Editorial: Where Is the 7th Grade Field Trip?

Where Is Our Field Trip?

By: Jenny Pham and Sara Mohammad, staff writers

            Last year, the school was undergoing construction and caused so many disturbances in our school. The worst though, is that it took away our field trips. With the new principal, we hoped to get field trips for all grades. The Journalism staff has been awaiting an announcement about a field trip for the seventh graders, but unfortunately we haven’t heard much.


There has been no news about a seventh grade field trip so far! The only field trips we’ve heard of are the science field trip for eighth graders and the annual GATE field trip to CIMI. We haven’t heard anything else. What about the kids who aren’t in GATE? Last year when we were 6th graders we did not get a field trip, and now we’re worried we won’t get one this year.  Not even having one field trip in two years is not right. In the past, 6th graders always got at least one field trip. We all need our daily dose of fun. What should we do though?


This whole thing is in the hands of the PTSA and the principal. They handle the money for these things, but who knows if they have enough? The only money that they got was from the fundraiser, but we’re not sure if they got enough money to get a field trip. They may even have to use the money for something else. Last year, we didn’t get any, and now we don’t want the seventh graders to miss out again, or let the same thing happen to sixth graders. Isn’t it true that field trips help the educational experience?

Here’s the thing, we don’t need to wait and see what happens. We can actually do something. We can’t raise money by ourselves, but we can get more money for the PTSA. There a plenty of ways to make sure we get the field trips. For one thing, there’s another fundraiser coming up in spring. If we really want the field trips, we should work harder in that one and we’ll for sure get that field trip. We can also give direct donations. Just bring some cash to the office and say it’s for the PTSA. If we’re contribute our time to raising even a little money, if all of us do it, maybe we’ll all get field trips!


So what do we do? We have two options right now. Either we could just leave this whole thing into the hands of the PTSA or we could try doing something. It’s your choice, but I say that we do something to make sure 100% that we get field trips.

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