A Night With Sofia Adams

                A Night With Sofia Adams

By: Alena Ramos, staff writer

It was a dark stormy night on Willow St. The 16 year old Sofia and her little brother,Joey who was only seven were left home alone.Only because their parents went out to watch a movie and trusted Sofia to babysit.Three hours went by since their parents had left.Out of nowhere there was a slight swift of spine tingling air that past by Sofia “Brrr” she said while trying to get rid of her goosebumps by rubbing her arms.She then sat down on the couch and started to skim to see what was on t.v.She finally found something she liked it was “Chucky” her favorite but Joeys worst movie ever.”Hey Joey isn’t this your favorite movie?” said Sofia

“Sofie you know I hate this movie it gives me nightmares.” whimpered Joey

“Oh Joey stop being such a baby and sit down and watch the movie with me.Besides the movie isn’t even real plus I’m here I won’t let anything happen to you!” Said Sofia trying to comfort him.

“Well, okay, but you promise he isn’t real?” said Joey uncertain “I swear to god cross my heart. Okay now, be quiet and sit down.” said Sofia guiding him to sit down. In the middle of the movie theTV turned fuzzy then a loud thump came about.

*Thump thump* Joey, extremely terrified, grabbed Sofia’s arm as tight as he could. *Thump thump thump thump* it got louder and louder with each thump.As this was happening the power went out. Joey started to cry.

“Joey don’t cry it’s going to be okay the power went out because of the rain and that noise has to be the thunder or maybe the neighbors.” said Sofia uneasily.The noise finally stopped which had lasted for more than two minutes when it had stopped the power went back on.

When the power went on Joey stopped crying and said “Oh thank god the lights are back on!I hate the dark!”As he was saying this he heard no response from his sister this concerned him.As he looked up to his sister he just saw her staring at nothing.He started to shake her to get a response, but nothing happened.He started to talk to her he said in a scared kind of tone

”Real funny Sofie, you can stop now okay!” but nothing.He started to raise his voice a little asking her “Sofie are you okay?” “Sofie please talk to me say anything please!”This is when she finally turned her head very slowly to look at him.He finally felt a little better that is until she spoke.She started to scream *Ahhhhhh* and said in a very different voice, low voice for him to get out of the house now and to never look back! He was so scared he couldn’t move so she got angry and said “Get out now Joey before I hurt you! I love you so you need to leave now!

”He then got up and ran to the door he twisted the knob but the door wouldn’t budge.He looked at the locks and noticed they were unlocked so he just ran upstairs.As he was going up the staries he looked to see where his sister once was and noticed that she wasn’t there anymore she was gone,so he just kept on running. He went inside of his room and locked himself in there and hid in the closet.He then heard the low voice his sister was speaking to him in she said “Oh Joey where are you? I’m not going to hurt you remember I told you I wouldn’t let anything bad happen to you?” His heart started to pound harder and harder with each footstep he heard coming from his sister. He noticed she was getting closer and closer. She then reached his room door and started to turn the knob but it wouldn’t open. She then said “I know you’re in there… c’mon let me in.” Joey just stayed quiet. This infuriated her so she started to bang on the door twisting and turning the knob.

Joey just had enough he yelled out still crying “LEAVE ME ALONE! GO AWAY  YOU’RE SCARING ME!” She ignored his cries and continued to bang on the door.He just stayed in the corner of his closet crying, hoping for something anything to save him from his once beautiful loving big sister, to this now horrendous unknown beast. What he was waiting had finally come.

A sound of keys,laughter,and a opening door this was their parents. “Sofie? Joey? We’re home!” they yelled out while trying to control their laughter.At this instant Sofia stopped trying to open the door.Their parents than started to walk up the stairs to see if the kids had went to sleep.They were shocked to see Sofia standing very still with a very stolid look on her face.Sofia started to walk toward them picking up speed with each step before they knew it their daughter was running toward them.All Joey could her were the loud cries of his parents *ahhhhh* *ahhhhh*.

Sofia knocked her father in the head knocking him unconscious then she went for her mother who began to cry and shout “Why are you doing this to us? Please don’t…..” This was the last thing she said before she was to knocked unconscious as well. When her mother hit the floor Sofia started back to Joey’s room, she was once again interrupted but a sound of a siren a police siren as well as the ambulance’s siren. Joey was filled with relief knowing the neighbors heard their cries and called the police. Sofia ran back to the unconscious bodies of her parents picked them both up and left crashing through the window leading into the forest.The cops went in asking if anyone was there and if they are okay. They finally reached Joey’s room, they tried opening the door but noticed it was locked so they kicked it open.They found Joey in the corner of his closet crying and shaking.They tried comforting him by saying it was okay and he was safe now.


Investigators still to this day don’t have a clear reason of what happened that night or the whereabouts of Sofia and Joey’s parents. They tried asking Joey of what happened that night, so he tells them what happened and everyone is just shocked mind blown of what he has to say. Some say Sofia was a monster that she was possessed by something trapped in the home. Others think it might have been a government spill and it infected her ,but how come Joey or others around didn’t get infected? Many questions and solutions have been going on for years now but no one has come up with a reasonable one.It’s now nothing but a urban legend the house itself was torn down because no one wanted to live there. Unless you lived there or close by you’ll never be able to find the mysterious home.


Joey now 30 years old married with two children one girl named Sofia age 15 who he named after his sister and a boy named Joe who is six are happily living far away from where he once lived.  His family has no idea about what happened that night all they know is Joey is an orphan, but yet they seem to know Sofia their aunt and they claim they see her in their window watching them with a very nice and comforting smile.Joey has never told anyone except the police of what happened that night and them knowing this is impossible unless they really do she her watching them.

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