No Regular Halloween

No Regular Halloween

By: Melody Garcia (Staff Writer)

 Hello, my name is Maci Ann Tylers. I am sixteen years old and I am very weird. Although everyone is,  most crazy things always happen to me. One time I was walking home from school with my friends, then out of nowhere a homeless man came to me screaming, “You’re back! You’re back!” Yeah I know, weird right? Anyway, today is Halloween and I am freaking out! I have no idea what I am going to be, but my friends Samantha, Marina, Asia, Isaac, Jason, and Elijah are helping me out. Thank goodness for them. I don’t know why, but something doesn’t feel right today. Oh well, just got to go with the flow.


We are at the halloween store and I found my costume! It is a blue sailor dress with white wedge heels and a fancy captain’s hat. As I was walking home from the store, a guy on his skateboard with his big dog, came skating by and went in a mud puddle. Unfortunately, I was also walking near that mud puddle and they splashed me and my costume and went on skating. I screamed, “ My costume!” I ran as fast as my long legs could take me and went to the cleaners. I ran inside, “Hello how may I help y-,” the woman stopped in the middle of her sentence and started a new one, “Oh dear Lord. Child what happened to you?” I broke down and told her the story as her face slowly softened, “ Oh, I’m sorry dear child. Don’t cry, I’ll fix your old, dirty costume up in no time.” I was shocked. Seems liked something actually went my way for a change, “Will you have it done by tonight at 8:30,” I asked. “Of course I will. I promise to get it done by 7:30,” she smiled and so did I. I was so happy, “Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!”


It was 7:00 and I was on my way to the dry cleaners. Once I got there I saw the skateboard guy. I lost my temper and tackled him, “How dare you ruin my beautiful costume! You-you-you jerk! That’s right I said a jerk!” He stuttered in fear, “Wh-what are you talking about?” Just then I realised that I just tackled a very, very handsome guy. I blushed, “I’m sorry I just lost my temper. Hi, my name is Maci Ann Tylers.” His eyes widened. I was very confused, yet he stuttered again, “Yo-your Maci Ann Tylers? THE Maci Ann Tylers?” “Ummm, yes. Why- ,” I was tackled this time. “Ughhh. Can’t breath.” He must have seen my face turning purple because he jumped off of me, helped me up and enwrapped me in a hug. “I am so sorry,” he exclaimed. I jumped out of his grip and sighed, “It’s alright.”


Soon it was 7:30 and we have become best friends and it was great because we also go to the same school. “Oh what do you know, it’s 7:30. I came here to get my costume,” I said. “Oh right, I’ll get it. It’s in the back. I will be right back,” he said. I stopped him though,”WAIT! I know this is weird that you know my name, but I don’t know yours.” He looked puzzled, “What? Oh yeah the name is, Brayden James Keane.” Wow. His name is- hmm… what’s the word? Oh yeah, CUTE! “Oh wow I like your name it is very original,” I smiled. “Thank you. I like yours also,” he sorta blushed and looked at his shoes like they were the most important thing in the world. I chuckled and kissed him on the cheek. That only made him blush more, but hey I have that kind of effect on people.


As he left to go get my costume I called my friends, Samantha and Asia. They are twins by the way. I called them and Samantha and Asia answered at the same time on speaker phone. “They must have been prank calling,” I thought.



“Hey, it’s Maci.”

“Oh hey!”


Oh, did I mention that they always say the same things at the same times as each other.


“Guess what.”

“Oh my gosh. What is it Maci?”

“I saw Brayden James Keane!!!”


“Yeah, I know right.”


Just then our conversation was interrupted by the sound of a throat being cleared. I turned around and there was Brayden. Talk about awkward. He was blushing and so was I, “Um, can I have my costume back?” “Huh? Oh yeah. Sure,” he trailed. “Thank you,” I kissed him on his cheek as he blushed some more. I skipped out of the dry cleaners and drove home in my light blue 2012 Ford Mustang convertible with white racing stripes. Awesome huh? Anyways, I ran upstairs to do my make-up.


My make-up is done and I got my costume ou- wait. This isn’t my COSTUME! It was some fat guys big ninja costume! “I can’t wear this,” I think. After debating with myself over a long time, I decided that I would cut it up and sew to be a dead, evil sailor instead. Perfect I am gonna look weird, oh well.


Time to go to the party. I see Samantha, Marina, Asia, Isaac, Jason, and Elijah are at the door, ringing the doorbell in the chime, “Dun dun dun dun dun. Dun dun.” They have already done it nine times and it has gotten really annoying, so I interrupted them during their TENTH round.


“STOP IT!!!”


They slowly looked at my costume wide-eyed and STARTED LAUGHING?!


“Oh yeah, you guys think this is so hilarious, don’t you?”


My friends nodded their heads vigorously. I chuckled while I ran inside and got a bucket of ice cold water. When I came back outside they were still laughing. I faked laughed also, then poured the bucket all over the six of them. They gasped, some of them a little over dramatic.


As soon as Isaac and Jason smirked, I knew what was going to happen. I ran inside and they flew after me. Once I got to the bathroom I was panting. I slammed and locked the door. About a minute later, Isaac and Jason kicked the locked door open. Before I had time to react, they flung me over my shoulders and carried me downstairs. I was pounding on their chests, but they just smiled and kept on walking. when they finally put me down, Isaac and Jason squeezed me to death. I gasped for air. I regained my breath we walked to the party.


We got to the party and I opened the door. Everyone stopped what they were doing. They looked at me and gasped. One girl came up to me and said, “Oh my gosh… I love your costume!” I was shocked and stuttered, “Yo-you do?” “Of course I do. It’s gorgeous,” she exclaimed and everyone went among their own business. Well, that goes to show you that this was no regular Halloween.


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