Back To School Night

Back to School Night

By Jenny Pham (staff writer)


Back to School Night, isn’t just a night where teachers bore you and it’s definitely not Open House. Back to School Night is a night where your parents get to know your teachers and it’s a lot more beneficial to you than you think. This is really important because in the beginning of the school year, you get new teachers and this time, even a new principal.


When I asked Ms. Ho, how does Back to School Night help parents, she answered with, “It gives parents an idea about what’s going on in the classroom. They also get to meet the teachers.”


It may seem like trouble if your parents know your teachers, but it could actually help. When your parents know your assignments, they could probably help you a lot more and they could even remind of assignments you forget. This will help your grades, and it may even boost our AYP scores.


AYP stands for Adequate Yearly Progress. Last year, we boosted up by eighteen points after a slight slump and with a new principal, we hope to raise that score even higher. We may even be able to beat other schools and show that we’re the best.


“They should give back to school night a couple extra minutes. It makes the teachers feel rushed, and also, three minutes is way too short of a passing time,” Mary Pham commented.


This is very well true. Each teacher only has about ten minutes to summarize how their class works. It’s far too little and it doesn’t help when people have questions. Most parents want to ask at least one question, but of course they want to ask when the teacher is finished. Chances are, questions are going to be answered after the ten minutes and only three minutes to explain is too small for worrying or curious parents. It’s even worse when the parents don’t know their way around.


“It was okay, because in every classroom, it was the exact same thing as the last one, but that was helpful for the parents so that they can understand what the teachers want for their students for the year,” says Sara Mohammed.


Because the teachers all said the same thing, it’s easy to explain what they want, or how they want it. Some teachers may do things slightly differently, but they all want the same kind of thing. You know what they want, and now you could do it. Just try.


Back to School Night isn’t just a boring night for your parents. It can actually affect you, your parents and your grades.

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