Magruder’s Drama Club

Drama Club is Going to Wipe You Out!

By: Katherine Vu and Jenny Pham (staff writers)


Many of you have already heard that the Magruder Drama Club has just started up. The Drama Club allows tons of us students to do things we love such as sing and act. Later, others get to contribute to the play, using their talents to build and decorate the set, as well as becoming stagehands. The plays they put up are always sweet, great, and anything you’d expect from our students . Don’t miss out on a chance to show some of your skills. The meetings are on Tuesdays and Thursdays after school.

The drama club performs one play every year. This year, Mrs. Jaeger and Mr. Burgner have decided to do Wipeout as the play for drama club.

“It’s basically Romeo and Juliet on the beach,” Mrs. Jaeger said.

Wipeout is a love story about Emma Jones, a girl who moves from Wisconsin to California and meets Duke, a surfer. Emma and Duke like each other, but the antagonist in the play, Bridget Richardson, also likes Duke and gets in the way. In addition, Bridget’s father tries to take away Duke’s and his friends’ favorite place to hang out, a surf shack. The play is riveting, hilarious, sweet, and all around great. It will be shown for three nights sometime in March.

Drama Club is for anyone, really. You don’t have to be the most outgoing person or the best actor or actress in the whole school. Students join the club to have fun, singing, dancing, acting, building and painting sets, and a lot more. The people behind the scenes are just as important as the people onstage. Without them, the show couldn’t happen!

However, the actors, singers, and dancers do a lot too. They’re the entertainers, and they have a lot of fun rehearsing, practicing, and finally performing for the audiences that come to see the show every year. The actors and actresses work really hard to make the play the best it can be. They practice their lines and dances, perfect the scenes, and even change the script to make it even better than it already was. They definitely put a lot of time and effort into the play.

Students in Drama Club also help out the school. On the days that they perform, people buy tickets to see the play. The tickets aren’t expensive, but when there are a lot of them sold, it really helps out Magruder. Before the play and during the intermission, snacks are also sold. They have a wide variety of drinks, candy, chips, and a lot more, which always help the school earn money too.

Drama club contributes to the school in so many ways. Students are allowed to show off their skills in more way than one. We can act, sing and dance on stage in front of an audience. Others can create beautiful scenery and set up the stage. Just by using these talents, the school can receive  money to go to field trips, have Adventures in Art, and more. You can have a hand in the show a or you can just go to the show and contribute to the school that way. Drama Club is for  anyone.

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