Operation Back To School with Ms. Mann


OBS With Ms. Mann

By: Sara Mohammad , staff writer

Did you see a lot of kids playing relay games on the Magruder field in August? That was Operation Back to School, hosted by our very own Ms. Mann!

It all started when the new sixth graders were sent  an invitation letter notifying that they’ve been accepted to  Operation Back to School. This program was established five years ago to help 5th graders transition into 6th grade.  At O.B.S., students learn good study habits and they make new friends, but most of all how to be a successful student in middle school.  There were about 130 students at O.B.S. this year.  There were eight teachers: Ms Mann , Ms. Loftin, Mr. Alvarenga, Ms. Jaeger , Ms. Eisenschiml, Ms. Schwafaty, Ms. Peterson,  and Ms. Shortle. All helped in the preparations for OBS and taught every day. It wasn’t all work, students played games too.  They had relay races and a few water games.  It was a lot of fun.

“It took all summer to prepare  everything for this event , with the help of Ms. Judy and Mrs.Bailey,’’said Ms. Mann.

On August 30, 2012, at 8:00 am, the new six graders were excited  about the day of fun and warmth! When they arrived, they had to sit outside on the blacktop while the firemen brought their fire truck and explained about the truck and safety! The policemen came and show their uniform and also explained about safety. After the firemen and policemen had their talk about safety, the Magruder teachers held class. Math, English, and Health were taught, and Ms. Loftin explained study skills and  then passed out school supplies which were donated by Exxon Mobil, our very own Magruder PTSA, and the Filipos of San Pedro.

At O.B.S a group of students called WEB students are there to help.  WEB students are some awesome 7th and 8th graders who have lots of energy and school spirit. They helped with the games during OBS and helped the younger students find their way around campus.

Brandon Bragg explained why he loved OBS. “We get to see our friends and learned to get ready for middle school.”

After a few conversations about life in middle school, health, and study skills , the six graders had a water balloon fight which made them very wet, but they had loads of fun. Then students went to start group games that the teachers had set for them in their classrooms. After their activity, they were served wheat grahams for snacks and then lunch with hamburgers, chips, cookies,and much more.

At noon, once the students had their lunch, along with the teachers, they were  told to get their textbooks so they can be ready for school. Some even checked  their locker out with the teachers or the volunteers too. After checking their lockers out, with textbooks in hand, the six graders went home with a smile on their face!  Manki Mosley said, “We spent those four days to get ready for middle school.”  Operation Back to School  had given the sixth graders good taste of middle school.

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