By: Abigail Cash and Alyse Pelayo, staff writers

 “You need to make the faces and neck really elongated,” said Mrs. Sukal as she was instructing us how to make Modigliani’s portraits. Modigliani was an Italian artist, but he worked in France. His portraits were very exaggerated, as they had long necks, faces, and noses. They also had tiny eyes and mouths.

  First, we had to sand a piece of wood that was our canvas. The wood was a special type, which was smooth on one side and rough on the other. The side that we sanded was the smooth side. After that, we painted the sanded wood white. We only did a light coat, though.

After we painted the wood, we sketch our face on paper for practice, then on the wooden canvas. We sketched it in pencil, and filled it in with oil pastels after. We picked three colors for the skin, and blended them together to make a neutral tone. We did the same with the rest of the face.To finish the drawing, we made a background, but the background consisted of only one color.  We used only one color to contrast the blended tone of the face.  Through all these steps came a beautiful work of art that was also fun to make.

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