Introducing Ms. Ingram

                  Ms. Ingram

                  Written By: Catherine and Sara (staff writers)


As a pupil, you may know that we are very fortunate to have a new teacher on campus, Ms.Ingram. Ms. Ingram teaches 8th grade English, 7th grade intervention, and 8th grade intervention. Ms. Ingram shared with the Journalism staff that she is a veteran teacher, a teacher who has taught for some time but new to Magruder. Ms. Ingram taught at North, West, and South High before teaching at Magruder Middle School.

Ms. Ingram went to El Camino for undergraduate education. Then, Ms. Ingram went to Cal State Dominguez Hills for both her undergraduate and teacher credential. Ms. Ingram said that she decided on a teacher career because of a passion she developed in high school. Like anybody, she was inspired by a special someone in order to pursue her passion. In this case, Ms. Ingram was inspired by her 12th grade English teacher.

As Ms. Ingram transitioned to Magruder, she said that she said throughout her teaching career, she felt that being hired to teach at Magruder was the best moment that she had as a teacher.

Ms. Ingram wants a very important quote that she wants to her students want to part with and take heed. When the Journalism staff asked her what lifelong lesson that she wanted to part with her students is, “Always do your best because even if you fail, you’ll feel good about the things you did. The reason why she wants her students to take heed of this quote is because she says that it’s going to be difficult going to high school, and pursue their education. If her students come across something they aren’t good at,  I want them to feel that they did their best.

Finally, Ms. Ingram feels very welcomed at Magruder from both her students and fellow staff members. Ms. Ingram shares that for her students, she wants the amount of tardy students to gradually go down as a new 2013 resolution. I want to thank Ms. Ingram for making a decision to become part of Magruder’s amazing family of both friends and staff. Go Magruder Mustangs!

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