Fun Times at Magruder’s Halloween Carnival

Fun Times at Magruder’s Halloween Carnival

By: Aaron McGuire, staff writer

            After weeks of hype, the Halloween Carnival finally came to Magruder! Costumes were everywhere!  There were lots of fun things to do. Everyone was at a booth or in the lines. Either people walked away happy with their prize, or walked away angry because they didn’t win those sunglasses, (including myself!) There were several booths, including Sucker Toss, Can Smash, Ping Pong Drop, Crazy Shot, Football Toss, Pumpkin Bowling, Coin Drop, Candy Count, Hair Dye, Sponge Toss, and one of the most popular was the Cookie Walk. By the end of the day, most of the cookies were gone!


In the Sponge Toss, you had to throw wet sponges at Mr. Rasmussen or Mr. Sheck. Mr. Rasmussen caught most of the sponges being throw at him, but sometimes he would get hit. Mr. Rasmussen had fun getting people wet, but after his hard work, he was able to get a free cookie! The Sucker Toss was another popular one. The game is pretty basic. You get two rings and you have to get at least one ring around a lollipop. If you did, you would get a lollipop. A lot of kids won, but after the carnival there were about 30 lollipops still left. Instead of wasting them, kids were allowed to get as much lollipops as they wanted, but only if they could get them before someone else does. Some kids got three and others got ten.


The Haunted Classroom, run by Ms. Borowski, got hundreds of kids trying to go through. Everyday there was a huge line of kids waiting to get scared. Some people ran out of the classroom scared and screaming, or they walked out saying, “I knew that one guy.” Regardless of if you were scared or not, people had fun.


The costume contest inspired many to wear some really great costumes. Lots of people entered, but only a few won. The Scariest Costume: The Black Swan, The Ring, and Chucky. The Funniest Costume: The Schoolgirl, and the Ostrich Man. The Most Original Costume: Cort Evans’ Costume (Guy with injuries and stuff) and Katniss. The Best Group: The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles!






Ms. Nunes and Mr. Rasmussen put a lot of work into the carnival. The leadership class helped design booths and worked at them. The Service Club also took shifts so the leadership class could go to the booths too. Even though there were many prizes and many booths, the carnival barely cost any money. The booths were made made from boxes, tables, and paper signs, while the prizes were all donated by the students at Magruder. Now the Halloween Carnival is over(obviously) , but that doesn’t mean we’re not going to have another big event coming soon!

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