Interview with our New Principal, Mr. Sheck

Getting to Know Our Principal

By: Jenny Pham, staff writer

            By now, we know our new principal, Mr. Chris Sheck. After all, he’s been walking around campus getting to know us, so we should get to know him as well.

Mr. Sheck has two children of his own, one in seventh grade, the other in eleventh. His hobbies are fishing and spending time with the two. His children actually help him to understand us better. His daughter’s birth was what actually inspired him to go into education. He’s always thought that it’s rewarding to help children. He wants to put us on the right path in life.

He went to California Chico University and studied psychology. This is actually Mr. Sheck’s third career. After the birth of his daughter, Mr. Sheck began teaching and he has been in the Torrance district for fifteen years. At first, he was just a teacher in various schools, but at one point he had moved up to the position of principal. When he was principal at Calle Mayor, he actually won the Administrator of the Year award. He was nominated by his boss and won out of twenty-one districts. After that, he became principal of Richardson and then South High.

Mr. Sheck came here for an interesting reason though. His boss had called up and asked if he wanted to be principal here since Mr. Voigt, our last principal, moved up. Mr. Sheck said yes, just because you can’t exactly say no to your boss. When he first came here, he thought our school was beautiful. As he started working here, he began liking the staff, and he enjoys working with the assistant principal, Mr. Roulette, who is great to work with, very professional, and has the best interest in this school.

“I love the kids here. I think they’re incredible,” he responded, when asked if he liked us. He also later said, “I love the student body here. I think the students here are ready to learn. I think we have a very friendly student body.”

He really likes us and walks around our campus, just trying to get to know us. Mr. Sheck says that some students limit themselves because of things like age, or how they look at themselves. He wants to help and remind us to do things in school, because he’s been there before and knows that school is hard. He knows that we we can do more than we think we can.

“I want one hundred percent of our students to be engaged in the learning process one hundred percent of the time,” Principal Sheck said.

Mr. Sheck wants us to keep on learning all the time. He wants to focus on student growth. He said that he doesn’t like to focus on scores or CSTs. He believes “that if the students grow then the CST scores will take care of themselves.” He believes that school is an environment for growing and learning in life. Mr. Sheck had actually enjoyed middle and high school. He says, “I found that certain point in life where you learn how to learn, and I think each student should find that out for themselves.”

Principal Sheck really works hard to make this school a good one. Principal Sheck doesn’t want us to be perfect, but he wants us to do our best. He wants everyone, the teachers and us, to do our best.

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