Presidential Campaign 2012

Presidential Campaign 2012

By: Catherine Phu, editor in chief

            Are you an adolescent? It’s not too late to be politically aware. This year’s candidates for the presidential campaign of 2012 are Mitt Romney and former president Barack Obama. First of all, the economy is split into two groups: the Republicans and the Democrats. Mitt Romney, one of the candidates, supports the Republican platform. President Barack Obama supports the Democratic platform.

Many people may not know what Mitt Romney is promising if he becomes president. Mitt Romney wants to make America prosperous, and help the citizens of America. For example, Mitt Romney wants to help make America attract many entrepreneurs and small businesses. This is wonderful because the more businesses the more jobs in America. Jobs aren’t very common in this economy right now. In addition, Romney wants to bring the manufacturing business back into America to bring more jobs. Right now, America is depending on China as their manufacturer. Not only may this idea bring more jobs, but it may also help America get out of debt. Mitt Romney isn’t only focused on China and the manufacturing business. Mr. Romney also wants to help America in a financial way also. For example, Mitt Romney has an illogical idea to cut America’s corporate tax rate. This is wonderful because high corporate tax rates affect people and businesses. The federal corporate tax rate needs to be cut in order for American businesses to compete in the global marketplace.



Now, we’ve experienced four years with President Barack Obama as our leader. Though this year, the citizens of America don’t know what to expect – there is a lot of uncertainty. Barack Obama plans to help America’s economy. For example, Mr. Obama wants to fix the broken immigration system, hoping to give young immigrants a pathway to citizenship. This is a great plan, because fixing the immigration system will stop states from fretting too much. This idea may help the problems and situations involving the immigration system. In addition, Obama wants to hunt down the terrorists who caused the Benghazi attack. This idea will probably settle the American citizens.

Barack Obama wants America to move forward. For example, Obama wants to remove assault weapons from the hands of criminals to help make America safer. This will cause many parents to not fret about their children’s safety. This can also reduce the size of criminals in America. In addition, the former president wants to also “beef up” America’s security. This may help the law enforcement rates to rise and assure the American citizens.

In conclusion, both candidates are promising great things for America, and both have one goal: to help America move forward. Now one question remains – who will win the presidential campaign?

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