Pitch Perfect Movie Review

 Pitch Perfect Review

By Megan Born and Alejandra Garcia, Staff Writers

Last year, 2012, brought many great things, including movies. One of my personal favorites was Pitch Perfect starring Anna Kendrick.

It’s Beca Mitchell’s (Anna Kendrick)first year of college at Barden University where her father is a professor. Becca isn’t really considered a “people person”. After being at the university for a month she has a job at the college radio station where she is stuck stacking CD’s with her colleague Jesse. Her father then agrees to let her move to LA where she wants to be a full time DJ on one condition, she has to join a club at the collage. After being constantly followed through the college, she agrees to audition for the Barden Bellas.The Barden Bellas are a mixture of sweet girls, mean girls, and of course weird girls all in one. The Barden Bellas consists of Beca, of course, Chloe ( Brittany Snow), Aubrey ( Anna Camp), Fat Amy ( Rebel Wilson), Stacey ( Alexis Knapp), Denise ( Wanetah Walmsley), Lily ( Hanna Mae Lee). After, total chaos and a few disagreements, Becca convinced Aubrey that maybe they shouldn’t compete with the same songs that they have been competing with, and maybe they should mix it up.

It’s a great movie for all ages. It will make you laugh till you can’t breathe. The twisted plot will keep you guessing till the very last second. Its funny, exciting, and a great movie to add to your collection. It’s an instant classic that you will want to watch again and again. We recommend seeing this movie to whoever wants to have a good laugh and a fun time . We give it two thumbs up!




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