October Student of the Month Assembly


October Student of the Month Assembly

6th grade winners

6th grade winners

7th grade winners

8th grade winners

By: Cody Davis, staff writer


Cheering, yelling, clapping, whistling.  That’s the excitement of our Student of the Month assembly.  It’s a time of recognition, to be awarded because of working hard, showing good behavior, and good citizenship.

How do you become a Student of the Month you might ask? Well, once your teacher spots your good effort and high grades,  the teacher may write down your name and send it to the office so you will be called on stage for the next Student of the Month.

Even though the anxiety of standing in front of a crowd to accept the reward is nerve racking, it’s great to show you’ve worked hard to get there. If you didn’t get the best grades this quarter and didn’t get an award, just work harder this coming quarter so hopefully you can get an award to show your family.

These are the award winners for Period 1 in October:

Mrs. Davies—Science—Sara Mohammed, Albert Rodriguez

Ms. Ho—Science—Daniela Hua, Alberto Gonzalez

Mr. Porush—Chorus—Alexander Gomez

Ms. Ji—Science—Shaylen Nelson, Aaron Robles

Ms. Le—Science—Naomi Villalon

Mrs. Jaeger—ELA—Esther Cash, Maleah Wilson, Eric Hurtado, Chase Ahlemier

Ms. Borowski—Social Studies—Dawit Abebe

Ms. Shwafaty—ELA—Evan Abrahams

Mr. Burgner—Social Studies—Nicholas Marroquin, Shayla Escudero

Mrs. Occiano-Capio—Mathematics—Yosalin Trujillo

Mrs. Smith—Science—Teddy Cabrera, Katherine Hanakeawe

Mrs. Mann— Mathematics—Saffron MacDonald, Andrew Hwang

Mr. Rasmussen—Mathematics—Noelia Gonzalez, Natalie Santiago

Ms. Aulenta—ELA—Jamel Hopkins

Mrs. Takano/ Mrs. Yung—Drake Konish

Ms. Ingram—ELA—Abigail Cash

Ms. Loftin—PE—Anthony Daniel Matheney, Christopher Lovejoy

Mrs. Johnson—Mathematics—Konami Masui, James Youssef

Ms. Nunes—PE—Hana Lee

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