College and Career Club

College and Career Club

                        By: Katherine Vu, staff writer

Are you interested in college? Would you like to learn about careers? You should join College and Career Club! This club is a fun, good way for students to learn about different colleges and discuss what careers they are interested in. It’s a lot of fun.

College and Career Club was started by Mrs. Ryan, a counselor who used to work at Magruder. Now it is run by Mrs. Barker, our current counselor. She said, “I kept it going because kids got to know about colleges and learned what they wanted to do with their lives.” She says that she loves the club and that her favorite part of running it is “getting to know the students and hear about what they like to do.” College and Career Club meets twice a week, Tuesdays for the eighth graders and Thursdays for the seventh graders. Sadly, sixth graders are not allowed to join. “I wanted to give them something to look forward to next year,” Mrs. Barker said. The sixth graders definitely have something to look forward to! The meetings are a lot of fun. Mrs. Barker said that during sessions students get to play games and answer questions about colleges and careers. Every week two or three students even get to lead the lesson and lead other members in doing the activities. Towards the end of this year there’s even going to be a fun field trip! Mrs. Barker says that she likes to get student input about where they go but that the members are going to definitely be going to a college.

Last year the members got to go on a campus tour at Azuza Pacific University, led by the students who went there! This year there will also be a career piece. This is where someone with an interesting career comes to the school and speaks to the club about their job. The members also get to help out towards the end of the year, during College Week, which is a fun week dedicated to colleges. They get to lead students in fun games and activities during lunch. Last year there was even a raffle with some great prizes! Not only is College and Career Club fun, it also helps our school.

College and Career Club really benefits everyone at Magruder. The members learn to be good leaders. Mrs. Barker says that if kids join the club it will really benefit our campus and community. She said, “Yes, definitely. Having club and having kids in it really helps…it helps them have hope for the future.” When I asked Mrs. Barker what she hoped students learned from College and Career Club, she immediately said,”I hope they learn exactly what they need to do to get into college and learn about themselves, and what they want to do with their lives.”

Going to College and Career Club is a really good experience for anyone who wants to join.The meetings are really fun and everyone learns a lot and benefits from the experience. So come to the College and Career Club today. It will benefit your future!



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