The Renaissance Program

The Renaissance Program

Mrs. Barker explained the program and asked students who got a Renaissance card to stand up.

By: Katherine Vu, staff writer

The Renaissance Program has recently been started up again at Magruder Middle School. We didn’t have it last year, but some of this year’s eighth graders should remember it from when they were in sixth grade. Mrs. Barker, our counselor, is leading the program and was happy to tell me more about it.

She said that the program was focused on rewarding student achievement. The program is meant for all students. Mrs. Barker said that they started doing it again because “participation is up this year.” They originally began calling it the Renaissance Program because it’s about renewal and focus on academics. Mrs. Barker also told me a little bit about how the program works. Students are given cards for doing well in school. The cards are going to be given every quarter. A GPA of 3.8-4.0 will get you a gold card. A GPA of 3.5-3.79 will get you a silver card. A GPA of 3.0-3.49 will get you a bronze card. You may ask, why would I want this card? What does it do? Your card can actually do a lot for you!

Mrs. Barker said that the cards will entitle you to certain rewards for your hard work and good grades. Some of the rewards are a front of the line pass, access to the Ipod Cafe, teacher perks, 50% off a ticket to the dance, and some other rewards. Mrs. Barker says that she will have the Ipod Cafe in her classroom and around it, on the grass outside the room. In the Ipod Cafe, students are allowed to bring their electronics and use them! They’re allowed to bring their lunches and eat them there too. Mrs. Barker says, ”Bring them here, to the Ipod Cafe, and use them.”

Teacher perks are another one of the many rewards offered. Mrs. Barker says that they’re basically things that the teachers are willing to offer, like a homework pass or a tardy pass. She said that some of the other rewards could be things like coupons for a free Slurpee or little gummies. She hasn’t completely decided on them, but they’ll be great. There are also some other perks to having a card.

Card holders are also welcome to join the Renaissance Club. Club members will be able to help out and contribute to the Renaissance Program. Mrs. Barker encourages students to “get involved with putting on assemblies.”Another good thing that comes with getting a card is the raffle drawing. At the end of the quarter, students can turn their cards in at the end of the quarter to be in the raffle. There will be great prizes at the end, so don’t lose your cards!

Mrs. Barker said that she wants Magruder to be a “positive and safe environment”. She also said that she’s “really, really excited” and “wants everyone to get a card.” Many of the students at Magruder have already gotten cards. Over 300 students were given cards for the first quarter! I really hope that everyone works hard and enjoys the Renaissance Program!



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