The Service Club Rocks!

The Service Club

Mrs. Smith taking students to the retirement home.

BY: Alex and Nicholas Maculam, Photo editors of journalism

Do you like helping the school? Do you want to make a difference? Then come to Magruder Middle School’s Service Club!  This club helps the community by doing fun activities. In the past they they cleaned the beach, read to the kids in Edison Elementary, gave cards to the elders, and at the end of the year, they celebrated by going to Mulligans family fun center and stayed there all day.

Mrs. Smith is the person who runs Service club. You can also help run service club by becoming the sixth, seventh or eighth grade president. Mrs. Smith has been running Service Club for the most time. She is a mother of one and teaches sixth grade social studies and science. She has been teaching at Magruder Middle school for 13 years. Service club recently visited a nursing home on the first of December. Every month, they also read to the preschool kids.


Service club has all school year to do fun activities and it’s not too late to join.  In addition, they are selling candy grams and donating the money to the SPCA. Service Club plans on doing a campus clean up and a clothing drive.  At the end of the year they always go somewhere fun to celebrate like Mulligans family fun center. You can be a part of this by coming to service club. They do all sorts of things you’ll enjoy and you will feel good about helping the community.


Magruder Middle School’s Service Club is definitely the club you should join. This club helps out with the school and community.The Club is fun and good for the soul. I strongly recommend Service Club as one of your clubs.


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