RED Album by Taylor Swift

RED Album by Taylor Swift

By: Jessica Santiago, staff writer

The amazing artist Taylor Swift has done it again with her phenomenal album RED! This album includes 16 songs and her hit single ‘We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together.’ All these songs reflect her experiences through relationships.

The artist has been singing ever since she was ten years old! Taylor always loved her family and loved being on stage as well. She performed all over her home state of Pennsylvania when she was little, she even sang the national anthem at a 76rs basketball game at just eleven years old! She named her album ‘RED’ because it describes the way she loves someone. She is a humble person with lots of talent! Alena Ramos says ”It’s a great album and it shows lots of her awesome songs, including ‘We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together’.” Taylor Swift has made many albums like ‘Taylor Swift’, ‘Speak Now’, and ‘Fearless’.  She’s won many awards, including being nominated for the Best New Artists award at the 50th Grammy Awards.

Taylor wrote about thirty-five songs for her new album and had to narrow it down to only sixteen! She is twenty-two and now going to begin a new tour! Taylor swift is a talented young musician, so stop by and pick up her album in a store near you!

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