Mark of Athena Review

Mark of Athena Review

By:Jade Tao, Staff Writer

  Have you heard of The Heroes of Olympus series yet? Well, it’s about seven teens who go on quests to save Olympus. You can find the series at Barnes and Noble or at many local book stores.  The person who wrote the series is Rick Riordan, and if you love Greek and Roman mythology you will fall in love with this book series.  Riordan has  written 3 books in this series called The Lost Hero, The Son of Neptune, and The Mark of Athena. In the first book,The Lost Hero, Leo, Jason, and Piper go to the wolf house to save Hera, queen of the gods. In the story it talks about Percy, an inspiration to many campers, that has gone missing after the last Titan war. Another character, Jason, has forgotten everything about his life.

The second book, The Son of Neptune, Percy, Hazel, and Frank go on a quest to save Thanatos, the god of death. Percy has forgotten everything about himself. All he remembers is a girl named Annabeth. Hazel however, is one of the many who escaped spirits from the underworld, and Frank’s life depends on a burnt stick because, he wields many gifts from the gods.

In the book, Mark of Athena,, they all meet up at New Rome and exchanged stories about their adventures until, Ella, a harpy, drops a bomb about a new prophecy. The prophecy centers on Athena when, the Romans adopted Athena as Minerva.  Annabeth is sent on a quest to find the Athena Parthenos. Everyone else is left to find Nico di Angelo,who supposedly found the doors of Death. Annabeths’s quest harder than it seems when her mother’s greatest enemy is guarding the statue. I highly recommend this book, and give it a rating of 10 out of 10.

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