PSY: Before and Now (Maker of Oppa Gangnam Style)

PSY: Before and Now (Maker of Oppa Gangnam Style)

by: Melody Garcia and Hana Lee, staff writers



There has lately been a huge buzz of PSY- short for psycho, and his latest song, Oppa Gangnam Style. He has made a huge comeback from a few years ago, but what was he like then?

Psy’s real name is Park Jae-Sang, and was born in Seoul, South Korea on December 31, 1977. He attended elementary, middle, and high school in Korea, and came to America to attend Boston University and the Berklee College of Music. After college, he became a popular Korean rapper and debuted his first album, PSY…From the Psycho World, in January 2001. Although it became a HUGE success, he was obliged to pay a fine because of inappropriate content. His next few albums were less inappropriate, but were restricted to people under 19 years old.


During the year when his 4th album came out, he married Yoo Hye-Yeon on October 14, 2006 and gave birth to twin daughters on October 1, 2007. His wife had encouraged him to join YG Entertainment because his other agency was struggling with money. After he joined YG entertainment, he became a successful star. When his 6th album, PSY’s Best 6th Part 1, came out, the song Oppa Gangnam Style was featured. It became a huge hit all across the world, especially America. It has ranked 1, 2, and 3, switching back and forth between the top spots on the billboard charts. The music video has received over 330 million views on YouTube, overtaking Justin Bieber’s “As Long As You Love Me” and Katy Perry’s “Wide Awake”. He quotes on the Today Show, “I didn’t expect this at all. I just uploaded this video only for the Korean viewers in the YouTube, and suddenly in 60 days, I’m here.”


PSY has gone worldwide and made the video in 60 days in 32 different locations. He says he has been in the music business for more than a decade and he is now a rookie in America. PSY has appeared on the Ellen DeGeneres Show, teaching Britney Spears the dance, the Today Show, and also appeared on Saturday Night Live.


We hope that he will continue making upbeat songs that will blow everyone’s mind. Fighting PSY!( Fighting means to encourage someone in Korean)





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