West Side Story: The Sixth Grade Play

West Side Story: The Sixth Grade Play

By: Aaron McGuire, staff writer

Mrs. Jaeger’s drama class just performed their second play. This time, the play was based on the musical “West Side Story.” “West Side Story” was a movie based on the play, “West Side Story” which was inspired by Romeo and Juliet. West Side Story was known as one of the greatest musicals of all time, and directed by Robert Wise (director of The Sound of Music). The movie still has many fans and was ranked #2 on “AFI’s Greatest Movie Musicals.”

This version of West Side Story was directed by Mrs. Jaeger, a 6th grade language arts and drama teacher. The play was performed on January 24th and was performed by these actors:


Narrator 1-Melissa Luna

Narrator 2-Gregory Gotsis

The Jets:

Riff-Nick Chaves

Tony-Beau Maglinti

Action-Troy Spencer

Snowboy-Daylon Cooper

Stacy-Anahei Lara

Sonni-Maleah Wilson

Leah-Jessica Walker


The Sharks:

Bernardo-Lester Morales

Maria-Kiersten Sandoval

Anita-Erica Morles

Chino-Kendrick Tamakloe

Geno-Eric Hurtado

Stewie-Brandon Cabaron

Wanita-Daniella Fassnacht

Officer Krupke-Christian Lee

Police Officer #2-Jonathan Vega

Doc-Jackson Perry

Goofy Guy at the Dance-Cruz Padilla

Maria’s Parents-Kayla Neal / Cole Leyden



For those of you who don’t know, West Side Story was about a guy named Tony part of a gang called the Jets who falls in love with a girl named Maria, who is part of a gang called the Sharks. The Jets and the Sharks hate each other, so it’s hard for Tony and Maria to spend time together, (*SPOILER*) then Tony’s friend dies, then Maria’s brother dies, and then Tony dies and that really sucks.

The play was full of funny gags and the writer/s tried to even make the dramatic scenes funny. When one of the main characters dies, Tony tries to explain to the police that it was just a horrible cake cutting accident. I think my favorite characters were Christian Lee as Officer Krupke because he always had a straight face, even with all the weird things happening around him and Jackson Perry as Doc because he had a mustache.


Anyone who went to the play would probably remember the backdrops falling over. It wasn’t supposed to happen, but it was still pretty funny. Next time make sure not to use masking tape to hold up props. It will fall over. Trust me.

There were a couple changes made from the movie to the play that I was pretty happy with. My favorite change was how the gangs don’t dance, but instead they fight, like they’re supposed to. I got confused watching the movie seeing these gangs do classical musical numbers and do ballet. It just didn’t seem right. The only the time the gangs dance in the play is when they are at a school dance.


The play, West Side Story, was really funny, had a good story, and many people who saw it really enjoyed it. I like how Mrs. Jaeger turned a tragic love story into a funny play for the sixth graders.

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