Kids on Facebook

Kids on Facebook

By: Tony Chong, staff writer

Do you think kids should own Facebook accounts? There is a problem with many young kids with Facebook accounts. For example, there could be adult predators out there wanting to hurt kids, or it could be a few kids making fun of people on purpose. Sometimes when people make fun of someone or teases them, it could really bother the victim in school. The victim would start to worry and not pay attention to what they need to learn in school.


I surveyed a few kids, and a student at Magruder Middle School that didn’t have a Facebook account said, “Facebook is a cool way to communicate with others, but you should be the right age to have an account and the right age would be 13 years old. Anybody under 13 would have to fake their age.”

Many people that had experiences with social network accounts, like Zoe, said that you shouldn’t have one because Facebook usually has bad images and it increases the risk of cyberbullying. My suggestion is that students under 13 can always use emails or phones instead.   If you really want a Facebook account, then you should only add your friends or someone you really know. Other students with Facebook accounts I interviewed really like the networking site and said it was cool and only had good things to say about it.


So, if you want a Facebook account then you should really think about it and look over facts and the risks of having one. Your parents should also know about your Facebook accounts, and NEVER let anyone know your password, only your parents! My advice is, really not to have one if you’re underage because you could be the next target.

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