Student Council Elections

By:Jenny Pham, staff writer

            As most of you know, on November 6th, the student council elections took place, and the whole school knows about the winners. Our winners are hopefully the right choices that help our school the most, but why are they the ones who are in charge now? Let’s look at the winners:

Eighth Grade

President- Alex Gomez

Vice President- Irene Morales

Treasurer- Kayle Conner

Activities Chari- Alyse Pelayo

Seventh Grade

President- Rafael Sanchez

Vice President- Anthony Garcia

Sixth Grade

President- Sarah Cuadros

Vice President- Britney Avila

United State’s President

Barack Obama

The eighth graders had three out of four positions won by default. Alex Gomez, Irene Morales, and Kayle Connor won eighth grade President, Vice President, and Treasurer, respectively. They only won though because no one else applied for the positions. The only competition was between Lorena Arzola and Alyse Pelayo for Eighth Grade Activities Chair.


When I asked Katherine Vu, why Alyse may have won, she answered, “‘Cause she’s fun.”


In Alyse’s speech, it showed her positive personality and attitude, which may have pulled people over. Not only that, but Alyse is well known among us students and, like Katherine said, is thought of as a fun person. With these qualities, she won the election.


When it came to the seventh grade president, the outcome was obvious. Kevin Tao was not well known, but Alena and Rafael put up a good show on stage. Alena had good chances, because she was well known among people, but Rafael’s song won over the people.

“Anthony was absent, so the competition for Vice President was just between Matthew and Ali.” Hana Lee answered.

In the sixth grade, the position for president was between Sarah Cuadros and Lester Morales and the position for vice was fought between Matthew Sheldon and Britney Avila. The position for vice president was a pretty easy vote. Britney’s speech had mentioned an interesting idea: a day for a popular item, such as Oreo Day. She stated that it would be a day where they would give out free Oreos. That idea had won over many votes.

“I thought Sarah was specific in her speech because she introduced herself very professionally and had the confidence to let her speech out.” Sara Mohammad said.

Meanwhile in the race between for the Sixth Grade President between Sarah and Lester, it was the second case of the better speech. In Lester’s speech, it didn’t mention much. Sarah though, seemed thoroughly prepared to look us all in the eye. She gave her speech a with full experienced voice and told us what she wanted.

Last but not least though, we voted for the actual President of the United States, Obama vs. Romney. Well, sort of. We had a vote for which candidate we wanted, but it wasn’t real or anything. In the end, Obama had won. When the talk of the election came in almost all of us said we would vote Obama (if we could) and practically made a riot about it. Many of us voted for many reasons, and one of them being because he was democratic. Research actually shows that democratic, or liberal ideas appeal to young people, while older people are more fond of conservative ideas. In other words, going with that theory, Obama won by a landslide.

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