The Sixth Grade Spelling Bee

Sixth Grade Spelling Bee

By:Katherine Vu and Hana Lee, Staff Writers

            Anxiety and excitement filled the air as the sixth graders got ready onstage, preparing themselves for the sixth grade spelling bee. They did a fantastic job. Some words were easy, some were hard. The anxiety rose in the air, along with the nervousness of each student as some advanced, while the rest were patiently waiting for their turn. In the end, it was a tough match between the top seven.

The spelling bee was judged by Ms. Jaeger and Mrs. Ramos. In the first round of the competition, it was long, and many students were eliminated. Some of the students didn’t hesitate in trying to spell the word they were given, while others asked for a definition and an example of the word used in a sentence. Some of the students were very serious in spelling the words. Others seemed a bit more lighthearted and laughed when they were eliminated. Students like Asia Price were given longer words like “extinguish.”

The top seven students will receive medals and the champion will be receiving an award at the HSA Awards banquet.

The finalists were:


1st Place:  Kaileah Braga

2nd Place: Kendrick Tamakloe, Maritza Hurtado, Jordan Jones

3rd Place: Jacob Wong, Preston Cao, Asia Price

Congratulations to Kaileah Braga, our winner who will be representing our school in the Los Angeles County Spelling Bee. We decided to interview her by asking some questions.


“Are you glad you won the spelling bee?” we asked.


“Were you nervous?”



Thank you for all those who participated, and let’s cheer on Kaileah Braga as she advances in the spelling bee!


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