Holes: The Sixth Grade Play

Holes: by the 6th Grade Drama Class

By: Hana Lee and Phoebe Kim (Staff Writers)

            The sixth grade drama class just had a play, and it was of the story Holes, originally written by Louis Sachar. It was directed by Mrs. Jaegar, our drama and language arts teacher for the sixth grade. They worked hard for weeks, and finally had the performance on November sixteenth. The actors in the play were:


Stanley Yelnats- Bailey Romano

Zero- Drake Konishi

Warden-Melissa Luna

Mr.Sir(Mary Anne)-Cole Leyden

Pendanski (Mom)- Gregory Gotsis

X-Ray-Troy Spencer

Sam the Onim Man- Beau Maglinti

Kate Barlow- Daniella Fassnacht

Trout Walker-Noah Harmon

The play was about Stanley at Camp Green Lake. Stanley was falsely accused of stealing Sweet Feet’s shoes, and he was taken to a harsh camp in the desert.  It turns out that his new best friend, Zero took it. They both end up escaping due to harsh treatment and they find the treasure, the real meaning why everybody digs at Camp Green Lake. One hundred years ago, the thief Kate Barlow used to be a teacher. Trout Walker boasted about his riches and killed her true love for racial reasons. Out of rage, Kate became a thief. She stole many things, including Stanley’s ancestor’s treasure. Kate hid all of her treasure so no one else can take it. Before she died, Trout and his daughter promised to find her hidden treasure no matter what. The warden was Trout Walker’s granddaughter, so she made this camp so it would be easier to find. The treasure really belonged to Stanley, so he became rich and helped Zero find his mom.

This year’s play was a great performance and had some funny jokes added to the story. Lots of the sixth graders seemed to love it, too.













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