Grass Cutting – Bad Scheduling

Grass Cutting – Bad Scheduling

By: Cody Davis, staff writer

          Hey all you Mustangs are you unhappy with the bad schedules? And I don’t mean the class schedules! I mean the grass schedules. The school has made a few errors in scheduling field maintinence and watering. The P.E. periods 4, 5, 6 don’t have to deal with a wet field a soggy socks and shoes!!!


P.E. periods 1, 2, 3 have to deal with a wet field and get in trouble for coming back with wet socks! That isn’t very acceptable. I’m personally in period 1 P.E. and I got to say it’s not cool to have wet socks all day. This is why many students dislike P.E. Would you think it’s fun to walk in wet socks?


As I ran I heard many comments like “ Man I hate having to run on a wet field because my socks and shoes get soaked!” One other person said “ Yesterday I had to walk around in my classes without my shoes because my socks because they were soaked!” See if the keep this up then P.E. will be hated by the student’s and will complain to their parents about this problem! Many times students have to bring extra socks to school because of the bad water scheduling! I know that many of you students don’t like changing in the dirty bathrooms or in the dirty locker bays.


Another bad thing that is going on here is the mowing. The mowing done here at the school is interfering with class time! The mowers are so loud that students get unfocused and don’t pay attention to class.  That’s not acceptable at all. The mowers go right by the classes and bug the classes by doing it!


But they have bad timing because they sometimes wait a half hour till they hit the edges with a weed wacker! This disturbs my learning time as well. What they should do is weed wack as soon as the mower is done mowing the section it’s on. The school should change the schedules so then the students can learn and get physical education. This bizarre scheduling is cutting into class time.


In conclusion I state that the school should change the grasses watering time to after school so the field won’t be so wet in the morning. They should also reschedule the mowing till after school before the watering starts. I hope you support me in the lead to change these schedules!


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