Halloween Story. . .

Halloween Story. . .

By: Megan Born, Staff Editor

It was about 9:15 on Halloween night. We were all getting ready to go swimming. I was never the “trick or treating” type, but it was an unusually calm and peaceful night. . .not many kids had been to the house, and I was seriously thinking about going. . .or maybe just going to the Halloween carnival and “bumping into” Matty at the ticket booth. I seriously considered it. . .then I put on my Dorothy costume and slipped out the back door.

About half way to the carnival I ran into my older cousin Jennifer. As soon as she stopped I knew I was busted, but she handed me two $20’s she owed me and continued walking home.

“Thanks!”, I yelled as she walked off.

“Just be home by two, or I am telling Auntie”

And just like that she was gone. For a second, I couldn’t believe what had just happened, but I wasn’t going to second guess it. Jennifer had always been really hard headed but she was really starting to come through for me when I needed her. When I arrived at the carnival I saw him just sitting there at the ticket booth, and so I walked up to him, and just as quickly walked away, because once again my insecurities had gotten the best of me.

It was no surprise of course, I had always felt insecure around Matty. My history with Matty goes way back to the 3rd grade, we got paired up for The Spring Dance and me with my two left feet could never have learned the dance without his help. I Guess ever since then I’ve been “head over heals” in love with him.

But Tonight was the night that I was finally going to tell him that I had been crushing on him. . .or was it. As I walked up to him his warm smile invited me closer. But of course half way to the ticket booth, I tripped on my shoelace. . .

‘’Wow”, I thought,”that was smooth! Oh, I hope he didn’t see that”

But sure enough as soon as I looked up there he was there with an outstretched hand and a warm sympathetic smile. This was the Matty I had fallen in love with nearly 8 years ago, and yet i couldn’t bring myself to confess the truth to him.

“That was quite a fall.”, Matty stated the obvious as usual.

“Yeah. . .”, He could tell I was embarrassed so he changed the subject.

“Are you going to the dance in the gymnasium tonight?”

“I was going to but. . .”

“But what? You have to go its tradition!”

“Tradition for who?”

“Tradition for us.

These words startled me, Matty had never referred to us as “us”.

“The truth is. . .I don’t have anyone to go with.”

“Yes you do!”

“Yeah, my imaginary unicorn Bob.”

The look on his face was both amused and annoyed and he saw right through my sarcasm.

“But seriously”, I continued,”Where am I going to find a date to the dance this late?”

“Look to the left. . .now a little to the right. . .no too far. . .”

After a countless numbers of Matty’s horrible directions, I was looking straight at him.

“Tada!”, He said, as I felt my face flush a hot red.

What is this supposed to mean? But without asking I knew exactly what it had meant, all these years I had been so afraid that Matty didn’t feel the same way, and it turned out that he had the same feelings for me.

And as far as I could tell, it was the end of the children’s book that I had felt trapped in for so long, and was the beginning of a new ,and slightly most interesting book. Who knows, this one could end with a ‘Happily Ever After’….

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