Sixth Grade Survey

Sixth Grade Survey

by Jenny Pham and Catherine Phu, staff writers

It’s another new year and of course, we all went up a grade, we get new teachers, a new principal, and even better, new sixth graders. To us upperclassmen, they’re just our cute little noobies, and we usually don’t get to know them well because they’re in a different grade. We were all sixth graders once, but some of us forgot what it was like. I have interviewed some sixth graders to see what they like and what kind of first days they had.


When asked about his first day, Ramzi Issa answered with, “Happy, scared, and nervous. Scared because I didn’t know what was going to happen, but happy because I got out of elementary school. It felt like prison, but now I feel free.”


Don’t you remember those times when you didn’t have a locker, or you could mingle with your friends between periods because there were no periods. Look at us now. We have our own lockers, we can join clubs, and we can go to the library and the computer lab whenever we want! We have so much freedom compared to elementary school, you can’t even compare.

 I asked Sarah Cuadros how was her school year so far. “It’s awesome. I like all my teachers, I like this school, and I got new friends. I like the lockers, the music on Friday, and the red cart.” Okay, we know we all love the red cart. Ahem, anyway, I also asked what she like about the school. “I like the teacher, the activities, the red cart of course, the clubs, and the music.”


Don’t you remember on the first day of school when you would see all your friends, find some potential new ones, and meeting your new teachers. Oh, and getting giddy about the red cart.  Sixth grade had given us such a fresh new start and we saw that this school has so many things that other schools don’t have and that’s what makes it great. We all love it and sixth graders are loving it just as much as us.


I asked my last interviewee, how were the upperclassmen treating you. She replied with, ”They’re not paying much attention to the sixth grader. It’s good though, because they don’t care about what we do.”


I believe we should spend some time with at least one of our little noobies. We might make a difference for them. We can help them. We can just hang out with them. Sixth grade is hard and we’ve already gone through it. Maybe we can make it easier for someone else.


The new sixth graders seem to have a good time with this school and are glad to be here. They’ll go through some trouble, but if we’ve done, then they can do it too.

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