The Big Scary Halloween Story

        The Big Scary Halloween Story

by Katherine Vu, staff writer

“Danny! Danny! Danny! Danny!” yelled Billy, a little five year old boy, as he ran up to his brother.

“Will you go trick-or-treating with me tonight?” he pleaded, pulling his fourteen year old brother’s arm.

“No!” Danny said as he looked over his little brother’s ghost costume, “I hate trick-or-treating. It’s just a bunch of weird little kids running around asking random people for candy. And you shouldn’t dress up as a ghost. They’re stupid. They’re not even real! ”

Danny felt something cold tickle the back of his neck, like an icy wind. He rubbed the back of his neck, then glanced out the window. Billy began to pout. His chin began to tremble.

Knowing that his little brother would start crying if he didn’t go, Danny said, “Alright! Alright! Fine. I’ll go trick-or-treating with you.” Billy’s face brightened. Danny added, “But I’m not gonna dress up as anything stupid like a ghost or a werewolf.” Again, he felt a cold breeze on the back of his neck. He shrugged it off.

The next night, Billy dressed up as a ghost, despite his brother’s criticism. When Danny saw him, he sighed and mumbled something about immature little kids playing dress-up. Billy didn’t seem to care. Obviously, he wasn’t going to let Danny ruin his Halloween. And Danny wouldn’t. Something else would.

The brothers left, each carrying a flashlight, and Billy carrying a pillowcase. Danny opened the door and Billy skipped out first, swinging his pillow case and humming. They went to many houses, and Danny noticed how Billy used his natural cuteness and little boy charm to increase the amount of candy he got. Of course, he thought to himself, rolling his eyes.

Since, it was Halloween, Danny let his little brother run ahead. He watched silently as Billy skipped ahead and turned the corner. Oh no, Danny thought. This was the street where many of the people he knew from school lived. He didn’t want them to know that he was trick-or-treating! But he couldn’t let Billy walk around the streets at night.

As he turned the corner he called,”Billy? Come back! You can’t go too-” He stopped abruptly. Danny couldn’t believe what he saw. Billy was standing in front of a girl dressed in a dark shirt and black pants, with a cape hanging down her back. The girl wore dark brown boots. She had dark leathery wings. How she wore that over the cape, Danny didn’t know.

What was she supposed be? A devil vampire bat? She was blonde and had a pretty face, but she was frowning and gesturing with her hands while she whispered. Danny glanced at his little brother. Billy’s face was white with terror. And not just because he was a ghost.That didn’t make any sense, because he recognized the girl. Her name was Angela. She was in his grade and she went to his school. Oh shoot, she went to his school! He walked up to them. Once Angela saw him, she smiled.

Clearing his throat, he said, “Hey Angela! Cool costume.” She giggled, looking nothing like she had earlier, “Thanks!”

“Uh, yeah. So Billy, what were you guys talking about?” Danny asked his little brother. The look on his brother’s face concerned him.

Billy gulped but he didn’t answer. “Oh I was just asking him where he got such a cute costume!”

Angela grinned, “I think my costume might’ve scared him a little.” She pulled a knife out from her right boot. A knife that he hadn’t realized that she had.

“Um, that looks pretty real,” Danny chuckled nervously,”I can see why Billy was scared of you. Well, we’d better go.” Angela winked at him  and walked off. He shivered.There it was again! That ominous chill that he’d been getting again and again, throughout the night. Billy was still frozen; only his eyes moved as they followed Angela as she walked down the dark street. His behavior was beginning to worry Danny.

“Billy? Billy, what did Angela really ask you?” Danny asked.

When Billy answered, his voice was deep and raspy. “She-she said something about about a cursed night. Every fourteen years. Some-someone’s going to-”, Billy gulped, “Someone’s going to die.” Danny was shocked. This was crazy. This was freaking him out. Billy never said anything like this. Angela, she would never-. Suddenly, a realization crashed into his thoughts. The cold chill he’d been feeling the whole night! It came every time she smiled at him. Angela had been  following them the whole night. He remembered now! He’d seen her walking by his house, twice, dressed as the devil. She’d winked at him, but somehow he hadn’t remembered it.

Suddenly, Danny heard a sound behind him. He whirled around. Angela was standing behind him, holding her knife. Up close, it looked very real.

“Hello Danny,” she whispered, smiling, “I see that your little brother couldn’t keep his mouth shut. I suppose I should’ve suspected that, since he’s still so young. So fragile.”

Danny stepped in front of Billy. “Why are you following us? And why are you trying to freak out my little brother?” he asked, trying to keep his voice from shaking.

Angela frowned, “I don’t want to freak you out. I just want to kill you.” Her fingers elongated into talons and her knife turned into a four foot sword with a hilt covered in writhing snakes. Too large serpents appeared on either side of her. Her eyes flashed, now red. “They are two very different things.”

“Well WHY?!” Danny exclaimed. He was scared, but he knew that he needed to keep this crazy demon girl from hurting his little brother.

Angela sighed, sounding exasperated, and looking like a regular teenage girl, except for the demon killer part. “Because. It’s all part of the curse. It happens every fourteen years. I have to find someone and kill them or my little sister will die.”


At first Danny was scared and confused, but now he was so confused that he forgot to be scared. Angela looked him over.

She sighed again, “Well I’m still gonna have to kill you, but I guess I can tell you why you’re going to die.” She sat down. The serpents disappeared. Danny was about to make a run for it with Billy, but she flicked her index finger downward and his knees buckled. He sat down hard and winced. Billy fell down too, but didn’t react. “The curse all began a long time ago. I was out trick-or-treating with my little sister, Mandy. She was all excited, and I didn’t really wanna take her, but she convinced me to. We were walking down the street and suddenly I felt this strong wincing pain in my ribs. I blacked out. I dreamed that there was a man telling me that every fourteen years on Halloween,” she looked at the ground, her eyes tearing, “I had to kill someone who truly loved their little brother or sister, with all their heart, or Mandy would die.

“I woke up in the emergency room. The doctor told me that after I collapsed my sister had suddenly fainted, and had somehow gone into a coma. They said that she would probably live for a few more years in that condition and then die. I asked them who found us and they said that a random man had. They described him and he looked just like the man in my dream. So that’s it,” Angela sat back. “Every fourteen years, I find someone who truly loves their little sibling and I kill them. Because Mandy would die if I didn’t. I’m sorry,” she whispered, tears streaming down her face.

It was unnatural, feeling sorry for a girl who looked like a demon, but Danny understood her pain. He truly loved Billy, and if he was put in that same situation, he would probably do the same thing.

“There has to be a way that we can stop this dude,” he said to Angela.

“No. He’s very powerful,” she said, “He was strong enough to make me like this,” gesturing to herself. “But…,” she frowned, “He appears to me every fourteen years, after I kill the person, reminding me that if I don’t kill another person on the next fourteenth year, my sister will die. Maybe if I don’t kill you, then he’ll appear at the end of the night.”

“No! We can’t do that!” Danny exclaimed, “What if he kills your sister? There has to be another way.”

“No, it’s okay. My sister has been in a coma for 26 years. I’m sure that it would be best for her to die. She’d want me to let her go, I know it.”

Danny wasn’t sure about that, but he said, “Okay. I’ll meet you at the graveyard at 11:50.” Angela wiped away her tears and turned back into a normal teenage girl in a costume.

She stood up. “Okay,” she said quietly. Danny stood and began to walk away, holding Billy’s hand. Billy hadn’t said a word since he met Angela.

Suddenly, Danny stopped and turned around. “Angela?” he called. She looked at him from where she was still standing. “Thank you,” he said. He felt like he owed her. After all, she was letting her sister die to save his brother’s life. She nodded, then turned around and started walking away.

Danny blinked. When he looked again, Angela was gone.

 He was still worried, disoriented, and scared. He didn’t know if he was hallucinating or if all that had happened was real. He didn’t care. He was just happy that he and his brother were safe. For now.

Billy blinked, then looked up at Danny. He asked him, “Was all of that real?” Danny didn’t answer right away.

Finally, he answered, “Yes, yes it was. But don’t worry. Angela and I will take care of everything.”

“Okay!” Billy said, happily. He obviously didn’t understand how grave the situation really was. He seemed so different from the grim little boy he was earlier.

Danny was so happy that he was back to normal. He felt like he could take on anything if it meant protecting his little brother. He could worry about the evil man who liked having kids kill kids later.

“C’mon Billy,” he said, “Let’s go home.”


As they walked down the street, a man watched them silently. He frowned, then disappeared.

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