Samsung Galaxy S3: Is it Tough Enough?

Samsung Galaxy S3: Is It Tough Enough?

by Hana Lee (Staff Writer)

            The Samsung Galaxy S3 became a huge buzz until the IPhone 5 came out. Since then, the two companies have been fighting. People now are getting involved about it, but in my opinion, the Samsung S3 has more features to it.

Some of the features in its “intelligence” section are Smart Stay, Direct Call, and Smart alert. There is also Social Tag and S Voice. Smart Stay waits until you are asleep and maintains a bright display while you’re looking at it. Direct Call knows when you want to call. When you don’t want to send a message, just hold the phone up to your ear and it will dial your friends number automatically. Smart Stay gives you a vibrating nudge to tell you you have missing calls or messages if you were away. Social Tag keeps track of your friends’. It shows you their SNS (social network server) status, and S Voice is basically Siri on the Samsung Galaxy S3.

In the “sharing” category, you can touch another Samsung Galaxy S3 to share your photo, and you can also connect to the “big screen” while using your phone as a controller to play the game. There is also another feature that is called AllShare Play. With this, you can access your multimedia and documents even if you’re away from your computer. In addition, there is Buddy Photo Share. The phone recognizes your friends’ faces immediately so you can share (email) your friends the pictures that you have. There are many other great features about this phone compared to the IPhone 5. If you would like to find out more information about this phone, go to the website at the bottom for more information.

Even though there are many enhancements to this phone, I have gotten some feedback from some people who own this phone, or their parents. Anonymous quotes, “The S Voice sucks. It doesn’t really work and it doesn’t listen to me when I tried it once on someone’s phone.” Listening to this, people sometimes regret buying this phone, but if this doesn’t bother you then I have talked to some people (who I will not state) who own this phone about what they don’t like about it. “Do not get this phone. The battery sucks.” Of course, this person had many apps on it. This phone isn’t too perfect as it should be, but at least it is a decent phone.

Overall, I would give it four stars because there are some downsides to it, but maintains to compete with the Apple company because Samsung actually created the A5 chip in the IPhone 5! Even though I sometimes say it isn’t the perfect phone, it might be perfect for you! Everyone is different on their opinion of this phone, and it comes in different colors of Marble White, Pebble Blue, Amber Brown, Garnet Red, Sapphire Black, and Titanium Gray.There will be more colors released in the future, but it is your choice to decide if it’s tough enough!







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