Per. 2 Student of the Month Assembly

Per. 2 Student of the Month Assembly

By: Phoebe Kim and Hana Lee, staff writers

            On a warm, sunny morning at the end of November we had our second Student of the Month assembly for our highest performing Mustangs!  All fourth period classes met at the outside stage to recognize the students that have done a great job. These students were recognized for their good grades, great participation, and outstanding behavior. The teachers probably had more students who qualified, but they only had the choice to choose one or two. Without further ado, here are the Mustangs we are proud of this month:



Andrew Castaneda-Ms. Ho

Noelia Gonzalez-Ms. Ho

Drake Konishi-Ms. Ho

Anthony Matheney-Mr. Porush

Keina Saito-Ms. Ji

Abigail Cash-Ms. Ji

Hana Lee- Ms. Le

Kayla Vo-Ms. Le

Shaylen Nelson-Ms. Schwafaty

Lesley Saldana- Ms. Schwafaty

Kathleen Nguyen-Mr. Burgner

Phoebe Bloomfield- Mr. Burgner

Erika Franco-Mrs. Occiano-Capio

Luke Benton-Mrs. Smith

Austin Nguyen-Mrs. Smith

Steven Fernandez-Ms. Mann

Alyssa Romero-Mr. Rasmussen

Rafael Sanchez-Mr. Rasmussen

Jenny Pham-Ms. Aulenta

Phoebe Kim-Mrs. Aulenta

Jung Min Bryan Lakin-Mrs. Takano and Yung

Cynthia Bailey-Ms. Loftin

Tariq Harness-Ms. Loftin

OrlandoFarrales-Mrs. Johnson

Francis Ramos-Mrs. Johnson

Jeehoon-Mrs. Johnson

Zachary Avakian-Ms. Nunes

Kaitlyn Golembiowski-Ms. Nunes

Marisol Hernandez-Mrs. Ramos

Ricky Williams-Mrs. Ramos

Zoe Jones-Mrs. Peterson

Catherine Phu-Mrs. Peterson

Leanne Nguyen-Mrs. Peterson


You may be sad you didn’t get picked, but there are four more times you can become the Mustang of the month! Remember, you must get good grades, and participate with a good attitude. The students on the list deserved the prize and being recognized on stage. Just try your best, and hopefully you’ll be the mustang we will be proud of next month!

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