Student of the Month Assembly Per. 3

Student of the Month Assembly Per. 3

 Alejandra Garcia, Staff Writer

        What a beautiful, sunny January morning for our Student of the Month Award Assembly period 3 classes! We had a shortened day and as always after 4th period we marched to the quad. Mr. Roulette gave out the awards along with Mrs. Ramos for 6th grade, Mrs. Ho for 7th grade, and Mrs. Ingram for 8th grade. The students for 6th were: Amanda Carlson from Mrs. Eisenschiml, Armando Vega, Thatcher Lackyard, and Rita Nguyen from Mrs. Jaeger, Claire Kim, Marla Mendoza, and Katrina Flores from Mrs. Smith, Emily Hernandez and Luis Lamas from Mrs. Takano/Yung, Jessica Nowak and Joel Duran from Ms. Nunes, and last but not least Yadira Lopez from Mrs. Fraga.

For the 7th graders we had: Alejandro Puente and Hayley Owens from Mrs. Dalby, Anthony Matheny from Mrs Aulenta, Ethan Cahill and Sara Mohammad from Mrs. Ho, Hanna Lee from Mrs. Johnson, Jamal Hopkins and Jazmin Sierra from Mrs. Davis, Jennifer Ton and Maxwell Arnold  from Mrs. Ramos, Katherine Vu from Mrs. Aulenta, Kayla Vo and Zoe Jones from Mr. Rasmussen.  Students who participated in the final round of the Geobee were also recognized.

Now for the 8th graders we had: Aaron Robles and Abigail Cash from Mrs. Johnson, Daniel Kiroloss and Joao Arboledo from Mrs. Peterson, Darlynn Vazquez and Naomi Villalon from Mrs. Le, Evan Abrahams and Tyler Kloss from Ms. Ji, Gabriella Waas and Irene Morales from from Ms. Ingram.

Most of them earned this award for great effort and hard work. These kids showed great effort in quarter 2! They deserve a big round of applause. If you can put some effort into your 3rd quarter grades maybe you can get one of these awards to.






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