BY: Alex Maculam and Nicholas Maculam

Do you like taking photos? Do you like putting vintage effects on them? Then go check out Instagram. This awesome social network app lets you post and share photos with your friends.


Instagram lets you share photos to your friends. On photo map, it lets you see where that person took that photo. The really appealing feature is it lets you make the photo look better, or use special effects, as if you used Adobe Photoshop.


The developers Kevin_Systrom_and_Mike_Krieger1 started Instagram and developed it. Users can view popular photos shared by other users on Instagram. Users who create logins can share their own photos immediately from their smartphone. After taking or choosing a photo, you can modify the lighting, contrast, and color with pre-set effects, which usually make the photo look high-quality and interesting. You can also add a border, blur effects, and brightness. Users can then add a caption and instantly share the photo on Instagram.

There are always the good things and bad things. The bad thing about Instagram is that people can post and say anything they want and you can’t do anything about it except erase comments. The good thing is that if you don’t like what someone did or said you can report them or delete them yourself.
Instagram is an excellent app. The app is fun and keeps you busy. Instagram is safe for kids because you can send messages that are private.  You can make your settings private so people you don’t know can’t preview your profile. I strongly recommend Instagram as part of your social network. Instagram is an app that everyone can enjoy.

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