The Geography Bee

The Geography Bee

by: Jenny Pham and Sara Mohammad, staff writers


On January 25th, during fourth period, students gathered to the school cafeteria. Contestants of the Geography Bee were pitted against challenging questions while other students in the crowd were silently cheering for one of them. Only two days ago did we find the students who would be participating, and there were more finalists than expected.

There were a total of 15 participants. The participants were:

Daniel Kiroloss

Alyse Pelayo

Derek Mangiaterra

Jenny Pham

Hana Lee

Esteban Alvarado

Catherine Phu

Ryan Cho

Melik Branche

Daniel Matheney

Adil Jawed

Matthew Evans

Austin Henley

Laila Kikuchi

Daniel Andrade

All of these students had managed to go through the first round that was held on January 23rd, after school. Most of these students were just seventh and eighth graders, but Derek Mangiaterra came with 6th grade pride!

Just being in the finals was a pretty sweet deal, but then the it turns out that nine of these students will be able to go to the HSA dinner, or the Honorary Service Awards. Getting to the last nine was a big challenge though.

In the Geo Bee, each student would get a question and you’d have to guess which country, city, or state they’re talking about. This was much more different the the preliminaries on the 23rd. This time, it was not multiple choice, making this ten times harder. Think about trying to guess out of all the states in the country, the cities, and even all the countries worldwide. That’s pretty hard. Luckily each contestant was allowed to slip up once, but after that, they would get eliminated.

Unfortunately, six people had to go and they were Daniel Matheney, Adil Jawed, Matthew Evans, Austin Henley, Laila Kikuchi, and Daniel Andrade. We can’t really blame them though. The questions were truly challenging.

The remaining students though were allowed to go to the HSA dinner. The kids that got to go were, Melik Brancher, Ryan Cho, Catherine Phu, Jenny Pham, Esteban Alvarado, Derek Mangiaterra, Daniel Kiroloss, and Alyse Pelayo. That was definitely not the end of the Geo Bee. The remaining students had to go through more questions and one by one they were out of the contest. This left the last three students, Derek Mangiaterra, Alyse Pelayo, and Daniel Kiroloss. These three students had been going through some impressive questions and now one of them had to be the winner.

Unfortunately, Derek was the first one out. It was amazing for a sixth grader to go through all those questions though and he definitely deserves the position of third place.

That left Alyse and Daniel for a one on one match. Ms. Borowski had to ask them one question and they both had to answer. The one to slip up was out of contest, leaving the one with the right answer the winner. By then the crowd didn’t know who to root for because they both were too good.When Ms. Borowski asked the last question,everyone was waiting until both contestants turned their boards and unfortunately, Alyse lost and Daniel won. Although Alsey lost, she still made it to the Honor Service Award and she had the right to say she got second place. Just being in the Geo Bee was an impressive feat. Congrats to those who participated!

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