PTSA Fundraiser is for Magruder Students


Mrs. Bailey and Mrs. Allen


The Cookie Dough and Magazine Fundraiser
By: Katherine Vu, staff writer

Everyone has heard about the big PTSA fundraiser.  Students are supposed to sell cookie dough and magazine subscriptions to family, friends, and other people they know. We interviewed Mrs. Bailey, PTSA President and Mrs. Allen, Financial Secretary, to find out more about this fundraiser.

Mrs. Bailey and her supervisor came into our journalism class recently to tell us more about the fundraiser. She said that students should sell their items to family and friends. She also recommended that we ask our parents to bring the fundraising packet to work and invite their coworkers. The PTSA needs to pay for important things that benefit the school such as insurance, planners, and Adventures in Art. The PTSA will be donating $2,000 to the music department, $700 to the library, and $1,500 to the drama department. This year they’re also trying to raise enough money to sponsor a field trip for each grade. The PTSA needs around $50,000 to cover their budget. Mrs. Bailey said, “We want to sell as much as we can this year.”


Mrs. Allen had some good tips on how to sell more items. She said, “What I do is I invite all of my friends to a potluck. I tell someone to bring the hotdogs, someone bring the buns, and while they’re there, I tell them, ‘Hey, my kid’s having a fundraiser. Since you’re here, why don’t you buy something?’ Works every time.” This is the biggest fundraiser this year, but Mrs. Bailey mentioned some other fundraisers and ways to raise money for the school.


She said that later on this year, there’s going to be a McDonald’s night, where the teachers are going to be working in McDonald’s! We get to buy food from them and a percentage of the money they raise goes to the school. There’s also a program with Ralph’s. Mrs. Bailey says it’s very easy. They give you a paper with a barcode on it. When you shop at Ralph’s, at the checkout you scan it and the school will get some money from your purchase.


The cookie dough and magazine fundraiser this year has many benefits too, besides helping the school. Those benefits are prizes! Mrs. Bailey and her supervisor said that if everyone sells at least eight items, then the school will meet its budget. Her supervisor says, “The best form of advertisement is word of mouth.” Meaning? Tell your friends! Tell your family! Tell your family’s friends. If you sell eight items you will be able to get out of class and go to the “prize-a-palooza”! It will be tons of fun. A video game truck will come and there will be laser tag, giant hamster balls, and a monster mash-up. You will also get a talking Annoying Orange backpack buddy, a free run pass, and a free homework pass! There are many other prizes that you can get if you sell over eight items such as the chance to scan the talking ATM machine, the funky monkey, the blah blah phone, fire extinguisher soda dispenser, and so much more! There is also a chance to have lunch with the principal and your best friend. Last year we raised over $1,000 more than our goal. Mrs. Bailey is hoping to raise even more this year.


Mrs. Allen said that people who don’t want to order a magazine subscription or buy cookie dough can still help the school by giving a direct donation. This means that they donate a certain amount of money and when it’s time to turn the fundraising packet in you put their money in an envelope and write direct donation on it and turn it in. A donation of $10 equals one item. Mrs. Bailey encourages us to sell and said, “I joined the PTSA to make a difference.” Now you can too, by selling as many items as you can. All the money we raise helps the school and helps you. So, if you like our art, music, and drama department, get out there and sell for our school.”  Good luck!


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