The Sixth Grade Toy Fair

Sixth Grade Toy Fair

by Jenny Pham (staff writer)

A majority of the sixth grade students and their parents gathered at 6:00 p.m., December 18th, in Magruder’s cafeteria. All the parents and students crowded the cafeteria, looking at each toy intently. Often students would stray off and just start talking to their friends, and parents began to mingle. As usual, Mrs. Takano and Yung were there, and Mrs. Jaeger had announced the raffle winners.

          As we all know, the sixth grade toy fair has just passed. Even though, we seventh and eighth graders didn’t really go, there were some fantastic toys. The cafeteria was warm and fun and all the sixth graders were able to show off what they were proud of. There were so many things, from working pinball games to even a drum set.


As said before, there were many toys just leaking with creativity and others were really well-made. If you were there, you could see tons of the students just messing around with the pinball games and newton balls. There were dolls and board games and so much more. One student even made a ball throw game. It was unbelievable to see what the sixth graders were able to come up with and put what they imagined to real life.

The sixth graders did great jobs in coming up with original toys. Some may have been done a lot, but even then they managed to be unique in the way they were made. Some toys were even things that I’d like to see in markets. The sixth graders should be proud of their work.


That night was filled with fun and games, literally, and everyone enjoyed the toys. Even somebody in a different grade easily enjoyed it. You could just go ahead and try a game with your friends. The toy fair was night with a warm atmosphere and everyone who participated enjoyed it.

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