Operation Back To School August 2010

Operation Back to School

By: H. Hoang and S. Hu, staff writers

Operation Back to School was a success!  On August 30th – Sept.2, 2010 the program OBS helped many 6th graders know things like how to open their locker and how to keep up with homework and what is expected of them so they won’t be too stressed out when they start school.  OBS was started by Mr. Scotty, Ms. Mann, Mr. Alvarenga and others a few years back and Magruder has continued this helpful program ever since.  We are lucky because we are one of the few middle schools that offers this free program.

(See this video:WEB leaders dance at OBS Sept2)

This year we saw the most students to come to OBS, about 130.  The staff was very pleased with how many students came to OBS and hope that they can get just as many students to come to OBS next year.  Ms. Mann took many hours to plan OBS.  Her first year of planning OBS was in 2003.  This year Exxon Mobil provided the snack and lunches while Barnhart Construction Co. gave our school a 50% discount and the PTSA donated a lot as well.  The Torrance police and fire departments came and spoke to the students about keeping safe and using common sense, like wearing helmets and walking home from school with a friend.

(See this video:6th grade games)

Seventh and eighth grade Web leaders sacrificed their summer days to help the new sixth graders, including creating a fun program for the entire last day.  Ms. Mann had a special staff of teachers and students to help make OBS reality.  The teachers who helped were Mr.Alvarenga,  Ms. Peterson, Ms. Jaeger , Ms. Eisenschiml,  Ms. Schwafaty, Ms. Loftin, Ms. Evans, Ms. Shortle, Monica Teubert, and Sarah Ragel. Thanks to all who made OBS possible.

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