmart wasn’t as bad as I thought it was. I grabbed a pillow, and a blanket, and another blanket, and walked to the Food Aisle. I put the blanket down as a comforter, and the put the pillow down, and then pulled the blanket over myself. I closed my eyes, and thought about my mom. She must be very very worried I thought. Oh no! She probably thought I was kidnapped! Did she call the cops? I began to worry, as thoughts of what could have happened raced through my mind. Hopefully it will all be ok… hopefully. I was tired after all the worrying, so I layed my head down, and fell fast asleep. I woke to a voice that sounded familiar. When I opened my eyes it was bright, and blurry. I then stood, up quickly, and that was a big mistake. I got lightheaded then fell to the floor again. I heard sirens, and now multiple voices. I heard one rough voice say, “Ma’am he will be ok, I think it was a mistake that he got locked in here.” “Ok” said a worried voice. I stood up again with all my strength this time, and the blur went away. I heard more voices and they all said, “Are you ok young man?”. “Yes.” I replied. I looked around for a minute noticing that policemen were here. I asked, “What happened?”. The police officer replied, “Someone broke in last night.”. “Really?.”. “You think we’re joking kid?” The police officer said. “No sir.” I replied. My mom all the sudden came rushing towards me, kissing my forehead, and hugging me. She said worried, “Where were you?!”. “I was in the Toy Section, the whole time, and I accidently set my watch time for 5:00 A.M., instead of P.M.”. “It’s ok, I also forgot that you were with me.”.  We walked out of the store, and I saw a hole in the glass. Someone really did break in? How could have I not heard the alarm go off? Man I must have been tired, anyways time to go home, and get back on the couch. I walked in the car my mom got in the front seat, and we slowly drove home. Home sweet home.

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Tech Club

Tech Club

By Dustyn C., staff writer


Are you interest in the vast possibilities of technology? Want to experience technology with your friends? If so, Tech Club is the place for you! Every Wednesday from 3-4 pm, people arrive in room 10 to learn about different areas of the field of technology.  Mrs. Nowak and Mrs. Fischer are the instructors and have new lessons and hands DSCN0454on activities every week.


DSCN0449DSCN0457         Tech Club discusses topics such as careers involved with technology, coding, and basic robotics. We are currently creating robots using the motors of phones and pieces of toothbrushes similar to HexBugs. Tech Club has also managed the Hour of Code here at Magruder! There’s even more to come for Tech Club this year, since we are still going to learn more about robotics and coding throughout the entire year and beyond!

DSCN0447          Does any of these technological activities interest you? Luckily, there is still some open spots for the club as of this writing! You better hurry up, though, because openings to join Tech Club are going fast. Talk to Mrs. Fischer if you are interested in joining Tech Club. See you there!

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The Winter Dance of ’15

The Winter Dance

By. James S. & Haskell M.;Staff Writers


DSC_0020 Friday night at about 3:00, on January 23rd, was the greatest moments of our lives. If you missed out on the Winter Dance or just want to re-live the moments, don’t stop reading this.

At about 3:00, only a few people were in the building. All the snacks were set out neatly. You could smell the sour punches and chips. DSC_0039 It was as if the snacks were calling out, “I want to be enjoyed…” Snowflakes and snowmen lights were projected on the walls. There were a whole bunch of balloons all over the ground waiting to be mangled by us. And they were.

At about 3:15, people were arriving and the place was ½ full. Balloons started flying DSC_0022relentlessly around us. people were drinking Pepsi and other carbonated drinks. People were eating chips. The bass was so good, I could feel it on my chip bag. People were inconveniently placing their soda cans and water bottles every spot they seem familiar with.

At about 3:25 or so, the suggestion paper DSC_0030opened up to the public, and mostly girls wrote suggestions. If ya ask me, mostly songs girls like where played. There were some boy songs to, just in case you were wondering. Most of the snacks were gone at this point because about ¾’s of the people were in the cafeteria. In my opinion, DJ Ozzie only played songs in the Pop genre. Now I like Pop and all, but it kind of gets old DSC_0068after a while.

At about 3:45, DJ Ozzie was raffling off gift cards. A few people that won were James S., Daylon C., and Yaire Z. You could have won a $10 Amazon gift card, a $5 Starbucks gift card, and much more.

At about 4:00, more people won, and in my DSC_0080opinion, this was the time when the better and lesser known music was played. At this time, the snacks were running low, and a few people started to leave.

At around 4:30, people were getting tired and leaving. Too bad they had to miss out on all the fun. more names were called, and more people got prizes. only ½ of the people DSC_0067were still in the building. the party started to die down, but the music kept going. Pretty soon the party will come to an end.

At around 4:45, the only people that were left where the people who still had stuff in their lockers they need to take home. However some of us were still here no matter what. DJ Ozzie was playing slower tempo songs around this time, coincidentally or purposely.

At around 5:00, the party came to an end, and we all went home. The music got stuck in our heads so when we got home, we could still DSC_0115hear the music.

Well, that was how it all went down. Next year, hopefully we can have another one.


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Jr. Human Relations Ambassadors

 Jr. Human Relations Ambassadors

by: Alyssa M. and Hong-Tran D., Staff Writers

DSCN3427What is Jr. HRA? Jr. HRA is an organization filled with students who sign up to become leaders for the school. Ms. Barker is in charge of the HRA club. Jr. HRA has meetings every other Mondays. Students in HRA are first trained by Ms. Barker. Jr. HRA has been helping with OBS (Operation Back to School), Renaissance programs, Back to School Night, Winter Dances, and Open House.

There are lots of people in Jr. HRA and they do their best to help with events and participate in them. The motto for Jr. HRA is “Students Helping Students Succeed” You might see some students wear a blue shirt that says that on campus. Jr. HRA students are trained to make sure the school campus is in working order and are allowed to tell Ms. Barker about new things they wantDSCN3424 or change for the school campus.” Jr. HRA is a great opportunity for 7th and 8th graders to help the school. “It’s really fun to see how happy a person can be when you help them out”- Carly P. “ Jr. HRA is doing their best to put up the winter dance.”- Hong-Tran.

Jr. HRA is currently helping with SOMA. Some Jr. HRA students will be seen on the stage reading the names of the students and teachers for this month. Every end of the quarter, there’s a renaissance event called the iPod cafe. The iPod cafe is a place where you can bring your devices like phones and tablets. You can eat lunch in there, get rewards, and hang out with friends. Inside the iPod cafe, you might see HRA DSCN3429students helping with the rewards. Some of the rewards you might receive is candy and pencils. During the winter you may redeem your rewards for hot chocolate, and during the summer you may want to redeem your rewards for something cold like an otter pop.

So, Jr. HRA is doing their best to keep up these fun events and making sure the campus is in working order. “The point of Jr. HRA is that we try to help students make goals in the future”- Carly P. As you can see the Jr. HRA staff works hard to give back to the student body. You may see them arranging some fun events. For example, the winter dance and the renaissance program. It’s all thanks to Ms. Barker who plans all of these fun events!



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Garden Guru Club

Garden Guru

By: Sunbo A., Staff Writer


“ It gets me outside, connects students with environment, and creates veggies”. These are the words of Ms. Borowski, the sponsor of one of Magruder’s best loved clubs- garden guru. This club has been around for some time, and to think it was all started by one amazing person, Mrs.Owens, who is retired but still subs here regularly.  She built this magnificent club with the help of a lot of other other people, especially Farmer Fred. Later on this club was passed on to a well known teacher at Magruder, Ms.Borowski.  This club is great for kids because it helps get them involved with the environment and it helps get active. This garden is located in Columbia Park, in the community garden.

There are lots of benefits with this club that can transform you and your friends into gg6healthy eaters and great gardeners.  In this club they use lots of great safe equipment.  For example; shovels, hand tools, garden axes,gloves,and much more.  When using these tools they are supervised for their own safety.  They use absolutely no pesticides, so it is a fit and healthy garden and the vegetables are safe to eat.   Most fruits and veggies from the garden are shared equally and taken home.

So far this year they have had about 15 people join.  One of those 15 participants was a young girl named Rebecca .  She is very involved and obligated to this garden and club. gg7 When she got started, she enjoyed it and thought that it was fun and took a lot of commitment, so she joined. Her inspiration was a friend that led her to such a great club.What they mainly do is plant, harvest, and weed, the basics of gardening. The harvest this year went well. They have a variety of food like: lettuce, kale, tomatoes, zucchini, pumpkins, and more.  Some advice Rebecca gave was, “to be willing to work”.

This club is advertised every Friday, so you should definitely join and push yourself into coming to this club.  Get closer to nature – the main source of our lives.


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Mockingjay Part 1 Movie Review

 Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 1 Movie Review


By, Staff writer; Haskell M.

Mockingjay, the movie, came out on November 21, 2014. In the movie, Mockingjay part 1, the Katniss is trying to destroy the Capitol with help from District 13, because the the Capitol bombed lots of Districts, which killed lots of people. The Capitol bombed the Districts because the Districts hated the Capitol, and wanted to rebel. Capitol tries to weaken Katniss, and stop the rebellion against the Capitol. The Capitol is trying to prevent Katniss from igniting the rebellion, but instead make matters worse. District 13 grows stronger and the other districts join in to try and overthrow President Snow and the rest of the Capitol.


Mockingjay is part of the Hunger Games movie series, directed by Francis Lawrence, and  Gary Ross. The main characters, Jennifer Lawrence as Katniss Everdeen, Josh Hutcherson as Peeta Mellark, Liam Hemsworth as Gale Hawthorne, Woody Harrelson as Haymitch Abernathy, Donald Sutherland as President Snow, Julianne Moore as President Alma Coin, Sam Claflin as Finnick Odair. The music in this movie is, Yellow Flicker Beat, by Lorde, and Hanging Tree, sung by Jennifer Lawrence.  I think that this is a great movie, and I would give this movie 5 stars. It is very intense, yet interesting. I strongly suggest that you see Mockingjay Part 1!  The release date for the DVD is March 6th.

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Trivia App Comparisons

Trivia App Comparisons

By: Sunbo A., Staff Writer


trivia  This year people have been buzzing around about these new trivia games and they are really starting to get popular.Everyone is playing them and these games are getting major ratings, but the question is. Which one out of the main four is considered the best.Well even me myself ,have been playing these trivia games and from what I have observed there really is only one that is growing more than the others even though the others are quite famous.The four main trivia games are Quiz Up,Trivia Crack,4 pics 1 word,and Logos Quiz. These four have really become popular.

QuizUp-iOS-Free The first one on our list of four is Quiz Up. This trivia game is filled with over 600 categories to choose from and play.From my experience with this game it is a very fun and great game to play, but of course there are always pros and cons of each games.The con about this games is that it kind of takes a while for your random opponent to be chosen when you are ready to play the game.The pros is that it has tons of categories to chose from and its a great way to learn new things.You can get this app for free on the appstore on most of your electronic devices.

crack           Another one of our famous trivia games is Trivia Crack.This is known as the biggest trivia game in the world. This game is actually to test your knowledge.The great thing about this game is that you can play with friends and family all the time as long as they have the app and a valid username. The only bad thing about this game is that your game expires after a while if you or your partner does  not answer their question on time, but the deadline is about 2 days.This app is also can be found in the appstore and used on most electronic devices.

grimace   Four pics that have one word outside.This may sound very familiar, well this is also another trivia game called 4 pics 1 word.This game is a great way to test your brain and learn new skills.the one thing about this game is that lots of ads pop up and sometimes it can be a bit laggy.Sometimes when you get stuck on a question it makes it a little harder for you to move on with the game and that may cause you to give up.You have to have patience. This app is also available on most electronic devices.

The last trivia game is called Logo’s Quiz.This trivia game has hundreds of logos to guess from and play.This is known as the number 1 brand logo quiz in the world, according to the designer of the game. I have played this logosbefore and it is great if you been practicing and memorizing your logo’s, but if you don’t then I don’t advise you to play the game.This does not mean you shouldn’t try this, you should just to try it and see if you like it.The good thing about this app is that there are no interruptions liken ads when you play this game and it never ends.This is also available on most electronic devices.

Well that really concludes the main four most famous trivia games, but one question is still not answered. Which is the greatest?, well I have some results that show which one is the best. I basically found the current ratings of each game and only one came out with a win.The winner was Trivia Crack, in the lead with 4.5 as its ratings.Following in second place with 4.4 in a tie was 4 pics 1 word and logos quiz. In last place was Quiz Up with a rate of 4.3. Now we know who is in the lead and which app you should definitely check out at your app store. All apps stated in this article do not have a cost they are free.

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The History Bee 2015

Our First Epic History Bee


By: Bryan L. and Tony Z., staff writers DSCN3247

This is the 2015 Epic Rap Battles…. uh I mean the History Bee! Everyone who scored well on the history test taken in social studies class got to go to the History Bee to compete, and possibly get their name on the Magruder plaque in the office.

This History Bee is different from last year’s Geo Bee. The questions aren’t multiple choice, so you have to give a direct answer to the question. If everyone gets it wrong, everyone still stays in the game. There were 30 people in the History Bee, but of course in the end there could only be one winner. In the History Bee, the first few questions were on whiteboards. DSCN3278 In the second round, students were given questions for only themselves.

There were kids in grades 6-8 answering these questions. Mr. Burgner was the one who was asking all the questions, while Ms. Smith and Ms. Yung were tallying up the scores. Some questions seemed easy and some questions seemed hard. It can be fun to watch when you are rooting for someone to win. Also everyone in the competition were good sports about it. There were many good moments in the History Bee, like when people barely got the answers right or barely missed them.


This year, the History Bee was fun to watch.  DSCN3235 But, in the end, there could only be one winner of the history bee who gets their name on the Magruder plaque. That winner is Joel D. and second place is Eric F. Some of the questions were “Whose face is on the ten dollar bill?”, “What religion were the first Pilgrims who went to Ohio?”, and “ Britain fought what Asian country?” All in all, the History Bee was good this year and the winner was Joel D. Until next year, History Bee!










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PTSA’s Amazing Winter Dance

Winter Dance

By: Jenny C. and Joy M. , Staff Writers


“ That was an awesome dance! I wish more of them were here.” exclaimed Daelyn A. There was the sound of music playing in the background. The sight of drinks spread around everywhere, and people having fun, singing and dancing. The lighting, the colorful snowflakes and snowmen on the walls.  The smell of sweat, due to the dancing of course. That’s the image of the Winter Dance. All of the students had smiles on their faces that you just couldn’t wipe off, even when the world’s most powerful remover.


For 2 hours, right after school, popular music was pumping out of the speakers, with the best music guy around- D.J. Ozzie! Students were in their fancy, or not, clothes, socializing, having fun, dancing, or just listening to the music!

Admission to the dance was free for PTSA members, while others paid $10 for admission and the PTSA membership. Students also get a raffle ticket for the gift card raffle. There were plenty of free snacks and refreshments, at least for a solid ten minutes, before we ran straight out of them. Believe us when we say this, whenever you go to the Winter Dance, grab your snacks as fast as you can, because before you know it, all the food will disappear.






DSC_0129Music such as “Lips Are Moving” and “I’m Not the Only One” was played. There was a raffle drawing for gift cards such as Starbucks, Amazon, and iTunes. Sadly though, the fun had to end at 5, but everyone will be looking forward to the next Winter Dance, that’s for sure!





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Vietnamese New Year

Vietnamese New Year

by: Jenny C. and Hong-Tran D.;        Staff Writers



Chuc Mung Nam Moi!! What happens during Vietnamese New Year? Is it the same as Chinese New Year? Well both Vietnamese and Chinese New Year start on the same day, February 19th and ends on the 21st. During Vietnamese New Year, many fun events happen such as festivals and handing out pocket money in red envelopes. In some families, people will set up altars to pray and set up fruits on the altars. The reason Vietnamese New Year starts late is because it follows the lunar calendar, which is slightly different from the normal calendar.

An important tradition is putting money in a red envelope and handing it out on the new year day. You can put in about $20. For kids they can get $1-$5 depending on the age. For the red envelope to get handed out, families usually sit together and hand them out.

Food is also very important in Vietnamese New Year. There are rice cakes, candied fruits, sticky rice, Vietnamese sausage, boiled chicken, and pickled vegetables. There are other dishes like vermilliceli. Another famous food is banh mi which is Vietnamese bread rolls filled with pate, Vietnamese mayonnaise, ham, and Vietnamese sausage.

What is played during Vietnamese New Year? There are all types of games being played like cards and board games. There are entertainments like outside games and festivals. The most important thing during Vietnamese New Year is having flowers in the house. A special type of flower is used to be placed in the house with special decorations. Decorations include light lanterns and charms.

So Vietnamese New Year is very important to the Vietnamese culture. Some people don’t celebrate it, which is okay but many people celebrate it. Schools in Vietnam will usually get 3 days off to celebrate the Vietnamese New Year. To conclude the Vietnamese New Year, at night at festivals there will be fireworks with popping firecrackers. So Happy Vietnamese New Year! Chuc Mung Nam Moi!!!!


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Chinese Zodiac

Chinese Zodiac

By: Carly P. & Khanh P., staff writers


Wo Shen Ti Hao Ma`!~ Ever tried to know what your Chinese Zodiac is and what it means? Would you want to know what 2015 has for you, well then stick around to find out.

First of all, 2015 is the year of the sheep. And if you didn’t know in China there was an ancient myth that tells how the world began. The myth first starts off as the universe being a soupy mush, until a sleeping god shaped as an egg woke up after a million years. He then saw that everything was black and slimy therefore this made him feel uncomfortable. So of course he cracked his egg-like resting place so that the goo inside became the seven continents of the world. While the eggshell became the heavens,to keep this balanced the god helped keep this place in tact by holding everything together. Then he became the Earth (air=breath,hair=stars,eyes=sun and moon,blood=water,veins=mountains and rivers,sweat=rain and dew).

Shortly, after people have been created they had no track of time. To their demise the gods decided to help them by creating a twelve month in a year system in which each and every year represented a certain type of animals for twelve years straight. Then the process starts back all over again, the animals that were chosen in chronological order; is the Rat, Ox (cow), Tiger, Rabbit, Dragon, Snake, Horse, Sheep, Monkey, Rooster, Dog, and the Pig.

Now that you know how the world began would you want to know how you began in this upcoming year?



Years of Birth for the Snake horoscope …1917, 1929, 1941, 1953, 1965, 1977, 1989, 2001, 2013, 2025… Snakes tend to accomplish their goals and hate to fail. Snakes are wise, smart people, and great thinkers who are good at communication but say very little. Since snakes are quiet, they like a very quiet environment, and tend to be in libraries. Although snakes are great mental minded people, they tend to lack physical ability. Causing most snakes to be introverts. . Once people are his/her friends, the Snake is willing to share his sorrow and happiness with them. Snake people guard their chosen friends much like valuable possessions, and they are easily jealous and even obsessive. Snake friends are great companions that will be by your side, even if they’re quiet.


Years of Birth for the Horse horoscope: …1918, 1930, 1942, 1954, 1966, 1978, 1990, 2002, 2014, 2026… Horses are extremely animated, active and energetic. Horses love to be in a crowd. Horses tend to be humorous and lively, always giving a bright mood to their friends. Basically Horses are very healthy, most likely because they hold a positive attitude towards life. However, heavy responsibility or pressure from their job may make them weak. Therefore Horses shouldn’t do overtime too often, and then come home very late. Horses will be a lively companion to have by your side, in result. Horses and snakes are quite the opposite of each other.


Year of Birth for the Goat/Sheep horoscope: 1919, 1931, 1943, 1955, 1967, 1979, 1991, 2003, 2015, 2027… Goats are generally believed to be gentle mild-mannered, shy, stable, sympathetic, amicable, and brimming with a strong sense of kindheartedness and justice. Goats have strong creativity and delicate thoughts. Goats to have very few health problems and are very serene and calm. Goats should get out often and enjoy the nature, since they commune well with fresh air, nature, and trees. Goats are very great calm companions.

Of course there is still 9 more horoscopes that are upcoming, but here’s a link if you want to see the rest. All 12 horoscopes are unique and amazing in different ways. Links:









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Environmental Science Class Goes to L.A. County Landfill

The Environmental Science Field Trip

By: Joy M., Staff writer

DSCN0646             Did you know that plastic bags and other plastic garbage thrown into the ocean kill as many as 1,000,000 sea creatures a year? In Los Angeles County we throw away 65,000 tons of trash every day! That’s enough trash to fill Dodgers Stadium every 11 days! With a population of about 10 million people that means each person creates 13 pounds of trash everyday!


The environmental science class helps to make this school trash free! The environmental science class makes creative recyclable art, they have presentations, and small group teaching about issues “off-citing water”, droughts, and land. Ms. Borowski is the teacher of this class and she hopes that the students see where their trash goes after this trip. Ms. Borowski was excited to go on this field trip so students can see what happens to all the trash. She said the land is just a mountain of trash and has many layers to it.


Recently the environmental science class has had a field trip to Puente Hills, Materials Recovery Facility, a closed landfill. They went to the landfill, saw where the trash went, they went on top and saw a view of the city.


The students liked observing the people sort the trash.  One of the students said that they learned   “Landfills are not as gross as dumps.” Another student said,”We took sticks, leaves, and fancy packets. Another student said that they would go again if they had a chance.  “The landfill definitely yes, but the park not so much.” One said  “The  landfill is fancier than it sounded.” One other said “That many people think that the landfills are all gross, but they are actually pretty neat!”   Amber Martin from Mrs.Borowski’s 5th period class said,  “This was probably the best field trip I’ve ever gone on. I would so go again!” She also said,  “Learning about where our trash goes is exciting, I would want to go again.”

DSCN0625They saw Methane gas pipes, and boilers for the bad quality gas. So basically Mrs. Borowski is passionate to show the student body where our trash goes and wants us to Conserve, reduce, and reuse as much as we can, so less trash will come to the landfill.  That is my opinion on what she tries to teach her class and our school, and she tries to encourage them as much as she can.


So, I think that we should keep our environment safe, clean, andDSC04762 well taken care of.  We should try our hardest to recycle, reuse, rotate, and rot(compost)! When the ocean or water is polluted we will drink polluted water and creatures in oceans will die! Therefore the best thing to do is to be trash free and try your hardest to recycle and keep our planet as clean as you possibly can!

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Student of the Month Period 2

Student of the Month Assembly Per. 2

By :  Lylianna L. and Joy M., Staff writers


It was an early December morning, with the shadows still long, when the Period Two Student of the Month Assembly took place. Now parents may join us for congratulating students who have worked hard and who are receiving recognition. S.O.M.A is our monthly assembly that rewards students for participation, citizenship, effort, and achievement.


Here are the 6th grade winners:DSC_0570

  1.  Mrs. Jaeger: Amy G. for excellent Achievement in language Arts.
  2.  Mrs. Jaeger: Austin B. for excellent participation in language arts.
  3.  Mrs. Jaeger: Nathan C. for being an amazing writer.
  4.  Mrs. Jaeger: Sharalene T. for excellent effort in language arts.
  5.  Mrs. Jaeger: Vincent M. for excellent effort in language arts.
  6.  Mrs. Le: Anne P.  for excellent work habits and citizenship.
  7.  Mrs. Le: Arsheya A. for Excellent Achievement, and work habits.
  8.  Mrs Le: Jason K.  for excellent Achievement, citizenship, and work habits.
  9.  Mrs Le: Timothy B. for Excellent work habits and citizenship.
  10.  Mrs. Kim: Javier D.  Farcier for All Around Upbeat & Positive Attitude for Learning
  11.  Mrs. Kim: Jevonte M. for most improved attitude.
  12.  Mrs. Kim : Zuess V. for always doing his best and not settling for less.
  13.  Mr. Porush: Anthony L. for always excellence in achievement and citizenship in band.
  14.  Mrs. Smith: Giancarlo A. for excellence in achievement and participation in science.
  15.  Mrs. Smith: Mya F. for excellent effort in science.
  16.  Ms. Davanzo, Mrs.Hart: Yvonne C. for Best Math Attitude Ever!

Here are the 7th grader winners:DSC_0587

  1. Mrs. Davies: Etenesh A. for outstanding achievement and citizenship in science.
  2.  Mrs. Davies: Zachary S. for outstanding achievement and citizenship in science.
  3.  Ms. Ingram: Alejandra B. for being an Excellent Writer.
  4.  Ms. Ingram: Amanda A. for being an Excellent Writer.
  5.  Ms. Ingram: Yaire Z. for being an Excellent Writer.
  6.  Mrs. Aulenta: Daelyn A. for Excellent participation in language Arts.
  7.  Mrs. Aulenta: Kirby N. for excellent achievement and effort in writing
  8.  Mrs. Aulenta: Erica S. for excellent participation in language arts.
  9.  Mr. Porush: Annie C. for excellence in achievement and citizenship in band
  10.  Mrs. Borowski: Breanna C. for great effort in social studies
  11.  Mrs. Borowski: Doyup K. for excellent academics and participation in social studies
  12.  Mrs. Borowski:  Sana S.for  most improved in social studies
  13.  Mrs. Kawahara: Janice L. for great improvement in math
  14.  Mrs. Kawahara: Arturo S. for never giving up in math
  15.  Mrs. Kawahara: Carley W. for enthusiastic participation in math
  16.  Mrs. Peterson: Alyssa M. for excellence in effort and writing in journalism


Here are the 8th graders:DSC_0601

  1. Mr. Porush: Liam A. for excellence in Achievement and citizenship in band
  2. Mrs. Loftin: Andrea A. for always giving 100% in PE.
  3. Mrs. Loftin: Dylan F. for always working hard in PE.
  4. Mrs. Loftin: Lester M. for being a great runner in PE.
  5. Mrs. Loftin: Bailey R. for being an outstanding athlete.
  6. Mrs. Schwafaty: Andrew G. for outstanding participation and effort in english
  7.  Mrs. Schwafaty: Island V. for outstanding participation and effort in english
  8.  Mrs. Rambo/Mrs.Ji: Claire K. for outstanding work in science
  9.  Mrs. Rambo/ Mrs. Ji: Rita Phuong N. for outstanding work in science
  10.  Mrs. Ramos: Donnie K. for excellence in English language development
  11.  Mrs. Peterson: Bryan L. for excellence in effort & writing in journalism
  12.  Mrs. Peterson: Anthony Z. for excellence in effort & writing in journalism
  13.  Mrs. Johnson: Carlos Y. IV for being incredibly hard working mathematician
  14.  Mrs. Johnson: Tori O. for being an Outstanding Mathematician
  15.  Mrs. Johnson: Melissa L. for being the most hard-working math student
  16.  Mr. Burgner: Christian L. for excellence in social studies
  17.  Mr. Burgner: Jessica N. for excellence in social studies
  18. Mrs. Ramos: Jeremy W. for Excellence in English Language Development


The Jr. HRA students spoke to all of us about respect. They said respect is an admiration for someone or something due to their abilities, qualities, or achievements. Students spoke about how we should be tolerant, considerate, and always use proper manners when speaking to others to ensure a positive future.


If you haven’t received a S.O.M.A award, don’t worry. Just keep working hard and your reward is knowing you are doing your best and you can feel good about that. It’s possible you could even be next month’s winner.


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New Year’s Punchline Comic

Comic Strip

By: Dustyn C., staff writer

New Year's Punchline

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GATE Monthly Activity: Strategy

Gate Monthly Activity: Strategy

By Eric G. and Jordan N., Staff writersDSCN3047



Do you like strategy games? Are you the kind of person that likes a challenge? Then you should join the Gate Monthly Activities. “The after school Gate activities provide an additional opportunity for students to dig deeper into a topic, and at a higher level,” said Mrs. Jaeger.

“Our first Gate activity centered around lasers. In the future we plan to include diverse topics, such as robotics, geography,and even drama.” said Mrs. Jaeger. Last month’s activity was before winter break in December. The activity was about strategy games. Mrs. Jaeger decided to run this program because she felt that the kids need an opportunity to dig deeper and explore- which we don’t always have time to do in the classroom.DSCN3052

“We discussed strategy and how playing strategic games could help you transfer these skills to life situations,” Mrs.Jaeger says in a cheerful and enthusiastic tone. Last month’s activity had about forty five kids, but we still need more kids to join. Lastly, this program, GATE Activities,  has been offered as an opportunity after school for about eight years, but we took a two year break and started again this year. Please join the Gate activities. It is a privilege to have this at Magruder. It will bring forth your inner strength to take on the challenge.DSCN3059DSCN3062

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Sydney Stephens, L.A. Police Cadet

Sydney Stephens

By: Amber J., staff writer

photo 1 (8) (1)

Sydney Stephens. The quiet and shy girl in the back of your classroom. But outside of school life its a different story. Ever since her older sister found a flyer in her school’s office, Sydney’s life changed. She joined a program for the LAPD Cadets. The hardest part about being in the program was staying in a classroom for half a day, she says. It’s like an extra day of school. At first, she didn’t want to join, but her older sister made her. Thankfully, she went and surprisingly really liked it. She had some tough times and wanted to drop out when she first started but she passed those milestones and stuck with it. She had to get up at 5:00 am every Saturday to be at her post by 6:00 am. Wow! She learned many things while in this program, such as leadership skills, ethical decision making and communication skills. She got to know many officers and hung out with them, making this her favorite memory from being in the program. Evenphoto 3 (6) though it took a lot of time and effort, this program didn’t take away from her social life. Out of a 1 to 10 scale, she rated it a 10 because it teaches a lot about skills that you will need throughout your life.

photo 5 (4) (1)

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New Year’s Conspiracy

New Year’s Conspiracy

By. James S. and Jordan N., Staff writers

Picture for illuminatus story thingy

It was the year 1789 when my great uncle was overthrown by the intellectual movement known as the Enlightenment. Okay, lets slow down for a minute. The name is Stanford, I am 12 years old, and ever since the clock struck twelve, I have been uneasy. It felt like the world was whispering something to me. I couldn’t tell exactly what it said, but it’s as if it said.

“Nephew…….Captured…….Help…….Illuminatus…….Overthrown.” Now, I am no genius, but I do know that Illuminatus is Latin for Enlightened. Strange, huh? Now lets begin, shall we? In modern times.

“HAPPY NEW YEARS SON!” screams Dad.

“Bill.” says Mom. “Keep your voice down. It’s literally the middle of the night. Wendy is sleeping.”

“I’m sorry honey, its just that, this year I get a raise.” says Dad. Sometimes I don’t really know about Bill. That’s about the time I hear it. Then I go to bed, which is past Wendy’s room. She is my sister, who is 16, and she doesn’t like to stay up. So let’s just say passing her bedroom is like trying to quietly swim past a lake of alligators. I take a quick peek into her room, and the moonlight is reflecting off of her blonde hair into my eyes. I make a quiet and indescribably painful sounding noise. I hear her say,“No I don’t want your enlightenment.” I don’t really know how, but I’m pretty sure I can relate to this. I get no sleep thinking about the message I got, so I get my phone out and Google it. I find that the Illuminatus movement took place around 1789. The French Revolution. Now I’m going on and I find something. I find that I am related to someone who was against the Illuminatus. Strange, huh? How am I expected to save my uncle from a disaster that already happened? With time travel maybe. Maybe I just ignore it. Yeah. Thats what I’m going to do. So I put my phone away right in time for my alarm to go off. I got no sleep at all, and just in time for, drum roll please, school!

I couldn’t stop thinking about what happen this morning. Even if I tried to save my uncle, I couldn’t make a time machine. Now here I am. At school. Alone. Again. As I am walking home, I notice an old man in a dark alley. It seems as if he is building something, and as usual, curiosity gets the better of me. I trip over a rock and fall into the machine. Everything went black.

“Hey kid, get up.” says a voice. I make a groaning sound as I get up.

“Where am I?” I ask casually.

“You are in Europe, kid.” He says. I am confused by this.

“You want to join the Illuminatus kid?” he asks.

“The Illuminatus?” I ask. “What the heck is Illuminatus?”

“What is a heck?” he asks stupidly. “Illuminatus is the new age. We are going to assassinate a troublemaker who keeps crashing our meetings.” he says. Thats when I run for it. I don’t exactly know what assassinate means, but I have my theories. None of them pleasant. As I run down the streets, I notice signs that say,“Join Illuminatus 1789.” Could I have traveled back in time, or maybe it’s all just a dream. That’s when it hits me. By this, I mean someone ran into me while they were walking.

“Ow, will you watch where yer…” He said. “Well you look a-mighty familiar to me. Where you from?”

“I am from Portland, Oregon.” I say.

“O, so you live in Poorland Origin..” he says. I wasn’t about to correct him, because who knows what this guy is capable of.

“My name is Stanford Cypher.” he says.

“Is it possible that we are related?” I ask. No I didn’t really ask that, but I was about to until he said,“Do you want to help me defeat the Illuminatus?”

I hate myself for this, but I said,“I just want to go home.” Thats when everything went black. Again. I wake up to this old man poking me in the arm. I am back in the dark alley as if no time has passed whatsoever while I was gone.

“Hey kid, next time be careful as you walk.” he says.

“ I just went to 1789!” I say.

“Yes, I bet you did. This machine sends your spirit to another time and place. It’s amazing isn’t it. You can’t die while you’re in another time.” At first I was confused. Then I realized I heard his voice before.

“Are you the guy that sent me the message in my head last night?” I ask.

“Yep. I found that if your uncle never died on the day the Illuminatus found him, you and I would be the town heroes.”

“Heroes huh?” I said. “Count me in.” So the man taught me how to do everything. He taught me that when you say,“ go home, you wake up in the machine. When you push the time travel button you travel to the time and place that the screen says. Okay pause it for a moment. What about my family? What about going home? I do go home now, so don’t think I’m making everything up as I go.

When I get home, Wendy is already in bed,(Not a surprise) and Bill is playing video games in his room,(As usual) and Mom is paying Bill’s. Notice how I capitalize bills and put an apostrophe and then the S? I left out a word in that sentence. Mom is paying Bill’s lawyer. This is strange for mom to do this for Bill. Bill is basically our Dad, but is only just dating Mom.

“Hey, hey, hey, Lil J.” Bill says.

“My name starts with an S.” I say.

“Oh.” he says. “Well, I just wanted to do some father son bonding. Now come over here. Let’s play Rambo.” So this is what I do. I take an hour to plug in the old NES, Take 3 more hours to find Rambo in the pile of NES games, and turn the game on just in time for Dinner.

“I made baby back ribs.” says Mom. Okay maybe I did kind of enjoy the food. Okay, I loved it. But right after I finish eating, look who decided to show up to dinner tonight. Thats right my friend, ol’ Wendy herself.

“I was texting my boyfriend, and he said we should break up. I mean can you believe it? I’ve done so much for him, and this is what I get in return?” says Wendy.

“Well maybe if you weren’t always in your room texting and actually talking to him, you would have a chance with him.” I say.

“Stanford.” says Mom. “You shouldn’t talk to Wendy that way. Robert is a boy. It would be awkward for Wendy to talk to him in real life.” Then we had this argument about the awkwardness of boys, and long story short, Mom won in war, took my flag, and banished me to the  most horrible place you could imagine. My room. Dun, Dun, Dun. How many people have actually made it out of their alive? The next day, I was lucky my pillow was the only thing to be destroyed.

I wake up to a doorbell at like 3:00 in the morning.

“Wanna play Rambo?” asks Bill. Long story short, we beat the whole game, I ate breakfast and went to school. When I get to school, my friends joke about the Illuminatus, while I study. I never realized how important Social Studies is until now. The past is amazing. The bell rang and I was walking over to my 2nd period class when she was standing there. It was as if heaven and earth had a baby and the baby was her. Okay pause for a second. I don’t even know this girl, but hey, why not meet her. She is the new girl, and she has nothing to do with this story because love at a young age is preposterous. Okay. Moving on. In second period, Mrs. Lincoln talks to us about the History Bee.

As I walk home from school, I see the old man I talked to the other day.

“Hey kid, do you want to do the assignment now?” he asks.

“Yeah sure.” I say. “Lets get it over with.

Now here comes the major twist. As I get into the machine, I don’t notice that the year the screen is set to is 3015 AD, and the place is set to Camp Lively Wood. Then everything goes black. I wake up in a shack. A man says,“ Hello, my name is Stanford Cypher. What is your name?”

“Uh, Stan Cypher.” I manage to say.

“Are you from the past?” Stanford asks.

“Um….Uh….” I look around. Everything is chrome. Just like in the movies. “Go home.” I say. Everything goes black(For the third time). Instead of waking up in the machine, I wake up at home. But something seems different about my home. My room doesn’t have any of my things in it, and for some reason, there is an old man sitting in the kitchen. At first I could not identify him, but then I realized this person is me as an old man. The Cypher Family tree never lies. “Go home!” I yell, but nothing happens. Then I got a wonderful idea. I realized if I jump off a cliff, I may be sent home. So I take a five mile hike up a hill. Running low on water, I keep on going. Not that I need water. Here I am immortal. When I finally make it to the top, I jump off. When I hit the ground, I feel the worst possible pain. But thanks to my immortalness, and time travel rules, everything goes black,(For the fourth time).

Finally I wake up in the machine. “Hey mister. what was that about?” I ask.

“Sorry ‘bout that son. There was a minor glitch in the system, so I had to reboot it while you were still in the machine. That is why you were lost in time.”

“Okay, now let’s remember to set the machine to 1789, in Europe. The day of the assassination. I’m starting to think that it means killing someone.”

“It does.” he says.

“Oh.” I say.

“Yeah, O.” he says.

“Now, let’s get down to business.” I say. I get into the machine and set the time and place to the proper one. I push the button. And yes, I said it 4 times, everything goes black,(Now I have said it 5 times).

I wake up at a seat were a public announcement is going on. “Of all my years of being mayor, I have never seen such dishonor. The Illuminatus shall be stopped immediately.” says Stanford Cypher. Now I see a man holding a weapon of some kind. I freak out because my mission is to keep Stanford alive.I was running towards the stage to block Stanford. The man throws his dagger, and it cuts me. Thank goodness I am immortal here. I take the dagger and say,“The Illuminatus be gone.” After that I grab the assassin and say,“Go home.” As I enter the warp zone, I push the man into the black hole surrounding the warp zone. He completely disappears forever.

I wake up back in the machine, like no time has passed. As I get out of the machine, I see the old man. He says,“Hello, my name is Bill.” At first I was confused, but then I realized that Bill as an old man went back in time to make himself popular as a young man, so he can return home as a hero.

“Thank you Bill.” I say.

When I get home, I see my family all dressed up like they had a lot of money. It was then when I realized since the speech was successful, my family inherited Stanford Cypher’ fortune. We are rich.

I turn on the T.V. and on the news, the announcer says,“Now we are experiencing Illuminatus attacks. We even captured one and they said, and I quote,“We are going after the Cyphers. It’s the kid we want.” We don’t really understand what this means but usually we find what they want.”


To be continued…


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Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

by: Alyssa M. and Hong-Tran D.;     Staff Writers

dr-martin-luther-king-1Who was Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.? Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. was born on January 15, 1929 and died on April 4, 1968 at the age of 39. He was born under the name Michael King, but his father changed the name in honor of the German reformer Martin Luther. King was known for his role in the civil rights era, insisting on equality for everyone. He was known for his powerful and moving sermons and speeches, leading marches and protests, and writing letters from the Birmingham jail. He was awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom.


Dr. Martin Luther King is best known for his “I Have a Dream’’ speech.  King also was known for his peaceful approach in all his protests. Instead of using violence to gain better rights, he used his words, which made a larger impact. On October 14, 1964 he received the Nobel Peace prize for fighting against racial inequality, but in a peaceful way.  In 1968, King was planning “The Poor People’s Campaign” when he was assassinated on April 4th, in Memphis, Tennessee. His death caused many riots in many different cities.

Dr. King’s first holiday was celebrated in 1971, in St. Louis Missouri. President Ronald Reagan made it an official holiday by passing a law. Some states like Utah, Arizona, and New Hampshire were the last three states to celebrate the holiday.

So how do we celebrate King’s holiday today? Usually in schools, people will read books or write biographies about him, and talk about the work that still needs to be done. Some people do volunteer work to celebrate this holiday. Sometimes there are parades in some cities. This holiday is to celebrate the achievements and the life of Martin Luther King Jr. He will always be remembered for the great impact he had on America. His actions are still influencing today’s society.

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Model United Nations Club

Model United Nations Club

by: Carly P and Lylianna L, staff writers


Want to socialize, debate, and learn about countries? Well, the Model UN Club is your cup of tea.

Model UN is a club hosted by YMCA Youth Government. Run by Mr. Burgner, this program meets on every other Monday at lunch in room 31. This program started in 2001 where middle school students participate with their peers in discussions about world events. At Model UN students are given the opportunity to talk about international issues, discover other cultures, develop life- enhancing skills, and meet new friends. During this four month program our main topics of discussion and debate will be international issues, including disputes between countries, peacekeeping efforts, border crisis, stabilizing financial markets and dealing with hunger, disease, and poverty.

In addition, while at Model UN you have the opportunity to meet with the whole state of California’s Model UN. The first meet-up is in late March at a national Base at Paso Robles. This meet-up at the end of the year is statewide MUN is a unique learning experience. The final meet-up for this year is held at LAX Sheraton California for a Model United Nations summit. So you might ask what do you do during the meet-up? The Summit  is when we understand how the world works and how the people can help solve problems, use leadership skills, and do public speaking.  This also comes with getting to know the staff, role training, and a chance to meet program participants from others across the state.

So, care to join this once in a lifetime experience? We welcome you with open arms!  You will have an opportunity to learn all about the world and how we, as students, can help.

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Snow Summit vs Mammoth Mountain

Where To Go For Winter Break: Snow Summit V.S. Mammoth Mountain

by : Jenny C. and Joy M., staff writers


Snow Summit on Bear Mountain

Snow Summit on Bear Mountain

Have you always been wonder where to go for vacation? Have you been trying to decide either to go to Snow Summit or Mammoth Mountain for a little snowboarding or skiing? Well, today’s your lucky day. We are going to compare prices for a family of 4 on a 3-day weekend, snow lifts and all.


Snow Summit:

Lift ticket Prices – Children 6 and under get free lift tickets all day. Children from 7-12 have to pay $34 dollars during the day, $29 half day, and $27 during the night. Young adults from 13-21 and seniors will pay $68 during the day, $58 half day, and $37 during the night.  Adults pay the most for their lift tickets, with $79 during the day, $68 half-day, and $47  for the night.

Lessons and Prices – The beginner’s lesson cost $105 for a 4 hour lesson and $95 for a 2 hour lesson. 2 Hour group lessons for children 8 and up is 50. Private lessons for all ages cost $135 for a 1 hour lesson for 2 people, an additional $25 for each added person. Half day private lesson $350 for 3 hours 2 people lesson, an additional $35 per additional person. An all day private lesson $595 for a 6 hour 2 people lesson, an additional $55 per added person. Pioneer students, children from 3-4 have to pay $165 all day, or 4 hours and $125 for half-day, or 2 hours. Both classes for the Pioneers also includes shelter, lunch, a Mountain Access lift ticket, and rentals. Explorers, children from 5-6 pay $145 for all-day, or 4 hour, and $105 for half-day, or 2 hours. Both classes get shelter, rentals, and a  Mountain pass, but instead of lunch, half day students get snacks. Adventurers, children from 8-12 have to pay $115 for all day, or 4 hours and $100 for half day, or 2 hours. Both get rental and a Mountain pass included in the package. They get to learn both snowboarding or skiing.

Facility review : The staff is very thorough about the safety precautions and seems to be very friendly.


Mammoth Mountain

Mammoth Mountain

Mammoth Mountain Ski :

Lift ticket prices – Children 5-12 will  have to pay $35.00 all day. Juniors 13-18 will pay $85.00 for their lift ticket. Adults 19-64 pays $105.00 for lift tickets and seniors 65 to 79 pay $89 for theirs.

Lesson and Prices – Pioneers, children ages 3-4, will pay $190 for a full day lesson, $210 for additional rental, $130 for half day lessons, and $145 for additional rental. Additional days will cost them $125 and $135 with included rental. Full day lessons will also get a supervised lunch and afternoon playtime in Mammoth Child Care. Both includes lift tickets for both lessons.Explorers, children ages 5-7, will pay $340 for a 2 day group lessons and an additional $40 for any rentals needed. The 3 day lessons will cost you $485 and an additional $20 for any rentals needed. The single day group lessons will cost $180 for full day lessons, with an additional $10 for any child care needed, and you can pay $210 for both either the Full day lessons with Child Care Combo or the full Day lessons with Child Care Combo and rentals. The Afternoon Beginners lesson will cost you $120 and a additional $25 for any rentals if needed. For the Adventurers, children ages 8-12, will cost you $340 for 2 day lessons with an additional $40 for any rentals if needed. 3 day lessons will cost $485 and $505 for any additional rentals. Full day lessons will cost $180 and $210 for any additional rentals if needed. Afternoon Beginners Lesson will cost $120 and $145 for additional rental if needed. Adult beginners, ages 13 and up,will pay  $140 for morning lessons, with an additional $40 for rentals, $120 for afternoon lessons. Full day lessons will cost $180, with an additional $10 for any rentals. 2 day lessons will cost $280, with $20 for any rentals. The Adult Intermediate to Expert group lessons will cost $150 dollars for both the MAX 4 Mountain Session and MAX 4 Playground session. The lessons all teach both snowboarding and skiing.

Facility Review : People who have been there enjoy the amazing facility with the safety precautions, friendliness, and great discounts.


Kids learn to ride the rails at Mammoth


Final thought – Overall, Snow Summit has cheaper prices than Mammoth, and is only 2 hours away.  Mammoth is five hours away, but the runs are wider and there are more runs and usually more snow than Snow Summit.  Snow Summit has more skiing areas for the family and beginners, while Mammoth has runs for the extreme team. Both have Terrain Parks with rails and jumps, but Mammoth has lessons for jibbing, jumping and all the Terrain Park fun stuff.

Jibs at Mammoth

Jibs at Mammoth

Jumps at Mammoth.

Jumps at Mammoth


If you need snowboarding lessons, don’t worry, they both have lessons for all ages and skills. It’ll be pretty snowy on both resorts due to all of the rain happening here in California. We hope that you give snowboarding or skiing a try and have an amazing time there- and don’t forget, it’s all about the fun you have!

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Great Christmas Gift Ideas

Christmas Gift Ideas

By: Sunbo A., Staff Writer



This December everyone is excited about the holidays, especially Christmas. When Christmas time hits, the stores are filled with lots of anxious people buying presents and lots of beautiful jolly decorations.  When shopping for gifts it is very hard to find the perfect gift to make that person happy, after all Christmas is the happiest and jolliest time of the year. When shopping for people ( kids of all ages, adults, close friends, and grandparents) you may become overwhelmed, but these few Christmas gift ideas might lighten your load.

This collage of Christmas gifts include great ideas from . A nice everyday watch like the one above is a great gift to give a guy because he can where this all the time and it can be very useful for him to keep track of the time. Another good example from above is a nice leather wallet that correlates with his watch. If your father needs a new pair of shoes, that might be a great idea. The shoes you get do not necessarily have to be dressy shoes. They could be nice workout shoes.



This Christmas themed Bath and Body Works collection is a great and very useful Christmas gift. The lotion, body wash, and more in this collection can be used everyday and it is an easy to wrap gift.  Mom will love the beautiful Aroma from this product. This product will last her a long time and is very handy and portable. This is also something that a teenage girl might love.



For little kids, boys and girls, this would be an awesome gift. This Zoomer Dino is a remote controlled dinosaur that is the biggest thing trending right now. Lots of kids love it. This product is sold at various places: Walmart, Target , Amazon, Toys R Us , and lots of other well known places. The benefits of this gift are that it doesn’t cause a mess, it’s portable, easy to pack up, safe, and comes in a couple of different colors.


gifts4For close friends this idea of a basket full of chocolates is fabulous. This is just an example- you don’t have to get chocolate, there are lots of other great things out there to put in a basket. But the good thing about this one is that it could be for both genders boy and girl. Baskets are very handy and nice as a present for any of your close friends.




When Christmas time comes Grandparents can be a little too lovey-dovey.  That’s why gifts5getting them a great sentimental gift for Christmas is a good idea. These pair of mugs are so cute and handy. They could use this any day, everyday, and every time they use this they will think of you. Mugs are a great and adorable idea.


I hope these few Christmas gift ideas have given you even more ideas about what you would like to get your family and friends this Christmas.

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Sixth Grade Toy Fair a Great Success

The Toy Fair

Eric G. & James S., Staff Writers


Did you see the quality of the toys? If you don’t know what I am talking about, I must ask you one more question. Did you go to the Toy Fair of ‘15? Just in case you missed out, this is what happened….

At about 6:00, everyone was just on their way. It was very dark tf2outside, so if you were the one to come at 5:30, you got to see every toy, before anyone was there. Then it was about around 6:10  when ¾  of the people were in the auditorium. It was getting packed in there with all the families. If you are claustrophobic, this may not have been a very pleasant hour for your day. Most of the families were very ambitious to see what the other students created, probably tf3because they are tired of seeing the same propaganda constantly on television. It took months to do the project, I have heard. “They need, like five ads, and three brochures.” says Eric G., as he is looking at the amount of space one toy takes up. Obviously, Eric is being sarcastic about it, but he raises tf4a good point. making toys are hard work. Around 6:30, we all rush over to the snack area. “How much for the…,”

tf5“Free,”I interrupt. By the way, I forgot what the term ‘fair share’ means because not very many people used this term as people were inhaling everything. At about 6:45, we were back to looking at all the toys. what imagination Eric G. had with the game, Pick Meme™. And who could forget about Haskell M.’s resourceful way of using paper, and turning it into a scientific excitement generating device known as a toy. Some one here is GENIUS! Then at about 8:47, names of winner from tf6drawings were called. You could’ve won a seven-eleven gift card, a Starbucks gift card, and much more. who doesn’t want to get a peppermint mocha in the morning? A few people that won where Erin L., Jordan B., and Jacob N. Congratulations to them and the other 16 winners. Spend your money wisely. “Keep it secret, keep it safe.” And that, is how it all went down.  tf7






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Winter Concert 2014 at the Armstrong

The Winter Concert

James S. & Eric G., staff writers


Did you go to the Winter Concert? If not, you missed out on a lot of good music. The music they played was very holiday related because this is indeed, The Winter Concert, is it not? Here is the list of songs the Music Department, led by Magruder Music Director David Porush, performed on December 1st, at the James Armstrong Theater.DSC_0135  Band:

  1. Crusader’s March
  2. Mexican Mountain Song
  3. DSC_0099Red Book Medley – William Banta was the guest conductor for this song.  He did a really great job.
  4. Joy Noel
  5. Russian Sailors Dance
  6. Grandma Got Ran Over By A Reindeer– Mr. Porush said that this song was for him and that the band didn’t like it.
  7. A Christmas CanonPachelbel’s Canon & The First Noel– A beautiful and complex mix of songs.
  8. We Wish You A Merry Christmas
  9. Grant Us Peace– Was not actually played and Mr. Porush said the band was freaking out when they saw it printed in the program because it is a really hard song.  The song that they really played was Choral, which is a song the band played very well.DSC_0095







Choir: All of their songs were sung very well and set us in the mood for the holiday season.

  1. This Land is Your LandDSCN2757
  2. 12 Days of Christmas
  3. Come Follow Me
  4. Mr. Grinch!– This song reminded us of that cartoon Christmas classic.
  5. Peppermint Winter– A fun song made popular by the group Owl City
  6. Let It Go!
  7. Silver Bells
  8. Oh Christmas Tree
  9. Deck The Halls
  10. We Wish You A Merry Christmas
  11. Auld Lang Syne

The master of ceremonies for the night was Mr. Ross, one of Magruder’s 6th grade Language Arts teachers.  Principal Chris Sheck and Assistant Principal Lisa Nunes were on hand to hear all of the beautiful music.  I think that Thomas ‘Haskell’ M. summed the night up by saying, “I believe the Winter Concert was a big success.”













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Winter Olympic Sports

Winter Olympic Sports

By: Jordan N., staff writer


Lights, cameras, action! Americans love to watch the Winter Olympics. The Winter Olympics happen every four years. The most recent was in Sochi, Russia earlier this year, in February, 2014. During the Winter Olympics there are people from all over the world playing many sporting events that are difficult. There are medals for winning these events like gold, silver, and bronze, gold being the highest. Some of these sports are ice hockey, snowboarding, and skiing.. What’s different about winter than summer is in the winter, the contestants play on snow and ice instead of on track and field. These sports in the Winter Olympics take a long time to learn and to get good at.

Errrrrrrn! The team just scored a goal in ice hockey! The crowd goes wild. Ice Hockey takes a lot of speed and skill. Skaters have hockey sticks to try to hit a rubber puck in a goal. It may seem easy, but it’s not. Skaters are very intense and could hurt other people. Also, there is a goalie that has tough armor, so it covers most of the goal. Lastly, you need to know how to skate. It takes a lot of practice. It also takes teamwork, good communication, and strategy to win.


Wow! The snowboarder goes down the hill very fast. Snow brushes behind the contestant. Will this get any better? Snowboarding is a very popular winter sport. It takes lots of skill and balance. Snowboarders slide down a steep hill on a board. There are many styles of competition in the Winter Olympics like Half Pipe, parallel slalom, slope-style, and Snowboard Cross. Snowboarding is fun because you go down a hill very fast, feeling the breeze in the air, and if you are brave “catch air jumping.”

os3    Lastly, skiing is a fun sport. It is kind of like snow boarding. You get to go down a hill while riding on two boards attached to your feet. Skiers have to slide down the steep hill shifting weight to go faster. They use their two poles as guides, or for balance. Skiers use their weight to move left and right. What makes it so fun is you go fast down the mountain, feel the breeze, turning left and right, and if you’re good, catch some air on the jumps.

You want to taste freedom? Then try out one of these winter sports! If you start now, who knows, maybe you could compete in the Winter Olympics some day!

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Get Involved! Join a Club!

Open Clubs

By : Jenny C. and Lylianna L., Staff Writers


Have you ever been bored after school or during lunch? Have you ever wondered what clubs are open? Well, you came to the right story. We will show you what clubs are open to anybody and there will be at least one club that will fit your cup of tea (your personality).


* Note – Club dates may be changed, so please either ask the teacher in charge of the club or listen to announcements to see if there are any changes. *



Arts & Crafts Club – Rm. 11, sponsored by Ms. Thompson. What we will be doing in Arts and Crafts club is basically in the name, arts and crafts. Students will make things like origami, rock painting, and crafty objects you can display. So if you have a sweet tooth for making art, then come to this club. All grades are welcome. They meet during lunch on Mondays.DSC_0415



Model UN – Rm. 31 sponsored by Mr. Burgner. This club is all about leadership, debate, and public speaking. You will be able to meet other people and get to socialize with them. So if your cup of tea is socializing, debating, and you have a passionate love for clearing all of the world’s main problems, then this club is for you. It is on every other Monday. All grades are welcome. It is open every other Mondays during lunch.DSC_0063



Knitting Club – Rm. 5 sponsored by Mrs. Eisenschiml and Mrs. Wixom. As the name says, if you join this club you will knit and crochet and learn how to make fun things like scarves, purses, and anything you want. It may seem to be enjoyable if you are a calm/creative/patient type of person. If you are all those then knitting club will be a blast. Every grade is welcome. It is open every Monday during lunch.DSCN0137




Photography Club– Rm. 22 Computer Lab sponsored by Mrs.Peterson. This club will teach students how to tag people in, just like Facebook, or Instagram. If you enjoy tagging your friends and seeing all the future yearbook photos, then come to this club. Please eat lunch at the cafeteria first, if you want to come. All grades are welcome It is every Tuesday at




College and Career Club 8th graders – Rm. 18 sponsored by Mrs. Barker. This club will teach you to set goals, build a future, and choose a career, with games and small art projects. It gives students a taste of what the future will be like and how to take care of it. All the members who joins will get a chance to see a college in real life. This club is for 8th graders or previous club members and is open every lunch on Tuesdays.









 Art Club – Rm. 1 sponsored by Mrs. Smith. Yet again, another art club. This club mainly focuses on the students being the art teachers instead of the teacher being in charge. Students do art projects such as pastels, sketches, ect. Also, the members can get a lunch pass if they buy lunch from the cafeteria. Bonus for them! If you want to teach some kids your amazing talent, this club is for you. This club is on every Wednesday at lunch and every grade is welcome.DSCN0170




Tech Club – Room 10, sponsored by Mrs. Fischer and Mrs. Nowak, after school.  If you like to take things apart, build things, and create apps for games, then you will love Tech Club!  It’s not too late!  The Tech Club helped Magruder participate in the Hour of Code in December.DSC_0178






7th Grade College And Career Club – Rm. 18 sponsored by Mrs.Barker. This club will teach you to set goals, build a future, and choose a career, with games and small art projects. It gives students a taste of what the future will be like and how to take care of it. All the members who joins will get a chance to see a college in real life. Grades 6th and 7th grade are welcome. It is every Thursday at lunch.DSCN0167








Photography club – Rm 15. sponsored by Mrs. Peterson. Rm. 22 Computer Lab sponsored by Mrs.Peterson. If you have an  interest for taking photos, or you want to learn how to, this is your go-to club. Students will have the chance to roam around the school with either a camera ( supplied by Mrs. Peterson), or their phone. ( for photography club use only! ) Photos taken by the Photography Club will be used for the yearbook. They meet during lunch on Thursdays. Every grade is welcome.




Anime Club – Rm 12. sponsored by Mrs. Jaeger. Behold all anime nerds, geeks, and pros! This club is all about anime, from watching it, to drawing it. It’s mainly for all the hard-core anime fanboys / fangirls. Examples of animes they watch and draw, such as : Pokemon, My Neighbor Totoro, ext. Make sure you bring your lunch over there though. Every grade is free to join and it is open every Thursdays at lunch.

Chess Club – Rm. 11 sponsored by Ms. Thompson. Are you a chess fanatic or a pro at it? Do you just want to learn how to play or play some game of war? This club was made especially for you. Students come to learn how to play, technique to win, and just practicing their skills. If this completely describes you, then join this club. It is open to every grade and is open every Thursday after school.DSCN0518







Game-a-pa-looza – Rm. 18 sponsored by Mrs. Barker. Games, fun, and laughter. Does this sound good to you? If it does, come right here! Students will get to play plenty of games such as chess, checkers, foosball, etc. This club comes with a price though. You have to eat your lunch in the cafeteria to enter. This club is open during lunch every Fridays on lunch and every grade is welcome.DSCN0464




Robotics – Rm. 15 sponsored by Mrs. Peterson. Do you have a 6th sense in making robots? Have you been always into legos and making things? This club is your umami. Mainly, this club makes (of course) robots out of legos and programs them. The robots made will be going to a robotics competition to show off their building skills. If this is your cup of tea, please join this club. It is open after school every Fridays. DSCN0151FLL340






Garden Guru –  Rm. 17 sponsored by Ms. Borowski. Does this describe you? Nature nerd, green thumb, eco-friendly, farmer? Then this club would be your heaven. Kids will get to go to the garden to plant veggies and will get a chance to make food out of it. Disclaimer : if you do not like the smell of compost, this may not be best for you. If you are an eco-friendly person like before, then come to this club. It is open every Friday after-school and every grade is welcome. gg7






Did any of these clubs sound good to you? These clubs can make your school life much more enjoyable and can help you make friends. It can also change your life in many ways. So go on! Hope you have a great time with your clubs!

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Interview with Mr. Ross

Mr. Ross Interview

By Eric Gasparro;Staff writer


How much do YOU know about Mr. Ross? He is new to Magruder this year and teaches 6th grade language arts. Now is your chance to learn about one of our school’s newest staff members. I recently had the opportunity to ask him a few questions. Here’s what he had to say.


Where did you grow up?


“I grew up in Agoura Hills, CA which is sort of halfway between here and Ventura.  Back when I grew up there, it was just called Agoura.  It was rural and nothing like Beverly Hills or Laguna Hills.  If you want to see what my hometown looked like when I grew up, check out old episodes of “Dukes of Hazzard,” M.A.S.H.” etc.  Or the opening scene of “Poltergeist” where the kids ride around the Oak Tree.  Also, many Western films were done out there.  Oh and this great scene from Karate Kid, where Ralph Macchio is pushed down the hill from the Cobra Kai bad guys…yeah, that was filmed in Agoura.”


Do you have a family?


“I have a wife and three kids in Torrance schools.  My daughter is in 5th grade, one son is in 3rd grade, and my youngest son is in Kindergarten.”


What are your hobbies?


“I have so many hobbies, it’s hard to list them all.  More than anything, I love reading, writing, running (I do a lot of half-marathons when I can), record-collecting (I love old brick-and-mortar record stores), playing/collecting old school arcade and console games, and traveling all over the world with my wife (a flight attendant) and three kiddos.”


Where did you go to college?


“I started out at the University of Colorado, Boulder, but did most of my education (B.A. and M.A.) at Loyola Marymount University.  I got both of my teaching credentials at Chapman University.”


What’s your style of teaching (independent or group work)?


“My style of teaching isn’t just one or the other.  I do a lot of independent reading and writing, but also on a daily basis, students are interacting with each other.  Sometimes this involves table talk and work, sometimes partner work, and sometimes groups of different sizes and shapes, temperaments, talents, and convictions.  The 5 main things you will see in my classroom are: Reading, Writing, Talking, Listening, and FUN!  Lots of laughter and fun.”


Would you consider yourself strict or nice?


“I would consider myself a blend of the two.  If I were employing a portmanteau (look it up if you’re curious), I’d say I’m “Stice” or “Nict.”  That is, I am firm when I need to be, and kind, empathetic and understanding when the time calls for it.”


Do you reward your students in any way?


“I don’t do a ticket system or table points or any of that stuff, but I do try to reward them with a lot of verbal praise, positive feedback, gifts of increasing responsibility and ownership of their classroom.  We also do lunchtime movies or retro-videogame tournaments (e.g. Pacman, Dig-Dug). I’m a firm believer in the value of intrinsic rewards.  I don’t want kids doing things in my classroom just to earn a candy bar or a stuffed animal.  I want them working hard because hard work pays off and the doors that are opened from hard work often result in fantastic real-world rewards, again and again, over a lifetime.”


Mr. Ross seems like a really cool teacher.  He seems like a perfect fit for Magruder.  Based on his answers to my questions, I would say he also sounds like a great Language Arts teacher.

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“Math Counts” Math Competition Club

DSCN0475Math Counts Club

By: Jordan N. and Carly P., staff writers


DSCN0472Get your Math on! Do you like Math, then you should join Math Counts!  Math is what this is all about.

Math Counts is a program where you can work on math problems with other students who like Math just the same amount as you do, so you aren’t alone. The person that started this program last year was Ms. Johnson. “I welcome any student who would like to join,” Ms. Johnson says, with open enthusiasm and honest sincerity. Ms. Johnson is very pleased to have any student that would like to join. What Math Counts stands for is a Math competition program. In the Math competition, there will be a group of four and a group of six individual members by themselves. This means that only ten members can go to the competition. You can only bring a calculator, but nothing else. In the competition,  you solve lots of Math problems in a certain amount of time and socialize with others.  You can also be yourself and go on a math frenzy.


If you decide to go to Math Counts, you should know that  there is only a little time to join. In addition, Math Counts meets on every Wednesday of the week (except for holidays) in Room 28 (Ms. Johnson), so remember that you have a limited amount of time. While you can, please join our fun program while time lasts if you enjoy Math.

Not only do you get to go on a big competition, you get to learn more Math. What is fun about the club is, solving truly challenging problems, as a group.  It’s thrilling to discover the right answer! In addition, you get a great experience in what you need to learn if you are in 6th or 7th grade. You can get a head start  over the other kids in your class.

Math Counts gives you a packet full of practice problems and a solution sheet, so you can do some sample problems to see what you need to practice at home. This is a great way to improve your Math even more than what you know now! Math Counts has it all.

Well ,What Are You Waiting For, Want To Join? We have everything you need with Math.


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Magruder Mustangs Team #585 Competes at Robotics Qualifying Tournament

Robotics Competition

By: Carly P. & Khanh P., staff writers



“It was a great experience!”- Eric Gasperro. The Magruder Mustangs Robotics Team #585, sponsored by Exxon Mobil, went to our very first robotics competition on Sunday, November 9 at Culver City High School.   The First Lego League of Greater Los Angeles created this opportunity.  There were 23 teams judged on three things: Core Values, the Robotic Game, and the Project Presentation. This year’s challenge theme was all about learning. “In the 2014 FLL WORLD CLASS℠ Challenge, over 265,000 children from 80 countries will redesign how we gather knowledge and skills in the 21st century. Student teams will teach adults about the ways that kids need and want to learn.”  Our students were nervous, but at the same time, anxious to start the competition.


At 7:30, on a foggy morning, Magruder parents brought their excited students to Check In, where we had to register our team.  Then at 8:00-9:30 Mrs. Nowak and Mr. Ogle helped kids focus by practicing the core values, the project presentation and the robot game. The project was to show a way kids could improving learning something. The idea that the Magruder team presented was showing fun and interesting ways to teach other students coding, since it is important for careers, and it is essential to computers and commands. We presented the idea of teaching kids through the Hour of Code Week, and by setting up a club called Code4Kidz in which we teach coding throughout one on one games and lessons using and

The robot team practiced with their robot called “Armbar” (named for its powerful arm), on the field of ten possible missions.  Our team programmed Armbar to attempt three missions: open a door, push a bar called “changing conditions”, and retrieve a key and bring it to home base.

Starting at 9:30, the Robotics Game team got three tries on the robotics game table “field of missions” throughout the day.  On the first and second try we got 30 points each, and on the third try, we scored 50 points. “This was a fun experience because they were challenging tasks that we managed to finish.” said Owen Nowak. On the field, we accomplished three missions, the third was the most difficult: retrieving the key and bringing it back to the base.


Then, at 10:30, we gave our presentation to the judges, about the Hour of Code and our coding club. The judges were impressed with our desire to teach coding, because the judges knew coding, but didn’t learn it until they were adults. They seemed to like the fact that we were trying to get kids to learn at an early age.

Right after that, at 11:00, we were judged on the core values. What we had to do for this segment of judging was to have a leader and a runner, and we had to draw a picture using the description our runner got from our leader. The picture that we had to draw was a flying saucer attacking a house. We were told our group was the first to draw it in 3-D, like the original, so we were good at communication information.  “I had a lot of fun being the runner because this taught me that teamwork was really important, for this task- not only that, but for everything.”DSC_0318

Lastly, this is was a great experience. We learned new things, but having fun was the most important result of this competition. Although everyone wanted to win, we placed 12th , which we can be proud of in our first year of competition. The Magruder students at the competition had a great time that they will never forget.  “Overall, this is an experience I won’t forget so that I can improve on future robotic competitions.” says Eric.


In conclusion, at 2:30 we had the awards ceremony, and even though we didn’t win, we got an award for participation, and won an unforgettable experience, which was hanging out with other people who loved robotics and coding. A big thank you also goes to our sponsor, Exxon Mobil, who provided the EV3 robot kits for our Magruder Robotics Club.



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Santa Poem

The Season Of The MALL Santa

By Dustyn C., staff writer


Christmas time’s upon us,

with children filled with glee,

and parents spending money,

on cheap games for the Wii.


Though gift prices are quickly rising,

and kids are quickly getting a cold,

The time with family is important,

and that’s what makes Christmas a time to behold.


Everyone loves family time!

I don’t think it could get you to sob.

Unless you suffer in Christmas each year,

which happens, sadly, to a guy named Bob.


He has a duty in the mall every year,

that causes him to go insane!

Bob has to pose as Santa in winter

but how is that ever a pain?


Bob hates attention from little kids,

and feeding candy canes to those monsters and such,

but he really needs money to live in his house

which is in shambles, so it shouldn’t be much.


Family and friends won’t even help

the poor grown man from being assaulted.

He has manage little, vicious kids,

and for that he is usually insulted.

However, today’s the day he finally quits,

to get a job at that fun yogurt store,

but the kids are lining up a few hours early,

so he has to wait a few hours more.


The first kid up was mean, short, and chubby,

wearing a shirt that was pretty lame.

For Christmas, he asked for something absurd

for the existence of the illegal guns in his game.


“Santa” explained that he can’t make that wish,

as it will cost him more than some time in jail,

but of course, the kid kicked him in ultimate rage,

unaware that he was actually a little bit frail.


The second kid up was depressed all around,

wearing all black and jeans way too tight!

He asked for the love of his family and friends,

and to get a good education, starting tonight.


“Santa” shed a tear after hearing the boy’s wish,

recognizing how his statements were sincere and bold,

but he couldn’t make that wish, which is obvious,

so he said that his wish was something he can’t hold.


That kid started crying, flowing with tears,

as if he was blinded by the juice of a lime.

He was so angry that he pulled “Santa’s” beard!

Luckily, the security came just in time.


“Santa” sighed in ultimate relief,

as if he heard the end of a repetitive fad,

but then he thought, seconds after,

about how he felt a little bit bad.


So as the day went on with no end in sight,

with greedy kids shouting about their wish list,

“Santa” still thought about that sad boy,

and the depictions of children were gone in the mist.


He wanted to give something to the sad kid,

but he didn’t know what he could possibly give.

He couldn’t give the boy love or knowledge,

but maybe a textbook or money to live.


That’s what “Santa” did after his painful shift,

but he didn’t have the money to spend on the kid.

Instead, in the night, “Santa” broke in the mall,

at the risk of being arrested.


So “Santa” went to a bookstore in the mall

to steal some books like an oblivious bum,

unaware of the cameras watching him,

until hours later, making him feel really dumb.


“Santa” walked out the store through a window he broke,

in order to get into the bookstore.

However, in the time when the clock struck twelve,

there were three police cars, or maybe even four!


Bob took his suit off as fast he could,

and ran to hide in a nearby tree.

Unfortunately, the cops saw him change,

so Bob had to go with a unthought plan B.


Bob just ran to the post office fast,

wearing only a white shirt and very loose pants.

Running through red lights without being hurt,

along to the melodic and kind Christmas chants.


Bob was almost at the postal office,

tired yet determined in gift giving nonetheless.

Sadly, he realized that he didn’t know his address,

making breaking into the mall pointless.


He surrendered to the police without a struggle,

and reached for the bright yet dark night sky.

Bob was sad that he wasn’t successful,

but he knew that he deserved what bad things lie.


Bob’s behind bars now for three whole months,

bored, hungry, but mostly sad.

Not only would he miss out on Christmas Day,

but he won’t be able to see that sad kid glad.


That’s when Bob was called for the phone.

He never knew about the phone at all!

Bob got the jail phone anyways,

awaiting the oddly, mysterious call.


It was from the sad kid!

He was happy as can be.

The kid heard about Bob,

from the news on TV.


The boy explained that didn’t get the books,

nor any money to spare in his pocket.

However, he said that it was the thought that counted,

and he was really fine with it.

The boy hung up on the call,

and the cellmates overheard

about the conversation Bob had,

but just not word for word.


They all comforted Bob

about his situation.

The cellmates made Bob feel

loved by a large nation.


After calling the sad boy and responses from others,

Bob thought to himself that his deed was alright.

With one day out of three months gone but not forgotten,

Bob felt that those months would feel like just one night.


So that ends Bob’s story,

he was happy in the end.

Not all Christmas’ have to be white,

but just about the merry times you spend.


I know that I already said that,

but that morale is very true!

especially with family is involved,

and the love from them to you.


The End!

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The Hour of Code Comes to Magruder

Hour Of Code

1017453_10152111902238253_8338030021093575076_nBy: Dustyn C., staff writer




Watch this video!

Ever wanted to learn how to code? Now you can during the Hour of Code! It’s a nationwide initiative founded by CSEdWeek (Computer Science Education Week) and to introduce computer programming to students in select districts. The Magruder Tech Club is challenging all students to participate in the Hour of Code, which is happening in our school between December 8 and December 14.  Ms. Fischer andDSC_0191 Ms. Nowak have prepared our school by registering Magruder to do the Hour of Code, and in doing so has prepared us for our future!

How does the Hour of Code work? In your P.E. or elective classes, students will go to the computer lab here at Magruder. Students would then go to a website where you will play games about basic programming. In the website, there are several fun “games” about coding and programming to play, some themed after game franchises such as Angry Birds and Plants v.s. Zombies. There’s even a “Flappy Game” teaching you how to code your own Flappy Bird! For beginners, we recommend doing the top “Write your first Program” to get on track.

The Hour of Code is an event students across the country will participate in, with fun games and blasts of knowledge on the way. Why would anyone want to wait to start? Just go to, the website you’ll go on during the Hour of Code, to begin learning how to code and program!




To learn more, watch this video starring Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg, :


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Student of the Month Assembly for Period 1

Student Of The Month Assembly Per.1

By : Jenny C. And Joy M., Staff writers



It’s that time of month again, the Student Of the Month Assembly! For all the people who don’t know, SOMA stands for student of the month assembly, which is an award giving out per period and each teacher would pick one, if not several students to get it. Some kids get it because they have great participation or amazing skills in that subject.

And now here are the 6th grade winners –DSCN2703

1 : Mrs.Takano / Mrs.Yung – Jiro C. for always working independently

2 : Mrs.Takano / Mrs.Yung – Emily H. for always quietly giving 100% effort

3 : Mr.Vermette – Serenity G. for best effort

4 : Mr.Vermette – Malik H. for best effort

5 : Mr.Vermette – Arturo H. for best effort

6 : Mr.Vermette – Daniel L. for best sportsmanship

7 : Mr.Vermette – Yui T. for best sportsmanship

8 : Mr.Vermette – Ty T. for best sportsmanship

9 : Mr.Ross – Emily H. for being an all around great kid!!

10 : Mr.Ross – Tam N. for being an all around great kid!!

11 : Mr.Ross – Adriana R. for being an all around great kid!1

12 : Mr.Ross – Caden S. for being an all around great kid!!

13 : Mr. Porush – Olivia K. for excellence in Choir

14 : Mrs.Smith – Anthony L. for outstanding achievement, effort, and citizenship

15 : Mrs.Smith – Makaela W. for outstanding achievement, effort, and citizenship

16 : Mrs.Hart – Joanna M. for excellence in Math class


Here are the first 7th grade winners –DSCN2722

1 : Ms.Borowski – Etenesh A. for going above and beyond

2 : Ms.Loftin – Sarah B. for going above and beyond in P.E.

3 : Ms.Loftin – Amber M. for always giving 100% in P.E.

4 : Ms.Loftin – Cory R. for being always being an amazing athlete

5 : Ms.Loftin – Adrian V. for being an excellent athlete

6 : Ms.Kawahara – Jenny C. for excellent participation

7 : Ms.Kawahara – Evan K. for academic excellence

8 : Mrs.Davies – Dustyn C. for outstanding achievement and citizenship in Science

9 : Mrs.Davies – Hong-Tran D. for outstanding achievement and citizenship in Science

10 : Mrs.Aulenta – Nolan G. for excellence in Language Arts

11 : Mrs.Aulenta – Lizbeth M. for excellence in Language Arts


Now here is the 8th grade winners – DSC_0033

1 : Ms.Ingram – Alora A. for being an all around good student

2 : Ms.Ingram – Kaityln G. for excellent participation

3 : Ms.Ingram – Mathew L. for excellent effort

4 : Ms.Ingram – Steve Z. for excellent citizenship

5 : Mrs.Schwafaty – Andrea A. excellence in achievement and participation in English Language Art

6 : Mrs.Schwafaty – Armando V for excellence in achievement and participation in English Language Art

7 : Mr.Burgner – Esther C. for excellence on first quarter History essay

8 : Mr.Burgner – Jessica W. for excellent participation and historical analysis

9 : Mrs.Ji-Park – Ramzy I. for academic and citizenship excellence in Science

10 : Mrs.Johnson – Christian J. for being an extremely hard working Math student

11 : Mrs.Johnson – Brandon P. for being the most dedicated mathematician

12 : Mrs.Ramos – Paris L. for excellent effort in English Language Development

13 : Mrs.Ramos – Trong N. for excellent effort in English Language Development

14 : Mr.Porush – Brenda O. for excellence in Choir


The in-between announcements were about the Robotics club and the Renaissance. The Robotics Club showed us their robot that they invented and showed us what it does. We talked about Renaissance, what it does, and how you get it.  That was the first Student Of The Month assembly. If you haven’t gotten and award yet, don’t worry. You can get it too if you try your best, work hard, and come to school ready to learn!   DSCN0114

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Injustice Gods Among Us iOS Review

Injustice Gods Among Us iOS Review

By: Bryan L.,staff writer


injustice gods among us

What is this game for iPhones, iPad, and iPod Touch all about? This game is all about a fighting game where if you tap you do a regular attack. When you swipe, you do a heavy attack. When you first start the game you start off with 3 random bronze characters. You will then go through the the tutorial . On the bottom of the screen the will be three bars. Each bar does certain special that tells you to swipe or to tap with do different special depending on which character you use. When you do a special move some of them will stun them, poison them,burn them,freeze them, or make them bleed. the bleeding,burn, and poison only make them lose health. The stun or freeze effect makes the opponent not able to move for certain amount of time. There is two more effects called power drain and life drain. Power drain makes the opponent lose power and life drain make the opponent lose health and the your characters gain health. Life drain only come from gear cards.

What are the characters? The characters are bronze,silver,or gold characters. The characters are both bad and good guys. Each character has a special ability like start with 2 bars of power and that character is Arkham Origins Batman. The characters also have a different amount of health and attack. The characters can be promoted if you buy the character. All the characters are from D.C. except for the characters from challenges. When they are promoted their attack and health will increase. There is also gear cards that come in 1-4 stars. 4 is the best, but in order to get it you have to upgrade the three star to the max level . That goes for one and two stars to go up by one star. If you want to know if they have evolved than the background will be golden. 3 star gear cards only give special effects to the character that gets that boost.

What can you buy from the shop? At the shop, you can buy characters and packs that cost currency that you get when you win a battle. There are bronze, silver, gold, and special packs that give you characters. The special packs give about 1-3 characters and some packs give you cards that will help your team throughout the whole time you play the game. You cannot sell these cards unless you have more than one of the cards. There are also challenge bundle packs that gives you challenge currency for the challenge. The most expensive packs are challenge booster pack, red son pack, and man of steel pack.Gear cards can be pulled out of the gear pack and it doesn’t give you the evolved form.

Are there challenges? Yes, there are challenges and after you complete it you can get the character. In the challenge you have like two weeks to complete it and you have to have what it says you need in order to start part of the challenge. You have to complete five challenge parts to get the character. After the challenge,you can try to do it again and get a gear card. You can do the challenge up to 3 times.

There is also an adventure mode where there 8 bosses that you have to verse in order to move on to the next part. Then, there is online mod where you verse other people with the same level characters that you have. every time you win you get a few coins and you get battle points which will determine what place you are in. After a certain amount of time you will get rewards like coins and gear cards. There are also 3 missions everyday that can give you battle points and coins.

I would rate this game a 9.5 because it has good graphics and the game is very interesting with the strategies that you can come up with in the game. In the game, I wish the battles that you face with characters that get radiation and regeneration when you can’t get them in the game.Remember it is free!!

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The Tradition of Hanukkah

The Tradition of Hanukkah

By: Bryan L. and  Tony Z., staff writers

hanukkah (1)

Have you heard about Hanukkah? Hanukkah is a special holiday celebrated on December 16-25 for 2014.  It is a Jewish holiday where they give gifts and the most important thing is that they light a candle every day until the menorah is complete.       Hanukkah all started back in 200 BCE when King Antiochus the third defeated King Ptolemy the fifth Epiphanes. King Antiochus made a Jewish law that all the Jews had to follow ancestral customs and continue to go to the Temple of Jerusalem everyday.

Hanukkah is celebrated with a series of rituals that are performed every day for the entire 8-day holiday. Each night, a candle or oil based light is lit. Hanukkah candles should usually burn for a half hour after it gets dark. There are a  large number of songs for Hanukkah too.

A hanukkah tradition that children do is something that you’ve heard of before. It is called a dreidel. A dreidel is a four sided spinning top that has a hebrew letter on each side of it In the game there is nun, gimel, hey, and shin. Nun means that you get nothing, gimel takes the entire pot, hey half the pot, and shin make you put one marker back in the pot.This is the most original version of the game.

What do they eat during Hanukkah? They eat foods that are baked and use olive oil. They eat potato latke which is like a pancake with potatoes used as main ingredient. They also eat sufganiyot which is a jelly-filled doughnut made by the Jews. They also eat chocolate gelts which are chocolate coins covered in golden foil paper.

Hanukkah allows the families gives gifts to the people who are there. They also play music every single day.

In North America and Israel, it is common to exchange presents or give children presents at this time. Also, many families encourage their children to give charity in lieu of presents for themselves.

Hanukkah is a special Jewish holiday that lasts for 8 days that is a lot of fun with food and games.

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Shovel Night Review

Shovel Knight Review

By: Anthony Z., staff writer

Shovel knight

You know those classic 8-bit games? Shovel Knight is in the style of these classic 80s games. Shovel Knight is available for 3ds, Wii U, and PC for fifteen bucks. In Shovel Knight, you play as a knight that is armed with a  shovel instead of a  sword. Now, this may seem funny at first, but having a shovel opens up new gameplay options. The story is that, there were once two adventures, Shovel Knight and Shield Knight. But one day, when they explore the tower of fate and cursed amulet

brought terrible magic and puts Shovel Knight  to sleep. But, when Shovel Knight awakens, he finds that his beloved shield Knight is gone and the tower of fate is sealed. Shovel knight stops adventuring and goes into a life of solitude because he lost Shield Knight. But without Shovel Knight, the Enchantress seizes the land and assembles an evil team of knights called the Order of no Quarter. consisting of Spector Knight, Propeller Knight, Tinker Knight, Mole Knight, King Knight, Plague Knight, Treasure Knight, and Polar Knight.  But then tower is unsealed and Shovel Knight goes on a epic quest to defeat The Order of No Quarter and the Enchantress.


In Shovel Knight, you can get relics which are found in the Order of no Quarter’s castles from a guy named Chester. Don’t worry, because if you miss out on a relic from Chester, after you’re done with that castle, you can buy that relic from Chester in a basement in the village. All the relics are the phase locket, war horn, dust knuckles, throwing anchor, alchemy coin, fishing rod, mobile gear, propeller dagger, chaos sphere and the troupple chalice. The fishing rod and chaos sphere have to be obtained in a basement in the village from Chester And they troupple chalice has to be brought by a guy in the village and you then go to the troupple pond so you can fill the chalices with abilities from the troupple king himself. There are also armors available in Shovel Knight that have different abilities and shovel upgrades are available too. The most expensive  and shiniest armor in the game cost 500 gold and it doesn’t even do anything but makes you do a flip when you jump. You can also get magic and health upgrades in the village. There are music sheets available in levels,you can then go to the village and give the Bard there the music sheet you have. He will pay you 500 gold for one. He will also play the music from the music sheet for you if you ask.


I really like Shovel Knight. I find the levels creative and the bosses fun. I also find the graphics and colors good,even if it is in an 8-bit style. The music is also good and it sounds retro. I highly recommend this game to anyone, if you own a 3ds, Wii U, or PC. It really is a good game that has a price of fifteen bucks. Shovel Knight is hard, which makes sense because it is supposed to be like a classic 8-bit games and I heard that those games were hard.


Thy Final Score: 9.8/10




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Entertainment Business: What Makes a Good Kids’ Show?

How Can a Good Kids’ Show Be Made?

By: Dustyn C.; staff writer


Many cartoons today are vastly improving from the years of around 2008-09 (Well, according to fan response and ratings, anyway). Starting from Adventure Time and Regular Show, and continuing on from Gravity Falls and Wander Over Yonder, cartoons are really starting to get freaking awesome! However, Nickelodeon isn’t doing so good. Shows like Sanjay and Craig and Breadwinners have been getting bad reviews for their lazy writingcn and toilet humor. Even Spongebob and The Fairly OddParents are parallel shows from what they used to be years ago, which brings us to this question. What can Nickelodeon do to improve? In order to improve, we need to look at the main question, “How can a good kids’ show be made?”


  1. Don’t dumb down shows.

Kids aren’t dumb. Kids are just easy to amuse, which makes kids’ shows easy to write. With the array of new shows coming out on Cartoon Network and Disney XD, we live in an age where shows could be clever, witty, and smart and still have the hilarity and amusement of a regular kids’ show.  Kids could watch almost anything you throw at them as long as it’s intriguing and easy to understand.

  1. Avoid keeping up with the modern age.

The best cartoons don’t reference what was popular at the time they aired. Over The Garden Wall, another great modern kids’ show, sets a great example of this, as a majority of the show is set in a vintage autumn atmosphere. The show’s setting allows it to stand the test of time and remain treasured. If you reference or imply trends of this generation like selfies and Photoshop, in the next few years, the show would be considered “dated” and lack value.

  1. Be creative.

Above all, creativity is key. You need fresh ideas to keep people from avoiding your show. No one wants to watch something they’ve already seen. Even using cliches and/or stereotypes could be used creatively as long as you execute those particular subjects correctly. Examples of using creativity to your advantage is the Ice King from Adventure Time. You could identify him as the villain who kidnaps princesses or the loner guy whose only friends are penguins. However, he never seemed cliched, in my opinion, because his dialogue and personality outside of being a villain is funny and interesting. In addition, there’s his backstory about him being a human before the Land of Ooo came to be. This not only makes him a great villain, but a great, fleshed out character, too. Using creativity could lead to great things in a kids’ show, and it shows!


As shown from these guidelines, great kids’ shows could be made. No need for simplification or modernization to lure kids into your show. All you need is creativity and wit!

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Five Nights at Freddy’s Review

Five Nights at Freddy’s Review

By. James S. & Haskell M.; Staff WritersFreddy's


If you were around in the late 1900’s, and lived somewhere in Utah, you probably have been to Freddy Fazbears’s Pizza. This was the place that kids could go to see Freddy Fazbear, Chica, and Bonnie. “Where fun and fantasy come to life.” One of the animatronic characters, Foxy, malfunctioned and bit someone in the Pirate Cove,(But that is just in the game, it never happened in the real place). Foxy was a pirate that had a hook hand, and razor sharp teeth. After the so called ‘Bite of 87’ happened, the kids waved Foxy goodbye and the animatronics had their free roaming mode turned off during the day. Their free roaming mode was never turned off during the night, so you have to survive five nights at Freddy Fazbear’s Pizza as a night worker.

Devices: This game is for your P.C. or laptop, any Android device, or an Apple iPhone, or iPad.



1.        It is said to be one of the scariest games in the world, because it is based on the original Freddy Fazbear’s Pizza family restaurant,(Which was closed down for certain reasons) .

2.        It has a demo version so you can see if you like it before you buy it for $4.99 for the pc version, or $2.99 for pocket devices.

3.        They added the new Golden Freddy hallucination to the game.

4.        There is night 7 after nights 1-6, where you can pick the difficulty for the animatronics.

5.         The graphics of the game looks realistic in some ways.



1.        You’re sitting in one place

2.        It’s really hard to beat.

3.        There are only jump scares.



I would rate this game 4.3 stars out of 5 stars, because some people would say it isn’t very vast, but so fun.



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Staying Warm in Winter Fashion

Winter Fashion

By: Alyssa M. & Sunbo A.:staff writers



When winter comes everyone is excited about new clothes for sweater  season and the holidays.   During this cold season, you can’t go wrong with a sweater and some boots.  We know how it is asking for clothes as Christmas presents , especially in the winter.



This season the most popular colors  are dark blue, beige, and dark green. The most common and best outfits include boots for winter(combat boots), scarves, a nice sweater, jeans, and your own touch of accessories. Some perfect clothes for the winter could be something cute, comfy, and warm. This season layering is a good option. You can stay warm and cute at the same time. Layering is a way of keeping warm at all times. You layer by putting on clothes on clothes without looking like a huge snowman. For example you can wear an undershirt, then an cute muscle tank, then an eyelash sweater, after that you are good to go.  Keeping warm in the winter is  very important and looking cute while your warm is even better.jeans




This outfit is perfect for the cold winter days. This long, tribal print cardigan, goes really well with these high waisted  light brown jeans. The plain black tee goes great with the whole outfit because the pop of color comes with the cardigan. All of these clothing items come from Aeropostale, and they are part of the Bethany Mota collection. You can always add accessories to any outfit. A simple, dainty heart necklace can make any outfit better.


This other outfit is also perfect for winter and matches the modern winter style. You can kind of see that this season matching is a great idea.The pink sweater and beanie go perfect with the pink, blue, and white sweater. Baggy sweaters are very cute this season. When using this outfit you don’t only have to to wear tennis shoes, you could wear a pair of cute high brown boots. The jeans are perfect with this, jeans go with absolutely everything. This outfit is from a well known store called  Aeropostale.












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Thanksgiving Comic

Why Doesn’t a Turkey Celebrate Thanksgiving?

By: Dustyn C., staff writer


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Thanksgiving History

Thanksgiving History


By Staff Writers; Haskell M. and Jordan N.



Have you ever wondered what Thanksgiving was like in the past? Well, Thanksgiving is a national holiday, in which the United States, and Canada celebrate. Other places around the world saw our tradition and wanted to celebrate Thanksgiving the way we celebrate it too. Also, we get to see our relatives and get together for a grand feast. We get to say the things that we are all thankful for, like having food on the table. Thanksgiving was created  because of the past.


In 1620 a boat called the Mayflower, left England. The Mayflower carried about 102 people, that sought another land that they could practice their religious beliefs freely. The first Winter was horrible, and very rough. Lots of colonists stayed on the Mayflower, where they got scurvy, and varieties of diseases. Lots of colonists died from the deadly Winter, and only half of the colonists survived. After the brutal Winter the rest of the colonists settled down in March. Later an Abenaki Indian came to greet them. Then after the week passed, Abenaki brought another Indian named Squanto. Squanto taught the pilgrims about illness, how to cultivate corn, malnutrition, and how to extract maple from trees. He also taught them, how to catch fish, and stay away from poisonous plants. Squanto helped the pilgrims and the Wampanoag Indians, live in harmony. The Wampanoag Indians had a big feast with the pilgrims in celebration of their peace.



Today we continue that tradition, and at the dinner table we say are things that were thankful for. We try to remember what we are thankful for. For example, we have food, drinks, clothes, a family, and a house. The past helps us understand the future.


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AYSO Annual Turkey Tournament

AYSO Annual Turkey Tournament

By: Alyssa M. & Khanh P.;staff writers

ayso turkey tournament

Have you ever heard of the  AYSO Annual Turkey Tournament? This is the 27th annual year of the AYSO turkey tournament. Every year AYSO host a tournament that happens right after Thanksgiving. Basically teams from different region come and play a series of games, and the top four teams with the most points move on to semi-finals. The winners from the semi-finals move on to the championship game.



The 27th Annual 2014 AYSO Turkey Tournament was held on November 28th  through 30th. The soccer tournament was held at the Columbia Regional Park and the Toyota Sports Complex in Torrance. Different boy’s and girl’s teams from different age divisions are allowed to participate. The age divisions are from U-8 through U-19.   Teams from different regions come and play a series of games against other teams. The way this tournament works is pretty simple. You automatically play three games. For each game you play you get points based on how you did. After all the teams have played their three games the top four teams with the most point move on to semi-finals. The winners of the semi-finals move on to the championship game, which is the last game you will play


This is a great tournament to participate in. Congratulations to all the teams that were able to move on to the championship game. Also, congratulations to all the teams that participated in the tournament. It was a really fun event to participate in. Another tournament that is coming up is the West Torrance Christmas Classic.

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The Thanksgiving Catastrophe

The Thanksgiving Catastrophe

Staff Writer; Jordan N. and Haskell M.

turkey jordan

One day two turkeys named Billy, and Joe were on a farm on a sunny, bright day. They were laying down in the barn when suddenly they heard a loud noise outside. When the turkeys looked out, they saw the humans putting decorations on the roofs. There were lights and ribbons being hung up. Billy looked at their calendar in the barn.  His eyes popped out staring at the one day that the turkeys fear. “What are you looking at?” Joe said. Billy shouted, “It is Thanksgiving today, and we are the only turkeys here on this farm!” “What’s Thanksgiving?” Joe asked in a worried voice. “It is when humans have a celebration. After they get together, they have a feast and we are the first thing on the menu. You don’t know that lots of turkeys have been eaten on this day. I was lucky I haven’t been chosen, yet.” said Billy in a serious voice. Joe was breathing heavily and thinking about all the bad things that could happen. Suddenly, Joe fainted.



Billy then woke Joe back up and said, “We need a plan to escape! We will sneak out tonight before the party starts. We will climb over the fence and run to the streets.” Joe asked,” Even if  we do escape, where are we going to go?” “Don’t worry, I have it all planed. We are heading for this place for turkeys. It isn’t far from here.” “ Fine, we will sneak out of here tonight.” Joe said. Once the sky got dark, the turkeys ran toward the fence. The loud clanging attracted the humans. “Oh no!” “The humans are coming!” Joe said.  “Climb, Climb Joe!” They made it over in just in time. “Who’s there?” the man said holding a flashlight. It was quiet outside except for the crickets outside. There was nothing left, but a part of a clump of feathers left on the fence.web001



The following day, the turkeys were very tired. They had ran the whole night, wondering when they will get to the pen with turkeys. “It is so cold in the mornings,” Joe complained. “That is the least of our problems,” Billy said. What about food and water, we need it for survival. The weather may be harsh, but it won’t kill us. As they were walking, they heard loud gobbles. “We’re here!” Joe said excitedly. The turkeys were very loud with their gobbles. “We are finally here,” Billy said. Just then, the dad was walking up to the turkey trail. He was anxious for those turkeys. Once the human reached the pen,  some of the turkeys ran after the dad and took him away. “It looks like we will be safe with these turkeys around us, don’t you think?” Billy said with a grin.

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iPad Air 2 Review

iPad Air 2 Review

by: Khanh P. & Hong-Tran D., Staff Writers


ipad-air-2-wifi-priceThe new iPad Air 2 just came out on October 20th, 2014. The iPad Air was previously released. Let’s talk about the cool features and apps that this device comes with.

It’s a bit similar to the first iPad air. The apps are still the same. It comes with the camera, photos, message, Facetime, mail, music, safari, maps, siri, calendar, itunes store, app store, notes, contacts, ibooks, game center, reminders, clock, videos, newsstand, photo booth, podcasts. It also comes with free apps from Apple. The apps are iphotos, pages, numbers, keynote, imovie, garageband, itunes U, find my iphone, find my friends, apple store, trailers, remote. The iPad has the iOS feature like all Apple products, but this device comes with iOS 8. You can upgrade to this feature on any Apple product.

There’s a new feature that is offered on the Apple website. It’s called engraving. You can engrave a message on your iPad and it will be engraved and sent to you. If you want to find out more, you can go on the apple website and see all the information they have. Unlike the iPad air, which comes in two colors: space gray and silver, the iPad air 2 comes in 3 colors:gold, silver, and space gray. It’s very thin and doesn’t weigh very much. It’s 18% thinner than the iPad air and has a retina display like every other iPads. There’s 9.7 inch display for those videos and pictures to take.

The iPad air 2 comes with the fingerprint touch ID like some iPads and iPhones. Instead of typing in your password or passcode, you just put your finger or thumb on the home button/fingerprint scanner and it will automatically be on the homescreen. There’s another cool feature on the iPad: it doesn’t just come with one camera. It comes with two! A camera lens has been redesigned to look even better.multi-core


Wireless networks work even faster with iOS 8 and iPad air 2 combined and there’s cool accessories like cases to protect the device. There’s more information on the apple website, so the iPad air 2 are just in stores!

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New Way to Pay – Use Your Phone

New Way to Pay Without Credit Cards

By: Joy Matthias, staff writer


Are you tired of people hacking your credit card and always having to get a new one a lot ?  Well no more, because apple has made a new way to pay without credit cards called APPLE PAY!~ Have you ever been to a store and you say to the cashier, “I FORGOT MY WALLET AND IT HAS MY CREDIT CARD!”  Not anymore!

They have created an app thats already on lots of androids, windows Phone, and blackberry devices and works with google wallet, Soft Card,Paypal and other devices.  About 220,000 stores already have NFC devices at their register. People are doing this because they are afraid of being hacked. All you have to do is take out your phone, open it and dial a code. Apple is pretty much the first to make phone payments this popular in the United states.Apple pay is easier,safer and available with every credit card.

Its easier because one touch is so much easier than having to type in your pin for a debit or a credit card and its done by fingerprints. Thats safer because its your fingerprint its yours alone and no one has your exact hand! Apple pay never gives shops your credit card information.It will work with American Express, Master card and visa.It also struck credit card deals with these banks: American express,bank of America, Barclaycard, Capital One, Chase, Citi Bank, Navy Federal Credit Union, PNC Bank, USAA, U.S.Bank, and Wells Fargo.  So, it’s perfectly safe for you to try.  You have a chance to pay safely, and easily, so why not?

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Super Smash Brothers Review

Super Smash Bros. for 3ds REVIEW

By: Tony Zepeda, staff writer

smash bros

What is Super Smash Bros.? Well, Super Smash Bros. is a fighting game series where you can play as different Nintendo characters . There also are a few third party characters thrown in there too. This series started way back in 1999 and since then, many changes were made to the series. The newest game in the series recently came out on October 3 for the 3ds. The Wii U version of the game will come out on November 21. For today, I will be reviewing the 3ds version of the game. Super Smash Bros. for the Nintendo 3ds(yes, that’s really the title), is really fun. In this game, there are a lot of new and returning characters, like Megaman and Robin. This is also one of the first games in history to have Megaman, Sonic, Mario and Pac-Man all in one game. There are a lot of clone characters in this game, but that isn’t too much of a problem for me.

Most of the time, the controls are smooth, but sometimes the circle pad for the 3ds puts the wrong move. You could try to do an up attack, but instead do a side attack.This doesn’t happen very often for me, though. In the game, there are different modes for you to play. The different modes are, Smash, Smash Run, Classic Mode and many more. You can also play online, which is fun, but there’s a glitch that can happen where you get banned for going online for over 136 years. This glitch can happen if you get banned from online play and instead of getting banned for a couple of minutes, it glitches out and you get banned for 136 years! This glitch doesn’t seem common, though. I suggest not getting banned for a couple minutes, because the glitch could happen, or you could not play online at all, until this glitch is fixed(at least I hope it gets fixed). Another problem in the game is that when you play 4 player smash, each character becomes kind of small and kind of hard to see, it’s still not that big of a deal for me.

Overall, Super Smash Bros. for the Nintendo 3ds is a great game. I suggest it to people who like smash or if you just like fighting games in general. If you’ve never played Smash Bros., this would a good game to start it off. I also reccomend this game to anyone who owns a 3ds, because it really is a good game, it does have minor flaws, but I still really like it.



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IPad Mini 2 Review

IPad Mini 2 Review

by:Khanh P. & Hong-Tran D.;

Staff Writers



Want to know more about the IPad mini 2? Well read this and you will know a lot about this cool device from Apple Inc. It has a retina display and comes with an IOS 7 operating system. The apps that comes with it are iBooks, maps, calculator, videos, photos, app store, settings, music, safari browser, camera, facetime, game center, notes, newsstand, and iTunes store.

The iPad mini 2 comes in three colors: black, white, and space grey. What’s the difference between the iPad mini and the iPad mini 2? Well let’s compare the two devices. In the iPad mini 2 is twice the resolution pixels. It’s 2048 by 1536 resolutions. The iPad mini 2 comes with fingerprint- resistant coating. For Wi-Fi it comes with 16GB. The height is 7.87 inches.

Want to take excellent quality videos and great pictures? You can use the iPad mini 2 to take all the pictures and videos. There’s a video chat app that comes with it. It’s called Facetime. On Facetime, you can chat and video chat with families and friends. With the iPad mini 2, you can focus better on the target.

The iPad mini 2 still has the apple logo on the back with the word iPad. It comes with a fingerprint sensor, which you can use to scan your fingerprint to unlock the device without typing in the passcode or password. It has that smooth surface, but if it’s dropped, the screen might crack. So you have to be careful. You can find more information by going on the apple website and while you’re there, there’s some cool accessories that you can get for the iPad mini 2. So you could get the cool, new iPad mini 2 with all the cool apps and accesories!

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Cartoon Wars 2 Review

Cartoon Wars 2 Review

By: Bryan L., staff writer


What is Cartoon Wars 2? It is an App game for phone or tablet, made by Blue GNC where cartoon wars and cartoon wars gunner are combined into one game. There are a few added features like air units and 6 acts that you have to beat in gunner and regular version. At every last level of the act there will be a boss at the end.

In cartoon wars there are base upgrades and specials. The specials shoots missiles or summons a person or warp gate which uses mana from your mana generator. The base upgrades help your base get more range on your bow, faster mana,and better arrow ability. These are the most best thing to upgrade in my opinion.

What is mana? Mana is the top part of the left side that tells you what troop you can summon on the bottom. What are the land troops? There are 10 units for land which are swordsman, spearman, and heavy armed robots which are the first three things that you can get and are recommended.Ground units can also attack air units.

What are the new air units? There are 5 types of troops for air units. The first three units are aircraft fighter, armed aircraft fighter,and armed helicopter. There air units will not come until act 4. They can attack both air and ground.

What are the other modes? There is a hero mode, Santa mode, hell mode, and quick mode. Hero mode is where you are a hero in story mode is where you use a hero and level him up to upgrade his abilities and his weapons. Santa mode is where you summon troops to defeat the enemy and send Santa to deliver presents. You send Santas to his ramp and and send a certain amount of him to win. Hell mode is where you are in a new dimension where the levels are harder and there are bosses on every level . Quick mode is where everything goes by quickly.

I would rate this game a 9.5 because it is addicting in all, but I wish there would be more troops in the game. This game $0.99 and it is worth getting, but don’t spend your money to buy gold and SP.

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The Boy Who Hates Thanksgiving

The Boy Who Hates Thanksgiving

By: Bryan L. and Tony Z; staff writers

turkey costume boy

Everywhere in Hayville, families were getting ready for Thanksgiving. Although most everyone in Hayville was happy for Thanksgiving, someone was not. A young boy named Billy was not happy. Billy hated Thanksgiving, because every single freakin’ dang year all of his relatives from his mom and dad’s side would come over for Thanksgiving and they would always argue and disturb his peace of mind. On top of that, there were no relatives his age because all of them were much younger than him and all of them annoyed him to no end. Also, his mom wasn’t a great cook and she would always overcook the turkey, so the Thanksgiving dinner would always taste bad. The other reason why is that she will never get a honey-baked ham and her ham always tastes like, sorry to say, salty garbage.

Then, next day, he started to create a map in his secret lab that has his stuffed animals. He was thinking in his mind, “Why do I hate Thanksgiving?”  Well, his relatives were annoying to him and his mom wasn’t a good cook, but that wasn’t enough for him to hate it. But then he remembered, a long time ago, on Thanksgiving he had a dream that the grim reaper was going to come.   In his dream, that next day was Thanksgiving, the grim reaper came and haunted his mind of hatred. He always thought about that only the day of Thanksgiving. But, then an evil idea came to mind. But, it was not just an evil idea, but it was an evil GENIUS idea. It was an evil genius idea that would rid Thanksgiving for everyone in Hayville. Yes, it really was a GENIUS idea.

On the night before Thanksgiving, Billy went through with the plan. He brought a turkey costume that he found at the store and he put it on. He also got an old big wagon from the garage and he attached it to his bike. He put a big brown bag in the wagon, that was empty.

Now, you may ask, “What is Billy planning to do?” Well, he is planning to steal all the turkeys and pumpkin pies from everyone’s house in Hayville. He will then put them in the bag and the food will never be seen again. Everyone will wake up on Thanksgiving and see that their food is gone.Thanksgiving will be ruined for everyone.

Billy knew that it was a fool-proof plan.

The plan went something like this: That night, he would secretly go to all the houses at 1 am in the morning and take all the pumpkin pies and turkeys. He would leave only one slice for everyone in his family, including him.  And so,  he went to every house in Hayville that night and he stole every turkey and pumpkin pie from each house. He got into the house by going through the chimney. Before he knew it, there was only one house left that he needed to steal food from. He climbed through the chimney and he found the turkey and pumpkin pie in the refrigerator. He was about to leave when he heard a girl come out of her room. It was young Kathy Lee, who was no more than three.

“Who are you, “ she said in a squeaky voice. “And why are you stealing our turkey and pumpkin pie.” Now, Billy was a clever kid and he was able to think up a lie and think it up fast.

“Why I am the Thanksgiving Turkey, who provides everyone with fresh turkey and pumpkin pie on the night before Thanksgiving. You see, this turkey is not fresh enough, so I need to take it back to my home, but I will come back with a fresh turkey.” He then sent her to bed and tucked her in, he also provided her with a glass of milk and when she had drifted off to sleep, he stole the turkey and pumpkin pie from Kathy’s home.

He took all the Thanksgiving food in the bag on the wagon and he put the wagon on a hill in a place where nobody would find. He went back to his house feeling confident that Thanksgiving was ruined for everyone and he went to sleep.

He woke up the next morning, to find all his relatives having a good time.

“Hi, sweetie, ‘ his mother said. “We don’t have much turkey this year, but there’s a slice for everyone.”

“But what about the turkey, or the pumpkin pie?” Billy asked. ‘Well, we don’t need that. As long as we have our relatives, right?” his mom said. That’s when Billy realized something. Thanksgiving wasn’t about the food, even if it wasn’t that good. It was about being around family. And although his family members wouldn’t always get along and sometimes annoyed him, he still loved them very much. “I’m not hungry.” Billy said as he ran out of his house.

He then went up the hill and got the wagon filled with Thanksgiving food in the bag. He took the wagon and went into town. he then got a megaphone that he brought from home. He told everyone about all the food and everyone in Hayville gathered around tables at the park and he had a big Thanksgiving feast. And Billy got to cut the turkey first. For today, he realized that Thanksgiving was about being thankful for your family. And from that point on, Billy NEVER hated Thanksgiving ever again.


  The End.

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Unlucky Thanksgiving

Unlucky Thanksgiving

By: Alyssa M.,staff writer


It was the beginning of my Thanksgiving break. I thought it was going to be a great break. I didn’t have school for three days. I can finally just relax and not have to worry about studying.  My best friend and I have  literally planned this week for a month. Tomorrow was the first day of my supposedly awesome thanksgiving break. So I  woke up to my sister blasting her music. This already made me in a bad mood. When I don’t get enough sleep I’m in a crabby mood all day. After I ate breakfast and did all of my morning things I went to my friends house. We decided to work on our science project that was due in a week, we were making a model of a cell. As I was adding the finishing touches to the project the paint spilled all over me. I had to run to my house and change quickly because I really wanted to go to the store. Once I changed I asked my mom if she could take us to the store and a usual she said she was too busy. Great!!! Now what was I supposed to wear at Thanksgiving dinner.


I went to to bed last night and had a horrible dream. I woke up in a cold sweat. It was 7:30 am. The rest of my family was still asleep so I decided to make myself an early breakfast and watch tv. As I was pouring my cereal into my bowl I realized I forgot the milk. I poured the milk without thinking and I didn’t realize that it expired. Chunky, smelly milk covered my favorite cereal. Tomorrow was Thanksgiving so I went to the store with my friend which didn’t end so well. I was in the store and I saw the perfect outfit. I went inside the store to see if they had my size and as usual they didn’t. I was devastated. I went to one of my favorite stores and I found something there, which I was grateful for. Afterwards, we decided to get some lunch. Once we got to the cafe  the wait was an hour long and I was starving. When we were finally seated we ordered right away. As the waiter brought our he tripped and dropped all of it. This made us have to wait even longer and I was still super hungry. When my food finally arrived I ate so fast it caused my stomach to hurt. I ran to the restroom and puked.


After yesterday’s horrible experience I thought that today was going to be just as horrible. I was wrong Thanksgiving actually went by pretty smoothly. I woke up and got my breakfast, but this time there wasn’t any rotten milk. The whole day I was just watching movies until it was time for dinner. I changed into my new outfit and went downstairs to go greet my family and start to eat. I had an awesome time during dinner. I ate delicious food, hung out with my family, and even went back for seconds later on. This was a really great Thanksgiving and I realized on this day, as I’m eating with my family, I did have so much to be thankful for.

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Veterans Day

Veterans Day

By: Alyssa M. and Hong-Tran D.,Staff Writers



What’s so good about Veterans Day? Students will think “No School!” Off on that day. There’s actually more to Veterans Day than most people think. This holiday may mean more to people that have family that are veterans.

Veterans Day is a holiday that celebrates all of the veterans who have fought for our country and some have passed away. We need to appreciate what they have done for this country. The U.S.president Woodrow Wilson named November 11th as a day to remember the brave soldiers who risked their lives to fight for our country. To celebrate this holiday, many people go to parades with appreciation. Many businesses are closed on this day. Some people stay home to think about the soldiers that sacrificed their lives to protect their people and country.

Not only did the soldiers sacrifice their life these families had to sacrifice their family members. Everyday they worried that their loved ones wouldn’t return home. Part of their life was devoted to worrying about their loved ones and never knowing if the would return home. Imagine being the son of a soldier in the military never knowing if you would ever see your father again. Always having this uneasy feeling about not knowing what is going to happen. Once the soldiers come home their families are so happy to see them, but once they leave they never know if they may see them again.

As you can see being a soldier in the military isn’t easy and so is being part of a family whose members are in the military. We should appreciate how much these soldiers and their families sacrifice. Now that you know a little bit about this holiday maybe you will think about how much these soldiers did for us. Take a little time out of your day just to appreciate these soldiers.




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Halloween Day at Magruder

Halloween Costume Contest 2014

By: James S., Staff WriterDSC_0003


Did you join the costume contest this year? Just in case you missed out on the fun, This is how it went down…


Everyone lined up in a line to enter the contest, but the wait was worth it. The categories were scariest, funniest, cutest, most original, and twins. It was very close, but only a few people won for each category.




For the funniest costume, we have Antonio L. with, well, it appears an inflatable body. Ha, ha, just the sound of it is funny. ‘Air’ we done here?


For the scariest costume, we have Devon S. who seems to DSC01582have only one part of his face on today. Wasn’t it obvious he was going to win? This story is definitely ‘single-sided’.


For the cutest costume, we have Island V. wearing a tutu. DSCN2692This should count for most original, and cutest, but that’s not how Magruder’s contests work. You can’t just win ‘two, too’.





Finally, for the twins or group contest, the winners were DSCN2675Amber J. and Christina G.,

They dressed as if they stepped out of the book, Alice in Wonderland…. I ‘wonder’ if they will do this again next year.




And finally, the moment we have all been waiting for. The moment of truth. The main course. The open door to creative city. “Just get on with it!” you may be saying. The winner for the most original costume is………………………..

DSCN2676Daylon C! He wears a Riddick costume, which I haven’t seen in 12 years. He went the extra mile by shaving his head!


For the spooky story contest winners, Dustyn C., James S., and David K. won $25 gift cards. The spooky story making

DSC01575contest was apart from the costume contest, but the winners were announced in the costume contest.





Congratulations to everyone who has wore a costume on Halloween.






































































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Doctor Who – The Doctor Trap Book Review

Doctor Who-The Doctor Trap Book Review

by Asia Arakawa


Sebastiene, an incredibly powerful and a more than a little maniacal ruler of Planet 1 who is physically flawless has everything he could want, but he wants more. He hunts endangered species for sport. So far, he has caught every single species out there. But there is still one more that he wants to catch. The most powerful being of all time: The Time Lord.


Sebastiene has got together with The Society of Endangered Dangerous Species to hunt the Doctor for sport. Sebastine has created a doppelganger to look exactly and in most ways be the Doctor, and his name is Baris. Baris’s job is to steal the TARDIS and lure the Doctor to Planet 1 by stealing Donna Noble, the Doctor’s companion from him. But the Doctor is a lot more cunning than Baris. The Doctor manages to switch places with Baris, which makes everything even more complicated. Now the Doctor has to save Donna, get the TARDIS back, and save Baris. Could the Doctor ever escape Planet 1 alive?


The Doctor Trap is full of action, filled with twists and turns and alters between perplexing and keen. You will love every character in this book and the plot very fast-paced.  At some points, you may find yourself lagging behind. But as you read on, you will begin to catch up and be caught in the flow of the story as you go on. At first, you may not be much interested in the book, but you must read on because it gets a lot more compelling.



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Bully Proofing Assembly

Bully Proofing Assembly

By: James S. and Jenny C., Staff editors


At Magruder, putting bullies out of business is our top priority.  Every year Mrs. Barker organizes presentations on how to deal with bullies and how to promote a positive learning environment for all.  This year we had an informative assembly with former Magruder students, who now attend North High.


The anti-bullying proof assembly was amazing. We got to talk to the HRA members, play some games, and obviously talk about bullying. Some of us went to the Cafeteria while the others got to go to the P.E. teachers’ room. Overall, the assembly was a success and we gave thought to stopping the bullies out there and supporting the victims –  so they know they are not alone.


During the assembly, we learned that there were several reasons why bullies bully us, types of bullying, and how to stop bullying. They bully us due to their self esteem levels, what happens at their home, or just to be more popular. People bully others in physical ways, verbal ways, on the internet, and everything else you can think of.  We could help people who are bullied in several ways. We could take them out of it with distractions, straight up scolding them, the possibilities are endless. During the assembly, we talked about how we got bullied, and did some quizzes. We also got to play some games, learn about the HRA club, and watch some small skits.


We are lucky that the HRA’s  give up their time to teach us how to deal with bullies, because it will help us in the future. Mrs.Barker and the HRA crew did a pretty good job teaching us about bullying. If you have any problems with bullying, get a friend to help, go to a teacher for help, or stop it with your own hands, because bullying shouldn’t happen.

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Richardson Robotics Team Prepares Magruder’s Team for Competition

Richardson Robotics Presentation


By: Sunbo A., staff writerDSC_0078


Here at Magruder we have had an amazing robotics team called the The Magruder Mustangs Team #585, that I am glad to be a part of. This year our robotics team, sponsored by Exxon Mobil, has been accepted to go to the robotics competition in Culver City High School. Our robotics team isn’t really familiar with the competition, so a generous offer was made to us. Richardson’s Robotics Team (The Widgets ) came and told  us all about their personal experience in competition and shared their robot game and presentation.

The Richardson Team was very friendly and honest. They gave our robotics team lots of valuable advice and things we will surely take with us to competition. For the first part of their presentation they showed us their idea. Their project idea was an board game, they taught us how to play, and how it correlates to the theme of the competition, which was “How do we learn?” The board game they created  was an easy and fun way to teach anyone how to learn.

The next presentation was about their robot. They showed us their robot, and told us which missions they were going to accomplish. Their robot was programmed to go to a lego object and perform tasks like, throwing a ball into a goal, picking up objects, and much more. Our team also showed them that we were able to accomplish programming our robot to open a door.

At the end of the presentation our robotics team was able to understand the competition even more, thanks to the Richardson Team.


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Grades of Green Club

Grades of Green Helpers and Environmental Science Students

By: Khanh P & Hong-Tran D., staff writers




Some people think that sorting trash, recycling bottles, and emptying/making compost is boring, but some people actually join this club or the environmental science elective and enjoy doing doing this. Students get a chance to learn a lot about the environment and help the environment, this can help build up a student’s character a lot. Many students have joined this club and are now great “green” students, because they are now eco-friendly people who pick up trash and help the environment whenever they get a chance. Located near the cafeteria are three compost bins that are filled with worms. Some people may think worms are nasty, but they are really helpful to the environment. They eat leftover fruits and vegetables and make nice soil for us.

Now lets talk about the sorting station. Students will stand behind their stationed area. Whenever a piece of trash ends up in the wrong place, it is the workers job to make sure it ends up in the right place. There is a free bin and if you do not want any of your food, you just leave it in the bin and maybe someone else would want it, such as sandwiches that our members really love! If there are some fruits or vegetables that are not eaten, instead of throwing them in the compost bin, you can give them to Ms. Borowski. For liquids, pour juice, soda, and milk into one of the buckets, if water, pour into mop bucket and throw bottles and cans into the bottle figure. Cartons, paper trays, and salad trays are placed into the baskets and will be organized. If you take a spork and don’t use all of the contents, you can throw them in the brown basket. Capri Sun will be placed in a white bin and the straws will be in the recycle bin.

SInce we are all finished talking about the various bins, let’s start to talk about how successful this program has been for the past year. When this first started, people started to join, then more and more people started to join. It has been successful ever since. Let’s continue recycling and taking care of the environment!


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Grades of Green Assembly

Grades of Green Assembly

by: Jenny C. and  Hong Tran D., Staff Members


Are the students recycling on this campus? On October 6th, Grades of Green representatives came to our school to do a presentation of recycling on our campus. They talked about how important it was to recycle and showed us some videos made by other students from other schools about packaging a trash free lunch, throw trash away in the right bin, and most important where each material goes.


Carly P. a seventh grader who is a part of this program stated, “ I think this program isDSCN0011 coming along really well and it introduces students into environmental issues” Ms. Borowski is in charge of this program and she said “It’s good to recycle”  They started off with telling us facts about the world, our trash, and basically everything in between! They then switched it up with 2 short videos about how to pack a earth friendly lunch and about all our trash. The Grades-Of-Green bunch also helped the ladies with showing us all of our bins we use to shorten our trash supplies. A game was played after that that used our knowledge of the bins and what goes in it. The presentation was ended shortly after that with a bit of talking, reminders about how we all should start recycling and caring for the world more, and we finally got to resume our normal, everyday school life.DSCN0030

So that was basically all that happened at the presentation. If you would like to help and work at the sorting station, see Ms. Borowski in Room 17 to sign up. She would like people to help.  You can choose to work for one day or two. So let’s all make the choice to recycle and not just dump everything in the trash. That would be hurting the environment

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Miss Thompson Interview

Miss Thompson

By:Joy Matthias, staff writer


There are so many new teachers in the school. One of them is Miss Thompson. She has worked for 12 weeks at Magruder. She teaches 6th and 8th grade science. Her techniques for teaching are labs and experiments because she thinks it helps learning and kids have fun and it’s the best way for them to learn. Miss Thompson went to  the Westside Christian Academy in Torrance, in middle school. Miss Thompson went to the Upon the Rock Academy in high school. She went to Pepperdine University in College. She was a biology major and an education minor. She has an older sister 3 years older than her and a younger brother a year and a half. She likes reading, baking, and hiking. She has been playing  piano for 7 years.


“I think it’s great to do a lot of experiments because it’s fun and it relates to the learning environment.” She enjoys all her periods like for instance her period 6 is very chill she says, her period 5 she thinks they are very excited. Her period 4 she says work hard and well. She said she would like to teach drama because she enjoyed drama and did it as a kid.  She said,” My favorite thing about teaching is that I  like changing kids minds about science to a positive reinforcement!”

She said,” If I had another job to do I would choose being a nurse because I was a bio-major and I like helping people. I had a surgery once and I was horrified, but the nurse helped make it easier.”  She has never taught any other subject before. Her favorite subjects when she was little was Drama and English.

She said in the future she might teach 6th grade Math or English because she enjoyed it, but if she can- she will stay with Science. She loves teaching at this school and she loves the students here at Magruder.

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Mrs.Kawahara Interview

Mrs.Kawahara Interview

By: Sunbo A., Staff Writer


Being a new teacher at Magruder may not always be the easiest, but for this teacher it’s like a piece of cake. On her first day Mrs. Kawahara, as a new teacher at Magruder, was sort of excited and nervous, but her first day was great. She enjoyed our students and our school.  This is not her first time teaching, she started teaching in 2012.

Mrs. Kawahara came from New Jersey to California, which was a big change for her.  She went to college, first to NYU, then to USC to get her Undergraduate and then Masters Degree. She originally did not plan on being a teacher.  She was going to be a doctor, but in the end decided on teaching. She enjoys traveling to places, like Denver, and likes to read, but rarely has time. One other thing she likes to do is run.  She plans on running the L.A Marathon and plans on starting a running club here at Magruder.

One thing about her is that she has a Torrance past.  She actually went to Casmir and graduated from West High. Mrs. Nunez was actually her health teacher in middle school.

One saying she has is… “Everyone can learn, no matter what.” Her goal this year is to build confidence in the students doing math.   She plans on doing this by teaching actively and teaching things in steps.  This will lead to a great year in her class.

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Magruder Girls Attended “Girls in Engineering” at Exxon Mobil

Magruder 8th Graders Participate in Girls In Engineering Day at Exxon Mobil


At the end of the 2014 school year about one hundred Magruder 8th grade girls attended IAGTE, or Introduce a Girl to Engineering Day at the Exxon Mobil Refinery.  This event introduces girls to engineering and other science or math careers.

The Exxon Mobil is Magruder’s Corporate sponsor.  The Torrance Refinery engineers set up a fun filled day, with hands on activities, like building catapults and motors.  These activities taught the girls certain engineering principles.  Magruder girls also reviewed safety equipment, so they can understand how important safety is throughout the refinery.


The staff at the refinery talked to the girls about possible careers in engineering, and had many good exchanges and discussions.  Staff helped the girls understand different aspects of engineering, to broaden the girls vision.  Natalie Thompson, Mechanical Engineer, said it is important that more women seek engineering education to help with the many challenges to be solved in the years to come.

Girls interested in this engineering opportunity at the end of this school year, keep your ears open for announcements!



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Why Doesn’t Candy Go Trick-or-Treating? Comic

Why Doesn’t Candy Go Trick-or-Treating?

By: Dustyn C., staff writer

Why Doesn't Candy Go Trick-or-Treating 001

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Poison Pumpkin Patch Comic

Poison Pumpkin Patch

By: James S., staff writer

Poison Pumpkin Patch 001

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Elephants Never Forget Comic

Elephants Never Forget

By: Tony Z., staff writer

Elephants Never Forget 001

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Art Club

 Art Club

DSCN0095By: staff writer Joy Matthias

Do you like art? Art club is a creative club that started last year and gives kids a chance to do art at lunch. Kids get to release creative expression to others. The students find interesting, artistic things, shares them with the club by teaching the new crafts! Mrs. Smith is the one who started it.  She said that kids don’t do a lot of things at lunch so she thought art club would be good for kids to have a fun time.


Art club takes place in room #1, which is Mrs. Smith’s class.  It starts at lunch when the teacher arrives.  Students take turns teaching art to other kids. Mrs. Smith said, ”I like that students lead the class.  It’s different, and I learn from the kids too. Her favorite activity was the wallets of juice patches. She likes that we recycled as well as made a craft!


Mrs. Smith gets to just hang out with kids instead of teaching.  She thinks it’s a wonderful opportunity to interact with students. So basically you bring your lunch, and hang out- talk and relax, and be ready to do some ART!   What kind of art is done, you ask? Well, in art club we usually do things like drawing or coloring, but sometimes we do some really creative, crafty things!

Art club is a great way to hang out with your friends, eat yummy snacks, and chill during lunch time. Sunbo, one girl in the club said, “I like that it’s very active and fun! So, if you are bored at lunch, come and let’s make some art!  Will you sign up next?


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A Bunch of Bananas

A Bunch of Bananas

By Eric Gasparro; staff writer


One dark, eerie, cold, misty Halloween night a group of 4 friends decided to go trick or treating in a new neighborhood.  They went to this neighborhood because they had heard that gave out king size candy bars. The four friends were Dylan, Bob, terry, and Joe.  They were all dressed up as bananas. These were very strange boys always up for a new adventure. This night was about to be one that they would never forget .


They were starting to trick or treat, when they realised something was strange. No one else was there.  Everywhere they looked the streets were empty but the houses were lit up awaiting trick or treaters.  This made them question if coming here was a good idea.  Suddenly, a bloody cowboy came out of the mist.  His right arm was missing.  He yelled,”Beware of the chainsaw horse” and disappeared.  They tried to decide if the cowboy was just a man in costume trying to scare them off or not.  Then, as if the night couldn’t get any weirder, clowns with guns surrounded them.


There were over 100 clowns all holding different types of guns. Before the boys could get a word out to figure out what was going on, a horse popped up and started charging at all of the clowns.  Every time one of the clowns tried to fire one of their guns it seemed to have no effect, so they started to run.  The boys picked up a couple of guns that had been dropped by the fleeing clowns.  They shot one and realised why they were useless. The bullets were made of pie! The boys all started to wonder if this was a sign that it was time to head home when the horse turned in their direction.


The horse was running at them, then suddenly, they noticed he had a chainsaw! There was a rustling in the bushes. Then a voice said,”I told you so, I told you so”. Then, Dylan had an idea. He shot a pie bullet into the horse’s mouth. The horse exploded into confetti.  When this happened the boys heard a big cheer and people started rushing out of their houses clapping and carrying king sized candy bars.  Apparently, this had all been some kind of sick joke that the neighborhood like to play on outsiders.  The boys didn’t run, so they earned the candy, ending a crazy night that they’ll never forget.  That night when they went to bed they hoped that nothing like that would ever happen again.  Then they woke up the next day as LLAMAS!!

The End

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TRAPPED – Winner of the Scary Story Contest


By Dustyn Casas; staff writer


Where was I? I didn’t know. Feelings of tall, cement walls surrounded me while complete darkness filled the atmosphere. I was lost for hours, thinking of how to get out. I had nothing in my hands, but large wounds. I had no plans in mind, but also no memory of what got me here in the first place. My legs felt severely bruised, and I think I cracked one of my shins. With all of these difficulties present, I was basically stuck in an eternal learning curve that was unwilling to show its purpose, but was aware of what to do to catch my attention.

After minutes past, I saw a speck of white light. I knew that I was able to follow it, since I can vaguely see my shadow, so I did. Once I went through the light, I was suddenly in a fully white, desolate room. All that was inside the room was me and a wooden, brown, noticeably broken table with an old, black TV. I looked around the items a few times, seeing if it had any clues to getting out. After a press of the “POWER” button, all the lights in the room turned off, and only light visible was through the television. There was a masked figure projected through the screen. He wore a black suit, a dark red fedora, and a mask that pictured a yellow happy face. He said in a menacing voice:

“Hello, Matthew Lockwood. You might be feeling lost. Uncertain. Doubtful. If so, you might not pass the test I have for you. You see, Matthew, you have been brought here for a reason you probably already know. If not, these tests will tell you as you go. Well, if you can pass the tests. Just follow the instructions I give you, and you be out of this place. Just remember this, your life is not as valuable as others.”

The lights turned on after the projection ended. A door opened a few seconds after the projection ended, and I went through the door, unknowing of the terror I might experience. Once I went out the door, I saw a blonde girl. Her arms and legs were strapped to the wall left of me with metal bracelets installed directly into the wall. She was screaming desperately for help, so I decided to walk up to her and do just that. Each step I made, though, she screamed even more.

“Don’t come any closer!” she shouted in potential fear, “Please! Leave me alone!”

I was confused. Why would she say that to someone who’s trying to help her escape? Was it something I didn’t remember?

“Don’t worry! I’ll help you escape!” I told her.

“Please, you already did enough to me!” She responded.

Once she said that, I was afraid to come any closer. I wanted to save her, yet I didn’t want to cause more distress amongst her. She claims that I did something supposedly bad, which made her act this way, so I decided to investigate.

“What did I do?” I asked.

“If I tell you, I’m practically executing myself, “ she replied.


“Each step towards me you make, each hint for escape I give, or each release of these metal bracelets would cause both of us to go down. There are cameras and sensors everywhere, sensing each movement and word you make.”

“How is this info valuable?”

“It’s just a reminder of how secretive you need to be around here because he watches you even when you’re asleep.”

An entrance appeared at the wall right of me after those words come out, as if it’s telling me to go to the next room, but I needed as much information as possible. I made one step closer to the girl in order to get some last intel on this situation, but regretted it soon after, as now gravity was pulling me towards the door. I didn’t know how it was happening, but I pushed myself beyond the limit to get one last piece of possible information.

“How many tests are there to pass?!” I shouted with great strength as I was being pulled towards the next room.

“Only the amount you need!” she yelled out.

As soon as that reply came out, I was in the next room, with the wall closed and the sight of that girl no longer present.

“Only the amount you need…” I repeated. What did this mean? Did that one hint have something to do with me? I didn’t know. All I knew was that what I’m in is much larger than I can ever comprehend.

After all that, I realized that I was in my first test. It was pitch black, but I kept hearing static. The sounds of static stopped to reveal itself as the same menacing voice I’ve heard before. It told me this:


“Hello, Matthew. It’s nice to see you again. You’ve probably met your little friend, Sophie Reach. She probably told you some things about what’s happening to you. That’s just what I wanted.”


After that portion of the message, I heard the burning sizzles of fire. The sounds were followed by a frightened shout. I ran to the wall and

hit the wall as hard as I can, but the screams silenced seconds after. I was too late.


“She never needed to be here, anyway. I just wanted you to gain an “emotional spark”. This “spark” will actually help you with your first test. It’s both a blessing and a curse.”


Red lights opened above me to form a path. A dark blue speck of light representing a door opened at the end of this path. There was no traps present and no obstacles to face. There must’ve been a catch to this.


“The blessing is the objective. The curse is the execution. This is your only hint.”


I decided to just take the hint, since I had no other choice. Once I started to walk up to the blue light, I heard a voice to my left. It was sounded afraid and helpless. It sounded… familiar.


“I’m sorry for whatever I did wrong. Please, help me.”


I didn’t think that I would do anything wrong to someone, yet I felt guilty. Should I walk up to the voice? No. It was a trap. I resisted the temptation to walk up to where it came from. When I walked away, I heard another voice come from my right.


“Have mercy on me!”


That voice sounded familiar as well. These two voices caused me to drop down and think to myself thoughts that I never knew would occur to me:

“Is it possible that I came to this place for a crime? Like a prison that wants you to escape, but scathed physically and morally? That couldn’t be true. My thoughts were a lie. I was only brought here to be utter shrieks of pain. There is no reason to why I’m here, but now that I’m here I just need to listen to this stranger’s hints and get out.”

As soon as I was able to get up and go once more, I heard another voice. One last voice to spark my attention:


“Forgive me for the years I forgot.”


I teared up. I ran to the door with all my inner emotions packed inside me, with the “ emotional spark” released throughout me. As I ran, more voices began to shout out for help. They all sounded real, too real.


“I’m sorry!” “I didn’t know you’d act up so badly!” “Don’t let my life end like this!”


I had reached the second room by the time the last sound came out of the door. I was absolutely speechless after that event. I didn’t even want to continue, but escaping this torturous place was all I had in mind. While I wandered over this thought, I noticed the details of this dark-blue lightened room. There were pictures of me posted on the grayscale walls. They were blurry and had some food stains. I was severely creeped out about this, seeing how someone even had pictures of me with my prom date. I continued to walk around this room, shocked by what it provided, then running into a dead end. There was no door. No opening to the next room. Just rough grayscale walls surrounding me. I ran to the door I came out of, but closed right when my foot was practically a centimeter away from the door. I was trapped.

As I continued to mull over what happened, walking aimlessly around, I bumped into one of the photos, which dropped a TV remote. I searched through the buttons, then finding a piece of yellow tape at the back of the remote, which had the words written in black marker:


“press play.”


Assuming that it was going to be a clue to get out of the room, I pressed play. The clue was said by the menacing voice that has been here from the start of this painstaking journey. It said this:


“So, are you stuck? Can’t see an escape? Well, each photo here is irreplaceable. These pictures have held a special place in your heart, which is why I’ve brought them here for your second test. Why did I mention this? Well, to escape, you only need to do one thing: let go.”


Let go… I was confused. I knew that I needed to latch away from something, but what? All I knew was that the answer was in this room. I searched throughout the whole area, quickly searching through the pictures to find the answer, but found nothing. Each one was just a happy memory, but I noticed one thing. One of the photos among the many others was not a happy moment in my life, but rather a person who made me happy. Skylar Errinson.

Skylar was a beautiful woman who was the same age as me and only person who thought just like me. The only one who understood me. That one person with a perfect smile, quirky personality, and forgiving heart. She looked beyond my noticeable flaws and found a faultless person. She was the one.

Just two weeks ago, though, she said that she would go to visit her parent’s house for the weekend to celebrate her dad’s birthday. She never came back. I kept waiting, day after day, but there was no one to come out the door. I was alone.

I kept staring at the photo, reminiscing on the times we spent together. Each time I passed one memory, one more tear came out of me. These times were the most treasured moments of my life, and yet she would just leave me without a goodbye. These happy memories only sparked anger.

“Why would she leave me like this?” I kept repeating in my head, unable to recall happiness and only able to think of the worst. As this thought kept ravaging through my mind, I grabbed the picture in great rage and threw it on the ground. I knew that the shattering of the wooden frame or the release of shards of glass wouldn’t do anything, but it was the only way to let out my emotions. Once I looked at the photo again, I began to tear up again. I immediately felt guilty for this action. I still loved her, but I felt emotionally struck with rejection. I was stuck on a mixed reaction I was unable to settle on.

While I circled around this emotion, I heard the creak of an opening door. I looked up to see what happened, and found an opening to another room, which was lit in dark green lights. How did this door open? I never did anything but let out my inner emotions. Nonetheless, I entered the room with slight fear inside. Once I put one step on the next room, I looked around the room to find nothing but black lines all over the walls and floor to resemble a glitch. Then, out of nowhere, another message was spoken by the voice from before:


“Hello, Matthew. Welcome to your last test for today. You have passed the first test through the act of rejection in place for the act of heroism, but you could’ve taken the harder route and followed the voices to get out quicker. You could’ve destroyed all the other photos in the second test to get out quicker, but you only destroyed what mattered to you most. Because of this, I now bring you here. You’ve probably haven’t figured it out yet, have you? What is the purpose of your presence here meant? Well now, I bring to you, the meaning.”


The voice ended in soft static, fading away gently. I got scared right after the message ended. I could only imagine what terrifying occurrences may appear tonight. Whatever it was, I wasn’t prepared for the worst that may come.

I stood still as I breathed a few times, unable to do anything at the moment but ponder over the frightening possibilities that may occur. I resisted the urge to step further, but my human curiosity practically forced me to move forward. Gathering all my courage, I slowly stepped forward in the direction I was in. Nothing happened. I stepped once more, this time a little faster. Nothing happened. I continued to step forward cautiously until I was met with a wall. The feeling of a cement wall came once more, making me think for a moment that I had to go through those terrible tests again, until I heard the sounds of rain coming from my right. I tried to resist the urge to walk towards the sound, but my curiosity sparked once more and I found myself doubtfully sauntering towards a possible death trap.

Walking towards the sound, I couldn’t even think beyond what horrors could await me. Thoughts circled me, distracting me from a positive outlook. By the time I stepped down on the first ray of light, a drop of rain fell on me. I was finally outside.

I was overcome with joy, with each step away from the cold, dark warehouse widening the smile on my face. Everything was looking happy for myself. I thought past the dark events of before and allowed a bright future to reign upon me.

As I continued to walk past those dark memories, I began to think over what just happened. The voice said that there was a final test, but nothing happened. This “test” was thought to be impactful, as all the other outlets of easy escape were confirmed by the voice. Suddenly, everything positive seemed to have some kind of new catch.

“Could the test be happening right now?” I thought to myself, “Could the voice be lying?” I started to get confused beyond my own limitations. Putting these plot holes aside, I knew that one thing was clear. Just because I’m outside doesn’t mean I’m free of any traps.


The End…

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Top Ten Halloween Candies

Top Ten Halloween Candies

Staff Writers; Jordan N. and Haskell M.



Do you like candy? Well if you do then here are the Top Ten Halloween Candies! The best  candy is Reese’s Cup. What makes it so addictive is the peanut butter and chocolate. The second best is Starburst! This candy is packed with flavor, and they also have all sorts of different flavors like Watermelon. The third best is M&M’s. They may be small, but they got it all with chocolate inside. Hershey’s is one of the most famous candies, but it is not the best. Hershey chocolate bars come in all sorts of sizes, and taste delicious, and are truly addictive! Dum Dums are the fifth best candies. They are very sweet and small. Also they come in all sorts of different flavors such as root beer, chocolate, watermelon, pink lemonade, and lots more!



Now here are the last five candies. The 6th place candy has to go to Twix. This cookie like candy bar is filled with chocolatey goodness. Twix bars come in long bars, and short bars, but careful if you eat a whole big bar you can get a stomach ache! After Twix is Nerds. They are very small and sour. Some people likes to put a lot in their mouth. They come in flavors like strawberry, grape, and lemon. Junior Mints are in 8th best. These small candies have a minty chocolatey taste in them. The mint is what makes these small candies good, also Junior Mints come in different box sizes like large, and the other is small. The next candy is Tootsie rolls and Tootsie pops. They are extremely chewy with a different chocolate taste than others. In last place is Skittles. Skittles are rainbow colors that are very good for a nice halloween treat! Skittles can be sour, or normal rainbow version, or even mystery! Skittles are an original, and they come in different sizes including large, small, and fun sized.


Now you know what candies are best for a Halloween night . These candies are very different and unique, so make sure to look for them in the store for Halloween!

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One Night

One Night

By Staff Writer; Haskell MacDonald



It was Halloween! Mike and Josh were all ready to go trick or treating! Mike was a devil for Halloween and Josh was a grim reaper. They said goodbye to their families and said they’ll be back soon. They were off and they saw a couple of kids they knew at school. 2 hours past and they still trick or treating, and finally Mike said, “You know Josh  I’m actually starting to get tired, why don’t we start heading home?”. Josh replied, “Yeah true, I’m also starting to get tired, and these bags are getting heavy.”. Mike and Josh agreed to call it a night and head home.






They were heading home when a breeze came by, then lightning  came, and then rain. At first Mike and Josh didn’t care, but a couple of minutes later they were soaked and cold. Josh said, “Hey I know a nearby shed we can rest in for a second why don’t we head there, besides it takes 39 more minutes to get home”. Mike replied, “Are you sure Josh I really don’t want to go in a shed that I’ve never seen, or never be-” Josh cut off Mikes sentence and said, “It’ll be fine just follow me ok?”. Mike and Josh headed towards the shed slowly, but surely.





The two finally arrived at the shed, but Mike’s face was pale when he saw it. Mike said, “ I really don’t think we should go in this it looks banged up, and dangerous.”. Josh replied, “ I said it already once it will be perfectly fine!”. Mike and Josh headed in, and put their bags down to take a rest. This is when things got out of hand. Mike fell asleep, and Josh was starting to freak out a bit due to the lightning. Josh then thought the lightning was getting closer, since the shed was on a hill after all. After he listened to it for awhile, then he saw lightning hit near the shed, and he screamed and ran all the way home. Mike woke up and said, “Ok Josh I think I’m ready to head home now”. No response. Mike then opened his eyes and said, “Josh?”. Still no response. Mike started to worry, because he didn’t know what time it was, and he couldn’t find Josh.








Mike took a deep breath and started to think what could’ve happened. There was lots of possibilities, but when Mike started to walk away he noticed a man. The man was a shadowy figure that looked very strange. He took another step, and the man copied him. What was really creepy about this, was that the shadowy figure had red eyes, and copied every move Mike made. Mike started to walk, but the man was right behind him. Then Mike got scared and started to walk faster, but the man was right behind him. Mike said to the man, “Please stop following me!”. The man replied, “No.”. Mike then ran away, but the man appeared in front of him. This stopped Mike, but Mike saw a figure coming out of his pocket. Mike was ice cold, and looked at the mans hand, but the he saw a blade coming out of his pocket. Mike screamed so loud that it almost woke the whole entire neighborhood. Mike didn’t know what to do, because he was so scared that his mind couldn’t think straight.





He heard the man’s footsteps echoing as he was getting closer. He started to run home, and he could hear the man voice saying, “Stop or you will regret it” . Mike could hear those words repeating over and over again. He couldn’t take it anymore so he grabbed his pocket knife out of his pocket and struck the man with it. The man stopped and look at him for a long time. Then after the long stare off everything went black. Mike couldn’t see a thing then he opened his eyes and realized he had black goo all over him. It was morning and Halloween was over. Mike was glad, and also realized that his mom and the police were there. He got the black goo off and promised to never go trick or treating again.





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Night of the Living Scarecrow

Night of the Living Scarecrow

By: Khanh P. & Hong-Tran D.;Staff Writers


On the night of October 31st, Farmer Bill was just working in the wheat fields. He just got a new scarecrow that he attached in the middle of his field. Farmer Bill was getting ready for his niece and nephew’s visit. The niece was 12 and the nephew was 10. His niece’s and nephew’s name were Peter and Nicole. They were there for the summer to help their uncle Bill tending the fields. Finally they came and his niece said “Uncle Bill, did you get a scarecrow?” Bill replied “Yes I did get a new scarecrow. Let’s go inside because it’s getting dark. Start getting out your luggage and put them in the bedroom dresser. Do not go out at night, there are dangerous things out there.” His nephew whined “Aw I wanted to go outside and see what’s out there!” They finally went to bed after that argument was over.

It was 12:00 AM, exactly midnight. The winds were rustling the trees and it was a misty dark night. Peter and Nicole woke up to the sound of trees rustling. Nicole wondered what was going on and looked out the window and she saw a black feather flying by. Peter was hiding under his bed after hearing the watchdog howling. THE SCARECROW WAS GONE FROM ITS STANDING! Nicole went into Uncle BIll’s room and asked him “Uncle Bill, where did your scarecrow go?!” But he was sound asleep. Nicole ran back to her room and shouted “Peter! There’s something out there! We have to go and see!” Peter whimpered “I wanted to go out there before but now I’m scared what will happen!” Nicole said “WE HAVE TO GO AND INVESTIGATE!.” Peter finally gave in. They grabbed their coats and stepped outside carefully. Suddenly there was figure in the distance walking in a weird manner.

“WHAT IS THAT?!” Nicole screamed. Peter whispered “I don’t know and I don’t want to find out!”. The figure went closer and closer to the siblings and then … “AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH” Uncle Bill came out “what’s going on?! I told to stay inside!” Nicole screamed “Uncle there’s something right there!” “I don’t see anything! Is this a joke?!” The scarecrow was gone! The only thing that was left was a bit of hay left on the ground, leaving a tiny trail left. Suddenly there was a rustling, like wind blowing through trees. There was a figure and this time, the scarecrow was headless!!

“What in the world?!” screamed Bill. The scarecrow got closer and closer and it was holding a pickaxe. Uncle Bill ran inside his barn and grabbed his hammer. He protected his niece and nephew and he hit the scarecrow. It fell apart and was gone. “I’m so glad that it’s gone!” said Nicole. “I just want to sleep peacefully!” replied Peter. Bill relaxed. “It’s gone now”

The three woke up next morning. Uncle Bill was making breakfast when suddenly he saw a single piece of hay stuck on his kitchen window. “That’s weird.” He wondered out loud. “How did this get here?” Nicole and Peter ran up to him and said “Uncle Bill look what we found! Let’s put it in the barn as a souvenir!” It was a pickaxe. Nicole responded “I tried to tell Peter to leave it there but he didn’t listen to me.” Uncle Bill thought That was the same axe the scarecrow had last night or was I imagining?  He decided to keep it in his barn shed for safekeeping. It will stay nice and safe in there, Bill thought.

A few days later …

Farmer Bill went to his barn shed and decided to use the pickaxe to tend the crop soil. He opened the shed and it was gone. “Did it disappear somewhere?” Out of the corner of his eyes, he saw something moving, holding the pickaxe and running away. “HEY!” he shouted “THAT’S STEALING!” He tried to catch up to the stealer until he couldn’t find him anymore. “I’ll just use my old one.” he decided.  Little that he knew the person that stole his pickaxe wasn’t human.

Peering out of the corner of his shed, there stood the scarecrow holding up the pickaxe …  


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Lost – Winner of the Scary Story Contest


lostBy: James S.,Staff Writer

Have you ever heard of, The Legend of The Stars? The story is, when you are completely alone, anything can happen. ANYTHING. By the way, my name is Gian Slend, but my friends call me Slengian. Believe me, with friends like these, who needs enemies. Especially my brother, Zoan Slend. He was the one told me about the legend.


“Hey, Slendgian! Don’t loose the stars! Ha, ha, HA!” yells Zoan.

“Don’t even start with me Zoan. I haven’t even been small sailing across the ocean before, so don’t freak me out about ‘losing the stars’”. I say. My brother learned about this legend at the monthly Science Convention. A legend at a science convention is like an anime cartoon collection at a realistic major motion picture convention.


A while back, Zoan was explaining to me why the ‘legend’ occurs.

“Slengian, the reason that we lose the stars, is because no one is around to see anything. The stars are never seen when we are not seen heard or thought about, because the two first people, boy and a girl, were originally formed back when some stars fell. Anyways each of us controls a whole set of stars, and if you are that alone…,”

“Wait then how could others see the lost mans stars while I couldn’t?” I interrupted.

“Never mind Slendgian, you will never understand.” said Zoan.


Isn’t it obvious my brother believes everything he hears? I don’t believe in legends that make no sense. Stars are just lights in space that have no meaning. So I said, “I totally believe in stars. They created us.” My brother doesn’t understand sarcasm, or in this case, starcasm. So he just nods and walks away.


Now I am in the middle of the ocean on a small sailboat, low food, low fresh water, and a lot of hope. I was directing the sails to catch the wind, hoping to get to England, when I blacked out.


Do you believe in fairytales? No? Well lets just say this was too real to be a fairytale. It was so fake, It’s real. I wake up, not in my boat, but on sand. I look for the boat, and no luck. I am lost. No I am not just unfound. I, AM, LOST. I wonder if anyone is thinking about me. I look up to the sky.

“Where is the sun?” I ask myself. “I knew it.” I said.

The stars….were not watching.

I look up one more time, and still, no sun. I heard my brothers voice echo through my head. I never heard him say these words before, so I guess this is what he would say.

“When the stars leave you….you are going to suffer horrible tragedies. One, two, three. One will be the theme of being immortality. Two will be the theme of losing yourself. And Three….You…Will….Lose….” I heard.

“Lose what?! WHAT WILL I LOSE?!” I asked. No answer.


I started to smile. I smiled, uncontrollably. I see people running away from me screaming, “Run, its Slengian. If he catches you, there is no telling what could happen!”

What will I do? So I try to say ‘It’s okay, I am not going to hurt you’, but all that came out was, “Run, its me, Slengian.Or feel the wrath of me!.” Now people were throwing fire rocks at my face, but it hit me and came right back at them. I was killing people. Everyone was dying all around me, and I couldn’t stop myself. I even saw my family. They were trying to help me, but someone through a fire rock at me, and it recashayed off my face onto my family. I tried to scream, but instead I said,”Run away, or feel the wrath of me.” On the inside I was crying uncontrol.


I must have been crying so hard, because when I woke up under a tree, I saw myself in a puddle of water. I got up and when I got up, I looked back at where I was sitting, and I see my own skull and bones. It said, “Why did you let me die Slengian, why?”

“I didn’t know that this would….”


“I am sorry, I wish….”


“I know skele-Gian, but we can save ourselves by….”


I started to run as fast as I can, but I saw my family’s skulls and bones too. They were all closing in on me. I tried to reason with them, but I couldn’t speak. I looked up to the sky, but no stars in the night sky. “The stars….were not watching.” I repeated


I woke up again and this time I woke up in a restaurant. I am 21 years old right now, but I know I am only supposed to be 12. For some reason I am holding flowers and I am still wearing my jacket. Did I mention I still had tears from me crying. I see this girl come up to my table and say, “Sorry I am late, I had to run down to the hair salon and get a new style, for you.”

“Who are you again?” I asked.

“Oh you must not recognise me because of my hair cut, but it’s me.”

“Oka….” I choked out.

“You don’t seem like yourself, Gian. Your acting like you lost stars.” she said.

“It’s just that I….uh….have forgotten who you are….” I lied.

“The joke is over Gian, please tell me what is really going on.” she said.

“I am sorry. I lost the stars. I am not supposed to be here.” I said.

“Tell me the truth Gian. I don’t like guys that lie. You know this.” she said.

“I swear, it’s the truth.” I said.

“Goodbye Gian.” she said.

This was so sad,( And scary). She just left me here with a big bill. When will it all be over? Why can’t it just end. Why am I so alone. Why am I so lost. I want to be free. I just want to go home.


Then I woke up in my boat. I was in some harbor in England. I made it across the ocean in a small boat sail, but I must have been sleeping. I was so relieved, but I was still scared. My jacket is still wet from when I cried, and I was covered in sand. I looked up in the sky, and I saw the stars in the sky. I hope I will be okay, because I know I will one day lose the stars again. This is why no one, and I mean, NO ONE, should ever sail in the ocean alone. I am still going to tell Zoan that he was wrong. I also tried to tell someone about what happened when I got to the docks, but they could not understand the dream, so I gave up on telling anyone. This is why noone should ever be alone, EVER.

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Top Two Halloween Theme Parks

Halloween Theme Parks

imagesby: Alyssa M. and Hong-Tran D.


Around this time of year, everyone thinks of Halloween costumes, getting scared, and of course Halloween theme parks. Who doesn’t want to get a good scare this time of year. Here we have lots of options as to what theme park to visit. The two theme parks that usually pops into someone’s mind is Knott’s Scary Farm and Universal Studios Horror Night. These two theme parks will give you a night that you will never forget. People in super realistic costumes will be popping out from every direction.


At Knott’s Scary Farm there are over eleven haunted attractions,  one thousand monsters lurking around, and tons of shows. Knott’s Scary Farm has a bunch of haunted mazes such as Trapped Lock and Key. This is a maze that is exclusive. In this maze you will face your darkest fears. There are also a few different scare zones. One of them is Ghost Town. This scare zone is an original and is still probably one of the scariest. As you’re walking the streets of Ghost Town monsters slide underneath the fog and lunge at you. You will never know when you’re their next victim.


Universal Studios Horror Nights also has mazes, scare zones, and haunted shows. One maze that is pretty popular is The Walking Dead: End of the Line maze. This television show is already popular and now you will experience what it would be like if you really were in the Walking Dead. As you’re walking through the maze zombies are popping out at you unexpectedly as if your their next victim. Another maze that you go through is Face Off in the Flesh. This maze is about the television show Face Off which is about makeup artist that transform regular people into outrageous monsters. In this maze you will face some of the most terrifying monsters you have ever seen.When you turn the corner you will never know what is going to happen.


Now that you have learned a bit about these two themeparks do you plan on visiting them? These two haunted theme parks are very similar, but they each have a few differences. Universal Studios Horror Nights is mostly based on television shows and scenes from these shows. Knott’s Scary Farm has different themes for each different maze. Hopefully you’ll enjoy these theme parks if you do visit them.

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History of Halloween

Halloween History

downloadBy Carly P. and Lylianna L.; Staff Writers

Halloween as you know is celebrated on October 31. Halloween formerly known as: All Hallows’ Evening,  Hallowe’en, or All Hallows’ Eve was based upon the ancient Celtic holiday Samhain (“sah-win”).  Trick-or-treating, costume parties, bonfires, visiting “haunted houses” and carving jack-o-lanterns are just some of  traditional activities that were held every year.

In the world of awesome candy and the mystical world, this is where the origins of  Halloween began,“The festival of Samhain is a celebration of the end of the harvest season in Gaelic culture. Samhain was a time used by the ancient pagans to take stock of supplies and prepare for winter. The ancient Gaels believed that on October 31, the boundaries between the worlds of the living and the dead overlapped and the deceased would come back to life and cause havoc such as sickness or damaged crops. The festival would frequently involve bonfires. It is believed that the fires attracted insects to the area which attracted bats to the area. These are additional attributes of the history of Halloween,” as stated from the article written by Safe Site Central Incorporated.

This shows that originally Halloween historically was not fun, it was actually noted for spiritual and ancestral purpose.

Early attention to trick-or-treating was in October 1947. The custom had become popular by 1952, when Walt Disney portrayed it in the cartoon Trick or Treat.

Some histories of Halloween have said trick-or-treating as an “adult invention” to move Halloween activities away from vandalism, nothing in the history records supports this. Sometimes even the children protested: for Halloween 1948, members of the MSBC (Madison Square Boys Club) in New York City carried a banner that said, “American Boys Don’t Beg.”

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Costumes for Halloween

Halloween Costume Ideas

by: Alyssa M., Staff Writer



During this time of year everyone is thinking about what they want to be for Halloween. I’m going to tell you about a few costume ideas that might inspire what you are going to be for Halloween this year. Most people assume that you have to purchase, but you can make your costume and it can be just as great.

One type of costume that you can make on your own and doesn’t require you to purchase a lot of items is a zombie. All you have to do is get some old worn out clothes like a pair of jeans and a tee shirt. Then you can rip them up and get them all dirty and old looking. Next, you can go to a Halloween store and purchase face makeup and fake blood if you really want to make your costume over the top. Now once you have purchased these few items all you have to do is splatter the fake blood (if you got it) all over your clothes. Once you are done with that step you can use the face makeup you purchased to turn your face into a creepy zombie. Now that you have finished your costume you have officially become a creepy zombie.


Another type of costume that you might consider if you’re not a fan of scary costumes you might want to be a superhero. The first thing you can do is choose what superhero that you want to be. Once you have chosen your superhero you can start your costume. The first thing you should get is your superhero shirt . You can get your shirt from anywhere. After you have gotten your shirt you can either get your jeans, skirt, or shorts. If you’re a girl you can  get a skirt that matches the colors of your superhero. If you’re a boy you can just get regular jeans or shorts. Now to really make you look like a superhero you need to get your mask. Now since your costume is basically done you just need to make sure that all of your clothes are matching to the colors of your superhero like your socks, mask, and shirt.


Now that you have gotten a few ideas on a few different costume ideas maybe this will help you come up with what you want to be for Halloween. I hope this helped you if you still weren’t sure what you wanted to be for Halloween. Maybe this will inspire you to make your own costume.

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Clash of Clans and Boom Beach for Halloween

Clash of Clans and Boom Beach Halloween Review

By:Bryan L., staff writer


What is new in Clash of Clans and Boom Beach for Halloween? In Clash of Clans they added a new trap called the Skeleton trap. In order to get this trap you have to be town hall 8. It will summon little skeletons that attack for you on air and or ground units. They are basically used to distract troops so your defensive buildings can attack and defend your base. The next thing they added is that you can boost all your buildings with one click of a button. They added a fourth mortar you get at town hall 8. Now the base are going to get harder for people using ground troops.

What is new in Boom Beach? The new update has added  task forces which is like clans in Clash of Clans. They have added intels where you can attack with your allies to destroy the map and get force points. This is the new power bases that can go up to over 100 in level.  They have also made Dr.Terror harder by adding Shock launchers and statues that have building health that can go over 200% health and building damage can go over 100%. That is the new update for Boom Beach and Clash of Clans.

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The Legend of Pele

The Legend of Pele


by Asia A., staff writer

In Hawaii, there is an ancient legend of Madam Pele, a fire goddess who people have reportedly seen walking on the side of the road on the Big Island, right before a volcano eruption.

The legend was that a long time ago, Pele lived in Honua-mea in Tahiti. She had a fight with her sister Namakaokahai, a ocean goddess. Pele took a canoe and sailed across the sea to Hawaii to escape her sister and landed on the island of Lehua, north of Niihau. Her sister Namakaokahai followed her to Hawaii, and every time Pele made a volcano erupt, her sister would flood the lava with water.

Pele fled to Kauai and used her Pa’oa stick to make fire pits, striking deep into the ground. Her sister found her and attacked her. Namakaokahai left Pele for dead, but Pele healed and retreated to Oahu where she dug a few fire pits. She then went to Molokai to create a fire pit there too. Pele moved onto Maui and established more fire pits there, one of them now known as Haleakala.

Namakaokahai realized that Pele was still alive and traveled to Maui to fight.  They had a battle, and Namakaokahai tore apart Pele and that freed Pele’s spirit, which turned her into a goddess. Pele’s spirit moved on to Kilauea and created a fire pit now known as Halemaumau Crater. Her spirit still lives on today in the Kilauea volcano, and is still known for her violent temper. If visitors take her volcanic rock, she would put a curse on them. If you’re lucky, you may be able to spot a glimpse of her long, silvery hair while driving in Hawaii.



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The Neighbor

The Neighbor

By; Tony Z. and Bryan L.; staff writers

creepy old house

At the corner of Madison street, there was an old house. The house was the oldest house on the block, it was creaky, the windows were cracked, and the wood was all eaten by termites. On the front lawn, there was a dead tree. In that house lived Mr. Jenkins, a pale old man  that was creepier than you can imagine all of the creepy old men combined. There were rumors about Mr.Jenkins, that his house was haunted with all the creepiest monsters like ghosts or skeletons, but the creepiest rumor of all was that he killed his wife and children.


Many years ago, his wife and children had disappeared, their bodies were never found. But a young kid, only 13, named Eric, who lived right next to Mr. Jenkins’s creepy old looking house thought that these tales were fake. He didn’t believe in them. Until one day…..


“I dare you to go into Mr. Jenkins creepy old house.” Eric’s friend Patrick said. That would be trespassing,” Eric said.


“I’ll pay you ten bucks,” Patrick said. For a second, Eric thought if the tales were true. But, then he shook the thought off and told himself that the tales were fake, they were just myths, also he would get ten bucks for doing it.

“Fine, I’ll do it,” he told Patrick, “but you better pay me ten bucks for doing it!”


“I will, but you have to be in there for at least two minutes!”


“Fine,” Eric said. He went up to the house and he found the keys under the doormat, then he went inside the house.


Once he was in, Eric coughed at all the dust inside the house. Dust was everywhere. Dust was even on the furniture and Eric could see cobwebs on the old Grandfather Clock,  which looked as if it was stuck on the time 12:00.He yelled,


HHHEEELLLOOO THERREE!” as the house echoed.Then there was a sign that said If you can survive here for a week then you receive a lot of candy. Eric didn’t have time to think about what the sign said because, just then, Eric heard a car stop outside. “Mr.JENKINS!” Eric cried in his head. Eric quickly hid behind the old grandfather clock.


The door suddenly creaked open. When suddenly, the floor behind him fell down and Eric landed on his butt.


”Ow!” Eric said. Suddenly, a wave of dust hit Eric in the face, “there is even more dust than the house in this place!” Eric thought. “This must be the basement,” he thought. But when the dust cleared, Eric screamed, because in the basement where the dead bodies of Mr. Jenkins’ wife and children. He then remembered where he was and he ran around looking for a spot to hide for causing all the commotion. He found an old domo costume and put it on. He didn’t know where he was going and he bumped into an old grandfather clock. He looked up at the clock and it had cobwebs on it and it looked almost identical to the other one in Mr. Jenkins’s house, except it looked like this clock worked, he saw the second hand moving and the time was 11:59. The second hand moved past the 12 and he saw the minute hand move exactly on the 12. It was 12:00.


He heard Mr. Jenkins footsteps come down the stairs and he quickly hid behind the old grandfather clock that he was standing right next to. When Mr. Jenkins came down the stairs, Eric could see the pale old man’s face. He had a phone in his hand.


“Hello.” Mr. Jenkins said, “Repair Service, I need you to repair some floorboard that collapsed. Yes ok… it’ll take a couple of days and I’m fine with that.”Mr.Jenkins put the phone in his pocket  Eric was still in the basement, hiding behind the old grandfather clock.


Mr. Jenkins went up the stairs and into his house. Then, suddenly the dead bodies of Mr. Jenkins’ wife and children came to life “They’re ZOMBIES!!!!!!!!,”  Eric thought.


Unfortunately, Eric was never seen again after that unfortunate night. No one knows what happened to Eric on that scary night, not even Patrick, the one who dared Eric to go inside the house of terror. And NO ONE will know what happened to Eric unless you dare to go into the creepy, old haunted house of Mr. Jenkins, also known as THE NEIGHBOR.




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PTSA Reflections Contest

 Reflections Contest

DSC_0151By: Joy Matthias, staff writer


What is the Reflections Contest? The reflections arts recognition program is a national arts recognition and achievement program for students. Since 1969, over 10 million students across the nation have taken part in this popular PTA program. The reflections contest provides an excellent opportunity for students of all ages to unleash their creativity and be inspired. They get to express themselves imaginatively in their network. They get to experience the joy and fun of making art. They get to tap into critical thinking skills to create art inspired by the theme. They also receive positive recognition for their original works of art.


The theme for 2014-15 is, “The world would be a better place if…”. The art areas are dance choreography, film production, music composition, photography and visual arts. It’s recognized by school grade, offering 5 divisions and they are primary- preschool grade 2, intermediate-grades 3-5, Middle/junior – grades 6-8, senior- grades 9-12, and lastly special artist- not graded.


The Reflections Program a nation-wide arts appreciation and recognition program for students sponsored by National PTA. To take part, student reflections’ entries at school are first recognized, judged and celebrated by the local PTA unit. Some selected unit entries are then chosen to represent the PTA at the council and district PTA levels. Student artwork submitted to California PTA by a district PTA will be considered for an award of excellence and an award of Merit. Each year, 30 students are recognized with a California State PTA award of excellence for their artwork and receive opportunity to showcase and perform their artwork at the California State PTA convention.

So if you like art you should turn in a project and express your inner art!  All entries are due Friday, October 31, in the school office.


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Red Ribbon Week

Red Ribbon Week

DSCN2574By: Jordan N. and Haskell M.; staff writer

Red Ribbon Week is this week! This week there will events like Nerd Day, and Pajama Day. This event is to promote a drug free society. Red Ribbon Week is from October 20th to October 24th. On Monday is Nerd Day, Tuesday is Pajama Day, Wednesday is Twin Day, Thursday is Sports Day, and Friday is Crazy Day.  Hope you participate!



Everyday this week, it is a unique day. Nerd Day, people like to wear  glasses and suspenders. On Pajama Day everyone wears pajamas. On Twin Day, you ask someone to dress up the same clothes as you. On Sports Day, people wear their favorite team jersey, sports clothes, and hat. Lastly on Crazy Day, you wear crazy socks, hair, and clothes.















One fun thing about Red Ribbon Week, is, every teacher will have a door poster contest, so remember to participate for this week. Also, most important – don’t do drugs!


End of week Results: Mrs. Davies won the red ribbon door contest!  Ms. Borowski’s Door won second and Mrs. Jaeger’s Door won third! Everyone who dressed up and participated is also a winner!

Mrs. Davies Door is the winner!

Mrs. Davies Door is the winner!











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PTSA Puts the Fun in Fundraising

Fall PTSA Fundraiser

By:Jordan N., Staff Writer


There is an event going on right now – the Fall Fundraiser, of course! Every year we have this fundraiser to help us have a fun year. The PTSA has sponsored this same fundraiser for years and Mrs. Allen, the PTSA President, is in charge. This fundraiser is the biggest fundraiser we have all year, and provides most of the money for our student activities. In this fundraiser, kids ask family members to buy items like holiday supplies and kitchen items. Also in return, you get awesome prizes like cash. (I know you want cash.) This fundraiser ends on Oct.7th. You need to turn it into your first period with the form and money inside the packet, so don’t be late.

DSCN2492You might be wondering what the money is for. It is mostly for exciting field trips. Also there is a Student Store in room 26 that is open on Tuesdays. Our goal this year is to raise $21,000. I know that’s a lot, but we could reach it with your help. Last year, we raised $20,000. We were very close to our goal, but this year will be different. This year, we have less students than before. If everyone doesn’t sell at least one item, the PTSA may have to cut the budget and we won’t have as much fun. If you don’t get a chance to do this fundraiser, there are other fundraisers, like, restaurant fundraisers and the Moveathon. I’ve heard of kids complaining about that there is no more cookie dough. The reason is, that parents sometimes don’t pick up the cookie dough, so the PTSA has to throw it away.

Mrs. Spellman talked to our Journalism Class about the PTSA fundraiser.

Mrs. Spellman talked to our Journalism Class about the PTSA fundraiser.


One challenge this year about the fundraiser is parents think when you get to Middle School, you shouldn’t do fundraisers. One good thing about the fundraiser is that this fundraiser is near the holiday, so people will buy things like present wrappings or candy for Halloween. People will want to buy more things. One way students should make sure they sell something is first, make sure parents look at the packet! Make sure you don’t leave it on the table where your parents might miss  it. This is too important to just ignore. If you like what the PTSA members are doing for us, then you can write a thank you note to show your appreciation.

So remember to give your parents the packet and ask all your family members to buy something. Dad, Mom, Uncle, Aunt, anyone you know, but don’t go door to door asking people if they don’t know you. Neighbors you know are okay too. Make sure to do everything you can to sell, even if it is just one item, so sell, sell, sell!

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Back To School Night


By : Jenny C.,Staff Member


Mr. Sheck  leading Back To School Night.

Mr. Sheck leading Back To School Night.

Back-to-school-night was a major success! There were parents, teachers, and some students. It kicked off with the PTSA meeting in the cafeteria. Refreshments were donated by our sponsor, Exxon Mobil. Many parents got to meet their children’s teachers and understand what it feels like to be a middleschooler.  Moms and Dads got to learn what their kids do in their classes and how they learn.  The new Common Core curriculum and testing was explained in the classes.


“It was a very busy day for everybody, the parents, the teachers, even some of us kids from the JR. HRA!”, said Sunbo A. That was true, it was very busy. The Jr. HRA crew, ( Jr. Human Relationship Ambassadors ) was helping out with the parents about which classes to go, especially since the parents were pretty lost and sometimes late!

DSCN2530 (2)

“What I saw in the Cafeteria and in my room,  Back-To-School Night was very successful. There is a positive outlook, there is hope for a good school year, and I personally think that the school environment is challenging and yet fun.” said Mrs.Peterson. That said from a teacher, this Back-To-School was a very successful event and we got to do the thing we wanted, which was show the parents how amazing our school is!



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The iPhone 6 is Finally Here!

Review: iPhone 6

By staff writer Joy Matthias


Did you hear all that fuss about the iphone 6?! Everyone wants one to look cool and say, “Ooh, I got the iphone 6!” But how I much do you know about it? Is it worth it to pay so much money just to look cool in front of your friends for just one moment? It may feel good for a while, but later some new thing comes out and it will get old. So do you think it would be great to have a few moments of being “cool”? I will show you the pros and cons of getting the iPhone 6.

Some pros are bands and it’s a new trend. It can also bend, plus the Iphone 6 plus is more money because its huge!The Iphone 6 is made out of aluminum which makes it bendable. The Iphone 6 is approximately 4.7 in.and the Iphone 6 plus is approximately 5.5in.Its more powerful,but remarkably power efficient. With a smooth metal surface that seamlessly meets the new Retina HD display.It’s one continuous form where hardware and software function in perfect unison, creating a new model of Iphone 6 is incredible.All made with beautiful anodized aluminum,Stainless steel,and glass. The first thing you notice when you hold the Iphone 6is how great it feels in your hand. The cover glass curves down around the sides to meet the anodized aluminum enclosure in a remarkable,simplified design. There are no distinct edges. No gaps. Just a smooth,seamless bond of metal and glass that feels like one continuous surface.

Some cons are, people could stay up till 4 to get it or even fight each other to stand in line first. Also, you need to protect it more because its really thin and can break if you don’t take good care of it properly.   It’s very hard to bend it so it won’t break and if you put enough pressure it could snap in your hands then all that money goes down the drain!

So, think twice before you get something that’s so expensive and yet fragile – wonder and ask yourself, do I need need this? or do I just want this?

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Ballot Measures T and U

Ballot Measures T and U

By Eric Gasparro, Staff writer

NorthHighGym Bleacher1

This is North High’s Gym. Wouldn’t it be great if Magruder had a gym?


On Election Day, November 4, 2014, Torrance voters will have the opportunity to vote for or against Measures T and U.  According to the Torrance Unified School District;

“Measure T will:

  • Renovate and update facilities and equipment to provide career technical programs and advanced courses in math, science, and technology
  • Upgrade classrooms, science labs, computers, and technology
  • Make energy-efficiency improvements, and install low water usage irrigation systems
  • Improve student safety and security systems, including disaster and emergency safety equipment
  • Renovate or add school auditoriums at high schools
  • Renovate auxiliary gyms (Formerly called “women’s” gyms)

Measure U will:

  • Renovate worn-out physical education facilities, playgrounds and fields that serve the

Torrance community

  • Provide an aquatic center for high school swimming and water polo programs,and for the entire community as well.
  • Add multipurpose gyms at middle schools that do not have them.”

That means us, people!! If Measure U passes Magruder will get a Gym.


Your parents are probably wondering,” How much will it cost me?” According to the TUSD,”Measure T will not increase the current tax rates, and Measure U will cost the average homeowner less than $1 a month per $100,000 of assessed value.”  Have your parents get more information about Measures T and U from the school district website at

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Operation Back To School

Operation Back To School

By: James S., Staff Writer


Unless you were on another planet, you must have at least heard about this year’s O.B.S, or Operation Back to School. For the people that are new to this school, O.B.S. is an organised, three day process where incoming 6th graders get introduced to teachers, other students, and their life at middle school – like dealing with lockers! On the first day, 6th graders come to school and see what the daily routine is. Then we do the same thing the next day, but there is something special we do the third day. On the third day, we sometimes do a special activity using water and this is how it worked this year…

Yes I know,”Why did I miss this?” You might also say,”I remember that. Good times.” Either way, anyone would say that this was a seriously epic moment. Especially when we just chucked all of the water balloons up into the air and caused a distress signal-like appearance. “Nice knowing you Dustyn, and I think we had a good run!” I said.


The first day, we were all scared of the 6th graders, and I think they were just as scared of us, as we were of them. We wait for the staff to call out colors. I got to help Ms. Smith, in the yellow group, and it was a lot of fun. The first period was really long, and the 6th graders thought it was longer, because they didn’t do the same thing over, and over again. I bet the 6th graders couldn’t wait to find the truth of our school; we actually sit down in class and do work sometimes.


Once we heard the bell for snack, we knew the ‘newcomers’ would run each other over to get a snack. “I can’t wait.” says Dustyn C in a sarcastic voice. The snack benches were filled up by the ‘soon to be officials’, and that was just them. Now I know our school is getting more recruits by the years.


The second day, there were less ‘newcomers’, and we didn’t know what to say. The second day was just like the last one, except we just had less people.


The new 6th graders where very nervous, because when they saw all the school supplies we have to carry around all day, they knew they were going to be juggling books all day. “ It was hard trying to carry all the books at O.B.S., but it was worth it.” says Thomas ‘Haskel’ M.


This OBS, we had a really good time. All fun things always must come to an end, but hey, we have memories. And the year has just begun….

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