An Unexpected Merry Thanksgiving

An Unexpected Merry Thanksgiving

by Hana Lee (Staff Writer)

            Ever since Halloween was over, I have been so happy! Halloween is scary and I always hide under my bed when night comes. Anyways, Thanksgiving is tomorrow and I have been craving to eat the turkey! I love to gobble down a humongous feast of food, especially on Thanksgiving. After the feast, I hope nothing goes wrong, or will it?

Yay, its time to chow! My mom got all the food prepared and our family and neighbors are coming over to eat soon.

“Alexia, did you wash your hands? You better have, or you’re going to get a virus!” my mom exclaimed.

That’s my mom. She’s kind of a neat freak.

“If you didn’t you are going to be in big trouble missy!”

“Fine,” I say.

“Mommy, where’s my favorite toy car?”

That is my 5-year old brother, Tyler. He’s really into cars.

“Ugh, I cannot wait to go to college.”

That’s my 16- year old sister, Brianna. She thinks she is so mature.

“Alright guys, settle down, we don’t want to look crazy in front of our family and neighbors.”

That’s my dad. He believes in peace and righteousness. Whatever that is.

One by one, our family started trickling in, including our neighbors. There were mashed potatoes, yam, corn, etc., but best of all, THE TURKEY!!! After everyone arrived, we all gathered around and started our buffet line up for the food. Of course, I took a little bit of everything. I stuffed myself and I felt as fat as a pillow.

As I walked to my room, I saw the calendar on the restroom door and I wondered about Christmas. It was almost here. Well, not almost, but near. Anyways, as I was sayi-

“Alexia, are you heading to the restroom to wash your hands? You better be because if you are-”

I just blocked the rest out because I already did. Or maybe not, I don’t know. As I was saying, I started to wish it was Christmas and I can receive my presents already! Even though I wish to, sadly, I must follow the circle of life like my dad said when I asked him about time machines. When I walked past my dog’s room(forgot to mention the dog. Oops, sorry Fluffy Bun), I saw flashing lights. I wondered what it was. I slowly opened the door and what I saw was the most amazing thing my whole entire life…

I was in shock. When I mentioned a time machine, I guess I actually created one! Maybe I’m a witch. Mwahaha! I slowly crept into the room and into the time machine. In a creepy, but relaxing voice, it said,

“Where do you wish to go?”

Of course, like I said,

“Christmas! Christmas! GO, GO, GO TO THE FUTURE!!!”

It felt like a roller coaster ride as I spinned into the future. Once I arrived, I felt like I really had a life.

I looked out the window and it was actually snowing here in Colorado! Down in the kitchen was my mom baking the annual Christmas breakfast.

“Alexia, breakfast is ready!”

I raced down to eat and see presents. My mom was freaking out seeing me eat so fast.

“Alexia, SLOW DOWN. You’re going to choke.”

“All I want to do is to open my presents.”

“But you don’t want to choke.”

“DONE! I’m done eating.”

“Alright, now go brush your teeth first and then come down to open your presents.”

“But MOM!”

“NOW, and don’t make me mad on Christmas day.”


I went upstairs to brush my teeth. While I was doing that, I was really anxious to open them, but I remembered in the movies, if you take something with you to the past, you can mess everything up. I made a note to myself, and when I was done, I raced back downstairs, and waited for my family to finish eating since it was our tradition to always open them with the family. They finished and I waited a few more minutes for them to finish brushing their teeth. Then they came back into the living room and then it was time.

Mom took one out from under the tree and it was for Brianna. She got a make-up kit with refills. I don’t know what the big deal was; she was jumping up and down and being all jubilant. Next was for Tyler. He got the toy car he wanted from Racecar Raymond’s Shop. I thought the next one would be mine, but it was moms’. She got the cleaning supply she wanted for YEARS, and she seemed pretty happy. The rest were either my dad’s, mom’s, Brianna’s or Tyler’s. When every present was gone, I was devastated I asked the whole entire family,” Why didn’t I get any presents?”

“Remember honey when you said you wanted to donate to needy kids?” said my mom.

“Umm… sure…”

“That’s why the whole family donated your presents to the needy kids for Christmas.”

I was devastated, and I scolded myself for acting that way.

“Oh. Ok then, I’ll just head up to my room,” I said sheepishly.

When I opened the door to my room, the time machine was gone! I panicked and went out the door wishing for the time machine. I entered once again and it wasn’t there. Suddenly, I remember going into a certain room until I did the dog room. I slowly opened the door when the time machine appeared. I spun back into time to the dog room on Thanksgiving day. RIght after I arrived, I made a note to myself: don’t ever tell the family or anyone that I don’t need any presents. I headed downstairs and the family and guests were playing Mafia.

“Where were you, young lady? We called you like five times and you still didn’t answer. I knew something was up when you didn’t answer after i told you we were going to play Mafia. You know that Mafia is your favorite game don’t you?”

“ Yea, I heard you, but i was hiding under your bed because I thought you said Hide-and-Seek.”

“Oh, then do you want to play?”

“You know I sure do Mom.”

“Great. EVERYONE, let’s start over because we have a new player.”

It isn’t all that bad when you have a family that cares. This day wasn’t sad, it was actually weird. Who knows, maybe this isn’t a normal world?

It was a week away from Christmas and I was going shopping for presents with my friends. We decided to meet up in front of the food court at 12:30. As I was shopping for my present, in some places in the store, there were places to donate to the needy, and I kind of felt bad because we have everything we need to be happy with. Just then, I backtracked to where I didn’t get any presents. I understood what happened and I was glad that I chose that I will donate to the needy. Even though we are sometimes greedy, there is a place in our heart that will always care.




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