The Yearbook Staff

The Yearbook Staff

By: Alina Bocanegra and Kayne Toyosato                                               

(See this video:Yearbook Staff Commercial)

“Buy the Yearbook, its going to be super awesome,” says Emily, from the wonderful yearbook staff. 

This is the first year that students are creating the yearbook.  Your staff members are: Matt Bui, Emily Cookes, Lisa Pham, Daniel Vu, and Heizel Zunega.  So if they ask to take your picture be sure to smile!

Your yearbook staff members are pretty friendly and outgoing, hardworking, creative, and a little crazy.  Some of the activities they like to do outside of school are: Emily plays softball, Matt and Daniel break dance, Lisa and Heizel have a tumblr blog, Heizel does hula dancing and all five have a facebook page.

This staff  has a lot of good ideas and wanted to join the yearbook because they wanted to make this year’s book of memories even better.  Their goal is to make the yearbook more colorful, with more pictures.  The yearbook will also be even larger than last years so each page can have more photos.  The staff didn’t expect it to be as hard as it is.  They are receiving help from Marla Stuntz the yearbook representative.  Daniel, the Yearbook Editor-in-Chief said, “The yearbook is going to be better this year because the yearbook staff knows what other kids want.”

If you want to have plenty of pictures of yourself in the yearbook, get involved at Magruder!  Join a club, perform in a play, serve other students in WEB or Service Club, or help tend the garden.  There is always something to do.  Be sure to buy your yearbook now, online at the yearbook/jostens link on Magruder’s Website, before the price goes up January 24th.

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