Interview With Ms. Ho

                  Interviewing Ms. Ho

      By:Sara Mohammad, Staff Writer


Many students might be aware that we have an experienced math teacher named Ms. Ho on our campus who teaches pre-algebra  to all six, seven and eight graders! You might not know some things about her, such as her background, hobbies, and interests.

To begin with, Ms. Ho was born on December 22 in Cerritos, California. Living in California, Ms. Ho lives with her younger brother and her parents.

Ms. Ho has some astonishing favorites that might be interesting and help you get to know her. Out of all foods, she likes Asian foods the best.  Her favorite kind of music is rock!  In books, she likes to read 20,000 Leads  and TV shows, she loves to watch Thirty-Rock . Ms. Ho would love to play basketball as her favorite sport activity.  “My favorite kind of animal is a hedgehog,”said Ms. Ho.

Ms.Ho has hobbies and talents that made her who she is today.The talents and hobbies that she has are: she can speak a couple languages, does art and crafts, plays video games, reads and cooks. She has two interesting facts that she wants to share and that is she’s fond of zombies and likes to teach.Three  words that she describes herself is awesome, awesome, and awesome!


All the schools she attended were in Southern California.  In her life time, she went to Stowers Elementary, Whitney Middle School , Whitney High School , and graduated from UC Irvine.  Ms. Ho didn’t attend any clubs in college but learned to speak Spanish and speaks French as her favorite subject.  She passed the AP test in French and took Spanish to level three. Before becoming a teacher, Ms. Ho worked in Quiznos and then worked in The Science Discovery Center.


“I think I always wanted to be a Math teacher. Since elementary school I’ve always been inspired by math.” explained Ms. Ho.


Knowing that she is confident at a young age to become a math teacher, Ms. Ho had decided to do her best. It all started when Ms. Ho had  that encouragement from her first grade teacher.  Ms.Ho volunteered in her former classroom and was inspired by her teacher in the process.


Before teaching at Magruder, Ms. Ho used to teach in Santa Ana. Ms. Ho taught Algebra to all the eighth graders that were in the school. She is getting used to our school because comparing Santa Ana, they had uniforms , seven periods, and no elective. At Magruder, we have an elective, no uniforms, and six periods.


“I came to Magruder Middle School because, I wanted to teach math and Magruder  needed one.” said Ms. Ho.

It’s Ms. Ho’s first year at Magruder and she teaches Pre- Algebra to sixth,seventh, and eighth graders. In her first few months at Magruder, she is getting along with her students very well by having a good time with them as they make her laugh.


“I think , to make a good effort,they should try really hard and I like how they make mistakes and learn from them,” exclaimed Ms. Ho.

Ms. Ho’s little bit of advice for her students would be: Always try your personal best , make improvements step by step, because you might not get right away . If Ms.Ho can come to school at seven to beat the traffic since she lives in Orange County, then you can too.


Now that we know more about Ms. Ho, introduce yourself and talk with her.

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