Speak Out Against Locker Vandalism!

Speak Out Against Locker Vandalism!

By: Tony Chong, staff writer

       Many people have complained about locker vandalism. They get mad when people write on their lockers. It hurts the school and the kid that uses the locker. This year we are going to speak out against this thoughtless behavior, and teach a lesson about ruining other people’s property. If caught, students who write on lockers will be suspended from school by the principal, Mr. Sheck.


The custodians help us out as much as they can just to keep our lockers clean. They are the ones who have to clean the graffiti, and help kids who are upset about the mess.  I spoke with a considerable amount of students. It made one kid frustrated when he found out his locker was wrote on. Nathan said vandalism can cost a lot of money and ruins things, so kids should stop it. The rest of the students I asked didn’t like the idea of others vandalizing their lockers. That behavior is not acceptable at our school.


Students of Magruder Middle School, help out! If you see a person vandalizing, speak up and say that its wrong and you don’t agree with what they’re doing. If you see it happening, bring in a teacher, and if you see bad pictures or words, report it. A lot of people that do these inconsiderate things think it’s funny… until it happens to them. It’s hurtful to the person and destructive to our school. That’s why we all have to stop this thoughtless behavior and help victims of vandalism.

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