Interview With Mrs. Le

Interview With Mrs. Le

by Hana Lee (Staff Writer)

            Do most of you know who Mrs. Le is? She is a teacher here at Magruder MS and teaches 8th grade Math Intervention, 8th grade Physical Science, and 7th grade Life Science. Since some of you might not know her, I went to interview her.


Mrs. Le entered into this world on February 20th in Vietnam. She moved to the United States when she was in 6th grade. She wished to be a pharmacist, so she received a bio major in pre-pharmacy. Instead, she became a teacher and received her credential in math at Cal State Fullerton. Soon, she became a Part-time sub in Garden Grove

Mrs. Le lives with her husband and 4 year old son. She loves to do online surfing in her spare time. For example, she likes to go on Amazon or Ebay. Her favorite food is sushi, excluding the raw fish, and seaweed salad, and loves to root for the LA Lakers. Call of the Wild is her favorite movie and book, including Fresh Prince of Bel-Air as her favorite TV show. I asked her how she felt about Magruder, and she replied back, “I have ups and downs with the students, but I’m glad I have this teaching job here at Magruder.” Her dream vacation is to visit Japan and Korea, and likes to play and watch volleyball.


Mrs. Le is doing a great job here at Magruder. Even though she is new, she is trying her best to learn new things about our school. Her motto is, ”Take one step at a time and finish what you started.” This is a great motto, and she wishes it will help her students achieve more at school.

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