Winter Wonderland Student Council Dance

Winter Wonderland Dance

By: Alejandra Garcia, Staff Editor


The Winter Dance was held on Friday, December 14th in the cafeteria. It was held from 3:30 to 5:30. There tickets were sold for $2 in advance and $3 at the front door of the dance, they were beautifully made by Mr. Rasmussen’s son. The background of the ticket was a Ferris wheel covered in snow.  The student council decided to have a winter themed dance this year, they called it Winter Wonderland.  They were in charge of planning the whole thing and making the decorations, of course they had help from Mr. Rasmussen, who is in charge of student council, and Mrs. Peterson.. We had D.J Ozzie in charge of the music, you may know D.J Ozzie from co-rec. The kids absolutely loved D.J Ozzie, he always knows what type of music to play and what type of music we like.

The dance was very fun. Not only did they have good music, but they also had balloons floating around the whole room. The balloons were a nice touch to the dance, it made the dance even more fun.  Also they had a kimbo contest, which Jessica and Natalie Santiago won. They also played a little bit of salsa.

Outside of the cafeteria they were selling food and drinks, in case you get thirsty or hungry while dancing all those songs. The food was sold for a reasonable price. Pizza was sold for a dollar a slice and the soda was sold for 50 cents. The pizza was from Little Caesars, pepperoni and cheese, and as for the soda, they

 had it mixed. It can be truly said that the Winter Wonderland dance was a success.

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