I Know Your Secret

I Know Your Secret

By: Alejandra Garcia, staff writer

 It was midnight and all through the house you could hear my TV.  I was up all night watching some sort of scary movie marathon because you know that’s the best way to spend your Halloween. I was never the type of girl that gets scared easily or that even believes in ghosts and all that nonsense until that night….

I was very bored and I was going through my phone when all of a sudden I got a text from an unknown number “Text From: 567-253-8753- I know your secret.”  I was very confused because – first, I didn’t know this number and second, I really didn’t have a secret. I hesitated to answer back. I was just about to write back when they texted me again

“Text From 562-253-8753- Don’t ignore me, bad things happen when people ignore me.”

I wasn’t sure what to do so I played along, I’m sure it was just some kid from school playing a prank. A few minutes later they texted me again saying to go to the cemetery at midnight. I thought about it for a moment, but i eventually answered. I told them I would go, thinking that if I went they would just scare me a little bit and it would all be over. Little did I know that I was terribly wrong.


As I was walking through the cemetery, trying to find the spot where they told me to meet them at, I was feeling as if someone was watching me but it felt wrong as if they had a strong hatred towards me. When I finally reached the spot i was going to meet them at, I noticed a tombstone. It was Lucy Green’s tombstone, a girl that once came to my school. Its not exactly clear how she died, I have only heard rumors. The most accurate rumor is that one night she was walking to god knows, where and she just disappeared. Not the most creative rumor, but it was the most popular.

I was sitting next to the tombstone when all of a sudden I heard a noise. It wasn’t just a regular type of noise. At first it sounded like a girl but after awhile it started to sound like some sort of dog or bear. I shrugged it off but I got that feeling again, as if someone was watching me. After a while I grew tired of waiting. I was making my way out of the graveyard when something stopped me dead in my tracks.


There, in front of me was some type of creature. I couldn’t really see that well, it was past midnight, all I could see was its figure. It wasn’t normal, I could tell you that. It seemed to have its back towards me, i was staring deeply at it when all of a sudden it started moving. I will admit it did startle me. It looked as if it was having a seizure. It was turning and tossing and even running into tombstones. It started running so I started following. I lost it after a while, I was searching for it when i heard the familiar noise again. This time the noise was coming from behind a tombstone, but not just any other tombstone, it was lucy’s tombstone. I stopped, and listened, I couldn’t hear anything. As I slowly started walking towards the tombstone i started hearing crying. it was like a little girl was crying. The next thing I saw shocked my eyes.


I slowly peeked around the tombstone and there lying on the ground was Lucy Green, I froze. She didn’t notice me but I sure noticed her. She seemed hurt, I didn’t know if it mentally or physically, but she was hurt for sure. She saw me, She started crying, I really couldn’t understand her, I think she was explaining to me what happened to her, but honestly I didn’t want to know, all i wanted to do was help her no questions asked just helping.


We talked…… She explained… I listened….. She told me how she got attacked, she didn’t know what attacked her because the next thing she knew she was blacked out and on the news it said she was dead. I tried asking her what “thing” she transformed in but she didn’t know and it didn’t help that I didn’t even see her face when she was turned into a creature.


We were talking when all of a sudden we hear footsteps. I just thought it was someone who worked there but Lucy on the other hand was freaking out. I didn’t know what was going on. All of  sudden Lucy just bolted. I wasn’t sure where she was going but I followed just in case. We finally stopped and I asked her what was going on, she told me that she felt something wrong, like she felt a sense of deja vu. Out of nowhere she asked me why i was in the graveyard anyways. I told her about the random number that texted me to come to the graveyard. She had this expression on her face when I told her. she looked scared, worried, and mad all together. I asked her what was wrong and the thing she told me was just too much to handle.. To be continued



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