Interview with Ms. Nunes

Interview with Ms. Nunes

By: Hana Lee, staff writer


We all know that Ms. Nunes is the newest P.E. teacher here at Magruder Middle School. She has come from Casmir, and still has mixed feelings about leaving, but is determined to get to get to know more of the teachers and students here.

Ms. Nunes was born on November 17 in Springfield, Illinois. As she grew up in the Chicago area, she attended the College of Dupage and then Eastern Illinois University.  Nunes came here to California to attend Cal State Dominguez Hills. During her years of college, she earned her degrees for P.E. Administrator, and Administrative. Ms. Nunes says what inspired her to become a P.E. teacher was her high school P.E. teacher.

During her spare time, she loves to swim and work out at the gym. She also loves to sew, read, play in her garden, and participate in politics. Her favorite food is sushi, and loves to watch Friday Night Lights. My Big Fat Greek Wedding is her favorite movie, and her secret fact is she has asthma. She wishes to continue her travels to visit every single continent in the world, and become a principal. When I asked her why its important to try new things in life, she responded back saying, “You learn new things,” and it’s true! Even though she has visited Italy, Ireland, and New Zealand, she hopes to visit these countries again because they were so great. Her favorite sports are baseball and football. She roots for the Chicago Cubs in baseball, and the Minnesota Vikings in Football. Her latest book she has read was To Kill A Mockingbird and comments it is so far her favorite book.

Ms. Nunes has been a great teacher so far during the school year and we hope she will be welcomed by most of the students. “It is better to try and hit a speed bump than to never try at all,” she quotes, and she hopes this will help motivate her students to try more things.


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