The Leadership Class’ Canned Food Drive

Magruder’s Canned Food Drive

 Sharing is caring, and Magruder students are known for sharing in time of need.  The canned food drive took place just in time for the holidays, thanks to Miss Nunes and her fifth period Leadership Class. As a pupil, you may have donated cans of food for the needy families locally.  The purpose of the canned food drive was to collect cans that lay around your house and lend it to the school. From there Ms Nunes would donate the cans to a charity, in this case, Salvation Army.
The canned food drive that Ms Nunes and her students orchestrated was great, but everyone knows that behind the canned food drive was an idea. The Journalism students asked Miss Nunes what made her ponder about the thought of starting a canned food drive.

Miss Nunes said, “The need in the area, especially during the holidays.  I became aware of  the need through the Salvation Army.”

This was the conception behind Miss Nunes and her students setting up a canned food drive. She thought that the students at Magruder Middle School could help the local needy families. Even though this is Miss Nunes’ first time setting up a canned food drive, it turned out to be a success. As I previously stated, the cans from the students are being donated to Salvation Army. Like any decision, there comes a process. Miss Nunes and her students had to first, coordinate with an organization that can use the food going to be donated from the pupils at school. Then, she had to make sure what was accepted for donation, to notify the students what was acceptable. After that, she and her students publicized the canned food drive just to notify all the students at school.

Even though the canned food drive took some time, Ms Nunes and her students plan to do more for both the community and the students. Ms Nunes slightly revealed that with all the success from the previous canned food drive, she may do another one in the spring. We thank both Ms Nunes and her leadership students for putting together a wonderful and successful canned food drive for Magruder Middle School. We also thank all the students who helped and participated in the canned food drive.

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