Our New Science Teacher Ms. Ji

Our New Science Teacher Ms. Ji

by Sara Mohammad and Jenny Pham (staff writers)

            Have you ever personally tried to get to know Ms. Ji? If not, then you should. Even though Ms. Ji is a teacher, she’s still a person and she’s pretty interesting too. She has interests, likes, and a life just like all of us and we’re telling you who Ms. Ji really is.


To begin, Ms. Ji was born in January 6 th in Los Angeles, California. Ms. Ji always lived in Southern California and never moved out of the area. Also, Ms. Ji doesn’t live with her family because they live farther now since she moved for her job. She lives by herself, but she does have her two dogs. That may change soon.


“My favorite kind of color is white, because I always like to be simple,” explained Ms. Ji.


Even though they’re teachers, they’re just like us. They could even be interested in stuff that you like too. Ms. Ji likes to eat burgers and fries just like anyone else. She enjoys things like NCIS, action movies and more things that you probably didn’t expect. Ms. Ji also like basketball and particularly likes the Lakers.

When we asked what inspired her to be a teacher, she answered with, “I don’t know, but science was my favorite subject and I really want to study it and learn it.”


Ms. Ji had a like for science and liked it enough to devote part of her career to it. Nobody even had to cheer her on. She just did it all on her own. As an adult she continued to study and learn it, and then she decided to become a science teacher.


She didn’t just suddenly become a teacher though. Ms. Ji had to get educated. She went Clara Barton Elementary, Aliso Viejo Junior High, Laguna Hills High, UCLA, and Biola for her grad school. Later in her life, she went to CCM, aka Camp Christian Ministries. When she became a teacher, she had begun teaching science at Summary High School Furton in Orange County.

Ms.Ji needs more from her students so they can be responsible, great learners, and take actions. She said,that her students should be motivated, self learners and be responsible for their learning. In addition, instead taking responsibility, do your own thing, and be initative. Just like the other teachers’, Ms.Ji expects more from her students and wants them to suceed.


“I want to prepare them for high school, grow, mature, and discipline them.” Ms. Ji.


Ms. Ji is a really devoted teacher. She truly wants us to grow into better people. She wants to make sure that as adults, we’d be prepared for anything that life throws at us. She wants us to become something great. She tells her students an important message from the US army. “Be all you can be.”

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