Halloween Mystery: Who Did It?

Halloween Mystery: Who Did It?

      By:Jade Tao, Staff Writer


In a mansion where all monsters lived in burned down, and one monster had created the fire that burned the mansion. The monsters who were at the crime scene was a witch, a goblin, a vampire, a ghost, and a zombie.


The monsters all blamed each other. The witch was blamed because, she knew fire magic. The goblin had C4 in his pocket. The vampire knew some lava monsters. The zombie had a bucket of gasoline on his head.


The ghost knew who had done the deed because, he had seen which monster did it. The monster that had did it had known that he had done it and it was not on accident and, the monster who did it pulled multiple pranks over the year. At the scene there were small footprints. The vampire wore size 12s. The witch had size 9 shoes and the zombie had partial feet.


So, who did it?

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