The Halloween Carnival 2012

The Halloween Carnival 2012

 by: Katherine Vu, staff writer

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Terror, screams, horrible sights… kids were running, stumbling to get out of the Haunted Classroom!

On October 31, Magruder held its annual Halloween Carnival. Students came in all kinds of creative costumes,  like characters from movies, comic books, TV shows, and even video games. There were game with prizes, activities, and even a costume contest! The carnival was really fun, and there were a lot of things to do.


There were a lot of booths with many games to play at the carnival. There was the Sucker Toss, where kids were supposed to toss a ring on a lollipop to win it. There was also the Ping Pong Drop, where students were supposed to bounce a ping pong ball into an orange cup to win a prize. One booth was the Cookie Walk, where students could win cookies by walking around a circle made out of cones with numbers on them while music played. When the music stopped, the students stop walking. If they were standing on  the cone with the number that was called out, they won cookies! Another one  of the booths at the carnival was the Candy Count. There was a jar of candy corn, and students wrote down the number of candy corns they thought was in the jar. One of the booths at the carnival was the Sponge Toss. In this game, students got to throw sponges at Mr. Rasmussen and Mr. Sheck. It was really funny to watch! There were other booths at the carnival too, like the Can Smash, Basketball Crazy Shot, Football Toss, Pumpkin Bowling, and Coin Drop. All of the games were really fun, and a lot of students got prizes.

Not all of the booths at the carnival were games. There was a Hair Color booth where Ms. Loftin and Ms. Barker were spraying students’ hair. During the carnival, students were also able to have their picture taken with their friends in front of a Halloween banner for fifty cents. All of the money was donated to the school.

One of the biggest things at the carnival was the costume contest. There were so many amazing costumes and the judges had a hard time deciding. Some of the winners were: the Black Swan, the Ring, the Schoolgirl, the Ostrich Farmer, the Injured Guy, Katniss Everdeen, and the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Congratulations to the winners! The costumes were very creative and very unique. All of the prizes were generously donated.


The Haunted Classroom was open for the last time the day of the carnival. It was really popular. The lines were very long and a lot of people bought tickets to go in. If you listened from outside you could hear the hysterical screaming of the victims inside! People would stumble out screaming and laughing and many people said that they were very scared. The Haunted Classroom committee did an amazing job of decorating the classroom and frightening all of the students.

The Haunted House Crew

The Halloween carnival at Magruder was great. The games were fun to play, the costume contest was great, and the Haunted Classroom was very scary. Thank you to Ms. Borowski, Mr. Rasmussen, and Ms. Nunes who organized all the fun, and to everyone who helped out with setup, cleanup, and running the games. We loved it!

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