Magruder’s Clubs

7th grade college club

By: Melody Garcia, staff writer

This year Magruder has an exceptional amount of clubs. There are clubs for everyone, so that every single person from the sixth grade to the eighth grade can enjoy a variety of fun activities. Students that want that little bit of extra help with homework, English, or math can now get it after

8th gr college club

school.  The list below will show you what clubs there are, where they are, and what teacher is hosting the clubs:


Chess Club – Wednesdays w/ Borowski – Library – AFTER SCHOOL

Garden Guru – Fridays w/ Borowski – Room 17 – AFTER SCHOOL

Math Club – Tuesdays and Thursdays w/ Lee – Room 4 – Wednesdays

w/ Johnson – Room 28 – AFTER SCHOOL

Homework Club – Mondays w/ Borowski, Tuesdays w/ Ji, Wednesdays w/ Schwafaty (Dalbey covers once a month), and Thursdays w/ Occiano – Room 27 – AFTER SCHOOL

EL Guided Reading Club – Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays w/ Ramos – Room 33 -AFTER SCHOOL

Service Club – Wednesdays w/ Smith – Room 1 – LUNCH

Drama Club – Tuesdays and Thursdays w/ Jaeger and Burgner – Cafeteria [Starts January 21] – AFTER SCHOOL

Running Club – Wednesdays w/ Loftin and Peterson – FLD [Starts January 8] – AFTER SCHOOL

College and Career Club – 8th grade on Tuesdays and 7th grade on Thursdays w/ Barker – At LUNCH

Student Council – Mondays in room 14- w/ Rasmussen – LUNCH

Gamepalooza – Fridays w/ Barker – Room 17 – LUNCH


Those are the clubs this year at Magruder. Get involved, make friends, and have fun! Choose quickly because space is limited in some clubs!

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